31 December 2009

Campaign for Fools.

Ron Paul removes all doubt. This is why I can't take Rep. Dr. Paul or any of of his disciples seriously. Would Dr. Paul have defended the actions of the Japanese in 1941 because we were "occupiers", or because we failed to understand "their motivation"? (Remember...) Does Rep. Dr. Paul demand our enemies "understand" us, or understand our "motivation"? Aparrently not.

Side note compare/contrast:
Most notable movie appearance, Ben Stein: Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
Most notable movie appearance, Ron Paul: Bruno.

UPDATE: Libertarian Republican has more.

Dissent is Welcome!

If you exercise your First Amendment Rights in this era of Hopenchange, one of these should be high on your home decor list.

(Hint: I've got a birthday in a few days...)

Hattip: Instapundit.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

UPDATE: 01JAN10 Link fixed.

Magic Carpet Ride.

OK, I know it's a repost, but this never gets old:

Happy New Year, everyone!

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29 December 2009

Compare & Contrast.

Here is the kind of progress 40 years of Marxist Socialism and Islamic Fundementalism can bring.

Our Hopenchange future. I can't wait.

28 December 2009


What with one's unmentionables now a threat to National Security, I have a solution for the refined gentleman when he flies - one of these. Think of the time you'll save at the security checkpoint.

I'll be winging it across the country in a few weeks; I'm game. Plus, I have the legs for it.

Today's Required Reading.

Right here: "...either continue traveling down the road to serfdom or return to liberty's boulevard. The republic's future hangs in the balance."


Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

27 December 2009

Going Green. In A Good Way.

The anti-government, pro-freedom "green revolution" that began in Iran last summer, and completely ignored by our current President, hasn't gone away. In fact, it's heating up again. Expect Obama to ignore it this time as well.

History does indeed repeat itself. 30 years ago another clueless Democrat did nothing while Iran collapsed into revolution. Only this time the revolution is one the American people - though not the current American Administration - can understand and support.

UPDATE: Like I said - clueless.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds is updating with more links.

24 December 2009

Top 10 Bad Things That Are Good For You.

Here. Better indulge quick; once health care "reform" kicks in our new national nannies will ban them for our own good.

Merry Christmas, Beijing!

Democrats voted today to raise the debt ceiling to $12.4 trillion. Ironic, isn't it - we're having to borrow from Communist China to finance our drive to Socialism.

Eyes On The Prize.

The Senate has now passed, on a strict party-line vote, their version of health care "reform. In a few months, after some more of that opaque "transparency" and back-room payoff deals the Democrats have become so famous for lately, one-sixth of the US economy - and your freedom to choose - will likely fall under direct government control. We will start paying for that right away, in the form of higher premiums and taxes. Obama may be saying he will let you keep your existing plan if you like it, but it'll be pretty hard when your employer or insurance provider drops the plan or slashes coverage because the new regulations and fines will make it too expensive to offer, or too unprofitable.

But doesn't that play right into the hands of the Republicans in 2010, I hear you ask? It does. And 2010 and 2012 will likely be bloodbaths for Democrats. But the Democrats, particularly the hard Left in the party, are taking the long view. They know that once this monster is in place it will be almost impossible to get rid of it. Like all government "programs", the only thing it can do is grow. (Being fertilized as they all are with endless amounts of bullshit. -ed.) The Democrat ideologues are willing to suffer what they see as a temporary electoral setback in order to advance their long-term goal - smashing the American notion of individualism, free markets and limited government, and replacing it with a mushy, bureaucratic, European socialism that they will manage in perpetuity. (Think Canada, only with nicer beaches. -ed.) They know well that when we are all forced to drink from the same spigot, we become totally dependent on the folks who control the flow of water.

Andrew McCarthy at NRO points out that while the Republicans and us Tea Partiers are busy playing tactics, the Democrats are playing strategy. And if those opposed to the Democrats don't start thinking strategically as well, we will get rolled just like we did during the Clinton/Bush years, only this time it will be much worse. The GOP's "Compassionate Conservatism" was a reactionary election-year gimmick. It was tactics; it was not a vision for this nation.

We on the conservative/libertarian side do know how to think strategically. I mean, Ronald Reagan was all about strategy, and he was able to toss Marxist socialism onto the ash-heap of history (which is where Obama and pals found it, dusted it off, and sold it in 2008 as "change".) Reagan didn't give a damn about Sam Donaldson's carpings, or the Euro-coward's fears of "nuclear winter". He clearly called evil what it was. Namely, evil.

So we need to do the same. We need to stand tall, turn our face to the wind, and set our course by the light of the stars - not by the lights of each passing ship. For me, those stars are this:
The role of government is to secure, protect and and defend the inalienable Rights of its Citizens, and government may only infringe upon those Rights as a last resort. Anything that requires the government to take from one to provide for another is not a Right.

Government power derives from the consent of its Citizens, not the other way around. Government power has clear and balanced limits, established by our Constitution, and government shall abide by those limits and that balance.

The greatest engine for human prosperity, progress and freedom is private property, the free market, and the Rule of Law.

The bounty of our Citizens belongs to our Citizens, and Government may only claim, through Law, what is necessary to execute its limited role.

A Free Citizen is a responsible Citizen.
Make these goals the strategy, and the tactics will pretty much take car of themselves.

UPDATE: Fiddled with and edited the piece a bit.

23 December 2009

Wait A Minute...

...Did, um...did we just win? Maybe so:
Barack Obama plans to put the health-care overhaul on the back burner until after the State of the Union address, pushing any conference between the House and Senate off until February.
Bet those 59 Leftys and Prostitutes are really glad Harry made 'em stay 'till Christmas Eve.

Mitch McClellan. Or, Fred Thompson, Where Are You?

Required reading for the GOP:
It’s clear McConnell just isn’t that guy. Like Cornyn, he’s a good senator. But as our general, he’s too much McClellan and not enough Sherman. The other side has Shermans; we’d better find one soon.

Another Example Of "The Most Honest, Most Open, And Most Ethical Congress In History"

Ben "I'm-A-More-Expensive-Whore-Than-Mary-Landrieu" Nelson gets caught apparently changing a vote.

Really, it's not gonna do you any good, Ben. You're Harry's bitch now; your political career is toast. At least try to keep some shred of dignity. And speaking of toast, I hear the Denny's in Omaha will be hiring in Januart 2011...

Hattip: Riehl World View via Instapundit.

"This Is The Bill We've Been Waiting For..."

But this isn't, apparently, the bill our political betters think they should wait to read. Or let us read.

Contract With America, 2010.

Over at Chicago Boyz there is a great discussion over a potential 'Contract With America' in 2010, and what should be in it. The comments are quite lengthy, but well worth the read.

I think a new Contract With America is a good way to go. I don't much care who issues it - the GOP or the Tea Party Movement - though I would hope they would work together if one is drafted.

As for me, here are five things I would want to see in a 2010 Contract with America:

1. An IMMEDIATE balanced budget.
Not in ten years, or two years, but NOW. We've dithered over this for far too long. Budget Social Security, Medicare and Defence first, and everything else is negotiable. We don't need to fund things like PBS and NPR anymore when folks have access to Discovery, History Channel, Nickelodean and Disney, and XM/Sirrus on the radio. If "thoughtful" people want them, let them pay for them. If we need to fund the war, issue War Bonds. Other than that, be willing to shut down the government if necessary before another dime is borrowed.

2. No New Taxes.
None. Zip. The American people are taxed enough already. Short term, push for a 15% across the board Income Tax rate for all. Long term, introduce an Amendment to repeal the 16th Amendment and return to the States the funding the Federal Government, with each State paying a uniform tax per person as set buy Congress. (That'll give a pause to all those States who want to count illegal aliens in the next census...)

3. Fight The War On Terror To Win.
No more fiddling while Kabul burns. Our enemies want our country, our values, and way of life destroyed; we must fight like it.

4. Invade Canada And Annex Saskatchewan.
Not really. I just wanted to scare the hell out of any Canadian readers. That, and I like saying the word, "Saskatchewan."

5. Sunset All Laws.
All laws proposed, and all regulations, shall expire after a set time and must be renewed by the Congress. Maximum of four years for all Fiscal, Tax and Entitlement laws and regulations; six years for all others. If Congress has to work through all that every couple of years, they won't issue so many laws or allow so many bureaucratic regulations.

I know you, dear readers, will have more suggestions. Put 'em in the comments.

Mad Dogs and Englishman II

Also via Maggies's Farm: A man in England gets two-year 'supervision' (e.g., a suspended sentence) for holding a family at knife-point and threatening to kill them; and the father he was holding gets two years in jail for attacking his assailant.

These are the kind of European values Barack Obama wants the United States to emulate. This is what Team Hopenchange means by "fundemental change". You are helpless; you are wrong to stand up for yourself. Only the arm of government can save you.

Mad Dogs And Englishman Go Out In The Polar Sun.

Via Maggie's Farm, the Daily Telegraph notes the chicken-littles are claiming "global warming" will drive us to higher latitudes.

No problem - we have the technology to drive us there. (Catch the ending of the video, from about 59:40 onwards, for the obvious 'inconvienent truth'. -ed.)

Well, There's Your Problem.

American Thinker on Why the 'Angry Mob' Is Angry:

Our anger comes not simply because we are poor sports. We are not racists who abhor the idea of "a black man in the White House," because in truth, we have wanted to see that bridge crossed for years. We are not "just angry people" -- quite the contrary, which underscores the point. Conservatives are not usually angry, nor are we protesters. That we show up to a protest at all is a huge statement itself and expressive enough of our anger. When we do protest, we don't vandalize local merchants, topple cars and set them on fire, or require the police to control us or cart us off to jail. We're not violent people -- but we are human, and we do get angry. We're just regular folks who prefer to not protest or make a stink about anything. We just want to live our lives in peace. What lights our fire is any threat to that peace and the freedom that provides it.
Indeed. Read the whole thing.

22 December 2009


I'm not going to Build-a-Bear this holiday season. Actually, I don't plan to go there ever again.

How Do You Fix "Global Warming" On the Cheap?

Ask somebody who knows something about technology and making money. His solution:

The global warming solution proposed by Nathan Myhvold involves running a hose up to the stratosphere with balloons and using that hose to pump out enough sulfur particles to dim the sun's heat just enough to counteract the effects of global warming. The estimated cost would be about two hundred and fifty million dollars.
Not that it would do any good mind you, as we do not control the climate. But at least it'd make the chicken-littles happy without having to tear down the achievements of the entire Free World in the process. Though, I strongly think the elimination of the Free World and our way of life is the true goal of the "climate change" agenda. Plus, Myhvold's solution wouldn't make the likes of Robert Mugabe any richer.

Personally, I think you'd do more to stop the "global warming" crisis if you ran the hose straight up Al Gore's arse.

Sow The Wind; Reap The Whirlwind.

How mad are people in Louisiana at the thought of ObamaCare? Less than 18 hours ago a call went out to meet at Senator Mary Landrieu's office here in Baton Rouge, to protest ObamaCare and the Senator's whore-like sellout support for it. One call, no real organization.

130 people showed up. On a workday. In the middle of the Christmas holiday.

Dear readers, people are pissed over ObamaCare and the arrogamce with which the Democrats have handled it. I mean, really, really, really, pissed.

Images when folks get them posted.

Stick It To 'Em, Quick! (UPDATED)

Could the obsessive urgency of The Left/Mainstream Media to get health care passed have something to do with this:

Or maybe this and this?

And once they have imposed ObamaCare on us, the Democrats want to make sure that it can almost never be repealed via, y'know, that majority will of the People through their elected representatives thing:
“it shall not be in order in the Senate or the House of Representatives to consider any bill, resolution, amendment, or conference report that would repeal or otherwise change this subsection.”
So much for the will of the people and the democratic process.

UPDATE: Another reason The Left/Mainstream Media is in a panic to pass this thing - moderate Democrats are starting realize that ObamaCare could well be political suicide in 2010 in anything but the most blue of districts. Already announced changes/retirements here, here, and here. Expect to see more of this if ObamaCare becomes Law and the November elections approach. Guess they're reading the TEA leaves...

UPDATE: Gateway Pundit notes that Barack Obama now has a higher Strongly Dissapprove rating after one year than George W. Bush had... after eight.

A Hopenchange Future Is Coming To Your Town.

It's already come to Detroit. Watch it all.

UPDATE: A (sarcastic) comment from a friend: "Yes, but they have great health care!"

I Loves USAA.

OK, I've sung the praises of the insurance/banking/financial services company USAA in the past, but they continue to amaze. Yesterday, a friend commented on Twitter how he almost shredded his annual USAA disbursement check because this year it looked like junk mail. I replied that I had the same problem, and almost tossed it out as well. This morning, utterly unsolicited, I had a 'tweet' from USAA telling me how I can have my disbursement directly deposited.

Does your insurance company watch Twitter for customer comments, much less respond? Mine does. Yet another benefit of having worn the uniform.

UPDATE: A hearty "Merry Christmas!" to all of the folks at USAA who are stopping by. Hope you take some time to poke around a bit - tell your boss that Clifford said it was OK. I got some video links today that make for great lunchtime viewing.

Your Lunchtime Learning.

Climate Change - what it is, and what it's not. Watch all four videos.

21 December 2009

The Grey Man, He Runs.

And is throwing his stethoscope in the ring for Mary Landieu's seat in 2014. Is he serious? Dunno. But who better to put down an old bitch that a veterinarian?

Monday Evening Distraction.

Reason No. 2,346 why that home addition always takes longer than your Contractor estimated.


The 'Cash for Cloture' Program. Indeed. Remember the Democrat's pledge to be "the most honest, most open, and most ethical Congress in history"? Neither do they.

Tip O'Neil Was Right...

...All politics is local. Our long march begins at home.
Read. It. All.

Monday Morning Distraction.

After the bad news in the post below, here is something to lift your spirits: How They Should Have Ended. That should get you through your first cup of coffee. Or three.

20 December 2009

Transparency, Nevada-Style.

According to this report, The cloture vote on Harry Reid's scheme to put one-sixth of the US economy - and your health care choices - under the direct control of the Federal Government, is scheduled for 1:00am Eastern, 21 December.

That's less than 15 minutes away from this posting. In the dead of the night.

If it passes this cloture, final passage is a fait accompli. This is not at all what the American people want, or was it what was sold to them in 2008. It is what a bunch of power-drunk, elitist, Leftist ideologues want, and they apparently will stop at nothing to get it. It is their Holy Grail, and they don't give a fucking rat's ass about the wishes of the American people, or what they have to do or promise, or what it will cost, or whether it respects any notion of individual freedom and limited government that this Nation was founded upon.

Our elected representatives have ignored us, and are about to sell us into mandated bondage to the Federal government for the first time in our history - for a few pieces of silver in their purse and empty promises in their hands. If this becomes Law, there will be a reckoning. I pray that the nation will wait until November 2010 and unleash it's anger at the ballot box. But I'm not hopeful.

UPDATE 21DEC09: 0011 hours: Roll call vote is happening.

UPDATE 21DEC09: 0019 hours: 60-40. Landrieu, Nelson, stay bought.

When Snowballs Are Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Snowballs.

Can you say, "disproportionate response": A District of Columbia Police detective, one "Detective Baylor", pulled his handgun on a group of college kids with snowballs, because aparrently someone hit the detective's Hummer with a snowball. Much more here. Someone with that poor judgement about when to draw his weapon should not be on the force, much less a detective.

Yet Another Example Of Why We Didn't Stay In Massachusetts.

When it comes to unethical politics and conflicts of interest, Louisiana is minor-league when compared to the Bay State.

19 December 2009

Was Franklin Right?

After the close of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Benjamin Franklin was asked what form of government America would have. He replied bluntly, "A republic, if you can keep it."

And it looks like we're not keeping it.

I agree with Redstate - we have lost something very basic in this current Congress and Administration, and "what comes next is very discomforting to think about." By passing the health care bill - a piece of legislation that puts one sixth of our economy under direct government control; that has been purposely crafted out of sight of the American people; and that such a clear majority of us (for one reason or another) do not want - the battle between a free people and oligarchic government control will be, effectively, over. And a free people will have lost. We will have lost control of our lives and the right to decide them as we see fit, and ceded that right over to a ruling political elite that will now have the ability to control our most private decisions. We will have lost what Justice William Brandies saw as that most basic of American rights, the right to be left alone.

And we can not elect a new slate in 2010 that can easily undo this. Once it's in, it's in. Sympathetic courts will contort a way, Plessy v. Fergeson-like, to allow it's implementation. And while the Supreme Court may eventually find parts of this bill unconstitutional, don't bet your live (literally) on that. Because if you think this stops at health care, you are wrong. Once the precedent has been set - and more importantly, upheld in the courts - then there will be no limits to what powers Congress will grant themselves, and no limits on what Congress will compel us, the people, to do (exempting themselves and their cronies, of course). They will be our masters; not the other way round.

So, what's next? In the short run, if you have a Congressman or Senator who is backing this mess, don't stay silent! Make theirs a very miserable Christmas. Write, email, call, fax, stand in front of their offices with signs. Send them lumps of coal. If they have a town hall, show up and treat them like spoiled children; that is how they are treating you. The time for nice is over. And get organized. Join a Tea Party, or another fiscally responsible, freedom defending group working to defeat this agenda.

In the mid-term, we have elections in 2010. If you have a Congressman or Senator who voted for this disaster, don't just show up to vote against them, volunteer for the opposing candidate. Work phones, carry signs, put a sign in your yard, send money. Support candidates who will vote repeal this monster in the Congress, or at the very least vote to defund it. Champion candidates who vote to for an immediate balanced budget and will not vote to raise taxes or fees to balance the budget. If we have to live within our means, so does the Federal Government. On the state level, support candidates who will support your state opting-out of ObamaCare; vote for your state adopting a Sovereignty Resolution; and would, as a last resort, vote to have your state refuse ALL Federal funds in order to get out of unfunded mandates - even if that means shutting down programs. If the Congress wants programs that shell out our money to illegal aliens, let Congress run them.

In the long term, two things. Priority One: Vote Barack Obama out of office in 2012. He, more than anyone, has forgotten who he works for - or never knew it in the first place. And second, if you are forced to pay a fine because the government doesn't like your health care choice, refuse to pay it. Tell 'em to sod off. Make them take you to court; become a test case. Yes, that is the hard way. But they are counting all of us to be soft, and trade our principals for the easy way out. Don't. That is what got us into this mess in the first place. Stand up as free citizens. They can't prosecute millions of us at once.

Yes, there will be a time of reckoning for the way we, the American people, have been treated by those who are supposed to be our servants in this Republic. And there is no better time for that reckoning than now. Let us put our servants in their place. Let act as if we can keep this Republic.

Lake Jewbegon.

Garrison Keillor gets in touch with his inner Goebbels and wants Jews to "buzz off" when it comes to Christmas. (Um, wasn't a Jewish family rather central to the Christmas story? -ed.)

This isn't the first time Keillor has espoused brown-shirt notions. Perhaps they should start airing A Prairie Home Companion from a beer hall.

18 December 2009

Proof: Having Mardi Gras Beats Having The UN.

Louisiana is the happiest state in the nation. New York, is dead last.

Note also that the more conservative, less densely populated, lower tax states tend to be higher on the "happy" index, while more liberal, urbanized, high-tax states tend to be toward the bottom of the ranking. The lesson here, dear readers? Having the government in your life doesn't necessarily make your life happier.

A War To Watch.

Did you know there was a shooting war going on the Saudi-Yemeni border? You do now. The Saudi and Yemeni governments are fighting an uber-hardline Islamic group on their border - the Houthi - who appear to be supplied by Iran and who's motto is "God Is the Greatest, Death to America, Death to Israel, a Curse on the Jews, Victory to Islam". A real tolerant and enlightened bunch.

The Saudis, with all the latest hip tactical weaponry their oil money can buy, don't appear to be doing all that well. Lots of posed pictures and shooting at nothing. (Hint: The training and discipline of the man behind the weapon is as important as the weapon itself. -ed.) And from looking at the videos, it seems the Yemeni government forces seem to be getting their clocks cleaned.

Doing My Part.

What with the impending success of the Copenhagen climate change conerence, I really want to get into the spirit and do my part. And I've found the perfect "green" floor insulation - it's all-natural, biodegradable, and made of 100% recycled material.

UPDATE: See - if you do it right, insulation is sexy stuff!

Friday Guest Post.

The Grey Man, he speaks:

I am about to be called a racist. Why? Because I think that Health Care has become Obama and company's Tar Baby.

First, it was "health care reform". Later it became "health insurance reform". I'm not really sure what it is now, because nobody outside Reid's inner circle has actually read it.

Why the changes? Well with each new evolution, it gets more unpopular. So they keep repackaging the product and slapping "New and Improved" on the label. And the product, far from improving, is getting more rancid by the day. It literally stinks.

And with each decline in the polls, they get more and more desperate. Attack talk radio? Oops, that failed. Okay, try attacking Fox News. Oops again.
Go after Insurance companies? Damn, still not working. How about unpatriotic TEA partiers? Crap, we're getting nowhere.

And the bill itself keeps changing. Abortion coverage is in. Nope, it's out. It's in. It's out. Single payer is in. It's out. It's in. It's out.

This thing has more in and out than a Tiger Woods date.

Right now, the Democrats have only two choices, and both terrify them.

If they fail to pass uber-liberal health reform after all this effort, they will look like a bunch of incompetent boobs to their base, and to the rest of us. But what terrifies them, what really and truly terrifies them, is if it passes, and they have to take responsibility for their actions.

Like Brer Rabbit, they aren't smart enough to realize that the more they fight, the more stuck they become. Amazingly, the party that demands an exit strategy for wars and tax cuts didn't think that they might need one themselves.

I know some reading this will blame it all on Fox or Republicans or a bad alignment of the stars. But the simple fact is that the Democrats could have passed anything they wanted to as soon as Franken was seated. Obama could have told his party what he wanted, and demanded it. He could have actually lead from the front. But he didn't. Reid could have lead. But he didn't.

What is really pathetic is that this effort will, at best, produce a hodgepodge law that nobody likes. And to do this, President Obama is throwing away his congressional majority, and ruining the careers of some of his party's most faithful. Mary Landrieu might not be up for election for a few years, but for the first time, she has an overall unfavorable rating in the polls. She will go down in flames come her next election. So will Reid next year.

Harry and Mary, this IS the "Change" you voted for. You've thrown your careers away. And you've done it all for nothing.

The Grey Man

(Note - the Owner of this blog takes no responsibility for the content or opinions of guest posts.)

Climate Change In Our Time?

Someone from Greenpeace benevilles himself. Read it all.

And note Warner's term for the permanently indignant, ratty-looking protest crowd: "Smellies". How apropos.

The None.

Will The Messiah go 0-2 in Copenhagen? It's looking that way. And he can't blame it "on the past eight years".

17 December 2009

'Hockey Sticks' Through History.

With The One heading off to Copenhagen to single-handedly save to world from man-made global warming (which seems can only be ended by destroying our economy and giving governments like Zimbabwe billions of dollars), perhaps we should put the famous 'hockey stick' in some perspective:

Quick, Bonnie Anderson! Get Me Rewrite!!

Is the Climate Change Fund the new Millennium Development Goals? Kenneth Anderson wonders. Oy. Another unsuccessful UN program our Presiding Bishop will want us to worship...

Stop the Typing!!

Your humble blogger just went over to The Episcopal Church (tm) website to post a link to their ever prominent MDG page and.... It's gone! Poof! Not there! Nothing in the 'Quick Links". Nothing under the "Advocacy" tab. Or any of the other tabs, for that matter. You'll find it if you look hard enough, buried in the Episcopal Relief and Development page here.

Why just a year ago, our Presiding Bishop couldn't stop talking about the MDG's. She was giddy for them. Our pope-in-waiting crisscrossed the country exhorting the faithful to participate. They were a 'mission priority' for the church. Large gatherings of Episcopalians (defined officially by TEC as 25 or more, excluding wait-staff) were reminded that the ticket to salvation was using sporks and giving 0.7 percent of their income to make the MDG's come true. The MDG's were our new catechism.

So... what happened?

It'll Be A Cold Day In Hell...

...And apparently, it is.

UPDATE: But this new revelation should make it uncomfortably hot for some folks at the conference...

Reform, Democrat Definition Of.

Back in 2008, Obama and the Democrats sold the American people on health care "reform" that would be both bipartisan and transparent.

Here it is, almost 2010, and this is what we're about to get:
‘And here’s the most outrageous part: at the end of this rush, they want us to vote on a bill that no one outside the Majority Leader’s conference room has even seen. That’s right. The final bill we’ll vote on isn’t even the one we’ve had on the floor. It’s the deal Democrat leaders have been trying to work out in private’
What is it, Senator Reid, that you and your Democrat colleagues don't want the American people to see?

Thursday Morning Distraction.

Besides being an inconsiderate bore, here's another reason I don't get invited to Christmas parties - I think this kind of stuff is fun:

Much more scientific weirdness here.

Hattip: Theo Spark.


Not really. My stats are down; I need some traffic.

The Little Party That Roared?

'Tea Party' now polls more favorably than either Democrats or Republicans.

If my little see-into-the-future globe is right, look for both 'established' parties to try and glom onto the Tea Party Movement in 2010.

The GOP establishment machinery has been trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement as theirs from the get-go, proving once again the current GOP still doesn't get it: The Tea Parties exist because of GOP failures in leadership and vision, not successes. If the GOP wants us in their camp, they're gonna have to earn it. And they're not doing a very good job with that right now. Actions, people; not words. (Or bus tours; or Facebook groups; or wine parties... -ed.)

As things continue to sour for Team Hopenchange, look for the Democrats to also try to make some kind of overture to the Tea Parties, or try to create a similar 'grassroots' organization to compete for the 'angry vote'. Like the Republicans, they have failed at the things that have folks looking to the Tea Parties as an alternative.

Maybe a new third party isn't such a bad idea.

The Rt. Rev. Tiger Woods?

Calling Katherine Schori: In the wake of the Tiger Woods scandal, Ann Althouse asks: "Is the need for multiple partners a sexual orientation?"

In this day and age, ask a question like that and it won't be long before The Episcopal Church (tm) will promote it. (We have to, you know. It's somewhere in our 'Baptismal Covenant'. - ed.) Besides, it gives The Episcopal Church (tm) further opportunities for another celebrity priest (or three), to show the world how with it, hip and relevant The Episcopal Church (tm) is these days.

"I'm-a Leaving On A Jet Plane..."

Though sources say it's more like five jet planes, actually. Carbon footprints are for the little people.

And why the hell is Charlie Rangel going?? Like he needs another government-paid vacation. The best way for Charlie Rangel to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere would be for the man to simply shut up. Or maybe, the good Congressman is going there to learn more about an interesting tax-free business opportunity. And we know how much our Mr. Rangel hates paying taxes.

16 December 2009


Think of all the "green" jobs we'll create if we implement Cap-n-Trade. Just like they're doing in Europe.

Road To Hayride.

My buddy Charlie Buras has announced he is shutting down his Louisiana political blog, The Old River Road, one of the most insightful and mature political sites in the Bayou State. But not to worry, dear readers, Charlie isn't vanishing from the scene - he will now be a contributor over at The Hayride. So check it out and update those bookmarks accordingly!

Party Girl.

Mary Landrieu has decided to represent the interests of her party on health care rather than the interests of, well, the vast majority of her employers (us Louisiana voters).

At least she has some integrity - once she's been bought, she stays bought.

15 December 2009

The Teacher Must Be Episcopalian.

A school tosses out a second-grader who drew a "violent image".

Yet another reason we didn't want to raise our children in Massachusetts.

Tea Party Like It's 2006? (UPDATED)

Is the GOP trying to co-opt the Tea Party Movement? If what we see in our area is any indication, then the short answer is, yes.

The GOP needs to remember that if they had held to their values in the first place, and not tried to be just another piggy at the DC feed trough looking for their share, there would be no Obama - and there would be no Tea Party movement. The GOP lost our respect. And if they want it back, they will have to earn it - and actions speak louder than words. Or, bus tours, or seminars, or direct mailers, or Facebook posts.

The GOP has a chance here to prove they are once again the party of Reagan - do everything in their power to defeat the Democrat takeover of our health care.

UPDATE 16DEC09: Reid's Rule No. 3 of Senatorial Procedure: If the opposition plays by the rules, change the rules. How, um, Democratic. Yet another reason the Tea Parties are so necessary. They can't vote US into silence.

14 December 2009

Tactical News You Can Use.

Via my buddy Rich McAroy up in the land of 'Live Free or Die!', I'm pleased to introduce to RSR readers ITS Tactical. Full of lots of interesting military/outdoors information, such as 'How to escape from Zip Ties'. Pretty handy thing to know when they arrest you for not buying your government-approved health insurance policy...

True Grits.

Only in Louisiana: Woman attacks man with... grits. Really.


I think we need an Assault Grit Ban.

And Now For Something Completely Similar.

When you saw this image of Harry Reid at the top of Drudge today:

Was this bit from Monty Python the first thing you thought of:

Yeah, me too.

UPDATE: Y'know, if 'Ol Harry had let us serenade him with some Christmas carols this weekend, maybe he'd be in a better mood.
Or, not.

13 December 2009

How I Spent My Saturday.

"So," I hear you ask, "How did that 'Streetcar Named Retire' sing-along turn out?" Considering Reid and Landrieu didn't show up, it was cold, and it rained most of the time... not bad, actually:

Thanks to Clare at High Noon for Health Care for the video.

UPDATE: Video link fixed.

UPDATE 14DEC09: Also on Saturday morning, I was on Greta Perry's radio show again, this time to promote 'Streetcar Named Retire'. Thanks, Greta!!

This is my rifle, this is my gun...

Only in New Orleans: An inspector from the U. S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives gets caught damaging a hotel room to, um... inspect shooting devices on his own time.

Perhaps this video clip should be required for all BATFE inspectors.

Hattip: Dan Riehl via Instapundit.

11 December 2009


What with the world's most elite busybodies meeting in Copenhagen to figure out how they want us proles to live, Byron York points out an earlier attempt at a 'green' utopia. An architect plays a central role, I'm sad to say.

Friday Afternoon Global Warming Education.

Maggie's Farm points out a commenter to this Megan McArdle column on 'Climategate', who takes an AGW scientist to school - by pointing out that most basic scientific precept: A logical conclusion is not the same as empirical verification. Well, duh.

Instead of allowing their claims to withstand independent verification and review - as is the case in all other sciences - the Global Warming crowd deflect any dissent by ignoring questions, persecuting critical inquiry, hiding data, and claiming "settled science." Call it the Pope Urban VIII approach to science.

10 December 2009

A Streetcar Named Retire. (UPDATED!)

UPDATE 11DEC09: RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY! Senator Harry Reid announced that he was getting in touch with his inner Sir Robin and is bravely running away from his pocket-stuffing trip to New Orleans on Saturday. Did his decision have anything to do with our (not so) little caroling protest? (Cameras catching his well-heeled guests getting out of their limos to the serenade of 'Jingle Cash' in the background would not look good on the evening news...) Who knows. Maybe Harry just likes working weekends.

But no matter: 'STREETCAR NAMED RETIRE' IS STILL ON!! We're going to rally even though Harry, Mary, and their money bags buggered off. There is much going on at the Federal level to protest, and hey - 'tis the season!!

Senator Harry Reid definitely understands the priorities of the political ruling class - the crisis he claims needs our immediate and furious attention goes on the back burner when there is money to be obtained for himself. And this weekend that money is in New Orleans - the Big Easy - so Harry is taking a few days off to pocket a bunch of four and five-figure checks at a fundraiser hosted by... Senator Mary Landrieu. Yes, the same Mary Landrieu who's vote the acute Senator Reid bought off with a mere (in Federal government terms, anyway) $300 million.

Makes you pretty upset, doesn't it?

It makes us all upset. But not to fear, dear readers. It's the holidays - be of good cheer! There is something you can do - especially if you live in or near New Orleans - because your humble blogger has a cunning plan to go...


Yep. Caroling. 'Tis the season. So this Saturday morning, 12 December, myself and several (hundred? thousand?) friends will be meeting in New Orleans to serenade the Senator from Nevada and his well-heeled guests with some appropriately written carols, to let him know how we feel about his trying to take away our health care choices, spend us into oblivion, and generally turn the US into the next Venezuela.

This event will be about the only opportunity during the health care debate that the vassals - that's you and me - have a chance to voice our unfiltered opinion to our Majority Leader Lord and Master.

Details about our caroling event are here. Bring a smile (nothing annoys The Media more than cheerful protesting conservatives) and bring a will to sing (don't worry, you CAN'T sing any worse than me). Seasonal dress (funny hats, scarves) and creative signs with a holiday theme are encouraged.

And to help you get into the season, here are a couple of the carols:


Hark! The Harried taxpayers sing
We don’t want your health care thing!
No new fees and mandates wild
Leave our health care undefiled!
Joyful all our hearts arise
Join the Founders voices wise!
‘We The People’ speak again
You just wait ‘till Twenty Ten!
Hark! The Harried taxpayers sing
We don’t want your health care thing!


Dashing through a vote
On a bill nobody read,
O'er the health care bloat
“Reform” is what they said;
The ‘Nays’ they do abound
Making cloture fail,
Harry looked around, and he found
A Senator for sale!

Oh… Jingle cash! Jingle cash!
Mary's on the way,
300 mil, for a bill
That'll bankrupt us one day! Hey!

Jingle cash! Jingle cash!
Mary's on the way,
300 mil, for a bill

That'll bankrupt us one day! Hey!


You better not shout, you better not lie,
You better not pout, I’m telling you why,
Tea Parties are coming to town!

We see you when you are voting, we know when you’ve been bought,
We know if you’re been bad or good, and at town halls you’ll be caught!

So… You better not shout, you better not lie,
You better not pout, I’m telling you why,
Tea Parties are coming to town!

09 December 2009

Somebody Missed Economics 101.

Barack Obama actually thinks we can "spend our way out of this recession". And where does the money Barry wants to spend come from? It comes from employers and employees - you and me - the productive members of our society. The very people who are being hurt by profligate government spending.

And doing this is going to help us out of recession??

08 December 2009

The Government Will Keep Us Safe.

Except when they, y'know, post their classified security proceedures on line for all to see. Even a copy of a CIA ID card. Something to remember as you fly this season.

The Skin Of Our Teeth.

More "settled science": Climate change back in the 1970's. I loved this bit:
In 2002 I stood in a room of the Smithsonian. One entire wall charted the cooling of our globe over the last 60 million years. This was no straight line. The curve had two steep dips followed by leveling. There were no significant warming periods. Smithsonian scientists inscribed it across some 20 feet of plaster, with timelines.

Last year, I went back. That fresco is painted over. The same curve hides behind smoked glass, shrunk to three feet but showing the same cooling trend. Hey, why should the Smithsonian put its tax-free status at risk? If the politicians decide to whip up public fear in a different direction, get with it, oh ye subsidized servants. Downplay that embarrassing old chart and maybe nobody will notice.

Sorry, I noticed.
Post title reference is here.

A Tiger By The Tale.

I've noticed - as have many of you, I suppose - how the Left/Mainstream Media has grabbed onto the recent stories of Tiger Woods and his marital problems. On some networks it's the only leade - all Tiger, all the time. I find this curious coming from a group of folks who, just a few years ago, were bemoaning the decline of "serious news", and rending garments and gnashing teeth over the rise of "infotainment".

I know part of this is the sensationalism. Woods is a star and, let's face it, sex sells. But I think that only explains a part of the obsessive focus. The Woods story is a great distraction for the public, and I think The Left/Mainstream Media want the public distracted right now.

The Left/Mainstream Media know that when they highlight things such as the current push to nationalize health care and environmental extremism (cap and trade, Copenhagen meeting), it gets the American public riled up. They remember what happened last August, and don't want a repeat. So with the Senate debating nationalizing health care, and Obama agreeing to draconian measures at the Copenhagen climate talks - two things Americans by and large do not want - keeping John and Suzy Public talking about golf clubs instead of 'triggers' and 'hockey sticks' is, for them, a good thing.

"But Clifford", I hear you say, "I didn't think you believed in conspiracy theories." I don't. I'm not saying this is a conspiracy. We're talking about media personalities here. Their egos wouldn't let them conspire over anything other than, well... themselves. Plus, these folks have such big mouths and inflated senses of self-importance that they couldn't keep any real conspiracy quiet. But I do think there is an unspoken consensus that they need to keep the rubes quiet right now. And Tiger is just the ticket until they can switch the focus to the Holidays.

I also think there is another, more subtle, reason for all of the attention on Tiger Woods' problems. Woods has eschewed racial politics, especially the Jessie Jackson/ Al Sharpton brand of racial identity/victim politics. He has refused to identify himself as black or African-American. And his wife is white. Woods has been a contradiction to the "America is still a racist nation" position of many black leaders and white liberals; and so his fall is, I think sadly, seen by them with some sense of payback.

07 December 2009

Tea Party Caroling.

OK, we CAN'T sing. We know it, but we wanted to get the Tea Parties into the season:

'Jingle Cash'

'Tea Parties Are Coming To Town'

'The Twelve Days of Senate'

And yes, your humble blogger was the wordsmith (and in the videos). These 'carols', plus several more, will be sung this weekend when Mary Landrieu hosts Harry Reid at a $5,000/couple fundraiser in New Orleans. (Snicker.) Other Tea Parties are free to use them for their own holiday cheer. Email me if you want the words. 'Tis the season.

More Geek Cool.

From the UK's Daily Telegraph:

Calling Nena: The Pentagon launches 10 giant red balloons in the US, and challenged groups to be the first to locate all 10 using Facebook and Twitter networking. The possibilities of such distributed social networks are just beginning to be grasped.

I don't think we'll see accidental pictures of hookers on these corners: Pompeii is now on Google Street View.

Hope And Kampf.

Was Team Hopenchange's playbook written by a convicted felon while in jail? Well, it worked for another jailed socialist...

Hattip: Libertarian Republican.

Bowing To History.

Obama's recent bow to the Japanese Emperor, explained:

From: Creative Minority Report.

It reminds me of this, but it was a joke. The above, sadly, isn't.

Every Breath You Take...

Every Move You Make... Now violates the Federal Clean Air Act.

Team Hopenchange know their cap-n-tax scheme is dead in Congress, so they're going around the legislative process and imposing large portions of it on us by regulatory fiat. The end justifies the means and all that.

More Is Less.

Only a government mind thinks adding 111 new programs, committees, cooperatives, and projects will make your health care more efficient, more accessible, and more affordable.

In a few years, when you pay 30 percent of your income to the government for health care and have to wait in line for hours for urgent care for your sick child, remember all this "reform" was to benefit you.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

Harry Reid Is Watching You.

So now, America, freedom is slavery. Where have I heard that before? Oh, yeah...

Can 'Ignorance is Strength' be far behind?

And Another Reason Why This Day May Well Live In Infamy.

The UN's Copenhagen conference on capitalist-caused global warming "climate change" opened this week, which giving us yet another opportunity to play...

Spot The Hypocrite!

It seems our ruling-class betters and their "settled science" experts have a plan to deal with the "global crisis", which can be summed up thusly: We have to destroy human civilization and progress in order to save it. (Now where have we heard similar logic? Anyone? Anyone? Oh, yeah... -ed.)

If our ruling betters and "experts" have their way, in a few years all us little folks will be living according to their moral and economic choices - for our own good, of course. We'll have our very own Zimababwe! I can't wait.

Monday Afternoon Wicked Cool.

Concrete cloth, and some other new materials will peg your geek-o-meter.

Hattip: Soldier Systems.

A Date Which Will Live In Infamy.

68 years ago today:

Image from here

Please remember in your prayers today Lt. (jg.) Ralph Hollis, USS Arizona.

05 December 2009

We Have A New Pointy Hat! (UPDATED)

The Very Reverend Morris Thompson has been elected the 11th Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana. He appears to be one of the "moderates", which gives me pause - especially since the lefties seemed to desert their man for him during the balloting. But on the other hand, Thompson was a Marine.

We shall see. And pray.

UPDATE: You Can't Fix Revision... My wife's comment after seeing Rev. Thompson's image: "Lordy, they elected Ron White as Bishop"!

UPDATE 06DEC09: Had several conversations at church today (a large, conservative parish) about our new Bishop-elect, and the responses ranged from not-at-all-happy to wait-and-see. Several parishioners, who followed this more closely than your humble blogger, say Thompson will operate in the mold of our current Presiding Bishop - that is, left-wing secularism posing as theology - but will couch it in "moderate" terminology. They say he seems to be a corporate man, and will follow orders from the top. If that is correct (I pray it isn't), the Diocese of Louisiana is in for a very bumpy ride. If he allows an openly non-celibate gay priest in this Diocese, or requires parishes perform SSB, or uses Diocese funds to support something like the RCRC, the new Bishop will see a commensurate crash in church membership and Sunday attendance. And Diocese income crashing along with it. Our Diocese will not so much tear itself apart as wither away.

Rev. Thompson has a very difficult challenge before him. Pray God gives him the wisdom and grace to make wise decisions and right actions.

04 December 2009

Your Troubles Are Over; I'm Here. Again.

Oh, the ego:
By switching his visit from Dec. 9 to Dec. 18, Obama appears to be betting that his presence can - as he has expressed hope for several times in the past - push the negotiations "over the top" toward an agreement.
Take hope dear readers - we all know how well this approach worked the last time Barry went to Copenhagen.

Hattip: Instapundit.

Skiing The Decline.

It's early December. It's South Louisiana. And, for the second year in a row, we're expecting snow. Yes, snow. Not a few flakes in the air, but measurable stuff on the ground. (And yes, if it sticks your humble blogger be out X-country skiing again.)

Dear readers, "global warming" is worse than a joke; it's a fraud. Someone should "hide the decline" up Al Gore's arse.

03 December 2009

Respect The Dignity Of Every Living Dolphin...

The things I find at lunch. If The Episcopal Church (tm) doesn't have a blessing for this already, I'm sure they will soon...

From here.

But this image collection, about CIA tricks in the Cold War, is pretty cool.

A Simple Question.

If you can't buy health insurance across state lines, it isn't 'interstate commerce', now is it? So how can Congress claim to mandate it and regulate it?


Family Sees Vitality In Grandma Amisdst Challenges.

You know that awkward moment at a funeral when folks view the body? Everyone there knows the reality, yet they still say, "Doesn't she look nice."

Here's a classic example of the same thing:
Committee sees vitality in Episcopal Church amidst challenges.

The Mainstream Media Protection Amendment.

Seems Senator Feinstien thinks freedom of speech and freedom of the press are best left to "professional" journalists. You know, the same ones soon to be dependent on government bailouts for their paychecks.

I guess people like you and me, well... we should be seen and not heard.

02 December 2009

Settled Climate Science.

From the 1970's:
However widely the weather varies from place to place and time to time, when meteorologists take an average of temperatures around the globe they find that the atmosphere has been growing gradually cooler for the past three decades. The trend shows no indication of reversing. Climatological Cassandras are becoming increasingly apprehensive, for the weather aberrations they are studying may be the harbinger of another ice age.

Telltale signs are everywhere —from the unexpected persistence and thickness of pack ice in the waters around Iceland to the southward migration of a warmth-loving creature like the armadillo from the Midwest. Since the 1940s the mean global temperature has dropped about 2.7° F. Although that figure is at best an estimate, it is supported by other convincing data. When Climatologist George J. Kukla of Columbia University's Lamont-Doherty Geological Observatory and his wife Helena analyzed satellite weather data for the Northern Hemisphere, they found that the area of the ice and snow cover had suddenly increased by 12% in 1971 and the increase has persisted ever since. Areas of Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic, for example, were once totally free of any snow in summer; now they are covered year round.

(emphasis mine)
Remember this the next time you hear global warming described as "settled science", requiring draconian government control over large parts of the US economy and your freedom.

Hattip: Ed Driscoll.

A Daily Advent Devotional Guide.


Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

Laugh Of The Day.

I'm no 'Birther', but this is funny.

Hattip: Theo Spark, and Carole.

A Pointy Hat Is Coming To Town.

I really haven't sworn off blogging about The Episcopal Church (tm), but since General Convention this summer it's seemed pretty pointless. I mean, how do you parody something that's now, officially, a parody of itself?

But there is still news: Here in Louisiana this weekend we will hold a special convention to elect the 11th Bishop of Louisiana. The slate is one orthodox-conservative, one mostly conservative (former RC), three "moderates" (that is, who knows...), and one Schori look-alike - priest as second career, only six years since ordination, superb post-structuralist, whatever-you-want-it-to-mean language skills, yadda, yadda. Interestingly, only one is from a Louisiana parish; which is where, traditionally, our Diocese calls it's Bishops.

After the initial lay meetings last summer on what we wanted in the next bishop, I was pretty pleased at the desire for eschewing earthy-crunchy "relevance" and promoting orthodoxy. But I've seen a partial list of the delegates to the electing convention and, now, I'm not so confident. We shall see.

UPDATE: Current EDoLA newsletter is here. They plan to post ballot updates online as the votes are taken.

Quote Of The Day.

This isn't mine, though I wish it was:

"Barack Obama is making Jimmy Carter look strong, Bill Clinton look ethical, and Geoorge W. Bush look smart".
If polling is any indication, a lot of folks are reaching the same conclusion.

Our Hopenchange Future.

The fruits of Obama's "reforms". We can still stop such Lefty silliness in 2010 if we organize, and put things right in 2012.

Hattip: Instapundit.

01 December 2009

Get Ready For 2010.

If you're a Democrat, it's going to be a very bumpy ride. And you can't blame Bush for it this time.