31 October 2007

He Lives!

Contrary to rumors circulating widely on the 'Net, and much to the chagrin of many folks here, Brad Drell is very much alive. Though, what is occupying his time seems to be pretty darn, um, complicated.

If It's Tuesday, It Must be Project Meetings.

Sorry for the lack of posting yesterday - I was in New Orleans all day, in meetings (again!) on a rebuilding project.

And to think - I ASKED for this project. Ugh.

Governor-elect Jindal: If you want to do one thing to truly help the post-Katrina recovery, eliminate the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness (GOHSEP). Or, at least, get them out of the recovery process and give rebuilding decision-making back to the folks in State government with the professional qualifications to do just that. It's time the carpetbaggers out-of-town consultants go home.

There. That may get me fired from the project, but it needed to be said - the rebuilding process for public infrastructure is a joke.

29 October 2007

We Are The Champions. Of The World.

Yes, we WON last night. The World is Ours! And in a sweep at that. I don't quite know what to say at times like these; but if a pictrure is worth a thousand words, here's at least a grand for all you who trashed my boys from Landsdowne Street:

See you bums next year.

Blanco Shout Out.

Chris Muir at 'Day by Day' mentions our outgoing governor's leadership qualities in today's strip. Though, "indifference" is not the word I'd use.....

Michael Yon on Afghanistan

Michale Yon's latest post is up: The Perfect Evil: Coming to Roost. He's not optimistic about events in Afghanistan.

As usual, read it all.
Good to be back among the speaking. I spent the weekend at a silent men's retreat at Manresa House in Convent, Louisiana, being quiet and getting a bit closer in my walk with the Almighty. I do this yearly, along with my father and (sometimes) my brother. Manresa is the former site of Jefferson College, but has been run by the Jesuits as a retreat house since the 30's. ("Jesuits?", I hear you ask, "But aren't you Anglican?" I am. But the Jesuits have this retreat thing down with the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatious Loyola. And besides - I'm closer, theologically, to my Roman brothers than many of my Episcopal brothers/sisters/whatevers.) And it is the silence, I think, what makes the retreat for me. Three days inside one's own head, just you and God, can be a mind-bending experience - it is for me, every year. My "2x4 To The Head" time. Manresa is indeed idyllic:

If you can't find God in a place like that, in silence, you're in trouble.

25 October 2007

Spiritual Exercises.

I'm going to be away for a few days on personal business, so no postings unless there is something urgent. Until I great back, check out the many fine blogs in the blogroll on the right (which you should be doing anyway). And, GO SOX!!

God's peace, one and all.

P. S. Naked Emperor: Wish you were here.

Your Basic Blowout.

13-1. What the heck happened to Colorado last night??

Just three to go for the Boys from Landsdowne Street.

24 October 2007

Going Postal With Numbers.

I am highly suspicious of this report: Estimate puts N.O. population at 70 percent of pre-Katrina.

If you read through the article, you see the claim is based on postal deliveries to addresses. Hmmmm. If an address had a family of, say, four or five before Katrina, but now the house is occupied by one or two, that can skew the actual result by a large factor. With entire swaths of New Orleans East, the Lower 9, and Lakeview unoccupied, I can not see how 7 out of 10 have returned.

(My parents often had mail delivered to their flooded house in Lakeview before it was torn down. I wonder if that is one of the addresses counted....)

23 October 2007

"All We Are Sayyyyying, Is The Same As Before...."

You gotta love the Boomers - they've got sticking their head in the sand down to an art form. And whole bunch of 'em got together the other night at the National Cathedral to practice their art, and to let folks know that.... war is bad. (Really?? I had no idea.)

"It was an extraordinary night of prayer and music in the nation's capital when more than 2,500 gathered October 16 for an interfaith celebration at Washington National Cathedral to express their desire for global peace and an end to the continuing war in Iraq."

Apparently, not all wars are bad enough to get David Crosby into a church, just wars that Republicans fight. (I guess he was booked solid during that Bosnia thing.) Chris Johnson over at MCJ has a wonderful analysis of the event.

But the last line from the ENS article quoted above got me wondering: Why just "an end to the continuing war in Iraq?" Is continuing to fight in Afghanistan alright with them?

It's Tough To Find Shoes To Match The Magazines.

My daughter loves 'Hello Kitty', and she loves to shoot. So please don't let her know about this.

When The Numbers Don't Fit The Theory....

A good national analysis of the results from the Governor's Race last Saturday, refuting the major excuse(s) of The Left as to why Jindal won outright. Note that, contrary to the protestations of those few, the vote from New Orleans - or the lack thereof - was not the deciding factor in Jindal's win. This is, I think, the reason he won:

"Hurricane Katrina did have an effect on this year’s governor’s race — it just isn’t the one that the Left wants to claim. The election was not determined by the attrition of Democratic voters in New Orleans as much as it was by Katrina’s revelation of the major problems with the Democrats who have run things from Baton Rouge."

22 October 2007

Maps. I Just Love Maps.

Parish map of the Governor's election on Saturday. Note that all of the major metropolitan areas, except New Orleans, went more then 50% for Jindal.

Hattip: The Dead Pelican.

Duck And Cover - It Ain't Just For Nuclear War Anymore.

The Naked Emperor gets to see some of Ray Nagin's New Orleans "brand" up close and personal. (Yes, I know it's technically Gretna, but just.)

21 October 2007


The Boys from Landsdowne Street have done it again, coming from behind to claim the AL Pennant.

First Jindal, now this. It's been a great weekend.

Chris Is Back.

Chris Muir's Day by Day cartoon is back up, so make sure to stop by. It's also over on the right side of this blog, every day.

Let The Chattering Begin!

Roundup of yesterday's election results and commentary: The Dead Pelican and Louisiana NewsLink. Here is a national view.

The Louisiana Secretary of State has the raw numbers. Very interesting reading, it you're into that kind of thing. John Georges actually won Orleans Parish, but even with the support of Ray Nagin he only beat Jindal by 1,092 votes. It appears that Nagin doesn't have much clout in the Big Easy anymore, and even less outside of Orleans Parish. Baton Rouge had 124,000 total come out to vote in this election, with Jefferson Parish at 116,000, and Orleans with just over 75,000. I think the implications of those numbers for the future are obvious.

Off to watch Game 7.

20 October 2007

A LIVEblog Two-fer!!

With so much going on tonight, the crack staff of Red Stick Rant will attampt to liveblog BOTH today's election results and Game Six of the ALCS. (I figure most folks will already be watching the LSU-Auburn game...) Posts will be quick, so pardon the typos and syntax errors.

And away we go....

7:55 ALCS: Bottom of the first, and Drew just hit a Grand Slam HR! Bos 4, Cle 0.

8:17 ELECTION: WAFB-BR at 1%: Atty General - Alexander, Caldwell, and then.... Foti. Governor is Jindal at 55%, with Boasso and Campbell at 14% each, and Georges at 9%. Hope it stays this way.

8:20 ALCS: Cleveland scored one top of the second, Sox stranded two in the bottom. BOS 4, CLE 1. Third inning starting.

8:27 ALCS: Two Cleveland base hits, and two on....

8:31 ELECTION: WAFB and WBRZ both still showing 1% reporting. Check back in a minute.

8:34 ALCS: Cleveland goes nowhere. Bottom of the third coming up.

8:43 ALCS: Drew up again, with two on, no outs.... Base Hit! Manny comes home! BOS 5, CLE 1. From the yelling in the in the other room, seems the Tigers just scored, too!!

8:48: ELECTION: Sec. State's office has 135 of 3,967 precincts reporting - Jindal still up at 58%, with Boasso 17%, Campbell 13%, and then Georges 11%. Don't know where in the state these numbers are coming from.

8:50 ALCS: Elsbury, 1 RBI!! Lugo doubled, two more in!!!! BOS 8, CLE 1.

8:58 ELECTION: 344 precincts in to the Sec. State. Governor: Jindal, 54%, Boasso 18%, Campbell 14%, Georges 12%. Lt Gov. Mitch 50%, Kershaw 38%, Beard, 10%. AG's race is all tied up at 33% each - Alexander slightly ahead.

8:59 ALCS: Two more for Boston! 10-1 now.

9:02 ELECTION: 440 in at the Sec. State. Jindal still above 50%, but not by much. Boasso is a real surprise - 18% right now. Georges? 12%.

9:06 ALCS. 3rd inning is over. Thankfully for Cleveland.

9:10 ELECTION: WAFB-BR is saying Jindal at 35%, but Sec. State office has him at 53%. Sec. State's website has slowed to a crawl.

9:15 ALCS: Top of the 4th - no result for Clevelend. Bottom of the 4th coming up.

9:25 ELECTION: Sec. State has 1,378 precincts in. Jindal 52%, Boasso 19%, Campbell 14%, Georges 13%. LT. Gov: Landrieu 50%, Kershaw 37%. Att. Gen: pretty evenly split, with Alexander trailing slightly.

9:26 ALCS: 4th inning over. Still 10-1, Boston. 5th starting. Shilling still in for the Sox.

9:33 ELECTION: 1,670 precincts showing at the Sec. State's office. Jindal sliding to 51%, Boasso still in second at 19%. Walter Boasso seems to be the real surprise tonight, and Georges the real disappointment. But there is more than 50% to come.

9:37 ELECTION: WBRZ is saying that most of the reported precincts are from north Louisiana, which would explain Campbell's numbers - but not Boasso's. They are saying that New Orleans has not reported in, so much of Jindal's and Georges' (and Boasso's?) base has not been counted.

9:39 ELECTION: 1,840 precincts reporting in, and numbers are about the same.

9:42 ALCS: Top of the 6th. Shilling still in. Just struck out his fourth of the night.

9:46 ALCS: Shilling just got his 5th strike-out. Sox at bat.

9:47 ELECTION: Sec. State's website is pretty much locked up. Switching to TV......

9:52 ALCS: Lowell doubles off the Green Monster. 2 outs right now.

9:55 ALCS Nope. Lowell stranded. On to the 7th.

9:58 ELECTION: 2,626 precincts in. Jindal creeping up - 53%. Boasso at 18%. Georges now in third, with 14%, and Campbell at 13%. Looks like the New Orleans area is coming in. Landrieu is now at 56%; Kershaw is sliding, at 32%. In the AG's race, Caldwell is up, but it's still pretty evenly split. Bob Odom is looking like he's in a runoff with Mike Strain.

10:00 ALCS: Cleveland scores on a sac-fly - 10-2 now, Boston leads.

10:02 ELECTION: WAFB-BR is reporting that Jindal has only 47%, but they're saying that there is a "computer error." Hmmm.

10:09 ELECTION WAFB-BR is not showing Jindal at 53%, and Boasso at 18%. Whew. More in line with what we've seen with the Sec. State's numbers.

10:12 ELECTION: WBRZ-BR is showing Landrieu at 56%, and Kershaw at 37%, with 77% reporting. Looks like that one is over.

10:16 ELECTION: Boasso speaking at this campaign headquarters now. Just wanted to say "hello" to supporters. Says it isn't over yet.

10:16 ALCS: 7th inning over. Top of the 8th - nothing for the Indians.

10:19 ELECTION: Finally. Update from the Sec. State's office. 3,214 precincts reporting - same precentages as before in the Governor's race, but now with 81% of the vote in. Landrieu seems to be re-elected. AG's race too close to call - but Caldwell is currently leading. Sec. Agriculture race seems to be Odom and Strain seem to be headed for a runoff.

10:23 ALCS: Ortiz doubles off the Green Monster. Manny up next......

10:25 ALCS: Manny had a sac-fly. Another Sox run in. 11-2, Boston.

10:27 ALCS: Lowell has RBI single. Another one in for the Sox. Drew singles just after.

10:30 ALCS: Sox strand loaded bases. Into the 9th. 12-2, Boston. Indians better explode here, or it's Game 7.

10:34 ELECTION: 3,428 of 3,967 precincts reporting at the Sec. States website. Precentages still the same. Jindal still at 53%. This could be historic, folks.

10:37 ALCS: We are one out from Game 7.

10:38 ALCS: Game 7 is on. 12-2, Red Sox. Tomorrow night is it!

10:42 ELECTION: 3,529 of 3,967 precincts reporting. Jindals lead still at 53%. Boston and Bobby look like winners tonight. The amazing thing is the poor showing of John Georges. I guess Ray Nagin hasn't got the coat-tails Georges, or Nagin, thought.

10:45 ELECTION: Foster Campbell concedes. Jindal is about to speak....

10:48 ELECTION: WAFB-BR is projecting Jindal winning outright. Bob Odom is in a runoff for the first time since 1979.

10:55 ELECTION: Still waiting......

10:57 ELECTION: Walter Boasso now speaking. Concedes. No word from Georges....

11:00 ELECTION: Bobby Jindal is at the podium. Claims victory. Thanks challengers, thanks wife, thanks parents. Still speaking, mostly boilerplate. New day for Louisiana. New image for the state. Will tackle corruption. Lots of talk of change.

11:08 ELECTION: Looking over the crowd on TV it is amazing the ethnic and racial diversity in the room. I hope the national Republican Party is taking note. If he can pull this off, you may be looking at the GOP presidential nominee in 2012 or 2016.

11:12 ELECTION: 3,803 of 3,967 precincts reporting. Stick a fork in it - it's done. The Republican realignment in Louisiana is here. We are truly a Red State. The Democratic candidates for Governor got only 31%. Huey Long is whirling in his grave(and Edwin Edwards in his cell...).

11:35 ROUNDUP: Jindal wins in the first primary. Georges has not conceded that I know of. Very bush league, John. Ray Nagin, who backed Georges, clearly doesn't have the stroke everyone thought. Bye, bye, Ray. Mitch Landreiu (D) wins in the first primary, too. Jay Dardenne (R) easily wins the Secretary of State's office. The Attorney General's race is the only one too close to call - Caldwell leads, with Foti second and Alexander a close third. The vote difference between Foti and Alexander is less than 4,000 as of now. Jim Donelon (R) was reelected as Insurance Commissioner, but there will be a runoff between Bob Odom and Mike Strain for the Commissioner of Agriculture.

11:36 LSU-AUBURN: LSU 30, Auburn 24. LSU, Sox, Jindal - lots of victirues tonight!!

11:40 ELECTION: Foti, the incumbent, has just dropped down to 3rd place in the AG race. If this holds, he will be out. (UPDATE: It has held. Foti is out.)

11:47 ELECTION: Quick and dirty review: of the 31 Senate seats in play, The Republicans seem to have taken 8, and are in runoffs in 4 more.

12:00 ELECTION: Quick and dirty review: of the 78 House seats in play, The Republicans seem to have taken 17, and are in runoffs in 28 more. Seven of those runoff seats both run-off candidates are GOP, so those can be counted in addition to the 17. It wasn't the sweep some predicted, alas.

12:02 COMMENTARY: I'm done. Great time, but I'll see you tomorrow. Hope this helped.

Flyer, Flyer, Pants On Fire.

Ah, Election Day in Louisiana.....

If you were a regular reader of this site, then this flier for John Georges wouldn't come as a surprise.

We'll see tonight weather racial pandering like this will allow the candidate who went to an all-white private school in Metairie to make the run-off.

Hattip: The Dead Pelican

19 October 2007

And It's One, Two, Three, What Are We Votin' For....?

Call Harry Reid. No, wait - call Joni Mitchell. The things you find in Labor/Education appropriations bills these days:

"Would the Democratic-controlled Senate approve a $1 million earmark to celebrate Woodstock-era baby boomers, carved out of a bill funding health care and education? It would because it is sponsored by New York's influential senators, Hillary Clinton and Charles Schumer. It would because they promote the pet project of a big-time Democratic campaign contributor."

Which would be a performing arts center at the site of the 1969 Woodstock Concert/Event/Hyped Legend.

Gimme an F! Gimme a U! Gimme a.....

Top 10 Reasons I'm voting for Bobby Jindal.

10. Bobby Jindal can add 2 billion plus 2 billion without a calculator.
09. There will be no one named “Coach” in a Bobby Jindal administration.
08. Bobby Jindal sits a horse better than Foster Campbell.
07. His thrilling stint on American Idol.
06. Walter Boasso is most effective with just a garden hose and a box of Tide.
05. Just to hear the Governor say, “Jim Bernard? Take a message.”
04. Ray Nagin supports John Georges.
03. Bobby Jindal is the only candidate who can quote extensively from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
02. Two Words: Crawfish Vindaloo!

And the Number One Reason I’m Voting for Bobby Jindal:

I value my children's future.

Also posted over at Louisiana Conservative Dot Com.

18 October 2007

And Now For Something Completely Amazing...

Yes, yes, I know - this site seems to have been hijacked by Louisiana polotics of late, and those of you looking for posts on The Episcopal Church (tm) and other things have been sorely disappointed. Patience, friends, the Election is Saturday, so hold on a bit longer. To break the stress, and to give everyone a smile today, I have the pleasure of presenting.....

.... a German juggling masonry hammers.

Why can't we get subs like that on our jobs....?

Hattip: Ken.

No State Shall....

The centerpiece of Foster Campbell's campaign is the elimination of the State Income Tax. Amen to that. But it is his concept for replacing that revenue that bothers me. He says we should tax all oil, including that which is imported from foreign countries:

"The Campbell plan will replace the money given back to Louisianans by updating the 1921 severance tax on oil and gas produced in Louisiana. He’ll institute a 6 percent user fee on ALL oil and gas produced, processed, refined or distributed in Louisiana. Although Louisiana is now an oil and gas processing state instead of a major producing state, the system adopted 86 years ago collects a tax ONLY on minerals produced in Louisiana. But 95 percent of oil and gas produced and processed in Louisiana--most of it from foreign oil companies and companies owned by foreign nations--is untaxed. That’s unfair to producers in Louisiana and allows foreign companies to use our offshore waters and coastal wetlands without charge." (emphasis mine)

OK, but I have one teensy concern - Article I, Section 10 of the US Constitution says:

"No state shall, without the consent of the Congress, lay any imposts or duties on imports or exports, except what may be absolutely necessary for executing it's inspection laws: and the net produce of all duties and imposts, laid by any state on imports or exports, shall be for the use of the treasury of the United States; and all such laws shall be subject to the revision and control of the Congress." (again, emphasis mine)

Is Campbell's plan Constitutional, and would it add to the state coffers? Or, is it a grey area that would require years in Federal Court fighting off Constitutional challenges from the Feds, foreign governments, or from other States, before we saw the first nickel?

17 October 2007

A Two-Man Race?

In the past 72 hours, all I hear is Jindal, Georges, Jindal, Georges, Jindal, Georges, Jindal, Georges. Are Walter Boasso and Foster Campbell even in this race anymore?

It is a sad day for the Damocratic Party in Louisiana when the two top candidates are a Republican nerd of Indian descent and an Independent (former Republican) wealthy businessman of Greek descent - and their guys aren't even close.

I wouldn't be surprised if Jindal wins the Mansion in the first Primary.

(P.S. Bobby, I meant the "nerd" thing in a nice way.)

UPDATE: Saw a number of Boasso and Campbell ads last night, so I guess someone got the message. But I still think it's like trying to bail out the Titanic with a teacup. Heroic effort, but the ships still gonna go down. Would have been better if the Capiain had avoided the iceberg in the first place, or if she had responded sooner to the impact.

I Told You So. First.

C. Ray is indeed using Mr. Bell's plaything to get out the vote for John Georges.

We got another call tonight.

Funny, they don't talk about what he says......

My Big Fat Greek Political Faux Pas.

The things you find on YouTube...

Cool, Daddy, Cool.

Here's a little distraction from all of the mud flying round in the current Louisiana campaigns:

Bill Quick, of Daily Pundit fame and the man who coined the term "blogosphere", has a new blog on Mid-Century Modernism - a period in design that fascinates me more the older I get. Check it out.

Hattip: Insapundit.

15 October 2007

Why I'm Not Voting For John Georges.

Ray "Chocolate City" Nagin came out today in support of John Georges for Governor of Louisiana.

And tonight, at about 6:45, we received a pre-recorded phone call at our home from Nagin, saying that "our people" need to support Georges. He went on to say that Georges was the only candidate who could beat Bobby Jindal, and was the only candidate who went to Jena. (Really??)

"Our people???" (Hint: I don't think he was talking about me. Looks like someone hasn't updated their phone records in a while...) If the Mayor of Jena had taped a campaign message saying that "our people" need to vote for Jindal, there'd be hell to pay, and rightfully so.

I can't say I expected more of Nagin - he has proven himself ever the opportunist. But I am disappointed that John Georges is sinking to this level of racial pandering to get votes. I expected more from a former Hornet.

On Saturday, I'm pulling the lever for Bobby.


Chris Muir, creator of the Day By Day cartoon (seen on the right side of this blog), just lost a very close family member. Please keep him, and his family, in your prayers, and remember to read Day By Day again starting 1 November.

And, please also remember Ken "Robie" Robichaux, who passed away on Friday after a battle with cancer. Ken was a review engineer with the Louisiana State Fire Marshal's Office, a New Orleans native, and a graduate of Jesuit, Tulane, and LSU. Robie didn't just march to the beat of his own drum, he designed and built it himself and created a unique theory of music to boot. Heaven is a big place, Robie; I hope you brought enough "Dixies". You will be missed.

The Rest Of The Story.

Jason at COUNTERCOLUMN has some great posts up this morning. My recommended reading for today.

Busy day today, so my posting will be light, if at all.

13 October 2007

It's The End Of The World As We Know It!

OK, it's not for me. Yes, my Alma Mater just lost to Kentucky. Oh, well. But all is not lost - The Boys From Landsdowne Street won Game One of the ALCS last night, 10-3. Game Two just started, and it's Carmona for the Indians versus Shilling for the Sox.

Off to watch the game.....

UPDATE: OK, I wish I hadn't. 11 innings, and we lost 13-6. Shilling only made it 5 innings. So with the series tied 1-1, it's off to Cleveland for Monday night's game. I'll be watching.

Yes, You Will Always Be Younger Than Me.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the The Naked Emperor.
There is a card for you on my desk which, in typical brotherly fashion, I forgot to mail.

Have a great day, bro!!

12 October 2007

2 Plus 2 Equals 4..... Plus A Bit More.

It's New Orleans. Can't say I'm surprised by this:

"After five hours of deliberations, a federal jury Thursday convicted three former Orleans Parish school employees of doctoring payroll records in order to scam extra cash."

I'm sure they did it "for the children".

Eagle Scout 1, Architect Of The Capitol, 0.

Seems that a 17 year-old Eagle Scout beat both the Architect of the Capitol and the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D - LaLa Land), and the word "God" CAN be written on flag certificates.

Original post about it is here.

Being both an Eagle Scout and an Architect, I'm glad the former won.

Oh, and a big hello to all of the American Institute of Architects Main Office folks reading this post. Shouldn't you be, like, doing something productive?

11 October 2007

Can You Say "Steamroller"? I Knew You Could.

Latest poll numbers from the Louisiana Governor's race:

Bobby Jindal (R) - 50%
John Georges (I) - 9%
Walter Boasso (D) - 9%
Foster Campbell (D) - 7%
Other - 3%

When the appointed Democratic front-runner in Louisiana is still in single digits less than two weeks before the election, and tied with an independent, I think we are looking at a political shift of Biblical proportions here in the Bayou State. Jindal is even polling well among black voters. And also among the more conservative evangelical voters in north Louisiana, who the Democrats have tried to scare away from Jindal because of his ethnicity and religion. It worked four years ago for Kathleen Blanco, but it has backfired horribly this time. Jindal's "Second Chance" campaign seems to be very effective, reminding voters that we wouldn't be in the mess we're in the first place if things had been different four years ago (an almost universal sentiment), and that they have a "second chance" to make things right.

Finally. Something To Do At The Mall.

First Cabela's, now this: An Apple Store will be opening soon in Baton Rouge.

"MacNN meanwhile has obtained information that a store is being built at the Mall of Louisiana, found in Baton Rouge. The shop will not actually be built within the mall, but rather in an outside development as a free-standing structure. It should occupy 4,919 square feet, and feature stainless-steel wall panels in its sales area."

As an iPhone owning, dedicated Apple user since 1988, it's wonderful news. But there is more here, I think, than just making some local Mac-hacks happy. Apple Stores usually appear in tech-savvy, growth markets, like Austin, Houston, Atlanta. Notice where it didn't go. Brinkley's Houston / Galveston analogy may be a more accurate predictor of the future than we think.

Hattip (again): Baton Rouge Business Report.

09 October 2007

What If They Gave A Debate And No One Showed Up?

Well, no one worth mentioning. It would look like this.

Our New Do.

Now that we're getting the hang of this blog thing, we've made a few changes to the old site - a wider format and a nicer masthead. Hope it suits everyone. If you have trouble loading or viewing the site let me know in the comments.

If you like the changes let me know that, too. (I so love compliments....)

UPDATE: There may still be some tweaking going on for the next few days, so please be patient. (I'm a perfectionist. Sue me.) The masthead image is one I took it at a jobsite south of New Orleans, pre-Katrina. Yes, the future handbag is very real, and I was that close. (And sometimes rather closer.) Just one of the hazards of the trade in these parts.

Louisiana Tops The List!

Like you didn't know this already; now there is scientific proof: Louisiana is the most corrupt state in the nation.

Hattip: Baton Rouge Business Report.

Michael Yon Reports.

I got an e-mail from Michael Yon this morning with a link to a new post: Under Distant Stars.

From his e-mail:

"I've just spent 10 days on the Iran-Iraq border with an excellent British "Battle Group" called 4 Rifles. We truly were living under the desert stars.

I am currently in Basra. There are reports that Basra is in chaos.

These reports are false. Basra is mostly peaceful; the British have not lost a soldier in combat for more than a month, and Iraqi-on-Iraqi violence has plummeted in the last six weeks or so.

The British have NOT pulled out of Iraq or Basra yet, but from what I can see, their force reduction decisions are militarily and politically sound, and are supported by top American commanders in Baghdad.

The news reports I am seeing about Basra are incomplete at best, and largely inaccurate.

(Reminds me of Mosul during 2005.)"

Architects: Protecting You From Religion.

As a dues-paying member of the American Institute of Archtiects, I can only ask....

WTF is this?????

"Midland Republican U.S. Rep. Dave Camp is among lawmakers objecting because the U.S. Capitol's architect won't allow God to be mentioned in certificates of authenticity accompanying flags flown over the Capitol and bought by constitutents."

I'll bet the architect's an Episcopalian.

UPDATE: I guess the Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-Nutterville) is an Episcopalian, too. Pelosi defended the architect's actions in refusing an Eagle Scout's request to have the following dedication inscribed on a flag cretificate: "In honor of my grandfather Marcel Larochelle, and his dedication and love of God, country, and family." Too political and religious, said Pelosi. OK, how about this - "In honor of my grandfather Marcel Larochelle, and his dedication and love of Someone more improtant than Nancy Pelosi, country, and family." Would that be unreligious enough, Nancy?

UPDATE: Hello to the folks from the American Institute of Architects who found this post. Glad to know how you are spending my hard-earned money.

08 October 2007

Tolerance, 12th Century Style.

Another fine example of inter-faith dialogue and respect in an Islamic State:

"The body of Rami Khader Ayyad, the 32-year-old director of Gaza's only Christian bookstore, bore a visible gunshot wound to the head, and an official at Gaza's Shifa Hospital said he was also stabbed numerous times. Ayyad had been missing since Saturday afternoon.

Ayyad regularly received anonymous death threats from angry people who accused him of missionary work, a rarity among Gaza's Christians. His store, which is associated with a Christian group called the Palestinian Bible Society, was firebombed in April.

"We feel Rami was killed for his Christian faith," said Simon Azazian, a spokesman at the Bible Society's head office in Jerusalem."

I am (for now) an Episcopalian. Why isn't my Church speaking out about such real attacks on the Faith, instead of focusing their energies on tearing apart the Anglican Communion over gay marriage and a pointy hat for Gene Robinson? What happened here is REAL persecution, folks. What happened here is real sacrifice for the Faith. Remember that next time Integrity throws a hissy-fit about the "sacrifices" of gays and lesbians in The Episcopal Church (tm).

And remember, too, that the people who murdered this man couldn't give a tinker's damn about "full inclusion", or the Millennium Development Goals and how hard The Episcopal Church (tm) works for their implementation, or how many General Convention resolutions were passed in support of peace in the Middle East and Palestinian rights. To them, the Christian Faith is not "another vehicle to the Devine", it is an abomination. An abomination that must, in the end, be eliminated.

Monday Afternoon Time-Waster.

The Smoking Gun has compiled an entertaining group of mugshots that will give you marketing types nightmares. Enjoy.

Personally, if this doesn't say "please don't get Dish Network", I don't know what would.

Scandal? Us?

For all you scandal-junkies out there, keep a watch on what a grand jury uncovers about the prison at Angola. Could well be another black eye for Louisiana as more comes out.

Or not - if memory serves, Warden Cain has dodged this kind of thing before. The difference here is that the investigation is Federal, not State.

At a minimum, I hope it forces Jindal to make some sweeping personnel changes at Corrections and OYD when he gets into office.

Governor's Race Daily Fun Fact.

I'm still posting the 'Governor's Race Daily Fun Fact' over at Louisiana Conservative Dot Com. So stop over for a visit.

Alas, none of my "facts" have made the evening news. At least, not yet. (There is still time....)

07 October 2007

What Now? A Five Year Plan?

Mikhail Gorbachev, the last leader of that failed Marxist (sorry, I repeat myself) experiment in Russia, was in New Orleans last Friday. And he had this to say:

"No matter the flooding and the hurricane, the red tape and bureaucracy survive."

Holy dialectic materialism! We've been saying for nearly two years that it's the red tape and the bureaucracy that are choking our recovery after Katrina and Rita, and now we have someone who is an expert on red tape and bureaucracy say so. If Cde. Gorbachev thinks it's bad, it's gotta be bad!!

Mickey also said some things about calling for a revolution, too, but I wouldn't be too concerned. Outside of Hollywood and some parts of the Northeast - and the National Council of Churches - nobody really cares what a has-been Communist leader has to say anymore.

Four Acres of Heaven.

The new Cabela's sporting goods super-store in Gonzales, just south of Baton Rouge, is now open. We went today.

Wow. IKEA for guys. And there is an outlet mall at the same I-10 exit, so the wife and kids will have something to do while you spend the college fund on a bass boat.

06 October 2007

Two Grand.

On Friday, Mr. Sitemeter reported that this little site had it's 2,000th visitor since I started tracking stats. And that visitor was............

My mom.

I guess she'll get some kind of award or something, just as soon as I figure what that will be. (I'm taking suggestions.)

For all of you who stop by regularly, thank you for your time and your intetest in what we put up. I hope you keep coming back. And if you like what you see, do tell your friends.

Now all you privacy freaks out there don't, well, freak. I know who the 2,000th visitor was because I know her IP address. I don't know most of the others who visit regularly; all I can see is an IP address, and occasionally a location.

04 October 2007

Shooting in Alexandria.

No. Four people in a law firm in Alexandria, Louisiana have been shot. A colleague of theirs in Alec asking for your prayers. Indeed.

I know, I know. This seems to utterly invalidate my snarky post below. I'm going remove the snarkyness, but still leave it up. Below is about Rights. What happened in Alec is about Wrongs. Harm to another, no matter how you convey it, is wrong; both in the sight of God and of Man. Again, pray for all.

UPDATE: It was five people shot, two fatally. The gunman was also killed.

A Liberal Looks At The Second Amendment.

Sit down.

Now, read this: A liberal's lament: The NRA might be right after all.

Yes, that's what it said.

A principled liberal. We need more of these.

03 October 2007

My $.02 - Nothing Secedes Like Secession.

File this under "You Gotta Be Kidding".

There are people out there still steamed about being American, and they are holding a meeting. It seems they aren't at all happy with the outcome of Shea's Rebellion, or this little 19th-century difficulty.

The people at this "convention" should thank their lucky stars (and stripes!) they live in the US. You want socialized medicine, multi-culturalism, and gun control, Vermonters? Quebec is just a 30 minute ride from Burlington. It's so multi-cultural you can only speak one language by law. And you nostalgic good 'ol boys who think you look good in grey - do you REALLY want to live in a neo-aristocracy where the vast majority of people - white and black - are dirt poor? No? I didn't think so. (That was the reality in the South in 1861.)

Look, I'm a Southerner; my ancestors were Southern aristocracy on one side, and iconoclastic, independent Vermonters on the other. Some of my ancestors fought (and died) for the South during the Civil War, and others went to jail rather than recognize the State of Vermont (or pay their taxes) when it joined the Union back in 1791. And another set of ancestors helped initiate the West Florida Rebellion and create the Republic of West Florida in 1810. So my family has a rather large and proven rebellious streak. We are a hard-headed (and well armed) bunch known to take our causes very seriously. It's in our genes. So I speak from authority when I say to these "secessionists":

GO HOME. GET A LIFE. You people are depriving your villages of some perfectly good idiots.

My $.02.

02 October 2007

White Powdery Substance Found On New Orleans Saints’ Practice Field.

Stunning. Brad Drell has the complete story here.

I think someone seriously dropped the ball on this one.

Yes, I'm With Fred.

Why am I supporting Fred Thompson for President? This is why.

"After a recent Thompson speech in Iowa a member of the audience called out: "Kill the terrorists, secure the border, and give me back my freedom." Thompson replied "you just summed up my whole speech."

"No other candidate could have carried off that quip because no other candidate is capable of delivering a convincing speech focused on those powerful themes."

Gulf Storm Update - 071002

Hmmm. Maybe something. Maybe not.


"Spaghetti Models"

Remember to keep checking Golden Triangle Weather Page, of course.

01 October 2007

Harry Lee, RIP.

Jefferson Parish Sheriff Harry Lee died this morning. Lee has been a political icon in Jefferson Parish - and the State - for decades, and his passing leaves a HUGE vacuum in parish politics. I can't even remember the last Sheriff before Harry Lee.

It will be very interesting to watch Jefferson Parish politics over the next few weeks. That's one big hat to fill.

RIP, Harry. You deserve it.