31 January 2008

"Throw Me Something Mister!"

Tomorrow there will be no blogging, as I am off to New Orleans for the Krewe festivities and the Parade. For those who will be at the parade tomorrow night, make a sign that says "RED STICK RANT!" and I'll try to throw you something. I make no guarantees, since the masks we wear really restrict vision and at night it can be hard to see. If I miss you, my apologiers in advance.

So until I post again on Saturday, dear readers, here is a little something to put you in the mood:

Why I Miss Fred.

Read it all:

"When journalists and candidates, with their typically childlike enthusiasm, suddenly began gumming the word "change" after the Iowa caucuses, Thompson pointed out the obvious: "Change has been part of every election since the dawn of elections, if you weren't an incumbent."

Semper Ignavus.

So much for the "We oppose the war, but support the troops." mantra: A bunch of self-absorbed, self-righteous, anti-American cowards, sorry, the Berkley City Council, goes on record as hating the US Marines.

Here's an idea: Let's see the reaction if some City Council voted to tell an abortion clinic that "is not welcome in the city, and if the providers choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders." And the City government gave special preference to, say, Operation Rescue, with special parking permits for the front of the building and special permit allowing them to protest.

Why is it when the Left speaks of "choice", they seem to confine it to the realm of a woman's body. Let's apply it equally - don't men have a choice with what they do with their bodies? And since it's mostly men who join the Corps, isn't Code Pink doing to these patriotic young men, and patriotic young women, exactly what the Left claims Operation Rescue does to women at abortion clinics? That is, trying to prevent them from freely exercising their choice by intimidation and harassment? I guess the Berkeley City Council thinks it's different if the choice is something they don't like.

UPDATE: Or how about a City Council resolution somewhere that said "illegal aliens are not welcome in the city, and if they choose to stay, they do so as uninvited and unwelcome intruders?" Which would, if you think about it, simply be reastating what is already law. Bet it would be reported on NPR....

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds links to this piece, written today making the comparison if it had been a NAARL office and the City Council had given preference to Operation Rescue. A good analogy, which RSR readers knew two days ago. Advantage, RSR!

Back In Iraq.

Michael Yon has returned to Iraq, this time with the 1-4 Cavalry.

His latest post, about his time with the British last year, is up: Men of Valor, Part VII.

Michael also has a new book coming out, 'Moment of Truth In Iraq', which can be pre-ordered here.

Irony, Defined.

One for the "You can't make this kind of stuff up" file:

A man is arrested for breaking into an Episcopal Church to.... watch pornography. And his day job? A clerk for the New Jersey State Police.

But given our current church leadership's obsession with their "prophetic gift", can you blame the guy for thinking an Episcopal Church is an acceptable place to watch porn?

30 January 2008

An Idea.

There has been much lamenting in parts of the blogosphere about the early demise of Fred Thompson as a candidate. Being among those, I have been looking for a GOP candidate to support and finding the pickings slim. My initial reaction is McCain, but it is lukewarm at best, and growing colder fast. Very, very, fast. While Romney is too "Up East" for me, he has been saying things I like, especially on immigration. Huckabee? Please. One Arkansas governor was enough. What could solidify my support one way or the other, and the support of many others, would be who the nominee has as VP.

And I think Fred Thompson would be perfect.

He would solidify a conservative base on the ticket, as both McCain and Romney have some questionable records in office when it comes to core conservative issues. And being from Tennessee, Thompson relates to the all important South, something I think Romney has a hard time doing. He is telegenic, which McCain especially is not, and he can be very useful as a spokesman - a role the VP often occupies.

Reagan chose his VP prior to the convention in '76, and Reagan darn near took the nomination. (How different history would be had he done so.)

So, Senator McCain and Governor Romney, the one who puts Fred Thompson on his team has my vote. And I think you'll have a lot of others as well.

Then Prove It.

Hillary says that she can control Bill. Like everything else she says, I'll beleive it when I see it.

Open Mouth, Insert Mitre.

The Archbishop of Canterbury wants to ban Freedom of Speech. Well, at least the freedom to say anything he thinks is "thoughtless or cruel".

What's next? Shall we criminalize cloudy days and sad puppies? How about the comments of certain orthodox African Primates? Or certain unorthodox American ones?

Cudos and a Hattip to Chris Johnson, who got an Instalaunche!

Wednesday Evening Time Waster.

If you think your day was bad, go here: The Fail Blog.


A veterinarian friend is opening up a new veterinary home health practice on the North Shore: Stirling Home Veterinary Associates. If you live in the Tangipahoa Parish area, you might want to check them out for all your pet needs.

The 'Group W Bench' Finds It's Voice.

Arlo Guthrie endorses Ron Paul. Really.

Keeping Abreast Of The Season.

Well, dear readers, it Mardi Gras season down here in 'ol south Louisiana, and your humble blogger will be riding in a parade for the first time since Katrina. I belong to one of the New Orleans krews (pronounced "crews") which parades uptown and downtown. We had our traditional "den party" the other week, where the krewe gets together to preview our floats and, well, do what you are supposed to do at Mardi Gras - eat and drink. Below are images from two of our floats. See if you can figure out the theme for this year's parade:

photo by red stick rant

photo by red stick rant

Correct answer in the Comments.

25 January 2008

Too Much Bible.

This bit from Tominthebox is satire. But, being that it's about The Episcopal Church (tm), how long before it becomes true? Remember Chris Johnson's rule.

24 January 2008

What's A FredHead To Do?

I've had a few days to digest the news that Fred Thompson has bowed out, and to consider my options for the future.

And I'm not happy with what I see.

As Matthew wisely said, we should take a look at the three issues most important to us when we are looking at a candidate. Mine are, in more or less order of importance:

Fight and win The Terror War.
Defend our Constitution and our Rights.
Restore our sovereignty and our borders.

So, what to do?

First, I won't consider the Democrats. They can't answer "yes" to any of my three issues. Heck, none of 'em could even answer "maybe." What they offer are a hyper-rich lawyer with great hair and no message, a third term for Bill Clinton, or a black Jimmy Carter. Please.

As for the GOP, the choices are not much better. Mitt Romney? He's a "Massachusetts conservative", which in most of the the country translates into "liberal". I should know, I lived in the Bay State for years. He has flip-flopped on most every issue, and any "yes" answer he could give to my three issues would be suspect. Mike Huckabee? A lightweight Bill Clinton (in more ways than one) with a Bible. Again, I don't trust him. Rudy Guliani? He's Mitt Romney, only more personable and more liberal. He may fight the War, though. And then there's John McCain. He ain't no Barry Goldwater, but his message has been more consistent than the others on my three issues. Yes, there is that that McCain-Finegold disaster, but he is a veteran, he is from a border state (he understands the border issue), he says what he believes, and he really believes in winning The Terror War.

"What about Ron Paul, the Only Savior Of The Human Race (tm)??", I hear some of you scream. (And scream loudly.) Let me make this simple in a way the Ronbots will understand: life, is a wee bit more complicated than a Dungeons and Dragons game. Really. Suits of +7 armor of car bombing invincibility" do not exist. They are not even in development. So when Ron Paul says he will copy the Democrats and pursue a "Brave Sir Robin" foreign policy, I switch him off. He doesn't even get past my first issue. Plus, with friends like this......

So right now this FredHead is leaning toward McCain. But I ain't sold. Not at all.

Danger, Will Robinson!

The ultimate in geek nostalga. Yes, I want one.

UPDATE: Or, maybe not. I saw the price.

My Kinda' Place.

A 'blog for all your libertarian Republican needs. It's going to be a daily stop for me from now on.

Hattip: Instapundit.

It's No Fun Being A...... U.S. Citizen.

In Kansas City, don't be a parks commissioner and belong to a group advocating enforcement of current immigration laws. It gets powerful national lobbies, who stand to gain from aren't too concerned about the breaking of current immigration laws, all in a lather.

23 January 2008

Che Is Dead. Really.

Get in touch with your inner proletariat at The People's Cube. You won't be sorry.

Dear "Anonymous"....

Ron Paul supporter 'Anonymous' (aren't they all?) left this reasoned, analytical, and intelligent comment:

"Its no more silly than you putting ron pauls name on something he has nothing to do with, you scumbag."

He's responding to this earlier post.

'Anonymous', your Saviour does have something to do with the issue. Namely, take a look at his earlier writings, and support from people like this.

Just wait 'till 'Anonymous' finds out that I wrote this bit, too. I can feel the invective already.

22 January 2008

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.

At least, not in New Orleans.

I saw Mr. Dingler's signs, and I must say I they always made me feel better.

I wonder if this 'Grey Ghost' is going after the hundreds and hundreds of contractors, tree removers, mold cleaners, and house removers who also put up signs, such as these, after the storm:

Image by Red Stick Rant

I doubt it, as most of those folks would beat the snot out of the 'Grey Ghost' if he tried.

Oh, No.

Fred Thompson is bowing out of the GOP bid for President. Damn.

What to do?????

"Our Secretary-General, Who Art In The United Nations....."

A while ago, Anglican blogger Chris Johnson postulated the following (I paraphrase): "Any joke you can make about The Episcopal Church (tm), no matter how bizarre or loony, will eventually come true."

Case in point: There is a liturgy being used in lieu of the "Stations of the Cross" in some of the more, um, liberal Episcopal Churches, and is also being recommended for Lenten devotional. It is called, and I am not making this up, the "Stations of the Millennium Development Goals". Note that it appears to be drafted by someone at The Episcopal Church (tm) headquarters, and it's deeply religious reflections include calculating carbon footprints and writing your Congressman, among others.

Yes, it's true - The Episcopal Church (tm) is actually encouraging the worship of a UN Program.

First the Clown Liturgy, now this; is it any wonder we are loosing, on average, close to a thousand people a week?

20 January 2008


Apologies for the "newer" new look.

Something seems to have gone wiggy with my sidebar items, as they are now showing up at the at the end of the blog. At least, that's the way it looks in Safari. Some kind of formatting issue, but since I'm using a standard Blogger template it is most puzzling.

I reformatted the site using several canned Blogger templates, stripped everything off I'd "customized", reformatted it again - but no joy. I'm hoping that this is a Blogger issue, 'cause my (very limited) HTML knowledge base has been exhausted. Plus, it's Sunday night and your humble blogger is also quite exhausted.

More tomorrow.

UPDATE: OK, I have poked, prodded, changed, deleted, reset, and guessed. Nothing. The darn sidebar STILL will not show properly!!!!!

UPDATE: D'Oh!! Thanks to a reader suggestion, the amazingly simple problem has been identified, and fixed. And the problem was....... YouTube. Well, one of their videos, anyway. Now that that's done, blogging will continue later today once I get back from meetings.

18 January 2008


A follow-up to this post about the anti-war lawyer who 'keyed' a young Marine's car: the case went to trial and, well, go see BlackFive's post. Scroll down to the end of his post for details. You won't be sorry.

Number Two On You.

Meet one "Ronnie the Poo"; who left his neighbors some rather distinct, um, presents.

Why Residents Of Midtown Manhattan Glass Houses Should Not Throw Stones.

In an attempt to project their image of returning Viet-Nam veterans onto today's soldiers returning from The Terror War, the New York Times recently ran this hatchet job article.

Iowahawk responds. Ouch!

17 January 2008

This Atheist's Favorite Christian is... John Shelby Spong.

Which should come as no surprise.

Remember, what you hear is the theology embraced by the current leadership of The Episcopal Church (tm).

Do you?

"Central Casting? Send Me A Bumbling Social Conservative, Please."

God help us; it appears to be true: GOP has-been Woody Jenkins is running for Richard Baker's Congressional Seat. But this is not a surprise to RSR readers!


Those of you who know me will know why this is today's recommended reading. I am sure others will find something in it, too.

Hattip (and much appreciation): Matthew.


I've had the new iPhone software upgrade for a few days now, and its.......


For all of the hype put to the 1.1.3 upgrade, I was expecting more. The faux GPS feature is interesting, but I have noticed a direct correlation between the ability to locate your position with precision and cell reception. At the office, where my reception is great, it pegs me down to less than 100 meters; at home, where my reception is spotty, my house is barely in a 1000-plus meter circle. Not exactly accurate. The hybrid maps feature and floating pin locator are nice, and welcome additions. The multi-recipient SMS feature is cute, but not too useful as I am not 14. The movie rental feature is pretty cool, though. Steve Jobe is not, alas, reading RSR - or he would have seen what I was looking for in an upgrade.

All that being said, though, I still love my little toy.

16 January 2008

A Stain On More Than A Dress.

Tomorrow is the 10th anniversery of the breaking of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and Steve Boriss' excellent essay at PajamasMedia a is a must-read. I agree that the Lewinsky scandal was Big Media's Waterloo. They did not - and often still do not - understand that the Internet changed the very nature of news, and who controls it, forever. Just ask Dan Rather.

It's just further proof that Goliaths should always fear An Army Of Davids.

UPDATE: Even more proof. And numbers to back it up.

Mark Your Calendars.....

Tomorrow is Ditch New Year's Resolutions Day. If you're anything like me, you're ahead of the curve on this one.

And 20 January is one of my very favorite holidays: Penguin Awareness Day. Really.

A New Look

OK, dear readers, here it is - the new RSR look.

Let me know what you think.

The Theological Cleansing Continues.

Those they can't drive out, they will put out. Nowadays, it appears this is what happens in The Episcopal Church (tm) when clergy dare vocally question the leadership's "prophetic gift". It failed this time, but I'm sure the Presiding Bishop will keep after Bishop Duncan - he is too big a threat to the "prophetic gift" to be ignored. And the "prophetic gift", with all of the "theology" that goes along with it, must be advanced at all costs.

Bishop Iker in Fort Worth, another of the most vocal dissidents, is being set up as the next one purged. Read the Presiding Bishop's whole letter, and Greg's commentary after. Very telling.

15 January 2008

We Not Only Let 'Em Drive, We Let 'Em Deliver JDAM's.

Remember when they used to put pin-up girls on the sides of warplanes? Well, now they put them in the cockpit. And give them lots of ordinance. Just like the boys.

Oooh, those 12th-century folks must hate that, getting sent to meet their maker by...... a girl.

Richard Baker Quits.

My Congressman, Republican Rep. Richard Baker, is resigning from the House to take a position with a money management trade association. His district covers Baton Rouge and the surrounding parishes.

Baker has been very interested in banking and finance issues, and is the ranking member of the House Financial Services Capital Markets Subcommittee. He is also on several other committees and sub-committees, including the Committee on Veterans' Affairs.

I imagine the wanna-be-congressmen are busy announcing as you read this. But the district is solidly GOP, so there is little chance the seat could change hands.

UPDATE: Geez Louise! Not 12 hours after Baker announces, and we get two (yes, two) computerized opinion poll calls at the house tonight. Though, since they asked pretty much the same questions, I think we got "double polled" (ouch!). They wanted to know my biggest issue nationally (Iraq, killing lots of terrorists), and who out of a field of three I could support: my current state representative, Hunter Greene (absolutely); Baton Rouge City Councilman David Boneno (outside chance, but probably not); or former state represetative and run-for-everything, Woody Jenkins (you've got to be eff'n kidding!! No!!! Hell, no!!!!).

Paula Jones Was Right.

Via Instapundit, this stunning revelation from a New York Times contributor:

"...but it seems to me that the most dangerous place to be in the rest of the country is between the Clintons and an elected office."

Ironic. Remember the Times reaction when folks were saying that about the Clintons back in, oh, 1992?

UPDATE: Even more ironic: The Monica Lewinsky scandal broke 10 years ago, on 17 January 1998. The Times of London has an, um, "oral" history. (Love that headline!)

14 January 2008

Rappin' Brahmins.

First Massachusetts Senator John Kerry endorses Barak Obama. And now, this.

I'm more embarrassed these days by my adopted home state than I am by my real one. And since Louisiana is the latter, that takes some doing!

The Wind Beneath My Tires.

A new concept car that runs off compressed air. My only question: If you put a Congressman in the back seat, would it run forever?

Noonday Time Waster.

For your lunchtime consideration; Bent Objects.
Some examples:

"Sometimes, being special isn't so special."

"Hardware nightmare."

13 January 2008

Our Long State Road Home Is Over.

Tomorrow, competence returns to the Governor's Office in Louisiana. Thanks be to God.

School Boy Fantasy.

Ick. Just....... ick. Scroll through the whole collection if you can - it doesn't get much better. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

John Spong, The Movie.

An government-backed Iranian filmmaker has put together a bit of celluloid examining Jesus Christ from the Islamic point of view:

"...Islam sees Jesus as a prophet, not the son of God, and does not believe he was crucified."

And this is different from the view embraced by the leadership of The Episcopal Church (tm) how? Anyone?.... Anyone?....

When Life (Sadly) Imitates Monty Python.

When I read yesterday about the British government wanting to take organs from the dead without prior consent, I wondered how long it woud take for someone to interject this scene from Monty Python's Meaning of Life into the debate.

Aparrently, not long.

12 January 2008

But Don't Take My Word For It.

Tomorrow, 13 January, is National Skeptics Day.

I Wonder How Many Ron Paul Signs We'll See There....

Swell. A "march" in Jena, Louisiana, will be allowed to go forward. Much as I don't want these people doing this, it is a free country, and I think the Judge made the right call.

(Side note to Episcopal/Anglican readers: If the name of the Judge sounds familiar, it should - he's related to this guy.)

Different Grievance, Same Theology.

No wonder openly gay Episcopal Bishop V. Gene Robinson supports Barak Obama. Obama's church is darn near Episcopalian!

If You Thought Talking And Driving Was Dangerous....

From here:

"The iPhone is definitely a sexy phone. It's also the perfect vehicle for bringing mobile porn to Americans, according to adult content producers at the annual AVN convention in Las Vegas."

That's a pretty strong claim, one that must be thoroughly investigated by someone who owns an iPhone. (The things I have to endure to keep you people informed.....)

So Many Choices. So Little Time.

The Naked Emperor is running a contest right now for the worst song tune that's gotten stuck in your head. Drop by and give the good Doctor your entry.

CYA? Us??

Remember this when you hear someone claim that journalists have more credibility than bloggers because they are objective professionals, only seeking the truth. Oh, and this, too.

Just Close Your Eyes And Think Of The Nomination, Dear.

Another reason to be a Republican and a Fred Thompson supporter - you get laid more often. Really.

Hattip: Matthew

11 January 2008

Michael Yon.

His latest post: 'Moment Of Truth In Iraq.'

As always, read it all.

Dennis Kucinich Seeks Recount.

Really. I am not making this up. Kucinich (D-Mars), who got a whopping 2 percent of the vote cast in the New Hampshire Primary, is seeking a recount.

And I thought Ron Paul was a few fries short of a Happy Meal......

It's About Time.

Fred Thompson finds his voice at the South Carolina GOP debate last night.
Let's see if he can keep it.

10 January 2008

He Back!!

The Naked Emperor has resurfaced, and is putting his two cents in on the Presidential race. Of course, it's today's required reading.

Glad you're back, bro.

LSU To Retire.

From The Onion.

09 January 2008

How Many Zeros Is That?

Me'thinks somebody's getting a tad greedy.

Victimhood; it's the new oil.

House Of Tomorrow Today's Idea Of Tomorrow.

Glenn Reynolds links to this Amazon article about a "next-gen house" demo at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Before you get too wowed, remember that futurists are often spectacularly wrong about, well, the future. Got your video phone or your jet car yet? Compare this 1950's "kitchen of tomorrow" to your kitchen. Any resemblence? Didn't think so.

I know, I know, the "next-gen house" is dealing with convergence - the ability to control - not with the components themselves. Software versus hardware. I got all that. But do you really think Joe or Sally Homeowner want to program all that and keep up with all of the software integration and upgrades? They already have enough problems getting the damn VCR to stop flashing 12:00. What's next - Residential IT services?

Yeah, I'm a curmudgeon.

My Favorite Martians.

Remember that mission to land two robotic rovers on Mars back in 2004? Did you know the rovers were still operating on Mars nearly four years after they were projected to die off? Here is a link.


I'm Going To Miss You, Louie.

(But not yet. Updates below)

I haven’t posted on the Current Unpleasantness in The Episcopal Church™ in a while because, well, I wanted to enjoy my Christmas without having to wade through all of the sanctimonious moral relativism from the folks who keep trying to shove their “prophetic gift” down my throat. It’s the holidays. Please. So for several weeks I have been happily deleting posts from The House of Bishops and Deputies Listserv as fast as they hit my email inbox, and feeling great about it. I was planning on unsubscribing this week when an entertaining firestorm of posts broke out over this little phrase:

Love the Sinner; Hate the Sin.

Most Christians, myself included, would give you a “well, yeah." We separate the sinner, our neighbor who was made by God, from their sinful actions, which are governed by mortal influences and desires. We must love our neighbor and ask for forgiveness for their sinful actions, just as we must ask for forgiveness for our own sinful actions. We are all sinners. But we must be honest about what actions are sinful and fall short of the teachings and Glory of God. Honest with ourselves; and honest with others. That is a high calling with high standards, which has great reward (like, eternity). To me, and to many (I’d say most) Christians, that little phrase encapsulates the essence of Christian Love toward one another.

Unless you’re a Lefty Episcopalian. To the majority of the thinkers and leaders at The House of Bishops and Deputies Listserv, the very phrase “love the sinner; hate the sin” sends them into a lather. It is a “ cop-out”. It's "crap." It’s soooo Ozzie and Harriet. It is “judgmental” and it “demonizes”. At best, it is ignorance; at worst, it is outright homophobic bigotry and hate. In their line of reasoning sin and sinners are inseparable, so if one must love the sinner, one must love the sin. And besides, Christ never uttered that specific phrase, and who are we to judge, anyway? Since the Laws were fulfilled/wiped away by Christ’s Great Commandment, the only the Sin nowadays is “broken relationships”. And all who disagree are just taking the Bible too literally and without “context”, which only the illiterate, the paranoid, and the bigoted do these days. QED.

But why all the fuss over this phrase? Simple. Since “love the sinner; hate the sin” is a commonly held theological belief among most Christians, including most Episcopalians, the Lefty leadership of the The Episcopal Church™ are hell-bent (literally, IMHO) to change that belief. It directly flies in the face of the “prophetic gift” they insist we all accept, which requires ignoring Scripture and 2,000 years of Christian teaching, and celebrating what was once sinful behavior as not sinful anymore. Most Christians, including many Episcopalians, are not willing to do that. But to the Lefties now in control of the The Episcopal Church™, advancing their “prophetic gift” is, in the end, all that matters - and they really bristle when that agenda gets challenged. Even by a little phrase. They haven’t worked for 30-plus years advancing it to be questioned now.

Once this theological hissy-fit plays itself out I will likely unsubscribe from this Listserv. But it is, in an ironic way, entertaining to watch those who claim to champion diversity, tolerance, and understanding, being so singularly rigid, hostile, condescending, and absolutist. I have little in common theologically with the majority of those who post on the Listserv, and their posts just clog up my inbox anymore. I will, however, continue to pray for you Louie, Elizabeth, Tom, Nigel, Liv, Susan, Dan, Mark and the others, and I ask you do the same for me.

UPDATE: Now they are saying that "love the sinner, hate the sin", is only used to demonize gay and lesbians and keep them out of the church. Really? I first heard the phrase in Sunday School when I was, oh, about 7. That would be 1966. Before the Gay Rights movement started. Note to Boomers: not everything is about you, you know.

UPDATE: This thread over at the HOB/D never ends! What fun! Goodwin's Law has been achieved already, now someone introduced poetry into the mix. Ugh. What is it with Lefties and poetry? Does rhyming make for a more substantive argument or something?

UPDATE: Oops. Someone just said that anyone who does not agree with the Lefty agenda is a "homophobe", and deserves to be called that. Some of the nicer Lefties even called foul on that. So I think a new rule is in order, which I'll call, for lack of a better name, "Clifford's Rule":
"As an online discussion about The Episcopal Church grows longer, the probability of an accusation of theft, bigotry, or homophobia approaches one."

UPDATE: Throw "heresy" into the terms for "Clifford's Rule". The mud-slinging isn't all one sided, you know.

UPDATE: (Revised. I read the last post wrong) Five days on and the thread is still alive! The name calling calling has subsided, and they're mostly trading recipes. Really. Someone is trying to have the last word and saying that even if the "prophetic gift" is wrong, is it a sin to be wrong? Hmmm. I say, stick to recipes.

UPDATE: Calling Phil Ochs... The "anyone who doesn't agree with me is a homophobe" poster is back, and saying Jesus didn't seperate sinners from others, so we shouldn't either; except when it comes to "homophobes" - The Episcopal Church would be a lot better off if all the "homophobes" were gone. How logical. How Christian. But even some of her "allies" are saying that is going a little too far.

08 January 2008

Exit Profiling.

Wizbang tries to improve the exit poll by working in some shamelessly accurate stereotyping.

( Note: This was moved up from an earlier post because it's about more then New Hampshire, and it's just damn funny. - ed.)

"You Will Explode..."

A video from the Persian Gulf. Watch the whole thing, and realize how close this came to being filed under "Don't Bring An RPG To A Harpoon Missile Fight" (click on the link in the DefenseLINK window for the video.)

Waiting For Poppins.

Today's Reqired Reading: This new blog on the Democratic Party's New America growth of the Nanny State. Read it all.

Hattip: Matthew

Unsticking Stupid.

Governor-elect Jindal: Please find an office in GOHSEP for this man. I suggest the head office.

Live Free Or Die. Finally.

The herds of presidential contenders thundering across the Granite State comes to a close today. (They will, alas, reappear shortly in the Palmetto State.) Here's my prediction for tonight's results: Dems - Obama, Edwards, Hillary. GOP - McCain, Huckabee, Romney, Thompson.

Anyone who declares the Clinton dynasty dead if she looses badly here, does so at their peril. Hillary ain't done yet. The Clintons are masters of 'situational ethics', media theatre, and the comeback. They have a track record of doing whatever it takes to get what they want. And the junior Senator from New York wants the Oval Office.

I do not think Ron Paul will do at all well in this, the most Libertarian of states. Partly because of all the Democrats from Massachusetts and Connecticut who have moved in in the past few years, and partly because I think Ron Paul creeps out more New Englanders than he excites. He ain't no Harry Browne.

OK, so I got it sort of right. Sort of. Like most pundits, I suppose. Well, here's the results of my stunning 20/20 hindsight, which, once again, is worth exactly what you paid for it:

Big winners: John McCain and Barak Obama. McCain was history only a week ago, and Obama did well in a state that is not his home region.

Big Loosers: Hillary Clinton, Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, and Rudi Guliani. Hillary has been working the Granite State since November 6th, 2004; she should have stomped everyone, and didn't. Big advantage for Obama. Rudy had also been working the Granite State hard, and only barely edged out Ron Paul. Time to call it a day, Rudy. Romney should have won in a state bordering his home state, but only pulled second. Not a good sign. And Fred..... What the hell happened to my main man?? Beaten by the write-in vote???? If he doesn's turn it around big in South Carolina, I'm looking for another dance partner.

Even: Mike Huckabee. Third place for a southern evangelist in a New England state. Not bad. Not bad at all. I guess the Letterman bit paid off.

Loosers Before, Loosers After: John Edwards, Ron Paul, and all the rest. Whatever John Edawars' message is, it ain't working. John, go back to your (approximatelly) 500,000 square foot house and count your money. Ron Paul did not even break double didgits - and if he can't do that in New Hampshire, I can's see how he will do it anywhere else. He will continue to be an asteresk in the GOP primaries because he doesn't know when to quit beliving his own propaganda (a common Libertarian mistake). And did you know Joe BIden was running in New Hampshire? Aparrently, neither did anybody else.

07 January 2008

NATIONAL CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

38-24. LSU did it! Thanks guys, that was a great birthday present.

While the Tigers are now the best of the best, let's not forget some other folks from Louisiana who are the best of the best.

Another Right Angle.

Just so you don't think we're all a bunch of tweedy, out-of-touch, artsy-fartsy types, here is another Louisiana architectural colleague with a blog that has absolutely nothing to do with architecture: Uncommon Acumen.

Check it out. Some good rants, IMHO.

769th Says, "Geaux Tigers!"

A friend emailed this image of a Baton Rouge engineering unit from the Louisiana National Guard currently stationed in Iraq. Say no more.

(Note: The CSM is a fellow architect, friend and colleague.)

Men of Valor: Part V.

Another Michael Yon post is up: Men of Valor: Part V.

Outsitting In Their Field.

If you think I'm harsh on political types, well, Matthew has me beat. Ouch!

The Blogfaddah In Vegas.

Glenn Reynolds is currently in Las Vegas blogging from the Consumer Electronics Show. Lots of interesting stuff, so just scroll around. And talk about your personal service - his hotel room came complete with a blender!

06 January 2008


This bit of legacy-spin from our soon to be ex-Governor about Hurricane Katrina:

"I felt like I was victimized in a way, just like the people who lost their homes were victimized."

No madame, you were not victimized. Not at all. To even try to equate what you experienced with the experiences of those in New Orleans shows more clearly than ever why you could not lead this State during a time of crisis. If you are a victim at all, then you are a victim of your own indecisiveness and bad judgements (as were we all).

I know victims of Katrina. Victims of Katrina are my parents, my inlaws, and many friends. And you, Ms. Blanco, are no victim of Katrina.

12 Myths of 21st-Century War.

Required reading.

Hattip: Murdoc

Milblogging 'Over There'.

A very interesting premise for a "milblog" - posting the letters of a British soldier in World War One exactly 90 years to the day after he wrote them. Follow along, and see that the more things change for soldiers, the more they truly stay the same.

The New Epicenter.

Well, DUH. But it is nice to be living in the middle of things.

05 January 2008

On The Way To 220.....

New Orleans' Mayor Ray Nagin's "brand" is still going strong in 2008:

Number One.

Number Two.

And it's only January 5th. He must be so proud.

04 January 2008

Michael Yon.

I hadn't received any emails from Michael Yon recently, so I assumed he was taking off for the holidays. A reasonable assumtion, but a wrong one. (Our IT folks fiddled with our mail system recently and I guess they tweaked the spam filter. Again.) Anyway, here two of Michael's recent dispatches I missed:

28 Dec 07: News Flash for Osama bin Laden.
04 Jan 08: News Flash: The Battle Over Body Armor.

Mmmmm.... Features.

The much publicized rumors about the iPhone firmware 1.1.3 release back in December were, well, just rumors. (They originated in France, for goodness sake!) But these posts here and here seem to confirm that 1.1.3 is coming, and with a lot of cool features, too. We're getting close to that Alberti nexus I talked about in an earlier iPhone post.

Big Brother Big Nanny Is Watching You.

Before you jump on the "health care is a human right" / government-funded health care bandwagon, take a look at that kind of system in practice. If you want government paid services, you must first make "medically-correct" lifestyle choices - and the government will decide what those will be.

So ask yourself this question: what liberties are you willing to give up in order to get free doctor visits?

Hattip: Matthew

03 January 2008

Iowa Spinning.

The "Thrilla In Des Moines" is over. Before anyone makes too much of a stink over it, remember two things: first, Iowa does not have a great track record of picking the next President, or even the nominees; and second, it's a looooong way to November.

That being said, here is my take - which is worth exactly what you paid for it:

If you didn't finish in the top three, go home. (Yes, that means you, Rudy. And you, too, Ron.) Part of the importance of Iowa is to see if you can convince the party faithful in Middle America to trudge out in the dead of winter to support you.

The two candidates anointed by the Legacy Media, John McCain and Hillary Clinton, did poorly. Both will do better in New Hampshire, but I think the die is cast. Both have an uphill battle.

Obama is, I think, the one to beat on the Dems side, as he comes out of ths with momentum with the Democratic faithful. Hillary has a fight on her hands, as the Party faithful are not in a mood to cotton to anything that smacks of more center than Left. And the Breck girl, John Edwards, has no national appeal outside of a very select audience.

On the GOP side, the reoprts of the demise of the Evangelical vote are much in error, as the showing of Huckabee and Romney confirm. Thompson's third place, just barely beating McCain, shows that there is dissatisfaction with the GOP front-runners. Ron Paul's showing seems to indicate that, too.

Am I right? We'll see.

UPDATE: While getting ready for work I caught a bit of whatever that morning program is over on CBS. And they were fawning all over John McCain and Mike Huckabee, which tells me who the Legacy Media thinks are the GOP candidates most beatable by a Democrat. They were putting up some positive spin for Hillary, too, but not as much as I expected. (Are the dukes and duchesses of the Fourth Estate looking elsewhere now that their heroine came in third? Hmmm.) And Stephen Green asks a very relevant post-caucus question about the Iowa GOP.

iPhone, Six Months On.

Well, dear readers, it’s been six months since your humble blogger sat for hours in line, surrounded every 25-year-old male virgin in Baton Rouge (“Man, you’ve never played ‘Halo 4’?? Dude, it SO rocks!!”), just to possess an iPhone. Madness, you say? Perhaps. But I’m not saying that today. And neither is my wife, who now has one, too. Half a year later and the excitement that drove me to sit in that line has not diminished. I. Love. My. iPhone.

What I said about the iPhone earlier still stands (scroll down a bit), so I’m not going to repeat myself. Is it perfect? No. But nothing is. As a designer, I know that all design involves tradeoffs. The trick to a great design is to get the balance just right. And Steve Jobs and his bunch have done that. The iPhone is functional. The iPhone is intuitive. The iPhone is integrated. The iPhone is elegant. (Man, is it ever!) Renaissance Italian artist and architect Leon Battista Alberti defined beauty as ”the adjustment of all parts proportionately so that one cannot add or subtract or change without impairing the harmony of the whole”. And by that standard the iPhone comes pretty darn close to the mark.

But there are a few things that can be added to truly meet Sr. Alberti’s mark. So, Mister Jobs, if you are listening here is Clifford’s “iWant” list:

1. EDGE. Cripes. What’s the point of owning a Porchse when the engine maxes out at 150 RPM? I know this is an ATT problem, but c’mon Steve; you got some clout with the suits. Lean on ‘em.
2. Data access. The ability to carry files, like Word, Excel and Powerpoint, and open and edit them.
3. Copy and Paste. The usefulness of this core(!) Apple function cannot be overstated.
4. Calendar. Allow the use of label colors and the ability to set “private” entries like Outlook does. (My calendar is networked, so others in the office see it. They do not need to know about the romantic dinner for my wife.)
5. Maps. Only complaint is the speed. It needs to be faster.
6. Calculator. A ‘clear entry’ button. (It could be the current ‘clear’ button; press once for ‘clear entry’, twice for ‘clear all’. Because of what I do, a ‘square root’ function would also be nice.
7. Portrait to Landscape Mode. This needs to be available to more functions, like mail. Not just for the Web, CoverFlow, and mail attachments.
8. File Recognation. The iPhone needs the ability to open more attachments, like .WAV files amd FLASH files.
9. Games. First-person-time-wasting is critical to the success of any phone nowadays. While the web-based stuff is nice, if I’m sitting in a waiting room with bad reception, I got nothing to do. No web access, no games. Grrr. So please, Steve, let them be native. Please. There could be a single ‘games’ button, like the ‘calendar’ or ‘clock’ button, and the games one uploads to the phone would be listed there. That would keep the home screen tidy.
10. Headphone jack. A decent adapter to allow the use of other headphones. My wife wants to use her older (Bose) headphones, but that semi-rigid post the Apple Store used to sell is useless.

An Army Of Nesses.

Elliot Nesses, that is. Your friendly neighborhood FBI is reviving the famous "D. B. Cooper" case, and they are asking for your help. They even posted case information and evidence images online.

Pretty cool.

'Poodleville' Gets A Krewe!

According to this article in New Orleans CityBusiness, Lakeview will have it's own Mardi Gras Parade this year. And an all woman krewe, too.

Prayers, Please.

If you notice, I keep a prayer list over on the right (scroll down a bit) as I believe in the power of prayer. The people on the list are the people I pray for daily, who for one reason or another need God's presence and strength in their lives. Several of the people listed are in great need of that right now, so I ask that you keep them in your prayers, too.

Supremus Lex Versus Semper Fidelis.

Having grown up with a father that was both a lawyer and a US Marine, this story is just pathetic. And it begs a good question: who do you trust more to uphold the Law - a lawyer, or a Leatherneck? (Matthew, Brad, and John excepted, of course.)

Whittle Connects.

Bill Whittle gets in touch with his inner James Burke and makes makes some interesting connections about a man named John Boyd, the OODA loop, and why we are winning. So here is today's required reading:

Forty Second Boyd and the Big Picture (Part 1)
Forty Second Boyd and the Big Picture (Part 2)

02 January 2008

Presidential Predictions.

A bit of Presidential election humor is up at Louisiana Conservative. And no, I have no idea where I get these from, either.

A Ray Nagin Success Story.

Really. Mayor Ray Nagin's "two-edged sword" approach appears to be on track, as 2007 was a banner year for his New Orleans "brand".

Happy New Year, N'Awlns.

UPDATE: C. B. Forgotston has more here.