31 July 2012

We Have A Winner!

THE slogan of Campaign 2012: "Believe in the America you built."

One of the best ways to define a presidential campaign is to distill it down to a quickly digestible catch-phrase. Doubly so if you can use the words of your opponent to do it.

These aren't the WMD's you're looking for. Move along.

So the Brits are asked to help destroy Saddam's WMD's, that, of course, do not exist.  I'm sure the MSM will be asking the President about this sometime soon.  All the news that fits the meme and all that.

27 July 2012

Should we make them sew on little yellow crosses?

So if you're a christian, using your First Amendment right to express an opinion that President held until 3 months ago, you're not welcome.

But if you're another religion, and publicly advocate killing homosexuals, c'mon in!

Hey Boston taxpayers?  I smell a large discrimination lawsuit, caused by your Mayor's mouth, that YOU will be paying for.

26 July 2012


"And with those comments, AK-47s will be backordered until the election."  Ironic, isn't it; the only part of the private sector Obama seems to be able to grow, is firearms.  Sturm, Ruger & Company recently suspended new orders for a time because of their huge backlog.  That sort of thing doesn't seem to be happening with makers of solar cells or electric cars...

24 July 2012

Can You Say, 'Backfire'?

Mayor Nanny wants cops to go on strike for more gun control.  I, for one, hope they do. 

In 1978, the New Orleans Police went on strike (contract issues, not guns).  In less than a week, at least three criminals died at the hands of armed victims, one in a rather well-publicised attempted car-jacking.  During the strike, crime actually declined.  Criminals knew that a cop will shoot as a last resort; victims, however - especially victims who know there is no police help - don't tend to wait.

Word to the wise, Mayor Blumberg:  People won't easily give up the right to protect themselves once they have to use it.

22 July 2012

Turn On A Light...

...Get skin cancer?  Maybe. 

Remember, dear readers, the same people who said CFL's were a good thing are the same ones who said dumping billions into "green jobs" was going to turn our economy around, and are currently swearing their health care takeover will make your doctor's visit cheaper, better and faster.  You, know; government "experts". Making choices for you and me because we're too stupid to decide on our own.

Why Wolverine Doesn't Tend To Give Hugs.

Can be a tad awkward.  Though, in this case...

If You Want To Understand New Orleans...

...Understand this:  New Orleans is not, at the core, an American city.  Never has been.  That is both it's strength, and it's Achilles heel.

Hattip:  Maggie's Farm.

The Difference between Orleans...

...And New Orleans.  In New Orleans, the only place you would release something this good is into your cooking pot; not back into the ocean.  And yes, out-of-towners, most of us down here have pots that big.  Bigger, even.

The cause they are raising money for - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute - is a good one.

18 July 2012

Another Score, From A Different League...

Good Guys 1; Political-douchebag-type-who-conspired-to-steal-money-meant-for-Katrina-relief-to-fund-his-political-campaign, 0.

Can you guess the political party affiliation of the convicted pol?  No?  Here's a couple of hints:  He apparently laundered the money through several non-profits he controlled, and he was "recognized as Legislator of the Year by the Alliance for Good Government".

And The Score Is...

Bad Guys, 0.  Really Pissed-Off Old Guy With A Second Amendment, 2

16 July 2012

Real Men Don't Need A Glove.

Boxers will do nicely.

And Now, For Something Completely Different.

Been a while since I put up a totally irrelevant post on architecture.  Let's change that.

I Am SO Glad I Got Out Of The Artillery When I Did.

I got nuthin.  Really. Nuthin.


Mitt Romney stopped in Baton Rouge today for a quick bite at the City Club with some of his friends - and came away with a couple million to help him return America to well, being America.  Good for him.  MoveOn and others from The Left / Minstream Media crowd also showed up, too.  Wasn't much of a crowd...

    (image copyright Red Stick Rant)

A Light Shines In The Darkness...

...And The Episcopal Church (tm) has finally overcome it.

Some Profiles in Irrelevance.

15 July 2012

Hey, Barry...

...How's that 'Arab Spring' thing working out for us in Egypt?

Increase civil discourse?  Embrace religious tolerence

Get back to me in between fundraisers.

14 July 2012

Please Let This Be True

Oh, please, yes.. But we have been let down before...

Meet The New Birthers


Hey, Saint Peter...

...Looks like you're going have to add another tabernacle: One for Jesus, one for Moses, one for Elijah, one for... Barack Obama.
Any wonder why I'm leaving The Episcopal Church (tm)?

12 July 2012

Yep. I'm Back.

So, dear readers, let's get this show (back) on the road:

What do Swamp People eat?  Well, if you send them to Congress, bureaucrats.

The Concept, people uterly unclear on, example of.

Next time you hear some member of The Left / Mainstream Media prattle on about Ronmey's outsourcing, just remember that, under Obama, we now have to bum rides from the Russians to get into space.


When talking firearms, two words that should never, ever be used together:  "tactical rimfire".  Unless you want serious gun owners to, y'know, snicker at you behind your back... 

Submarine design:  Ur doin it wrong.

Our ObamaCare future.

Follow the little blue line...

The 12th-Century Boys combine Sharia and a Kalashnikov and show how they respect, um, the dignity of every human being.  Not exactly "Go, and sin no more".

01 July 2012

I'm Baaaack. Well, Almost.

See you (the two or three of my regular readers who sill check in, and the paranoid who have shown up recently) in a few days.