31 December 2007

Required New Year's Reading.

I'm a bit late catching this post by Bill Whittle; but with Bill's posts it's always a case of better late than never. I don't know about you, but after I read Bill I always feel better about America, and about being an American.

Which is a great way to start the New Year.

Fred Thompson Talks To Iowa Voters.

This is why I support Fred Thompson. It's long, but worth watching.

A Happy New Year to all from RSR.

29 December 2007

Blogging Isn't Everything, Y'know.

I've been busy the past few days taking care of some personal business and attempting to relax a bit. (Moderately successful on the former; not so much on the latter.) If you must have your RSR fix, dear readers, my Ron Paul piece is up over at Louisiana Conservative.

And if that isn't enough, Matthew has some interesting posts at his site for your reading enjoyment.

More later. Promise.

25 December 2007

O Little Town Of Murder Rate.

Six shot in New Orleans on Christmas Day. At least two dead.

Mayor Nagin, yellow crime tape should not be a holiday decoration, no matter how much it helps your "brand".

For God's sake, man, DO SOMETHING.

Global Warming Is Caused By The Little People.

You know all those entertainment folks who praise Al Gore and lecture us about global warming? Well, here are some of them on holiday. I'm sure they all flew commercial or took mass transit to reduce global warming. Oh, wait........

(Side observation: Elle sure has aged rather well. Oh my, very well. Not so Michael Douglas.)

Christmas In Iraq.

A Christmas day Iraq news roundup from Gateway Pundit. If this what John Murtha and Nancy Pelosi call a "failure", we need more of them.

24 December 2007

It Takes A Village....

....To kill a Terrorist. The simplest - and most accurate - explanation of counter-insurgency / counter-terrorism warfare to date.

Hattip: Instapundit.

Da Things Ya Finds On Da YouTube, Dawlin.

A documentary on 'Seafood City'. Really. If this makes you
wax nostalgic, you really do know what it means to
miss New Orleans.

Christmas Eve Palate Cleanser.

A very Matrix Christmas.

22 December 2007

'Tis The (Political) Season.

We at Red Stick Rant have had enough of this demolition controversy. It's so un-Christmas. So let's switch gears a bit, dear readers, and look out on the national political landscape for some Holiday cheer:

Fred Thompson’s Christmas message. My. Thoughts. Exactly.

Compare it to Hillary’s “I’m-bringing-presents” message. For extra points, guess who’s money Hillary will be using to buy all those “presents” she’s got for you. (Hint: look in your wallet.) And, dare I ask (dare! dare!) - where’s Bill?

Here's Obama's entry. Calm, traditional, upbeat. Pegs on the cute kids scale, too. No wonder Hillary is scared.

Rudy weighs in. Complete with sweater vest, and lame fruit cake joke.

Mike Huckabee's is here. Or, maybe not.

Ron Paul’s message. Family, carols, grandma cooking, trimming the tree; it’s darn near Republican. And just in time for the Holidays, the Paulists got themselves a blimp. (It must be a Ron Paul blimp – it hasn’t been down to earth in years. [rimshot!]) It’s got a catchy Ron Paul = John Galt slogan that will really energize the .00001% of the electorate who get all excited about such things.

And so, from all of us at RSR: May each and every one of you have a Blessed Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Propserous New Year!

21 December 2007

"Ain't Nobody Gonna Do Anything In Here..."

That's a quote from this video taken inside the New Orleans City Council chambers prior to yesterday's 7-0 vote on demolishing the four HUD housing projects. Watch it all. Watch the opposition as they respect the dignity of every human being, and watch them respect the polity of the City Council. The cheerleader encouraging the shouting was a nice touch.

I think the City Council vote was the climax of this "debate", and I expect to see it fade from the front pages for a number of reasons: first, primary season is upon us and the national media will be focused elsewhere; second, the more folks look at the facts the less plausible the opponents accusations become; and third, the opponents did not come off at all well yesterday - their behavior lost sympathy and support for their cause (case in point: Bishop Jenkins' statement afterwards). There will be a few spasms over this in the next few months, and some lawsuits, but I'm calling this one is over.

Maybe now we can get on with building decent housing for the people who need it. Wouldn't that, dear readers, be a great Christmas present?

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has this post about Sharon Jasper, the activist shouting racial epithets in the video and who was profiled earlier in this Times-Picayune story on the debate. I must say, if you have a 60" TV in your living room you are not poor in my book. Unable to control your spending, maybe; but not poor. And the subsidized apartment she is in is better than the one my parents currently occupy post-Katrina, which they pay for. I am glad Bishop Charles Jenkins is distancing himself, and our diocese, from people like this "activist". He should never have been involved with them in the first place.

We Want You To Vote Until It Comes Out Our Way.

The New Orleans City Council voted unanimously yesterday to demolish the dilapidated housing projects that are causing so much controversy.

The "protesters", however, vow to continue. Why? Do the poor, who will have to wait even longer to get decent housing because their antics, matter a damn to these people? I guess not.

And Ray Nagin says that HUD must still apply for permits. I don't think that's true. HUD is a Federal Agency, and as such does not need local regulatory approval. (I think they are going through this on HANO projects to allow more local input, but I could be wrong.) Besides, Two of the four have already been submitted to Safety & Permits, but they are dragging their feet (once returning them because every drawing sheet was not "wet-stamped", signed, and dated by the Design Professionals).

And Episcopal Bishop Charles Jenkins, predictably, is in spin mode. More spin here, where he included this bit of classic Episcopal Church (tm) Newsspeak:

"I have come to think that the theological virtue of love is the basis for the baptismal covenant question which asks: “will you strive for justice and peace among all people, and respect the dignity of every human being?".

Which is, as we now know, the only legitimate theological justification for doing anything (and everything!) in The Episcopal Church (tm) nowadays.

19 December 2007

Oh Little State Of Louzzi-ann.......

Well, dear readers, tis the season, which means we need to make a list and..... well, you know. So we submit for your consideration a few holiday gift suggestions for this year's most memorable Louisianans:

Bobby Jindal: Time. I suggest we all give him some - he's gonna need it.

Kathleen Blanco: A Road Home (D'oh!). Or if the wait for that is too long, might I suggest a German steel mill - though the wait for that may be even longer...

William Jefferson: A new freezer. Go with a chest-type; he doesn't do upright.

FEMA: This is a tricky one, as I don’t know how one would wrap eternal damnation. Is a bow involved?

The Legislature: Lumps of coal. Not for anything specific, just for aspiring to be Legislators.

Ray Nagin: A 'Get Out Of Voting Free' card. Or, an 'I "heart" Dallas' bumper sticker.

David Vitter: Some Vaseline and an imagination.

Oliver Thomas: Ditto, Vitter.

Robert Cerasoli: A budget. Some Post-it notes and a few filing cabinets would also be appreciated.

Walter Boasso: Some ‘Tide™’ and a hose.

Foster Campbell: Who?

John Georges: A plan to recycle all of those unused copies of the ‘Georges Plan’.

LSU Coach Les Miles: A free Louisiana driver's license renewal; good for one year.

Brittany Spears: Underwear.

Mary Landrieu: A signed picture of herself with Hillary Clinton.

John Kennedy: A signed picture of Mary Landrieu with Hillary Clinton.

Charles Foti: A copy of 'Trial Law for Dummies'.

The Ethics Board: Some ethics.

Buddy Caldwell and Royal Alexander: Less mud.

And last - Alabama Coach Nick Saban: A chance to play the Bunkie Pre-K 'Disobedient Ponies' - about the only Louisiana school the 'Crimson Tide’ has a 50/50 shot at beating.

(also posted at Louisiana Conservative)

Is This The Future Of Your Church?

This article in Architect magazine, about what is happening to 65 Roman Catholic parishes in Boston, should give Anglicans in the US pause.

An Inconvienent Truth.

"There is not enough public housing for the poor in New Orleans," is a lie. But it's convenient lie to those who are getting attention by chaining themselves to the fences at HANO headquarters today. Chaining oneself to a fence for the poor makes one seem noble and compassionate; but chaining oneself to a fence for a lie is just silly and pointless.

Just how "actions" like this will get the poor housed any faster is beyond me.

Also, take a look at those "protesters" in the image - do any of them look like, well, displaced housing project residents?? Didn't think so.

18 December 2007


Or, "Best GOD Forever!" From Chris at MCJ comes this fisking of a Dutch "atheist priest", who seems to be on the cutting edge of Episcopal Church (tm) theology with his God-Is-Just-Relationships silliness. And his church's response to this is pure Episcopal Church (tm), too.

Sacrifice The Pawns. Bishop To Queen 3.

Those opposing the demolition of the old HANO housing projects have succeeded in stopping, for the time being, the demolition, and the City Council will take up the matter.

Why would the opponents do that? Who does this benefit? The poor? Hardly. The faster the old, squalid, Soviet-style housing blocks are taken down, the faster the newer housing units replacing them can come online. (See HANO's website for what the new housing looks like.) Demolition would benefit those who need the housing sooner. Trying to renovate the existing units and bring them into compliance will mean additional years of waiting, not to mention hundreds of millions more in taxpayer dollars. And all of this suing and posturing taking place now is only delaying the date anyone can get into a new housing unit. Remember, before Katrina there were lawsuits to have the old projects razed and replaced with livable housing. That was being done when the storm hit. Why would anyone now oppose continuing in that direction?

If your agenda is to help the displaced poor return to New Orleans in the shortest time, you wouldn't. But if your agenda is to help you, or your "cause", with increased donations, higher visibility, or in scoring some political points, it makes perfect sense. No wonder they see facts as not relevant; they are their natural enemy.

My bishop, sadly, is still siding with the opportunists, sending out this e-mail yesterday:

Action Alert:
Demolition of Public Housing

Bishop Jenkins invites all concerned lay and clergy to join him at New
Orleans City Hall at 9 a.m. Thursday, December 20th to attend this meeting.

On Friday, December 14, the Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana issued a special E-DoLA covering the public housing crisis in New Orleans.

Since the release of that information, a judge has ordered a stop to all demolition until the city council holds a hearing on Thursday. In addition, the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader of the Senate for a 60-day moratorium on demolition, to enable our lawmakers to be fully satisfied regarding a number of disputed facts, and to address the fact that lawmakers have yet to be shown a "full and viable" plan that addresses immediate need for units by Katrina survivors, one-for-one replacement, and the long-term goal of new mixed income developments.

The debate and vote on Thursday represents a moral crossroads for our community. The lives and well-being of tens of thousands of people are at stake, and the weight of this decision and its implications for those in tenuous housing situations or homeless looms large. This is why we urge all residents with post-Katrina humanitarian and spiritual concerns to register their request of our elected officials to be thorough and not hasty, and to approve the request by our two most powerful Congressional leaders for the 60-day moratorium.

If you are unable to be at City Hall, please phone or email city council members to voice your concern for affordable, safe housing in New Orleans.

Arnie Fielkow - (504) 658-1060 AFielkow@cityofno.com

Jacquelyn Clarkson (504) 658-1070 JBClarkson@cityofno.com

Stacy Head (504) 658-1020 SHead@cityofno.com

Shelley Midura (504) 658-1010 SMidura@cityofno.com

James Carter (504) 658-1030 JCarter@cityofno.com

Cynthia Hedge-Morrell (504) 658-1040 CHMorrell@cityofno.com

Cynthia Willard-Lewis (504) 658-1050 CWLewis@cityofno.com

Charles, why stand now? If this is a matter of morality, theology and principal, where was this kind of moral, theological and principled backbone when the very fabric of our Faith was being torn apart by those who have thrown our church to the winds of pop culture values? Why one, now, and not the other? Charles, I remember you as my rector. I remember you as a man of Faith and strength. It was you who made my family feel at home at Saint Luke's. It was your guidance that renewed and strengthened our Faith. It was you showed me once again the power, mystery and majesty of Our Lord, and why "faith, reason, and tradition" matter. What happened??

'Tis The Season....

Blogging has been, and will continue to be, somewhat light until after Chrstmas. Along with the usual seasonal rushing about, we have several 2 January deadlines here in the office. Since we are closed between Christmas and New Year's, this means we need to be wrapped up by this coming Monday. Fun.

And on a happier note: this little site will be six months old in a few weeks, and I want to thank each of you for your patronage and support. My Sitemeter stats will never set the world on fire, but that is not why I do this (for why, see my first post). I do not know who most of you are (you never write.....) but I'm glad you find what we put up worth a look. So to each of you, my dear readers, a very Merry Christmas from Red Stick Rant!

16 December 2007

Vote? Oh, I Thought You Asked "Did I BOAT on October 20th?"

Not letting facts intrude on a good spin seems to be a pretty popular pasttime in New Orleans lately. Fact: 'Ol C. Ray really didn't vote in the October 20th election; something which he chided others for not doing, and a charge he has deflected or denied.


My "Top Ten Reasons Ray Nagin Didn't Vote" is here.

What Will They 'Offset' Next?

Al Gore can buy carbon offsets so he can feel guilt free. Now, Bill Clinton has a similar opportunity.

Hattip: Matthew.

Mythbusters And Mythbelievers.

The New Orleans Sunday Times-Picayune today has a Page One article on the HANO housing “crisis”, pretty much reiterating what I said earlier (here and here) about this – a fact-challenged "opposition" has basically contrived an issue where none existed prior. From the article:

”…a claim that has gained traction in Washington and the national media moved beyond perception and into the realm of demonstrable falsehood: that displaced public housing residents have no place to live.” (emphasis mine)

The article is long but well worth the read. It is a classic example of how a debate can be driven by perception and fear instead of facts.

And look who is buying into that “demonstrable falsehood” – none other than the Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana, Charles Jenkins. Two days before the TP article debunking the opposition, this was sent out by the Diocese. Why Bishop Jenkins, who has proven himself to the consummate fence-sitter on things like, oh, defending the Faith, should throw his weight and that of the diocese behind the HANO “opposition”, is beyond me. I wish he would be this demonstrative and decisive about opposing the “prophetic gift” being imposed on the Anglican Communion by The Episcopal Church ™. But I’m sure he has pleased 815 Second Avenue with his stand.

13 December 2007


I took the What 'Calvin & Hobbes' Character Are You? quiz. Result:

"You Are Calvin."

Those of you who know me know this result really isn't a surprise. You can take the test here.

My favorite C&H strip:

See the last panel, and you'll understand why.

11 December 2007

Pathetic Intimidation Watch.

UPDATES posted. See below. -ed.

According to NOLA.COM, this poster is now appearing in New Orleans:

(image from www.nola.com)

Read it again. It really does say what you think it says. And if you have some time, dear readers, read the blog comments at the above link. One person says that this poster shouldn’t be seen as a threat, since it targets only property – not people. Comforting, isn’t it?

I have posted on this before, but I'll say it again - because of my work, which includes work for the Housing Authority of New Orleans (HANO), I have first-hand knowledge about this situation. Some facts:

HANO is looking to remove the existing buildings because it will cost more to remediate and repair the units than it will be to take them down and rebuild. Do not forget that the projects in question were not in great shape prior to Katrina, and plans to demo some of them were in the works before the storm.

HANO is NOT, repeat NOT, looking to level these projects and leave the land fallow. They have plans in the works for new units – medium-density townhouses and flats similar to what they have done at other projects. I have seen the plans. And the sooner HANO can get the old buildings out of the way, the sooner newer, more livable units, can be completed.

HANO renovated several hundred of their newer townhouses and flats after the storm, but they have found few takers. Some of the units have been vacant for so long that HANO is having to put in de-humidifiers to prevent mold. HANO also has a voucher program for residents, too. So there are affordable homes available. Call HANO.

This whole issue has become so emotionally charged I do not think that facts will be much considered in resolving the issue, but I think they should be put out there anyway. (UPDATE: I think this YouTube video proves my point.) Those fanning these flames seem to have little interest in facts or in housing my fellow New Orleanians (I am a native), and a lot of interest in creating some publicity for themselves by exploiting people’s concerns and by intimidation. You don’t need facts to do that. (When they find who made this poster – not surprisingly there is no organization credit - I’d be willing to bet a a couple of bucks they aren’t even from New Orleans. Or more than a few in number.)

So be mindful, dear readers, to not let yourself be drawn into reacting emotionally when you hear more about this issue. That is what the creators of this trash want – your attention and over-reaction. Don’t give it to them. See it for what it is – a pathetic and desperate attempt to grab attention by being sensational and divisive, by increasing tensions, and by sowing mistrust and fear in an already battered City. Just remember the facts.

UPDATE: The demolitions have begun. This from WWL-TV. Pretty much confirms my worries that this is being driven by carpetbaggers folks from our-of-town looking to make an issue:

"License plates indicated that many of the protesters had driven in from as far afield as Ohio, Kentucky and Massachusetts."

UPDATE: Day two. So much for the mass of opposition:

"It was expected to be a large crowd, but only a handful of protestors gathered at the B.W. Cooper housing development Thursday morning to wait and see if crews would continue tearing down the development."

"Basically we are just on guard to watch out for the demolition crew so we can mobilize our forces pretty quickly to get out here quickly to lock arms, and stand down the bulldozers as long as necessary," said protestor Roderick Dean."

"But when the bulldozing started most of the protestors left – a sharp contrast from just a day earlier when about 50 protestors blocked the demolition of B.W. Cooper."

QED. I guess many of the protesters left to get an early start on those long drives home.

"Proud To Belong To His Church"

Me, too.

Watch it all. Not once will you hear the words "living into", or "dialogue" (used as a verb), or "invite into a deeper relationship", or "understanding of comprehensiveness." No "living in tension" here. THIS is what a Church leader should sound like.

10 December 2007

Faith And Rebuilding II

From New Orleans, a new playground appears. In a day.

The Church of the Annunciation is an Anglican (Episcopal) church in the Broadmoor district of New Orleans, a neighborhood with many problems before Katrina, and devastated after. By most standards the storm should have killed the church. But God gave the church the ever-energetic Father Jerry Kramer, and He gave Fr. Kramer boundless Faith. Father Kramer LIVES that Faith. He doesn't "live into", or "live in tension with", or "dialogue", or any of that other 60's, post-modernist twaddle. He LIVES the Faith; he leads by example. And he has a growing church infected with that same spirit.

To help community recovery, the church decided to gave over a corner of their property for a neighborhood playground. And this past Saturday several hundred people showed up throughout the day (including your humble blogger and his wife) to erect the playground from materials provided by Kaboom! and the New Orleans Hornets. Volunteers came from Episcopal churches in Tennessee, Washington, DC, and Louisiana, the New Orleans Hornets, the neighborhood, Americorps, and many, many other places. Some images:

Beginning, around 10:00am.

Around Noon.

Faith does move mountains. One shovel-full at a time.

Getting close to the ribbon-cutting.

Just before ribbon-cutting at 3:00 pm.

Can Faith help build a better world? Yes. But if you look to the the Millennium Development Goals (peace be upon them) for that, or to Canons and Constitutions, or to General Conventions, you are looking in the wrong place. Look to the example of Father Kramer and the Church of the Annunciation. They know how to get it done.

(All images by Red Stick Rant)

Faith And Rebuilding I

In Baghdad, this Associated Press story about a church service:

"Under heavy guard and broadcast live on Iraqi state television, the service was capped by a handshake from a visiting Shiite imam—a symbolic show of unity between Iraq's majority Muslim sect and its tiny Christian community."

If this a "quagmire", we need more, not less.

Via Instapundit and Powerline.

09 December 2007

Nagin on Lakeview: Bunch of Slackers.

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin, the man who continues to prove Mark Twain's point, on the Lakeview neighborhood in New Orleans:

"Nagin admitted that Lakeview was an area he expected to be further along in the recovery..."

For those who don't know, Lakeview is the neighborhood where the 17th street Canal broke. It is also where both my wife and I grew up, were our families were living until Katrina, and where we have spent the last two years cleaning out and recovering what we could. Watch the whole interview.

And another gem that is, pardon my French, complete and utter bullshit:

"Meanwhile, the city's Public Works Department said they have finished road work on Robert E. Lee and that Fleur-de-Lis is under construction. They said all of the street signs have been replaced and that all stoplights are working in Lakeview."

I was in Lakeview last Friday. Robert E. Lee has only ONE LANE paved. One. And there are still lots of street signs missing and home-made signs in their place. Mouton and West End Boulevard, for one.

A Note Form The Management: Comments

We at Red Stick Rant have a very simple comments policy: "No profanity. No whining. No Spam. No hysterical rants. Reasoned, respectful rants only." It is listed every time you, dear readers, go to post a comment. And we do enjoy your comments.


If you violate the rules, we will remove your comment. ESPECIALLY if you dump spam on our little site. So let this be a two-fold warning, dear readers - first, play within the rules (so far, most all have); and second, do not click on any links in any comment from anyone named 'Adam'. I do not know him; I have never conversed eith him, and I do not care what site he "writes for", or how it can make me money. HIS COMMENTS ARE SPAM, and they will be deleted as soon as they are found.

Other than that, dear readers, we at RSR hope you have a blessed day, and comment to your heart's content.

Hosea 8:7

"For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind: It hath no stalk; the bud shall yield no meal: If so be it yield, the strangers shall swallow it up."

The time of indecision and posturing for The Episcopal Church (tm) and the Anglican Communion is over, as the Diocese of San Joaquin has taken the vote heard round the world. Brad Drell has an excellent piece on what lies ahead.

07 December 2007

New JSRV Bible.

Matthew over at Billy Ockham has seen a draft of the New Episcopal Church Bible, the JSRV (John Spong Revised Version), which will be marketed by Church Publishing world-wide as the "Living Into" Bible. Matthew's list is not complete, alas, as we at RSR understand that the following Books are also included:




Acts of Viki
Exodus (Also known as the Book of Thieves)

UPDATE: RSR also understands that a 'Council of Newark' will be convened to establish and ratify the new Cannon.

06 December 2007

Using A Tradgedy.

A distraught teenager goes on a shooting spree at a shopping mall. Again. And the press goes on a "usual suspects" spree. Again. From this FoxNews report:

"A teenage gunman carried his AK-47 into a Nebraska department store..."

But later in the story, we have this:

"She told the Omaha World-Herald that the night before the shooting, Hawkins and her sons showed her an SKS semiautomatic Russian military rifle — the same type used in the shooting."

OK. This is an AK-47:

It is about weighs about 7 pounds and is 36 inches long. It uses a replaceable 30-round magazine. The military version is fully automatic (multiple rounds are fired when you pull the trigger), the civilian version is self-loading only (one round fired for each pull of the trigger). The AK-47 is the primo-scary looking "assault weapon" of the anti-gun crowd.

This, is an SKS:

It is about 9 pounds, 40 plus inches long, and has a fixed 10-round magazine. It is self-loading only. It is similar to the WWII US M-1 Carbine; just bigger, heavier, and not so scary looking. IT IS NOT AN AK-47. THEY ARE NOT THE SAME.

This tragedy will be no doubt be used by the anti-gun lobby to try and prove their point. And reports like the one mentioned above this only reinforce their propaganda. Either the reporter is ignorant on the subject on which they are writing - and has never heard of Google - or has an agenda. You decide.

Instead of disarming citizens, why not let law-abiding citizens protect themselves? What would have been the outcome if, after the first shot, someone with a CCW permit had shot this killer dead? Think about it.

(Images from: world.guns.ru)

UPDATE: If this was the typical response to someone trying to turn a mall, or a college campus, or a downtown street into a shooting gallery, I don't think it would happen too often. The people who commit these sorts of things are, by nature, cowards - they want to be seen as powerful and important, so they strike targets because they are vulnerable. If they thought their targets had the same power they did, and they wouldn't make it past the first shot or two.....
They have a name for that concept: it's called deterrence.

'Nagin' - Act I, Scene III.

We think it was Shakespeare Mark Twain who said (and we paraphrase, since we don't have time to Google right now): "Keep your mouth shut and let them think you a fool, open it and remove all doubt."

This morning Mayor C. Ray Nagin proved Mr. Shakespeare's Twain's point. Again.

Watch the whole thing, particularly his response to the charges of not voting in the October 20th election, and about the "Naginville" that has sprung up outside of City Hall in Duncan Plaza. The bits about Blanco and Katrina are pretty interesting, too.

UPDATE: D'OH!! It was Mark Twain: "It is better to keep your mouth closed and let people think you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt." We made corrections, lest our mother the teacher find out. Google is your friend, Google is your friend.....

05 December 2007

Going Too Far.

As you can well imagine, dear readers, RSR is no champion of the former First Lady and Senator from New York. Not at all. But we are human, and therefore we wince when we see something cross the boundry from hard criticism to downright cruelty. And this, friends, is downright cruel.

How could anyone equate Mary Landrieu to Mrs. Clinton?? Sorry, but I think somebody owes Hillary a big apology.

"I Always Wanted To Be A June Bride."

The above was uttered by Bishop V. Gene Robinson, Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire, who is planning to "marry" his boyfriend.

That a bishop in the church would say this, and that the leadership of the church doesn't seem at all bothered by it, speaks volumes about what is now important - and what isn't important - to our church.

I think it would be more than appropriate if he had a fat lady singing at the "ceremony".

UPDATE: Matthew, as usual, finds the perfect YouTube video!

04 December 2007

What To Do For Lunch?

As the Noon hour approaches, don't forget that Dark Roasted Blend has your cool surfing distractions covered.

Wouldn't want to be doing that during work hours, now would we?

Naked Emperor Watch.

It's been over a month since The Naked Emperor posted anything. Anything at all. Not a thing on politics (commentary at which he excels). Not a thing on the the saga of the "Katrina Kannon". I check, hoping against hope, but.......

So listen here, bro - either you get busy on that keyboard, or I'll release your Kindergarten papers where you say you want to be, not the just "The Naked Emperor", but....

"EMPEROR OF THE WORLD"!!! And the fact you colored outside the lines on at least seven occasions.

Hey, its all there in crayon and glue.

03 December 2007

The Episcopal Church Welcomes You. If You Agree With Us, That Is.

This reasoned, understanding, inclusive, and utterly non-judgemental missive actually appears at Episcopal Life Online:

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA: Retired bishop announces plans to become Roman Catholic

By Karen T. Morgan • Colton, New York, Dec 03, 2007

I am totally, completely hurt, disturbed, have feelings of betrayal and abandonment by Dan Herzog, former bishop of the Diocese of Albany. He led this diocese down the path of glory and then totally abandoned them! I did not totally agree with his thinking...thinking which made the decision for him to return to the Roman Catholic Church. The Episcopal Church is traditionally a church of acceptance...even though we have had some imports from other denominations who have/are trying to turn us into what they believe and come from. My thought is: Go back to your narrow-minded, non-accepting, un-Christ-like thinking/attitudes and leave us Episcopalians alone to think and believe as Christ did, not judging, but accepting all who believe in Him!

Dan Herzog could not accept this way of thinking and believing, that is why he gave up the position of bishop, priest, clergy and became an ordinary person in the church. He went back to the Roman Catholic Church because that church does not accept and believe that all people who believe in Christ are precious in his sight and that God loves all people no matter who they are, and that all people are created in God's image.

How Accepting. How Inclusive. How...... Episcopalian.

To my Roman Catholic Friends: If you want to respond, you may reach the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church (tm), here. UPDATE: And feel free to ask her about this little comparative analysis she gave about what separates us from your church.

Hattip: Chris Johnson.

Holy Engineering, Kate!

The Episcopal Church (tm) says individuals may leave the church, but parishes can't leave and take their property with them. Heh, heh, heh. Think again.

Can't you just see David Beers running down the road yelling, "Come back here with my church!!"

Hattip: Billy Ockham.

What Happened to "Make Levees, Not War"?

C. B. Forgotston questions the motives and sincerity of those opposing the demolition of the dilapidated HANO housing projects to make way for new, more livable units. The opponents are threatening a "war" if they don't get their way.

Our office has been directly involved with these (and other) HANO projects for well over a year, and C.B. hits the nail on the head:

"Note the reference to “our homes.” These are publicly-owned and taxpayer-subsidized apartment buildings.

Obviously, the threatened war is not over needed housing in New Orleans. There are hundreds of apartments currently available in other existing housing projects. The housing authority cannot get people who need housing to move into them.


It’s not because the available apartments are run-down. They have just been refurbished since Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

It’s not because the available apartments aren’t in New Orleans.

It’s because the apartments are not in the exact same neighborhood as the apartments in which the renters lived."

Forgotston is right. HANO currently has numerous living spaces available, and has had for some time. I do not think housing is the issue here. Entitlement is.

The Gray Lady Goes Tabloid.

The New York Times thinks the rebuilding in New Orleans is newsworthy because..... (wait for it)...... Brad Pitt is involved. (Full disclosure: some of my colleagues are involved in this project, too, who I know and respect.) The rebuilding has been going on for some time now, sans hunky actor, so I wonder if the NYT really thinks this is "news fit to print", or are they trying to win back some of their declining readership by dropping a bit of beefcake into the mix?

Steenson Makes It Across The Tiber.

It's official. Jeffery Steenson, until last September a Bishop in The Episcopal Church (tm):

"was received into the Catholic Church this weekend in Rome at the Basilica of St. Mary Major.

He is not alone, which speaks volumes in response to The Episcopal Church's (tm) "The Reactionaries Are A Tiny Minority, All is Well" mantra.

02 December 2007

01 December 2007

If It Will Save Just One Life......

In the wake of the hostage incident at a Hillary Clinton campaign office in New Hampshire, Matthew asks a, um, sticky question.
I want to know if she will also press for a ban on the possession of "high-capacity" road flares, too?


Heh. And Heh, again.

(link fixed. - ed.)

UPDATE: Even more Heh.

Future Real Estate Opportunity At Prime Second Avenue Location. Recently Renovated.

This past week, the Powers-That-Be in The Episcopal Church (tm) issued a report on the state of our dying church, which included the following as one of the church's six "Areas of Encouragement":

"Recently completed renovations to the Episcopal Church Center at 815 Second Avenue in New York City have made that workplace more efficient and safer for our employees, while creating a positive and more attractive atmosphere for the whole church."

When something like this is an "Areas of Encouragement" for the future of your church, (and one of only six) you would be right to suspect that the state of the church is not good. And when you read vacuous bureaucratic phrases like "Conflict and change can create opportunity", "...we need a plan for action at all of our organizational levels"..., "...articulate and renew these leadership trajectories...", your suspicions are pretty well confirmed. As are your suspicions that that the Church leadership hasn't a clue about what to do to improve things.