29 September 2012

Today's Required Viewing.

Watch this.  Watch it all.  We have crossed a line.  And remember, this man is a Democrat.

24 September 2012

Sometimes, I Hate It When I'm Right.

Well, sometimes.  This RSR post from a few days ago prophesied the result of the school lunch choices The Queen is imposing on our little ones - because, she's a nutritionist or something.  Well, dear readers, read it and weep:
In 2010, Michelle Obama went to a lame-duck session of Congress with a request: pass a nutrition bill giving the United States Department of Agriculture broad new powers to regulate school lunches. That bill was passed in late December of that year, and the new regulations have started to go into effect, with the predictable results of wasted food and angry, hungry child
The cinnamon rolls and chili everyone loved from their childhood are now gone. Bands and other school groups can no longer sell candy bars as a fundraiser. The government is mandating everything from portion size to how many tomatoes have to be on a salad.

P.J. Moran, a food service director for a small district in rural Kansas, said wastage has gone up “at least 20 percent” over last year, as students, particularly at the grade school level, cannot refuse anything on their trays — but, of course, cannot be forced to eat it.
And you know it's serious.  There's a video:

PARTING THOUGHT:  Back in 1981, The Left / Mainstream Media howled when Reaganites called a serving of ketchup a school lunch vegetable. Now, under the Guidance of our Dear Queen, they call it an entire meal.

22 September 2012

Saturday Night Compare And Contrast.

In the photo below, one man's occupation is living off the bounty of others.

(photo: ABC News, 2009)

The other one is dressed as a pirate.

Live And Let Die.

I firmly believe in 'live and let live'.  But, it takes two to agree on that premise for it to work.  When one side does not believe in this and one side does - the latter to the point of denying reality - it is little more than a path to destruction for the latter.  This is what happens, to paraphrase a 60's hippy mantra, "if they gave a war and only one side comes".  The side that doesn't show up, dies. That is undeniable fact.

And today we in the West are dying.  Why?  Because we are at war. We refuse to admit it, and we won't show up.  Yes, we have gone to Afghanistan and Iraq in the "War on Terror", but we are fighting the wrong war, for the wrong goals. 

We must admit we are in a much bigger war.  A war for our culture and our values against those who want to destroy them.  It is not a war that came about because of policy decisions of the last 50 years, or our insensitivity, or George Bush's arrogance. 

We did not choose this war. It was chosen for us, 1,300 years ago.  Once upon a time, we defended our way of life against this threat - in places like Jerusalem, or at the Gates of Vienna. We in the West seemed to think the war is over.

But it is not over.  The side that chose it never really never quit. 

And nowadays our leaders and our elites do not defend our way of life - they apologize for it.  They denigrate our culture and our advancements outright, or give our hard-won freedoms and values lip-service at best.  They look to appease those who see our values as "filthy", and us as "infidels" not worthy of being treated as fully human. (Note:  It is not just the West our enemies see that way.  It is any culture or value system that does not agree with theirs.)   Our leaders and our elites refuse to name our enemy, because they refuse to believe we are at war with them.  And the more they do, the more our enemy presses the fight.

Which leads me to my point:  I sorry to say, but I'm having a very hard time disagreeing with this Pat Condell video:

I still have a hope that his conclusion is wrong, but it is very difficult anymore, as a person of reason, to not conclude that our enemy today isn't "Terrorism", or "Radical Islam", or "Fundamentalist Islam"... it is Islam itself.

For a decade I have been hearing about Islam as a "religion of peace", but seeing mostly violence in it's name.  I have been bombarded with admonitions not to hate Islam, but see mostly hatred for me and my values from those I'm not supposed to hate.  I have read of church burnings, temple bombings, Bible torchings, and the imprisonment, mutilations, and murders, of Christians, Jews, Hindus, Baha'i, and others, in the name of Islam with little or no reaction.  But a campy YouTube video or a simple cartoon always seems to generate riots, killings and renewed calls for Sharia-like "anti-blasphemy" laws in the West.  I have been waiting for that majority of "peace-loving" and tolerant Muslims I am repeatedly told are out there to denounce this war against the non-Islamic world. 

Do they really exist?  Or, is Pat right?

UPDATE:  Maybe some do exist after all:  Libyans fed up, go after local Islamists.

16 September 2012

Are The Scales Falling Away?...

Is New York Times columnist Ross Douthat beginning to see reality?  First this, now this.  One can only hope.

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes.

After four years, kid, a lot of us feel this way.  Just remember, you'll be paying off his bills when you grow up.  And so will your kids. And your grand-kids...

From here.

12 September 2012


The iPhone 5 was announced today.  Pre-orders start on Friday.  Yes, I will be pre-ordering; I have to.  Museums are asking me to donate my current 3gs.  It's embarrasing.

Wiley C. Obama, SUPER-Genius!

The intellectual and moral gravitas of one Barack Obama, collected for your rapt contemplation.

The Crop Obama Planted In The Arab Spring...

...Is now being harvested. (Warning: Very Graphic Images of the body of a murdered American Ambassador being dragged through the streets.)

We didn't bomb the wrong side in Libya. We just didn't bomb both sides.

Freedom's Just Another Word For 'Evil'.

After the events of recent days, this video from 2011 seems pretty timely:


How bad is it these days?  This bad:  I'm actually nostalgic for those days when it was only a few interns who dropped to their knees when a Democrat President unzipped his pants, not the entire Mainstream Media.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Laughs.

How clueless is The Left / Mainstream Media when it comes ot the US military? This clueless.

10 September 2012

America's Biggest Non-Profit.

Government Motors.

And how do you puff up those sagging Volt numbers?  Force the military to buy them.  So long as the Hottentots land within 30 miles of Camp Lejeune or 29 Palms, the Marines can get there!

Hey, Kids! Queen Michelle Wants You To Know...

...This year, you'll be throwing away even more stuff you won't eat when you leave the school cafeteria. 

Can the PB&J-sniffing dogs be far behind?

UPDATE: More to the point, think of all those jobs that will be 'created and saved' in growing all that food the kids won't eat, and in collecting all that waste when they throw it away. It's a... Kiddie Stimulus!

09 September 2012

Bias? What Media Bias?

Back in 1992 when George H. W. Bush was running for reelection, The Left / Mainstream Media made a lot of hay about a claim President Bush was stumped by a grocery store scanner - implying it was proof of how out-of-touch he was.  (The claim turned out to be false.)

Fast forward to 2012, and a sitting, self-professed tech-savvy President running for reelection is seen unable to use something as ubiquitous as an Apple iPhone to make a call.  Proof of anything?  Not if The Left / Mainstream Media has their say.  Means nothing.  Move along.

Now, if Mitt Romney had trouble with one...

57 States Of Funny, Or, Math Is Hard.

Via Gateway Pundit, now we know why Barack Obama can't get control of our exploding deficits, and why he thinks we are better off than we were four years ago - the man can't add. No, really:

The Sin Of Our Time.

Bill Whittle looks at the core force that has driven, and still drives, Socialists of all stripes: Envy.

03 September 2012

ObamaCare Explained...

...In one sentence. Really:


No comment necessary.  Just watch.

It's 'National Empty Chair Day', Everybody!

No, really.  It is.  Here's my entry.  It's called A Study in Hope and Change:  'Empty Chairs, Ready Shovels, and Nothing Is On The Table.

UPDATE:  Follow the fun over at Legal Insurrection and on Twitter.