29 October 2009

Godspeed, Dave Treen.

Former Louisiana governor Dave Treen died today in Metairie.

Treen was one of the first Republicans I ever campaigned for (I was 12), and a major reason I am interested in politics today. He was - like my parents - a Republican back when Louisiana was a one-party Democrat state, and he scared the hell out of establishment Democrats in 1971 with a stunning run against Edwin Edwards. Edwards won, but Treen's run put the GOP on the map in Louisiana as a contender, and led Edwards to create Louisiana's unique "open primary" law to keep the GOP out of office. It didn't work. The GOP grew with Teeen's efforts, and Treen did become governor in 1979.

Dave Treen was a man of honor and principle (which is the reason he only lasted one term), a true reformer, and the reason we have a two-party state today. He will be missed; but never forgotten.

"Yeah You Rite."

For those who think New Orleanians talk like Scarlett O'Harah, or Belizaire the Cajun, watch this:

27 October 2009

A Good Question.

The folks at Reason are wondering: Why Won't the Public Option Die? Simple. That is THE crux of The Left/Mainstream Media push for "reform." Without it, the road to a government run, single-payer health care system is shut.

But with a "public option," the government can make it financially advantageous for employers and individuals to pay a "fine" rather than pay a private health care premium. This will dump millions of folks into the government system, where the "public option" will always be the cheapest option. Once the "public option" reaches a critical mass, say 50% of the non-Medicare population, the next argument will be: "Hey, folks like the public system - wouldn't it be more fair and cost-effective if we only had one system?..." QED - single-payer.

UPDATE: Reason notes that The Left/Mainstream Media are "using free-market rhetoric to expand government power". The entire point of the "public option" for Team Hopenchange is not to increase competition and choice, but to eliminate both as much as possible. With a "public option," the government can arbitrarily set price points which private insurers can't match, as government doesn't have to worry about those pesky free-market things like operational efficiency or breaking even. The government can therefore tip the playing field, making it financially advantageous for employers and individuals to go the "public option" route. Further, since they will not be able to compete with a government-subsidized arrangement that charges less than the service costs, private insurers will be forced out of the business. With the "public option", The Left/Mainstream Media can achieve their single-payer nirvana - without ever having to propose it.

26 October 2009

Clothes Make The Messiah.

Via Instapundit, the best description ever on why Team Hopenchange is so vicious about criticism:

...that while it truly didn't matter what anyone said about W, because he had such a firmly established core being, it matters utterly what the critics say about the UR's (Obama's) clothes, because there is no emperor.

Latimer's Fire.

Well, I'm back from my annual retreat and, as always, it was a wonderful, moving time on the banks of the Mississippi.

As with most people, I always find the toughest thing about listening to God is the shutting-up part. More often than not, He can't get a Word in edge-wise. But when one spends three days in silence, focused on Him, you find out God has rather a lot to say. Now, I'm not talking about some grand prophetic revelation here, but whispers in the wind you can hear if you really, really, listen.

So, what did He say? Most of my prayers this weekend focused on guidance about what is happening in The Episcopal Church (tm), the Anglican Communion, and the recent announcement by the Pope creating a structure for Anglicans to return to Rome. (Somewhat fitting, since I was at a Jesuit retreat house...) And on that subject He said, this: "Wait. And fight." Yes, there is an exit. Several, actually. And yes, if you leave the burning building now you may save yourself. But if the the building can still be saved, isn't it worth trying to save it? And what of those still stuck inside? Many don't even know the building is on fire. Many others are convinced the fire won't reach them, think it's a false alarm, or buy into management's story that it's just someone down the hall having a BBQ.

So stay and fight, I shall. A lot more than I have been. It's time to fight fire with Fire.

22 October 2009

Is Somebody Scared?

Baton Rouge Tea Party had another Town Hall last night, explaining our opposition to the current East Baton Rouge Parish bond proposal due to the ALIVE component. A couple of pro-ALIVE folks were also in attendance, and got all Joe Wilson on us. (Isn't that supposed to be a bad thing? -ed.) BRTP has had members at the supporter's meetings in the past, and we've had the good manners not to disrupt their program. For a bunch that's outspending us more than 200:1, and who looks at us - at best - as a fringe of uneducated, mis-guided, reactionaries, why take such actions?

P.S. One of the back-of-heads you see in the Advocate picture, is me. And that's about all you will ever see of me on RSR. I have a face only a wife could love.

Barry O's Flying Circus, Or, Reynold's Law.

Glenn Reynolds postulates that there is a Monty Python's Flying Circus clip for everything the Obama Administration does. So far, his theory is holding up.

21 October 2009

So How's That Stimulus Working Out For Us, Barry?

Oh, yeah.

After surviving one back in college, I often wondered what this country would look like if it were actually run by a freshman sociology class. Now I know.

UPDATE: And even more Hopenchange good news! I'm not sure why the writer is so puzzled about employers not responding to "signs of recovery". As an employer (we have seven full-time employees, plus us partners), why should I increase staff at this point? I'll likely be forced to lay off staff I already have in order to afford all of the new taxes, penalties and fees from the upcoming health care and cap-n-trade mandates.

Some Personal Notes.

Every now and again, I love to look at Mr. Sitemeter...

1. To the person in Baton Rouge digging through this site - if you are looking for something, just email me. If it's dirt you want, I'm afraid I'm pretty boring. Sorry. But I am rather creative, so I suppose I can work something up if you ask. Would Fijian midgets and a Zamboni suffice?

2. To the person in Dallas / Fort Worth who always gets to RSR by googling 'red stick rant,' just bookmark it. It'll save you time. Or just email me. It's been about... what? 30 years?

3. To the folks who get here by googling 'hot red stick' or 'throbbing red stick', I'm sorry; this place doesn't cover the kind of 'red stick' you were seeking. I guess it's a Canadan thing, eh?

Word Of Advice To ACORN.

Quit while you're behind.

It's Good To Be Here.

While the rest of the country is still reeling from the effects of the government-created financial crisis - and the government-created bailout to fix it - according to The Baton Rouge Business Report our little slice of red-state heaven... ain't doing too bad.

20 October 2009

A Roman Bombshell.

When it reigns, dear readers, it pours. Aside from the normal purging of dissent by any means necessary, some pesky facts about the success of that "new thing" we're doing, and the occasional waxy emission from the intellectual deaf ear of our denomination, there hasn't been much in the way of news lately with respect to The Episcopal Church (tm) and the Current Unpleasantness.

But today, there was... this. Followed by... this. Kaboom.

Wow. An actual Pope, looking for a way to offer the faithful a place at the table. Unlike our wannabe pope and her hench-persons, who are only looking to legitimize a political agenda and keep the trappings and riches for themselves. The faithful be damned.

I'm going to Manresa in a few days for my annual retreat weekend. Is this a sign?

And The Survey Says...


...Don't much like President Obama.
...Don't like Democrat health care reform.
...Don't think the Democrat stimulus package worked.
...Don't like the Democrat cap-n-trade scheme.
...Are so-so about Democrat Mary Landrieu.
...Still like Republican Bobby Jindal.
...But are so-so about his administration's decisions.
...Have forgiven Republican David Vitter.
...Really, really like our Right-to-Work law.
...Really, really don't like the Democrat 'Card-Check' scheme.

Read it all here.

Town Hall With Bill Cassidy II

Last night's Baton Rouge Tea Party Health Care Town Hall with Representative (and MD) Bill Cassidy came off rather well.

As much as it is against our nature, we conservative/libertarian types are organizing our community. Which makes us...

19 October 2009

Town Hall With Bill Cassidy.

The Baton Rouge Tea Party is hosting a health care town hall with Rep. Bill Cassidy tonight, 6:00pm - 8:00pm. The location is the Baton Rouge Marriott off College Drive and Corporate Boulevard. (The address is - and I am not making this up - 5500 Hilton Avenue.)

Weimar, D.C.?

I used to dismiss as loons folks who said stuff like this. But with the exploding Federal debt (and much more to come), the sliding dollar and fiscally out-of-control Congress and Administration, the good Senator may be onto something. That idea of gold buried in the back yard may not be so bad after all...

18 October 2009

Raul, You Can Keep Him. Please.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin is visiting Cuba... to see how they respond to disasters. Honestly, you can't make this stuff up.

Here's a hint, Ray: Their whole country is a bloody disaster; and the guys running it made it that way. Kinda like you after Katrina.

UPDATE: Ray Nagin went to Cuba, and all we got was this lousy T-shirt:

17 October 2009


Isn't this some kind of Lefty blasphemy?

Read The Fine Print, You Fat Smoker.

Remember Team Hopenchange's "you can't be denied coverage or pay higher premiums because of a pre-existing condition" health-care goal? Seems they left out a word: "Approved." As in, "You can't be denied coverage or pay higher premiums because of an approved a pre-existing condition."

Apparently, if you have a condition that the government does not approve of, it's gonna cost you. You will have no choice. After reform, the government will decide what is - and is not - approved, and "reform" will make it illegal for you to purchase medical services outside of the government approved system.

Dear readers, I can't stress this enough: Health-care "reform" as pushed by The Left/Mainstream Media has nothing to do with reform; it has to do with control. It has to do with a bunch of moral crusaders forcing you live by the moral values they set and make the lifestyle choices they think you should make. This is social(ist) engineering, plain and simple. They believe they have the Right to force you to live your life they the way they think it should lived, to exercise what liberty they think is good for you to exercise, and for you to pursue what they think should bring happiness.

For the Left/Mainstream Media, "choice" only belongs to decisions about where you stick your pecker, or vacuuming out the consequences thereof.

I see nothing wrong with insurance companies charging more for persons who have conditions or behaviors that will cost the insurers more. I have two conditions that make me more expensive to insure. But it is the height of intellectual hypocrisy for for Team Hopenchange and their allies in The Left/Mainstream Media to claim we need reform because it is wrong for insurance companies charge more for pre-existing conditions, when that is exactly what they themselves intend to do.

The Gipper? Who Was That?

Tea Party movement "complicates" GOP hopes. Well, yeah. Abandon our values - Reagan's values - and what the hell did you expect us to do?

16 October 2009

Saint Mao And The Episcopal Church (tm).

Much has been made lately over a video of Anita Dunn, Obama's Communications Director, admitting during a commencement speech that Mao Tse Tung is one of her two "favorite political philosophers" (the other is Mother Teresa).

Watch the video, and you begin to realize that her speech praising Mao was being delivered in a church. (There is, ironically, a cross in the background.)

Ask yourself, dear readers - what sort of Christian Church would allow someone to hold up, as a guiding example to graduates, an atheist responsible for the deaths of 70 million souls and who relentlessly persecuted Christians?

If you said The Episcopal Church (tm)... YOU'D BE RIGHT!! (The National Cathedral, Washington, DC, June 2009, graduation for St. Andrews Episcopal School, Potomac, MD.)

15 October 2009

Employment Missile Command.

An interesting animation showing job growth/loss across the US since 2004. Note at the end only three little green dots are left: El Paso, Texas, McAllen, Texas, and... Baton Rouge.

Hattip: Instapundit.

Game Over Before It Even Begins?

If Obama came to Louisiana to help, he sure didn't do Democrat Rep. Charlie Melancon any favors. Melancon is running against incumbent Republican Senator David Vitter in 2010, and is already trailing badly. Obama isn't exactly a popular figure here, and Vitter is sure to bring this clip back in order to remind Louisiana voters of the Melancon/Obama connection.

Stimulus Math.

First hard numbers indicate the Team Hopenchange Stimulus Plan has saved or created... 30,083 jobs.

That's right. 30,083 jobs.

Not so fast, responds Team Hopenchange - that only accounts for spending $16 billion of the $787 billion, and it exceeds their expectations.

M'kay. Let's apply some elementary school math to that: Divide $16 billion by 30,083, and you discover that each job created or saved cost you and me, the taxpayers... $531,861.85.

That's right. $531,861.85 for each job created or saved.

No wonder Obama didn't get the Nobel for economics.

So Kate, How's That "Full Inclusion" Thing Working Out For You?

It's only a flesh wound....

Four Hours?? Gee, Thanks.

Nine months after taking office, President Obama visits New Orleans.

Say You Want A Revolution...

James Hudnall says liberty is the new counter-culture. Count me in.

14 October 2009

Let There Be (Dim) "Green" Light.

Go figure. After left-wing busybodies got incandescent light bulbs banned in Europe, Australia, and the US - because us rubes can't be trusted with making the choices our left-wing elites want us to - us rubes have started hoarding those very same incandescent bulbs. (Note: The story is from Australia, not the US. Our ban doesn't kick in until 2012.)

Villa RSR is already starting to do it's hoarding part, and will lay up a tidy stockpile before the US ban kicks in. Why? Two reasons: First is principle. I am a free citizen. No one has the right to force me (or others) by Law to live by their moral choices. If I opposed Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson trying to tell me how to live my life back in the 1980's, why should I accept Al Gore and Carol Browner doing it now? And second: Today's compact fluorescent (CF) bulbs, the left-wing's "green" alternative - heck, the only alternative we'll soon be allowed... suck. CF bulbs are slow to light, dimmer than incandescents, more expensive than incandescents, the light temperature is all wrong, and they seem to burn out almost as fast as incandescents (we've replaced several in under six months).

If the technology were at a point where CF bulbs were truly competitive with incandescent bulbs, there would be no problem. The market would take care of this as people (including your humble blogger) chose the better product. Just ask makers of 8-tracks and VHS tapes. But our self-appointed moral superiors don't trust us, or the free market, so they feel compelled to force their choice upon us for our own good. How long will it be before we have to contend with a "green" version of this organization?

UPDATE 15OCT09: Yet another example: In California, banning TVs deemed "too big."

You Lie! Again.

Remember this Obama campaign promise? Aparrently, Team Hopenchange doesn't. Hold onto your wallets, dear readers, we're in for a bumpy ride.

Why Olympia Snowe Voted 'Yes'.

It wasn't the "call of history". It was the call of Maine's state government, looking for a way to bail out their state's "public option" health care plan.

There is a lesson here; remember it when you hear claims about the "public option" and controlling costs.

Hattip: Instapundit.

Wednesday Lunch Distraction.

Fun with guns and high-speed cameras. Watch it all.

UPDATE: If that doesn't peg your geek-meter, this should. At least for us geek guys, anyway.

UPDATE: And here's some more cool bullet/fast camera imagery to fritter away the hours in an offhand way. I mean, why not? This is Omerica - it's not like working hard, or doing good, or playing by the rules will gain you anything anymore.

13 October 2009

The S***t Won't Hit This Fan.

A wicked cool bladeless fan. It's by Dyson, the people who reinvented the vacuum cleaner and designed the best hand dryer out there.

Obama Is NOT Hitler.


Happy Birthday, Grey Man!

Cheese, bottle of scotch, and all that. On this day in 1792, the corner stone of the White House was laid. May you be as fortunate.

09 October 2009

Our ObamaCare Future...

...Today. A Lefty starts to get it.

UPDATE 10OCT09: Another health care "reform" from the Bay State we should remember. You can keep the policy you like; but when the government decides it doesn't like it, you'd better open your checkbook.

The Oslo Syndrome.

Marx was right: “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.”

(Note: If you do not know what this post is referring to already, be sitting down and consuming no liquids when you open the second link above.

Ann Althouse, and the riddle of the day.

UPDATE: And he won "for his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples."

That's... it?? Hell, that describes just about every American college kid who ever bummed across Europe looking to get laid. (Therefore, next year I nominate myself...)

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds has a roundup.

08 October 2009

Imitation Is The Sincerest Form Of Flattery.

That must the explanation. Otherwise, you're a racist.

Hattip: And So It Goes In Shreveport.

Charlie And His CREW.

How's that LODC complaint working out for you? Oh, yeah.

Pruitt-Igoe. Again.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

UPDATE 09OCT09: Quote fixed.

Why? Because I'm 50, And I Can.

Miss 50 Bikini Contest.

Hattip: Theo Spark.

Will It Float?

Aparrently not.

Happy Birthday, Judge.

Yeah, I could've sent you a lame-ass card. But instead, I found...this.

Don' Pahk Yah Cah At Raisin' Cane's.

Note to my Boston area readers: Baton Rouge's Raising Cane's restaurant is opening up a location at BU, their first in New England. Best chicken fingers there are, so go give 'em a try!

UPDATE: Of course, you still need to go here for ice cream.

07 October 2009

Today's Required Viewing.

Just the facts, Mr. President, just the facts.

Get Your Money For Nothin'...

How does Team Hopenchange deal with the dire straits of homelessness and poverty? Throw cash at it. Lots of cash. Your cash.

It's easy to be compassionate with somebody else's money.

06 October 2009

Podcast Is Up.

As promised, the podcast from last Saturday's Kiss My Gumbo radio show is here. Greta's interview with milblogger Greyhawk at Mudville Gazette is excellent, and well worth the time. My appearance is about 1/3 of the way in, and you can actually hear my voice in between the many stuttering "uh...", "um...", "er...", etc.

Practicing Safe Schools.

Pat Austin takes a look at what seems to be the priority for Team Hopenchange (Imperial Russian Court Division) and 'safe schools.'

I Gotta Have One.

The Chuck Norris Bible.

In A League Of His Own.

For the record, I generally like Baton Rouge Mayor Kip Holden, and would support most of his upcoming bond issue. We need it. But when it comes to the current ALIVE debate, Charlie Buras is spot on.

Only someone who is too afraid to confront his critics, or too arrogant, would call The League of Women Voters a "hostile forum."

05 October 2009

And Obama Wanted Them To Help With The Census?

Remember this little one million dollar problem ACORN tried to cover up? Well, it now appears it was actually more like... five million dollars.

Proving yet again that counting doesn't seem to be an ACORN strength.

I Mean, It Sounds Reasonable.

Imagine my surprise when I found out "The Singularity Summit" was not another name for a Barack Obama press conference.

John McCain Was Right.

At least, when it comes to David Letterman.

Hattip: Exurban League.

The Young British Soldier.

A short video from Michael Yon, shot while he was with the UK's 2 Rifles in Afghanistan.

Busy Day.

It's a more-then-typical Monday at work, so blogging will be light, if not non-existent. Instead, please rummage through the blogroll on the right - and don't forget to stop by the 'Blog of the Day.'

"Play It On The Radio."

Last Saturday your humble blogger was a guest on Greta Perry's radio show Kiss My Gumbo (9-10am WIST 690 AM in New Orleans), talking about Louisiana politics. Had a great time, and Greta is one amazing lady. I was in company way above my pay grade, as 'Greyhawk' from Mudville Gazette - one of the premier milbloggers there is - preceded me as a guest.

I'll put up a link to the podcast when it's available, so you can hear 'Greyhawk' talk about Afghanistan and other military issues. And hear yours truly wax eloquent on things Louisiana. (Or make an total arse of myself. You decide.)

P.S. Bonus points if anyone can name the Michael Caine movie from the 80's where I stole the post title.

01 October 2009

'Worldwide Pants', Um, Dropped.

And on more than a few occasions. After spending years making fun of every Republican sex scandal there was, David Letterman deserves what he gets - which hopefully is plummeting ratings and a humiliating, public cancellation. Besides, Conan O'Brien and Jay Leno are much more entertaining these days. Come to think of it, so is the watching the Paint-Drying Channel.

UPDATE: Remember the old Letterman routines where he used shout things from a megaphone out the window, the ones that always ended with "I'm not wearing pants!?" I guess he wasn't kidding.

UPDATE 02OCT09: Looks like I was wrong. CBS and the rest of the Left/Mainstream Media have girded themselves in the situational ethics of the elite and gone into Polanski-like spin mode, painting Letterman as the heroic victim to be admired for being strong enough to confront this issue. They are casting this as a crime of extortion, and extortion only, and the public seems to be buying it. The fact that this is a superb example of what the Left/Mainstream Media used to define as sexual harassment - i.e. employer soliciting/getting sex from employees - is being utterly ignored. (Anyone remember Clarence Thomas?... - ed.) It's not important here - what is important is Letterman spent eight years making fun of George W. Bush, and he kisses Obama's ass.

I predict that this issue will be pushed aside, and Letterman will survive. If it is raised again, it will be as a positive, and not a negative, thing.

All that aside, Letterman's show is still tired, worn, utterly predictable, and unfunny. The South Park repeats 10:30-11:30, or HSN, are more ehjoyable.

Americans For Limited Credibility?

We are quick round here to point out things The Left/Mainstream Media do that stink up the place. Not because of who did them, but because they stink. So when allegations of place-stinking appear in our own camp, honesty and consistency demand we point that out, too.

Well, last Thursday Americans for Limited Government (ALG) announced that Dateline NBC producer Jane Stone allegedly sent one of their staffers, Alex Rosenwald, an email response that said, “Bite me, Jew Boy!” A very, very serious charge.

Of course, much furor erupted. NBC hotly denied the incident, while ALG stood by their charge.

Now, a week later, and... nothing. ALG has apparently never substantiated their accusation, and that is equally serious.

So until ALG either makes their their case - and I mean pony up some server logs or something - or apologizes to Dateline NBC and Ms. Jane Stone, I've dropped their email alerts and Twitter feed, and will not link to them anymore as a source. The burden of proof is on the accuser, and so far Americans for Limited Government hasn't met that burden.

A Prairie Home Final Solution.

Thoughtful, balanced observation from a nuanced, sensitive practitioner of the entertainment arts:
When an entire major party has excused itself from meaningful debate and a thoughtful U.S. senator like Orrin Hatch no longer finds it important to make sense and an up-and-comer like Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty attacks the president for giving a speech telling schoolchildren to work hard in school and get good grades, one starts to wonder if the country wouldn't be better off without them and if Republicans should be cut out of the health-care system entirely and simply provided with aspirin and hand sanitizer. Thirty-two percent of the population identifies with the GOP, and if we cut off health care to them, we could probably pay off the deficit in short order.(Emphasis mine.)
In other words, "Die, GOP Scum!" And us Tea Party / Conservative / Libertarian / Sarah Palin Supporting types are the blithering, shrill, ignorant nutjobs????...

UPDATE 05OCT09: I changed the post title at the suggestion of a friend, who also suggested I add the following reminder to my readers who may contribute to PBS or NPR: "The very deep thoughts of Garrison Keillor are provided by the continued generous contributions of PBS/NPR supporters like you."

Today's Required Reading.


Hattip: Exurban League.


The Exurban League does it again.

Today's Required Viewing.

If you saw this attempt at parody the other day by some rather comfortably well off celebrities, then you need to see this superb response.

It raises an interesting question - Who are you going to listen to when it comes to health care? A medical doctor, or Will Farrell?

Hattip: Hot Air.

When The Going Get's Tough, The Tough Get Put On Hold.

Obama's Afghanistan Policy.

Chris Muir nails it.

That Ain't Earl Grey, Mr. Mayor.

The opposition to the bond issue on the ballot on 14 November is, um, alive and kicking.

Here's something to remember when you hear the ALIVE opponents trashed as "anti-progress":
We all want progress, but if you're on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road; in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive.

- C. S. Lewis
And funding ALIVE with public dollars is the wrong road.

And The Pointy Hat Goes To...

Nominees for the next Episcopal Bishop of Louisiana have been announced:

The Rev’d Kurt Dunkle
Rector, Grace Episcopal Church,
Jacksonville, Florida

The Rev’d Paul A. Elliott
Rector, St. Michael & All Angels Church,
Stone Mountain, Georgia

The Rev’d Paul A. Johnson
Rector, Christ Episcopal Church,
Glen Allen, Virginia

The Rev’d Ken Ritter
Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church,
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

The Rt. Rev’d Michael G. Smith
Bishop, Diocese of North Dakota
Fargo, North Dakota

The Very Rev’d Morris Thompson
Dean, Christ Church Cathedral
Lexington, Kentucky

Bio links above from here.

Two notes:

First, I'm greatly relieved no one was nominated who demands the "Mother" honorific.

Second, I've met Ken Ritter a number of times (I used to do EFM at Trinity), have heard him preach, and I like him. Bishop Smith preached at our church (Saint Luke's, Baton Rouge) just two weeks ago, and he appears to be a pretty orthodox fellow. I'd be happy with either, but I want to look at all the bios, and do some prayin' first, before I settle on a favorite.

UPDATE: Quickly read over the bios. Not surprisingly, it's mostly fluffy yadda-yadda - especially in the responses to this question set: What are the three most significant issues facing the Episcopal Church today? How do you see your leadership as it pertains to these issues?

UPDATE: A quick "hello" to the folks from Saint Augustine's, Metairie, who stopped by this morning. Please tell Myra and Tammy that Clifford sends his best.

UPDATE: I read the bios more thoroughly. Smith and Ritter still my favorites, in that order. I think after reading his bio and seeing who put him in nomination, Dunkle may be the Left's choice.