27 February 2010

Welcome To The Party!

Some Lefties want to start a counter to the Tea Party Movement, the Coffee Party:
let's start a coffee party . . . smoothie party. red bull party. anything but tea. geez. ooh how about cappuccino party? that would really piss 'em off bec it sounds elitist . . . let's get together and drink cappuccino and have real political dialogue with substance and compassion.
It won't work, for two reasons. First, a 'cappuccino party' isn't going to really piss us off. Sounds like something you Lefties go to anyway. It would, however, point out to everyone else - again - just how far above the rest of us y'all really think you are. And second, do you know anybody who would ever want to engage in 'coffeebagging'? Me, either.

Virtual Unreality.

Wow. Jack Bauer has never been to Washington? Damn.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

26 February 2010

Louisiana Congressional Delegation Ninth Most Conservative.

So says the National Journal. Only ninth? We have some work to do.

Majority Says Government A Threat To Citizens' Rights.

I'm not sure why this CNN poll is news - we've been saying this very thing again and again since, oh, I don't know, 1776?

The New Democrat Legislative Strategy. (UPDATED)

The Democrat Party: Promoting that core American value "From each according his abilities, to each according to his needs" since Ocotber 1917.

UPDATE 27FEB10: Reconcile This: Keith Hennessey explains this reconciliation process the Democrats want to use to impose ObamaCare on the rest of us (unions, Congress, government employees, and paid-up special interests excepted). More here and here specifically related to using reconciliation with respect to ObamaCare. This doesn't seem to be the slam-dunk route the Duke and Dutchess of Capitol Hill are spinning, especially if Republicans can give them the Byrd. The Byrd Rule, that is.

How Genetics Works.

An illustration so simple even an LSU grad could understand it. Well, some LSU grads, anyway.

25 February 2010

Quote of the Week.

"The problem with quotes on the internet is that it is difficult to verify their authenticity."

-President Abraham Lincoln

Woman Spends Months In Prison Without Being Charged.

After the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s Office aparrently "made a clerical error in her file."

Shoe, Meet Other Foot.

The Democrats are talking about using something called 'reconciliation' to ram ObamaCare through the Senate with 51 votes and avoid the inevitable GOP filibuster. When the Republican majority talked about using this "nuclear option" back in 2005, the Democrats, including our current President, Vice-President, and Secretary of State, were talking a very different game. Watch it all.

24 February 2010

Wednesday Evening Distraction.

The Second Amendment at 1,000,000 frames per second.
Wicked cool.

An Olympic Question.

If its OK to have a fantasy football team, why not a fantasy curling team? Here's mine.

23 February 2010

A Note From The Management.

Fair Warning: Today has not been a good day. Not at all. This would not be the day to piss me off.

Your Tuesday Required Reading.

Now that you've had a good laugh at the post below, time to put the thinking cap on. Over at The American Interest Online, Walter Russell Mead hits two out of the park today:

The growing tidal wave that is the Tea party Movement.

The shrinking stagnant pond that is The Episcopal Church (tm).

And in a way, the two are quite related.

22 February 2010

Your Tuesday Morning Way To Waste Time At Work.

Via Daver, a new blog discovery: Visual Consumer. Just don't laugh so hard the boss hears you.

21 February 2010

Oh. My. God. An Honest Episcopal Liberal.

Right here. My Anglican / Episcopal readers should read it all. Theology is serious business, and we have delivered ours into the hands of intellectual lightweights who hide behind feel-good relevance and political goals to excuse their weak theological judgements. St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Augustine of Hippo, they are not. Had they done their intellectual homework beforehand, most of the strife since 2003 could have been avoided.

Hattip: The MCJ.

Weekend Required Scary Video.

Pray that this is only a parody. For the future of humanity, pray hard.

It does make me wonder, though - how quick will Trinity, Wall Street, come up with a 'Na'vi Eucharist' to rival their 'Clown Eucharist'?

17 February 2010

I'm On CNN! I'm Famous!

OK, sort of. A little. I'm on some kind of CNN 'iReport" video showing our ride last Friday. And only for a few seconds. Around 3:14-19 I'm on the horse on the left. My brother, The Grey Man, is on the horse on the right.

And just to show why you shouldn't trust The Left/Mainstream Media for, well, pretty much anything - they couldn't even get the parade name right. We're Krewe of Hermes. Krewe d'Etat rode later.

Technical Note: I did embed the video from CNN, but it kept freezing and crashing my blog when I tried to post / edit other items. So it's now just a link. Geez.

UPDATE: Oh, no! Opinionated Catholic reveals my fiendish, costumed plan. Marvel at your ermine-trimmed, Tea Party overlords! You betcha!

Lent Has Begun.

Got my ashes this morning.


1 Have mercy on me, O God, according to your loving-kindness; *
in your great compassion blot out my offenses.

2 Wash me through and through from my wickedness *
and cleanse me from my sin.

3 For I know my transgressions, *
and my sin is ever before me.

4 Against you only have I sinned *
and done what is evil in your sight.

5 And so you are justified when you speak *
and upright in your judgment.

6 Indeed, I have been wicked from my birth, *
a sinner from my mother's womb.

7 For behold, you look for truth deep within me, *
and will make me understand wisdom secretly.

8 Purge me from my sin, and I shall be pure; *
wash me, and I shall be clean indeed.

9 Make me hear of joy and gladness, *
that the body you have broken may rejoice.

10 Hide your face from my sins *
and blot out all my iniquities.

11 Create in me a clean heart, O God, *
and renew a right spirit within me.

12 Cast me not away from your presence *
and take not your holy Spirit from me.

13 Give me the joy of your saving help again *
and sustain me with your bountiful Spirit.

14 I shall teach your ways to the wicked, *
and sinners shall return to you.

15 Deliver me from death, O God, *
and my tongue shall sing of your righteousness, O God of my salvation.

16 Open my lips, O Lord, *
and my mouth shall proclaim your praise.

17 Had you desired it, I would have offered sacrifice, *
but you take no delight in burnt-offerings.

18 The sacrifice of God is a troubled spirit; *
a broken and contrite heart, O God, you will not despise.

19 Be favorable and gracious to Zion, *
and rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

20 Then you will be pleased with the appointed sacrifices,
with burnt-offerings and oblations; *

15 February 2010

Some More Mardi Gras Advice (And Ranty Observations)

Well, I did my annual parade ride through the streets of New Orleans last Friday night and, as usual, it was a blast. Seeing a parade from the rider’s point of view is always an experience. A few random thoughts:

I ride a horse once a year. After two hours on that beast I always feel - and walk - like I’ve just been first prize at a prison dance. Which makes the question as to why I keep doing it year after year a legitimate one.

People, people… Just because you don’t think anyone can see you do what you’re doing because it’s dark and you’re drunk and stuff, doesn’t make it so. I can see you fine from where I’m perched. Please; get a hotel room. Or in this case, get a bus station bathroom.

The things we throw at Mardi Gras are essentially worthless. But for some unknown reason they are guaranteed activate long dormant genetic material, especially when stimulated with alcohol, and turn otherwise ordinary people into animalistic hooligans who will utterly debase themselves to obtain these things. As the guy passing out the swag, that’s not always a bad thing. (What happens at Mardi Gras, stays at Mardi Gras. OK? - ed.) But really, people. Mardi Gras is supposed to be fun.

Which brings me to ‘Clifford’s List of Behaviors That Will NOT Get You a Doubloon.’ To Wit:

The proper shout is “Throw me something, Mister” - not “Gimmie a doubloon”, or “Hey you”. Yell the latter two, or something similar or more profane, and you will end up with nothing.

Running along beside me begging me for a doubloon and/or explaining your terminal illness / desperate situation / sickness / relative’s sickness will get you nada. Please. I’m handing out near worthless bits of aluminum here, not spare kidneys.

Nets on a stick. Some folks think I will give them something over somebody else because they can thrust an insect net on a pole under my nose. I won’t. Doubly won’t so if you poke me with it to get my attention. Triple-ly won’t so if your net has the words “doubloon collector” written anywhere on it (see below).

Tossing something at me to get my attention. Look, I have more experience at tossing Mardi Gras throws than you do. I am more accurate than you, there’s a 99% chance I’m more sober than you, and I’m supposed to be tossing throws at you. So when the doubloons hit your beer and you spill it all over the girlfriend of that big, drunk biker next to you, well… sorry. Just sayin.

Tugging at my costume / tugging on the horse’s tail to get my attention, or trying to scare the horse. It happens all the time. I’m balanced precariously on my ride – I’m wearing about 40 pounds of costume and have another 30 pounds of throws on the horse. If someone is willing to risk injuring me (that fall is nasty) for a simple trinket, they don’t deserve one. Besides, do you know what kind of damage a spooked horse can do in a crowd?? The people who do this are why I think we should be allowed to wear spurs and carry sabers as part of our regalia. And use them.

New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. I wouldn’t give him the time of day. One of my cheap aluminum doubloons is worth more than the sum total of his mayoral leadership.

My final, uber-I-won’t-give-you-a-doubloon-pet-peeve: Doubloon Collectors. Because horse riders in our Krewe throw a specific doubloon, and there are only 10-20 of us in any given parade, those doubloons tend to be pretty rare. And doubloon collectors covet them since they want a ‘full set’ (silver, gold, green and ours – purple), often to sell. Look, I collected doubloons as a kid. I think it’s cool to do that as a kid. (I even found some of my collection of 60’s and 70’s doubloons in my parent’s attic after Katrina.) But when you’re a portly middle-age guy alone at a parade, with specially made dump pouches for your belt, well… you’re not cool anymore. And I’m not going to give you squat, especially when you stick your hand out and say, “I need 15 purple”. Dude, you don’t need “15 purple” - you need a freakin’ life.

So who gets my attention? The list is simple:

Kids. I remember as a boy the thrill of catching something that was thrown to me, or being personally handed a throw. I try to repay the favor.

Girls with pretty smiles. Well, duh. And, miniskirts help. A lot.

Families with kids. Again - well, duh.

People wearing a costume. If you go to the trouble to costume for parades before Mardi Gras Day, you deserve it. And not some leftover Halloween junk, either.

Military folks in uniform. You REALLY deserve it.

UPDATE: In the comments The Grey Man posts a link to lard-butt the architect - your humble blogger - perched astride his trusty steed, 'Tiger', last Friday Night. Is it me, or does the way my velvet mu-mu drape over the saddle make me look fat?

And here is an image of The Grey Man, looking ever so-not-Grey as he hands out baubles to the masses from his mount.

Some Mardi Gras Advice.

For all you touristas heading down to that place you call "The Big Easy" for Mardi Gras Day on Tuesday, here's something you need to remember. Take it away, Benny:

11 February 2010

Heck, Yes!!

Much more than I miss him.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm, of course.

10 February 2010

'Tis The Season.

With the Saints victory in the bag, I have redecorated the place in Mardi Gras colors. We will return to the normal blandness on Ash Wednesday.

A Bishop Too Far.

Our long, ecclesiastical chess game continues, dear readers, but its not been a good day at 815 Second Avenue, New York.

First, the Church of England voted to recognize, though not grant full communion yet, to the conservative Anglican Church of North America (ACNA). ACNA is a collection of parishes in the US and Canada that have broken away from The Episcopal Church (tm) and the Anglican Church of Canada over those provinces' recent CINO (Christian In Name Only) practices. And this even after The Episcopal Church (tm) crossed borders and interfered in the internal affairs of another province lobbied The Church of England in order to stop it.

And then The Episcopal Church (tm) apparently got caught with their lawyer in the cookie jar in South Carolina. (Copies of the requests and replies are here. See 'related correspondence'. Read 'em all.) If it is borne out that this lawyer was working at the behest of the Presiding Bishop and her Chancellor, heads should roll. (And in any moral organization, they would. -ed.) This is waaaay beyond any authority given these two by the Canons and Constitutions of the Church, and - let's face it - it's petty, shallow, slick, misleading, and a cowards move. Which sounds about on par for national church politics these days.

Today's Required Reading.

Glenn Reynolds points up two excellent articles - here and here - about The Left/Mainstream Media's repeated, but failed, attempts to define the Tea Party Movement. Read them all.

With the biases and suppositions they being to the table, its little wonder The Left/Mainstream Media are having a hard time. Their goal is not to look for the truth of the movement or to understand us - but to demonize us; to make us fit nicely within their worldview. Just like conspiracy theorists, The Left/Mainstream Media believe they alone possess the truth. Just like the 'Birthers' and the 'Truthers', anything that challenges their truth can only be wrong. Therefore, they can only see us as demons - their minds are closed to any other concept.

If you want to define the Tea Party Movement and define what motivates us, the second article got it exactly right:
It that too hard to understand?

09 February 2010

Today's History Lesson.

Sean Linnane instructs us on The Gonzales Flag. 'Come And Take It' pretty much sums up how we all feel anymore about the 15th of April. The trick this year is to keep that feeling until, say, November. Then we could get some real change around this place.

Hattip: Theo Spark.

Gun Funny Of The Day.

Picatinny rails. I hate Picatinny rails.

Hattip: The Shoulder Thing That Goes Up.

Putting A Nut Back In The Jar?

Ron Paul (R-His Own Private Idaho) has garnered three Republican challengers from out of the Tea Party Movement. Good. I hope he loses.

Ron Paul is no more a "GOP conservative" than I am Mary Queen of Scots, nor is he 'the father of the Tea Parties'. While we may agree on a number of things, like fiscal responsibility, reigning in the power of the federal government, and ending the nanny state, how we each came to those conclusions is quite different. And therein lies the rub.

Paul and his collection of romantic idealists and conspiracy theorists have been ranting in obscurity for decades, first as Libertarians and later at the edges of the GOP. In the free market of ideas their market share has always remained minuscule. (Calling anyone who disagrees with you a "sheeple", or dismiss them as "asleep", is no way to win a majority - not that winning in the political arena seems to be high on their priority list.) At the end of the day, Paul and his followers seem less concerned about campaigning for liberty and more concerned about any opportunity to campaign for legitimacy and attention.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: The Tea Party Movement will win in 2010 by advocating solutions, based on our principals, that 51 percent of the people can get behind - not 3 percent. We need to address the issues of the day, and birth certificate conspiracies, 9/11 Truth conspiracies, oligarchic banking conspiracies and Trilateralist Commission fears are not the issues of the day.

08 February 2010

Why The Second Amendment Matters.

It's not about protecting "sporting uses"; it's about protecting your rights and your life.

Yet Another Reason We Don't Live In Massachusetts Anymore.

Right here.

Geez Louise. We lived in Newton, Massachusetts, for 7 years with not one, but two, "military style assault rifles" and becoup "high-capacity magazines". Several shotguns and .22s were also in our possession. And...

...no one ever got hurt.

Yes, I had my FID (Firearms Identification Card) and all the weapons were registered per Massachusetts Law. But even without all that, no one would have been hurt by our weapons - unless they tried to hurt one of us. You stood more of a chance of being injured by a Green Line T than by me with my green Steyr AUG.

Hattip: The Shoulder Thing That Goes Up via Gun Pundit.

07 February 2010


31-17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHO DAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UPDATE: Seems like old times: The Saints play; a Manning loses.
(hee, hee!)

UPDATE: Some folks are calling this 'Lombardi Gras'. Works for me.

UPDATE: Oh, wow: Hell really did freeze over.

The Sleeper Awakens.

For the third time, according to Glenn Reynolds.

Speaking of awakenings, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid should remember well this Japanese Admiral's prophetic observation about the dangers of stirring up America. Terrible resolve, indeed.

Speaking Truth To Conspiracy.

I have never given much credence to WorldNetDaily as an information source, and this is the reason why. While I gigged Andrew Brietbart about his defense of James O'Keefe in New Orleans, in this case he is spot on. The 'Birther" issue is not a winning issue, and for exactly the reasons Brietbart gives. Read it all.

The "Birthers" and 9/11 "Truthers" have become the conservative equivalent of Global Warning alarmists on the Left. Like the AGW zealots, the conclusion is always more important than the evidence - or lack thereof. They have an absolutist belief in their conclusion, and admit only data, no matter how unsubstantiated, circumstantial, or bizarre, that supports - but never conclusively proves - their point. Any contradictory evidence or questions are either ignored or dismissed, and the motivations and intellect of those who raise them are attacked as heretics. And the less evidence there is to support their claim, the more it proves that some sort of conspiracy must be at work.

As I have said before, the Tea Party Movement has plenty of winning issues that are resonating with the American people. We need to stick to them. Mainstream America is beginning to see the Tea Party Movement something serious they can get behind, and pushing unsubstantiated fringe issues as equal to our other priorities will drive them away. 2010 is ours to lose. Wrapping our positive message in the rantings of cranks and conspiracy theorists is a sure way to do just that.

05 February 2010

Dressing For Victory.

I actually wore a Saints jersey to work today. Yes, me.

Bauhaus Revisited.

Its been a loooong week, dear readers, as Mrs. RSR and myself have been nose to the grindstone getting a big project out the door. (And invoiced. Yay!) So I started poking round the 'ol Interwebz this afternoon for the first time in days, and at Maggie's Farm came across this book review about the major movers of the Bauhaus - the German school that popularized Internationalist Modernism. If you are interested in Modernism in art and design, it's worth a read.

While I love tradition and history, I have always been intrigued with modernist design as an aesthetic. Clean. Pure. Honest. Essence. What turned me off was the obsession with ignoring history and cultural tradition, and the elitist, Leftist / Socialist political baggage that came along with it. Plus, the "form follows function" mantra became an excuse for bad design, especially in America. That, along with the politics and arrogance of its proponents, finally brought Modernism crashing down (quite literally) of it's own weight in the 1970's - as Tom Wolfe so wonderfully chronicled. But Modernism is making a return, and thankfully most of the political baggage is missing. (Yes, the eco-zealots have tried to glom onto the resurgence, but with only limited success.) So I am finally able to explore the modernist aesthetic for what it is, without all of the Euro-commie political claptrap that used to go along with it.

02 February 2010

Hurricane WhoDat.

Via my brother-in-law George, in an email (original author is unknown):


NOAA – 01 Feb 2010 1035EST

Outlook for the Atlantic, Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico…

Hurricane WhoDat is predicted to make landfall on the South Florida coast in the vicinity of Miami on 7 Feb 2010 at approximately 2200Z (5:00 PM EST). This extremely powerful hurricane is expected to produce damaging Shockey waves and a Category 5 Brees. Reports from shipping indicate that this unstoppable storm has blown a huge flock of Cardinals all the way to Arizona, and that it has sunk a replica Viking longboat, the Brettigfă╗vren. Livestock, in particular young horses, will be in severe danger of being decimated. Predictive damage estimates are unavailable at this time, but they are expected to be significant.

All interests in and near the Miami area are advised to prepare for a storm surge of catastrophic proportions as Hurricane WhoDat begins to arrive in approximately 6 days.

Next advisory 07 Feb 2010 at 0300Z (10:00 PM EST).

01 February 2010

Ride Captain Ride.

Sean Linnane gives us... the rest of the story. That Blues Image song was a favorite of mine as a boy, and I'm familiar with the '68 incident. But I never, ever made the connection.

The Foster Brooks Theory of Economics.

Spending our way out of recession makes about as much sense as someone drinking their way out of alcoholism.

By "spending",of course, the good Congressman doesn't mean he's encouraging you to spend more of what you've got. Not at all. What he means is he wants to take away 40, 50, 60% of private wealth from those of us who produce it, and use that to pay off those who produce nothing (other than votes), expand the government payroll and contract gravy-train, and then offer to give back a pittance of what they took from us to spend (with strings, of course). For which he expects us to be eternally grateful.

(If the post title is lost on you, go here.)

Walk Like An Egyptian.

The Most Reverend Dr. Mouneer H. Anis, the The Anglican Archbishop of Egypt, Jerusalem, and the Middle East, has had quite enough of the antics from that small but very wealthy minority in the Anglican Communion - The Episcopal Church (tm) and their fellow travelers. Yes, dear readers, this is big.

And in a related note: Queen to (Arch)Bishop Three.

Trying To Defend Stupid...

...With more stupid? Aparrently so, as Andrew Breitbart accuses Jim Letten, the US Attorney for the Eastern District of Louisiana, of some pretty petty behavior concerning James O'Keefe's stunt l'stupid in Mary Landrieu's office. (Original accusation on video here.)

I've been very impressed with Andrew's efforts to date, but unless he has some proof for his claim this is not very bright; not at all. And a conspiracy theory at that. Please. Jim Letten is a stand up guy.

A Personal Request.

I ask for your prayers for the speedy recovery of Rev. John Schaefer III, an Episcopal priest and old friend who had gall bladder surgery this morning. He reports (via Facebook!) he doing very well so far.

A speedy recovery, John, and Who Dat Say Dey Gonna Beat Dem Saints!?!