30 September 2009

29 September 2009

A New Episcopal Liturgy?

I don't know what cleric and/or denomination created this new worship liturgy, but I wouldn't be surprised if the word "Episcopal" is involved somehow. Listen, closely, dear readers, to the object of their prayers.

Mullahs and Missiles.

Here's a picture that'll keep you awake at night - Some 12th Century Boys with 21st century killing technology:

(Image source unknown. From here.)

Too bad it doesn't keep President Obama awake at night. I've never seen a stern warning or a UN resolution stop a missile.

Comrade Hack.

Finally (!) found out the nagging cough The Boy (tm) has had for three weeks isn't bronchitis, asthma, whooping cough, or TB. It's... "Habit Cough." Which, if you say it fast enough, sounds more like the name of some obsessed Russian writer.

There is, however, relief in Villa RSR that it wasn't something worse.

Standard, Double, Prime Example Of.

Do you think The Left/Mainstream Media would be rushing to Roman Polanski's defense if he had been a... Priest? Me, either.

I Been Noticed. Again.

By some more of Obama's new fans:

This is getting to be a trend. Can visits from Cuba, North Korea, and Venezuela be far behind?

UPDATE: If an Iranian wants to see some "red," I suggest they have a look at this. (Heed the warning...)

UPDATE: My idea about what to do with Iran hasn't changed since 1979-80, and can be summed up nicely in this song by New Orleans' own Vince Vance and the Valiants. It's the only way to get rid of the mullahs and their theocracy, as dissent is met with beatings and bullets.

28 September 2009

A Modest Proposal.

William Safire died Sunday. It was Safire who coined the phrase "nattering nabobs of negativism" in describing the Mainstream Media, and in his honor I propose we now replace MSM with NNN.

A Personal Reminder.

D'Oh!! Note to self: Spell check is my friend. Spell check is my friend. Spell ch...

I'm Ready For My Closeup, Mr. Cavuto.

Louisiana's Governor Bobby Jindal will be on FoxNews tonight (4pm eastern) discussing health care. Should be most interesting. When Bobby is himself - and not the GOP spin-handler Bobby we saw after Obama's speech last winter - he can kick some serious Lefty arse.

Don't Mess With A Missionary Man.

Particularly one that can, and has, moved mountains. Sadly, Fr. Jerry Kramer, a priest and friend, resigned last week as rector of Church of the Annunciation in New Orleans. A local writeup is here.

Jerry, his wife Stacy, and the parishioners at Annunciation, are truly some of the epic heroes of the Katrina tragedy, and a better example of "living into" the Power of God you will not find. And I say that from personal experience with Jerry and the wonderful folks at Annunciation.

The loss also leaves our Diocese with one less strong, orthodox Anglican voice, which right now we sorely need. In so many ways, Fr. Jerry will be missed.

27 September 2009

The Dead Innuendo?

Louisiana's DRUDGE wanna-be, Chad Rogers, posts this headline on Dead Pelican: "State Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge, has taken his wife to Paris for their 20th wedding anniversary."

Hmmm. Sounds fishy, don't it? But if you head over to the link, there's no there there. None. Just an announcement that the State Senator took his wife to Paris for their 20th wedding anniversary. It wasn't reported that he did it on the State's dime, or that he put his wife on the payroll in order to get the Louisiana taxpayer to foot the bill, or anything that would make it Dead Pelican newsworthy. He took his wife to Paris. Big freakin' deal. You can't get much more romantic than that, and most of us guys would do it if we had the chance.

I can't say for certain why Chad decided this was Dead Pelican material. Maybe it was a reallllly slow news cycle. I'm sure it had nothing to do with taking a cheap shot at Claitor, who won one of the most contentious State Senate races in memory over a candidate Rogers seemed to be pushing. No one would be that petty.

Anyway, Dan and Shermaine - congrats on 20.

25 September 2009

Debtor's Prison, Team Hopenchange Style.

Back in the 19th century, the government could put you in jail if you didn't pay your debts. In the 21st century, the government will be able to put you in jail if you do not pay for government-approved health insurance.

My, that's "reform." Maybe they should mandate a return to bloodletting while they're at it. Cheaper than an MRI.

I Been Noticed...

...By some of Obama's new fans:

I don't know if I should be honored, or start carrying concealed all the time.

120-Grit Correctness.

Lefty busybodies don't want to be just a metaphorical pain in the arse - they want to be a literal one as well.

Hattip: Hot Air.

If It Ain't Breathing, Is It ALIVE?

Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden has tied voter approval of much-needed infrastructure improvements in Baton Rouge to approval of public funding for an amusement park downtown - the ALIVE project.

That strategy now seems to be in some trouble. The ownership for the ALIVE site is in dispute, and has been for some time. Plus, another $40 million will be needed to bring the property to the proper flood elevation before any construction can begin, an amount the State hasn't agreed to pay. Oops. The Metro Council ain't too happy upon learning about about all of this at this late date, especially after Holden pushed them to couple the two on the ballot in November. That coupling may now guarantee the entire bond issue fails at the polls.

ALIVE has been a hard sell from the beginning, and Holden, who I normally admire, has even tried to gerrymander out the most anti-tax areas of Baton Rouge in order to get it passed. (That failed.) His obsession with ALIVE is hard to fathom.

Charlie Buras is now calling this the last straw for Holden. Sadly, I think he might be right.

Side Note: In the article above, a little group your humble blogger is associated with gets a Page 1 mention.

24 September 2009

The Transparency Of Governomics.

Well, this is reassuring...
The government is failing to disclose the full details of how the $700 billion bailout of the financial sector has been implemented, the program's top government watchdog will say on Thursday.

Neil Barofsky, the Special Inspector General over the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP), will testify to Congress that the government's "basic attitude" on the transparency and accountability of the program "remains a significant frustration."

"TARP largely remains a program in which taxpayers are not being told what most of the TARP recipients are doing with their money and will not be told the full details of how their money is being invested," Barofsky will say.
And the money quote:
"It is extremely unlikely that the taxpayer will see a full return on its TARP investment," Barofsky will say.
Something to remember when you hear all of those milk-and-honey promises from The Left/Mainstream Media about government control of your health care.

You Don't Need A Ghost-Writer To Know Which Way The Wind Blows.

Christopher Andersen's new book, Barack and Michelle: Portrait of an American Marriage, appears to confirm a story from back in June (original story is here) that Bill Ayrers (yes, THAT Bill Ayers - the one Obama claimed he knew only in passing) actually wrote - or substantially edited - Obama's first book, Dreams From My Father.

To Arthur!

The Elixir of the Gods turns 250 today:

So have a pint - or three - to Arthur.

UPDATE: And on a related note, some nice German girls at Oktoberfest, showing off their pints. Come to think of it, maybe that should be "quarts"...

23 September 2009

More Grrr.

Still having problems with the DSL modem at home and work is back to hectic standards, so blogging is still spotty.

Making Up Stuff.

Bombastic and shrill as he may be, but when Glen Beck is right, he is right. Last night Beck pointed out a 20-minute anti-American, anti-capitalist, fact-challenged bit of Left-wing agit-prop now being shown in schools across the US, called "Story of Stuff." Yes, in schools.

Watch it all, and watch Beck's debunking.

My daughter, a sophomore at Baton Rouge Magnet High School, said tonight that Story of Stuff was shown to her class a few weeks ago. Her take: "Dad, I'm not stupid. It was total crap." That's my girl.

22 September 2009


ACORN for eggheads?

And We Should Trust The Government With Our Health Care Records??

Postal worker steals 3,000 Netflix DVDs from the mail.

Children Of A Lesser God.

It seems Team Hopenchange team member Dr. Steven Chu, our current Secretary of Energy, thinks the American population are, well, "teenage kids," who "aren’t acting in a way that they should act," and Team Hopenchange are our parents - forcing us rebellious kids "to really understand in their core how important this issue is.” (The issue in question being greenhouse gasses end-of-the-world global warming "climate change.")

Dr. Chu, I have a bit of news for you, dude. If you're and yours are our parents, then, like, in this country you have to do what us "kids" say. Remember, dude, we own the house. Not you. We set the rules, and we don't have to listen to you if we don't want. You don't bring home a paycheck to support this house, us "kids" do - and we're tired of you raiding our piggy banks every time you think it would be nice to redo the drapes or the kitchen cabinets, and then lecturing us from your easy-chair about how we should spend what remains.

Dude, we ain't buying your excuse anymore that it's all for our own good.

And if you think we're "rebellious kids" now, well, you just wait till my brothers and sisters get home and hear about this.

Government Math.

Stephen Green at VodkaPundit points out why government fiscal logic has nothing to do with, y'know, actual logic. Something to remember when you hear claims about all the "savings" that will pay for health care "reform."

More Resistance To Busybodies.

Libertarian Republican notes the MADD-inspired, Federally-induced raising of the drinking age from 18 to 21 may be starting to fizzle. I hope it does. If you're old enough to vote, serve on a jury, and die for your country - then you're old enough to have a beer or glass of wine.

We should oppose all busybodies - be they from the Left or the Right - who want to use the Law to impose their value decisions on others. We are a nation of "freedom to" rights, not "freedom from" rights.

Today's Required Reading.

It's from a few weeks ago, but this column by Mark Steyn nails The Left/Mainstream Media's new "lunatic mainstream," and their obsession with health care "reform." (Hint: Their agenda ain't about health care. Or reform.)

To Beck, Or Not To Beck.

Instapundit points out this PJM article about the debate within the conservative movement over commentator/author/pundit Glenn Beck. Well worth your time to read - including a link to the discussion by David Horowitz and David Frum about Beck.

I've never been a big fan of Glenn Beck - I think him too bombastic (without the flair of Rush Limbaugh), shrill, and his delivery turns me off. But, that's me. On the other hand he does support - and brings attention to - conservative values and causes, and I find myself in agreement with most all of his conclusions. Plus, Beck has been quite effective of late in advancing conservative issues, much more than our "leaders" in the GOP.

Should Beck be declared outside of mainstream conservatism because he is shrill and over-the-top at times? Before I would have said, yes; but not anymore. And for this reason: When Abraham Lincoln was pressured to sack Ulysses S. Grant because of high casualties (coupled with charges of alcoholism), Lincoln refused, saying "I can't spare this man - he fights."

And that's why we can't spare Beck: He fights. And, he wins. How many ACORNS have you helped bring down, Senator McConnell? (Senator WHO?? Exactly the point. -ed.)

The Duke Suffers Another Loss.

Take that old P-38 (aka "John Wayne") off your keyring - they're changing the tops of cans.

It apparently makes them easier to stack. At least it wasn't some politically-correct, save-the-Earth rationale.

Hattip: Instapundit.

Sorry, Sorry...

Apologies for the dearth of postings lately. Life has intruded upon RSR (busy at work, son home sick, etc.) and the Villa RSR Internet is down (seems my DSL modem is going insane, and ATT says it's "out of warranty". Grrr. It's YOUR modem Ma Bell.)

Anyways, got some time today, so let's see what's going on...

17 September 2009

TEC (tm) = Ecclesiastical ACORN?

Theologically, is the The Episcopal Church (tm) today more in touch with Saul of Tarsus' letters, or Saul Alinksy's Rules for Radicals? Fr. Michael Nation brings up a good point:
What is now coming to light is the possible redefinition of the Church as an ecclesiastical A.C.O.R.N., a church built not upon the power of Christ crucified but, in the words of Ganz, people and power.

Size Matters.

There has been a lot of speculation and argument about the size of the 9/12 March on Washington, and the "real" number. I know we here at RSR reported on some of the initial estimates of a million plus, and poo-poo'd The Left/Mainstream Media's attempts to downplay the event with descriptions of "scores" and "thousands".

Well it turns out it was a helluva lot more than The Left/Mainstream Media want to admit (best they would admit is 60,000), but not quite the million plus we thought. According to this PJM article, the more correct number is between 500,000 to 600,000, which this panoramic image seems to corroborate

I still think it's more than the 600,000 number, but that's just me. Even so, 600,000 folks is a bunch. More than most Lefty demonstrations, and they get a lot more press than this one did. But hey, if we use The Left/Mainstream Media/Rosie O'Donnell definition of a "million", there were 20-30 million there in DC on 9/12! Just saying.

And Again! More Hookered On ACORN.

And another ACORN prostitution video, this time from Dan Deigo. And there are more to come...

To paraphrase George S. Patton: Alinsky, you son-of-a-bitch; we read your book!

Oh, THAT Media Bias.

And they say FoxNews has an agenda... Instapundit notes this story about Newsweek selectively cropping a photo to make an editorial point in a news article. And Newsweek's response pretty much boils down to: So 'effing what?

16 September 2009

15 September 2009

ACORN Prostitutes Itself. Again.

ACORN gets caught once more apparently willing to help a "prostitute" and her "pimp" game the system - this time in California.

First Baltimore, then Washington, DC, then New York City, and now this one.

Don't know about you, but I'm seeing a pattern here.

UPDATE 16SEPT09: The Left/Mainstream Media has been doing everything it can to ignore this scandal, but it seems to have grown legs anyway. If things like what has been filmed at ACORN were happening at some conservative advocacy group, The Left/Mainstream Media would be all over it like, I don't know, a cheap hooker.

Tuesday Afternoon Distraction.

What do you get when you cross a Maya temple, some Dutch artsy types, and a mess of crushed plastic soda bottles? You get this:

Look at all the images at the link. Pretty cool, actually.

The Name Is Bond. Kip Bond.

Indeed. Mayor Kip Holden did Baton Rouge a huge disservice by not separating out the bond proposals.

UPDATE: For the record, I generally like Kip Holden. I think he's been a good mayor overall, and I voted for him for a second term. But on this issue I think he is wrong, and cannot fathom for the world why he wants to hold hostage much needed infrastructure improvements - which I support, and am willing to vote for - in order to get a theme park that private business won't pay for. And I won't vote for.

George Bush: Bozo The Chimp?...

...Or the New Lyndon Johnson? Read it all. I'm thinking the latter, especially after quotes like this:

“Look, I know this probably sounds arrogant to say,” the president said, “but I redefined the Republican Party.”
And not for the better, alas.

Good Job, Mr. President.

No, really - good job. Obama sends the SEALS into Somalia, and they get results. We must be fair, dear readers; if we point out when The President does wrong, we must also acknowledge when he does right.

Standard, Double, Prime Example Of.

Call a Democrat President a liar in Congress, you get censured. Call a Republican President a liar in Congress, well, not so much.

While censuring Joe Wilson today may be red meat for The Left/Mainstream Media, it will do little more than point out the Democrat's hypocrisy and solidify an unknown GOP back-bencher into the Conservative Cause Celeb. The smart play for the Democrats would be to accept Wilson's initial apology, let this go, and not give Flyover Country another issue for 2010.

14 September 2009

City Of Dreams.

David Byrne, former leader of Talking Heads and one of my favorite musicians, has this piece in The Wall Street Journal about what makes cities livable. Well worth a read, and New Orleans does get a mention. Byrne has some knowledge behind his interest, as he was once an architecture student at RISD.


Louisiana's Drudge wanna-be, The Dead Pelican, screams this headline tonight:


which links to this local paper article, headlined:

Local doctors say health-care reform is necessary


That's a big UN there, Chad. And while I'm the last one to diss others on spelling, I don't claim to run one of the biggest political blogs in the state: It's "UNNECESSARY", not "UNECESSARY".

Patrick Swayze Passes.

Lost his fight with cancer, at 57. Rest in Peace.

UPDATE: Yeah, I know it was campy, but, WOLVERINES!

A Vote We Can Believe In. (UPDATED)

Great news for limited government: The Senate votes 83-7 to deny Federal funds to ACORN. Louisiana's Mary Landrieu voted to cut funds, but surprisingly David Vitter - who has been a vocal critic of ACORN - did not vote. (He was in New Orleans today.)

Background is here. Because you won't likely get it from these folks. Or, these.

UPDATED 15SEPT09: The House may well do the same. This is indeed good news.


Yep. We're the big door prize.

Thanks, Matthew.

One More.

Poet and punk rock pioneer Jim Carroll died last week.
A fitting tribute:

How To Make The Episcopal Church (tm) Relevant.

Faith, Reason, and Tradition. Go figure:

“We have noticed a growing interest in ancient or meditative liturgies, particularly among the 18-30 year old age cohort. It’s one aspect of the emerging global cultural shift that is taking place,” Pogue says. “I am proud of Trinity Church in Lawrence and Father Jensen for taking this important step in opening the doors a bit wider to include those who are seeking a service like this.”
And in a college town, too.

Hattip: James H. at Opinionated Catholic.

13 September 2009

Playing A Tired Old Card. Again.

ACORN and Katrina relief - a first-hand experience. "Community organizing" doesn't seem to have much to do with, well... actually helping the community.

12 September 2009

And The Survey Says...

Your humble blogger and wife seem to have hit that demographic where we are endlessly bombarded with surveys. Mostly, we ignore them. But last Thursday we received a survey in the mail from a graduate student at Southern University's Nelson Mandela School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs here in Baton Rouge, informing me that I had been selected to participate in a bit of research called, "Social Capital a Determinant of Political Decisions in Health Policy: A Case for a Single Payer Universal Healthcare System in Louisiana."


According to the letter, this student wants to deduce "the likelihood of Louisiana voters to consider a universal health care system for Louisianians if presented during an election."


I think I'll answer the two-page survey, out of courtesy, though I can provide this young student the answer they seek and save them the trouble: The likelihood is zero. Nada. Not a chance in hell. Pigs will grow wings and fly first. The era of Huey Long's every-man-a-king populism, is over.

Standard, Double, Prime Example Of. (UPDATED - AGAIN)

When a million-plus people show up at the US Capitol to support Team Hopenchange, The Left/Mainstream Media declare it
something epic in US history.

When a million-plus people show up today at the US Capitol to oppose Team Hopenchange, The Left/Mainstream Media declare it, um... well... er... y'know... um... WHAT THE HELL ARE ALL THESE RACIST RUBES DOING ON THE LAWN?!?...

Best comment today came from Brendan Steinhauser, lead organizer of Freedom Works (via Vodkapundit):
“I understand Nancy Pelosi is out of town, but Madam Speaker, if you’re watching on TV, we just replaced replaced the grass on the Mall with astroturf.”
Indeed. Who knew the GOP and FoxNews had THAT many paid operatives?

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has more, including this video.

UPDATE: Lots more at Shout First, Ask Questions Later.

UPDATE: It seems a lot of "flyover country" flew into DC today, as the claims of 1-2 million anti-Hopenchange protesters today appears to be more accurate. The best the American Mainstream Media will admit is, um... "thousands". No surprise there. If the 1 - 2 million number is confirmed, today's march sends a message that the current powers-that-be in DC ignore at their political peril.

UPDATE: The numbers appear to confirm 1.5 to 2 million marched in the anti-Hopenchange protest today, quite possibly making it the largest protest in Washington history. It's the Conservative Woodstock. Which The Left/Mainstream Media will work very hard to spin away and/or ignore.

UPDATE 13SEP09: Good point - "Two million people with jobs."

UPDATE 13SEP09: Many, many more pictures worth seeing. The Conservative Woodstock indeed.

UPDATE 14SEP09: A comparison of trash after large gatherings in DC - - heartless, polluting conservative rubes vs. caring, hug-the-Earth Lefty busybodies.

10 September 2009

But Will We Have To Measure It In Smoots?

This is pretty cool: Some folks at MIT have decoded the "DNA" of concrete.

Hattip: Instapundit.

(For those who are not Boston-area geeks, here's the Smoot reference.)

Thursday Afternoon Caption Contest!

OK, I've had it. Let's goof off and exercise the 'ol funny bone:

Post your caption entries in the comments. Winner gets quality, affordable, government-run health care; or a bridge in Alaska. Your choice.

Image shamelessly stolen from here.

A Question, Mr. President...

Mr. President, last night in your health care speech to Congress you said two things that struck me:
"The only thing this plan would eliminate is the hundreds of billions of dollars in waste and fraud...."
"Reducing the waste and inefficiency in Medicare and Medicaid will pay for most of this plan."
OK, fair enough. But Medicare and Medicaid are programs run by, well, the government; the government you currently administer. So why, Mr. President, do we need a nationalized health care plan in place before you eliminate all those billions in waste, inefficiency and fraud? I don't see how the latter is incumbent upon the former. Why can't eliminating all that waste, inefficiency and fraud be done as a first priority, before you involve the government in our health care decisions? What's the rush?

There is a compromise out there that suggests a "trigger" on your government option if there aren't enough savings forthcoming from the private sector. If you are so certain of your position, are you willing to support a "safety" on that trigger, one that would block your government option until your hundreds of billions of savings in Medicare and Medicaid have been achieved? And I mean without cutting services or quality, or raising taxes, as you promised.

Show us, Mr. President, that the Federal Government can run an efficient, affordable and high-quality health care program, and opposition to your schemes will vanish. Actions, sir; not words.

09 September 2009

Blog O Da Day, Cher.

Stuff Cajun People Like. Just like this site, but for us coon-asses.
I ga-ron-tee!

More Wednesday Evening Distraction.

Fun with cameras and a giant ball of nuclear fire.

Hattip: Daver at Ruining the Internet.

Wednesday Evening Distraction.

Literal White Wedding:

Though, not quite as good as this literal classic.

Hattip: Tamara at View from the Porch.

Thought For The Day.

Getting in touch with your inner Buffet over at Maggie's Farm:
"Every guy has a pirate inside of them - plus his share of regrets, sorrows, and demons. The trick is to keep on keepin' on, and to try to stay on the sunny side of the street. With God's help."

More On 'Socialist (un)Realism'.

Following up on his post from the other day (RSR post about it here), Patrick Courrielche finds more evidence of White House and NEA collusion to get some paint-by-your-taxpayer-dollars "art" out there to support the Team Hopenchange agenda.

In other socialist countries this kind of thing is called agit-prop. Yet another reason to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts.

One To Watch.

Democrat State Representative Cedric Richmond is going after GOP Rep. Joseph Cao in Louisiana's heavily Democratic Second Congressional District in 2010. This was the former congressional seat of William "Dollar Bill" Jefferson (D-On Appeal).

Most pundits consider Cao's win in 2008 a fluke. Cao is a Vietnamese-American Republican in a heavily African-American (and therefore, Democratic) district - a district Richmond partly represents on the State level. While Richmond's run would appear a slam dunk, don't count Cao out. He won in 2008 when Barack Obama was on the ballot, a turnout the Democrats will not likely repeat in 2010. And, Cao is trying to be more in the center politically. Plus, Richmond has some baggage that may be a factor: this little legal issue, and his anti-Second Amendment proposals.

The race will be close, so expect a lot of national attention and dollars. First, New Orleans/Katrina is still a simmering issue nationally for both parties, and will be used by each to bludgeon the other in 2010. Second, the GOP wants to keep the seat and show they can compete in a majority-minority district, while the Democrats and Obama want to return a seat they think, well, belongs to them.

This is one campaign worth watching.

08 September 2009

Wait Till Kate Schori Finds About This.

Checking Mr. Sitemeter today I noticed several referrals from the Louisiana Conference of Catholic Bishops website, and waddayaknow - 'ol RSR is listed in their blogroll with some pretty heavy hitters locally. I haven't the faintest idea why. (The Onion is also listed, so maybe incisive commentary isn't the reason. -ed.)

But I am honored, your graces, to know you think enough of the scribblings of this cranky anglo-catholic Episcopalian to consider me in such company.

Um, could this get me a discount at Manresa next month?...

UPDATE: Well, that didn't take long. RSR is now off the list. But, so's The Onion.

Michael Yon Reports.

With the Brits in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Some great photos.

07 September 2009

A Labor Day Question.

Michael Moore's new movie: Capitalism: A Love Story, concludes that the freedom to profit from the fruits of you own labor is, well, a bad thing.

If Moore really believes capitalism is evil, why doesn't he demand theaters charge no admission to see his movie? Or maybe demand they charge a labor-theory-of-value derived pittance - say, $0.50 a ticket - so it can be "affordable" for the masses?

C'mon, Jabba-boy - put your money where your mouth is.

Sunday Evening Cool.

Nokia looks at the future of the cell phone.

Hattip: Samizdata.

06 September 2009

Well, Duh.

They admit it. The Team Hopenchange "public option" really is the path to government controlled, single-payer health care.

Good News / Bad News.

Team Hopenchange (Imperial Russian Court Division) now has one less anti-American, bigoted Marxist on the payroll, as Van Jones goes under the bus. That's the good news. The bad news is there are lots more just like him this administration.

Chris Johnson has THE best post headline: TH-THUMP, TH-THUMP!!

Bring Back Bill!

Patrick Ruffini asks a critical question for the future of the GOP: Can We Have Buckley Back?

05 September 2009

How's That Stimulus Working Out?

Oh, yeah:
Very best of hands and all that.

Louisiana Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday.

Went to Cabela's today and returned with several hundred rounds of .45ACP and a BoreSnake. Tax free. The Sales Tax Holiday continues thru Sunday.

UPDATE: On a related note, a "Cash for your Klunker" program I can get behind.

A Day To Celebrate.

5 September is International Bacon Day. Really.

Order a can of this in celebration. Or toast the day with this.

Hattip: Instapundit.

04 September 2009

A Musical Interlude.

cmblake6 posts two of my favorite songs from my favorite group.

Yes, it's that kind of mood tonight. But, on the bright side, I just discovered that Creme de Menthe liqueur in a chocolate malt is quite tasty.

Green Jobs For Red Goals.

President Obama said "green jobs" will be the critical savior and future of the American economy, and he tapped one Van Jones to spearhead this initiative. Here is Comrade... sorry, Mr. Jones' vision for going "green," which seems to have far more to do with Karl Marx and Eldridge Cleaver than Ed Begley, Jr. and SmartCars:

Yes, this is the same same Van Jones who organized a protest for a convicted cop-killer, called Republicans ass**les, signed a 9/11 'Truther" petition, and said white people are purposely polluting minority communities.

So what, dear readers, does putting Van Jones in this position say about the President's judgement, the President's values, and what The President wants to achieve by "going green"?

UPDATE: D'oh! I should read Pat Austin more often - she covered this much better than I ever will.

Dear America...

Mostly Cajun makes a good point about Obama's Deskside Chat next week.


Sometimes, we all need a reminder:

Hattip: UCV.

All Your Organs Are Belong To Us.

Via Instapundit, this article about the Team Hopenchange Regulation Guy (Russian Imperial Court Division), who thinks your body belongs to the government. Well, after you're dead, anyway.

This points out, yet again, the basic premise of the current political clique that is causing so much friction - that somehow they have the right to make "correct" decisions for us, for own good.

Check out the Monty Python video over at the Instapundit link. A perfect illustration of our Cass Sunstein future.

A Deskside Chat II - Or, Standard, Double, Definition Of,

When Barack Obama wants to speak directly to students, it's a good thing. When George Bush wanted to speak directly to students back in 1991, the Democrats said it was "paid political advertising," just "to make him look good." Really.

Congressman Unclear On The Concept.

A prime example of that is wrong with our political system today, and why there is such antipathy toward it:

No Congressman, it's not your meeting. It's ours. We set the rules. You work for us, you arrogant prick.

A Personal Observation.

Being politically "active" does not automatically equate to being politically effective. Just sayin'.

03 September 2009

Hope And Twoof.

It seems the Team Hopenchange (Russian Imperial Court Division) appointee for "Green Jobs" - the one who blames white people - has signed on to the notion that 9/11 was an inside job needs further "investigation." (Original is here. He's no. 46.)

What is going on here? Are the Democrats actively courting the Ron Paul / Campaign for Liberty vote?? I mean, Barney Frank already agrees with them about the Fed...


Mark Yer Calenders, Me Harties - International Talk Like A Pirate Day is September 19th. Remember your eye patch and hat, but check with your employer before bringing a wench and/or a cutlass to work.

P.S. Talking like Jack Sparrow doesn't count.

Opposing ObamaCare Can Be Dangerous To Your Health.

You may loose body parts. Really.

Alive... Dead.

Would you hire a contractor who said you must add rec room to your house in order fix the leaky pipes? Me, either.

01 September 2009

Yat Nirvana.

I had a meeting today in New Orleans and found out that, yes, there is a place making McKenzie's turtles and buttermilk drops again. The turtles are not quite the same (the chocolate is not as fudgy), but the buttermilk drops are (according to my wife, the buttermilk drop expert) just like the McKenzie's of old. They also make McKenzie;s cinnamon rolls and - if you ask in advance - will make McKenzie's king cakes during Mardi Gras.

Brought home turtles and buttermilk drops, along with Bud's Broiler for dinner. And there was happiness in Villa RSR.

Now, if someone would bring back Mr. Frank's Snoballs....

Louisiana Readers - A Reminder.

It's 'Louisiana Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday'.

Is this a great State, or what? I'm looking to lay in a couple hundred rounds of .45 ACP. If I can find it...

Government Option No More.

Politico is reporting that Team Hopenchange will forgo the Government Option -the very heart of ObamaCare - in order to get at least some government control of your health care.

Obama is right - we cannot afford to do nothing. What we need to do is tort reform, and get the government out of health care.

Toe-Tapping ObamaCare.

Hattip: Theo Spark.

A Deskside Chat. (UPDATED)

Barack Obama wants to have a talk with your kids on September 8th. At school.

Here are the Obama Administration's recommended 'Classroom Activities' for this event - grades K-6, and grades 7-12. Read them. Read them all.

Can you imagine the pressure a student who doesn't support the President will be under to conform to the "right" answers, or risk ridicule from peers and/or faculty? If this isn't a naked attempt at political indoctrination, I don't know what is. And you're paying for it.

UPDATE: Pat Austin at And So it Goes In Shreveport is a teacher. She isn't happy.

UPDATE 02SEPT09: From Twitter came this gem: "@tahDeetz: Obama is going to do the same thing for homeschooling he did for gun sales..." (via @EdDriscoll)

UPDATE 02SEPT09: The backpedalling has begun. "Somewhat inartfully" indeed.

UPDATE 03SEPT09: Stephen Green at VodkaPundit gets to the crux of the issue about why this is wrong:
The President of the United States — whether an Obama a Bush or a Lincoln — is not my son’s daddy. That’s my job.