31 May 2010

God And Freedom.

Opinionated Catholic points to an excellent discussion on 'Can One Be A Libertarian and Christian?'

I say yes, for the reason given in the comments in this linked post (comment with respect to the First Amendment):
(1) Truth exists. The pursuit of truth is important, even fundamental.
(2) Man is fallen.
(3) Governments are made up of men. Therefore, governments are fallen. And governments are particularly susceptible to error because of the corrupting influence of power.
(4) If government, which holds coercive and censorial power, is allowed to regulate the search for truth (ie, speech), it will do so in a corrupt manner.
(5) Thus, to best preserve the search for truth in a fallen world, government's ability to regulate speech must be very limited.
I think that logic can be extrapolated with respect to all most all government.

Peace Activists, My Foot.

See this video, which backs up Israeli claims that the pro-Hamas "peace activists" were anything but. Note they beat one of the the commandos with pipes and clubs and threw him overboard. You can see one of the "peace activists" holding one of the Israeli's non-lethal paintball guns, and another right after brandishing a pistol (which the Israeli's say was taken from the beaten commando).

Via Maggie's Farm, there is much more at Bookwoorm Room - including video if a "peace activist" stabbing an Israeli soldier in the back.

Of course, given the blind eye most of the West (and our current administration) turns toward Islamic supremacism and anti-Semitism, Israel will be seen as the villain here, and the people who provoked the situation as the victims.

Which would you rather have running the Holy Land, dear readers - a secular, democratic Israel that tries to defend itself while trying to respect human rights and the rule of law, or an Islamist theocracy that sees Christians as barely human (or worse, if you are Jewish, or Hindu, or atheist, or gay), and considers dragging people out of bed and shooting them in the back if the head as due process and rule of law? You decide.

Side Note: How long it will take The Episcopal Church (tm) - who claimed it had to wait years for their "polity" to issue a statement regarding requests made to it by the Archbishop of Canterbury - to issue a statement denouncing Israel?

Transforming The Fourth Estate...

...Into The Fourth Plantation. That's what Team Hopenchange's Federal Trade Commission is actually considering in this working paper.

Not all that many years ago, a small gang of editors and reporters in the dead tree and legacy media, sitting in offices in New York, Washington and Los Angeles, could control the national news cycle and what was distributed as news in this country. Though they claimed uber-objectivity, they decided what was covered (important for you to know), what wasn't covered (wasn't important for you to know), and how it was covered (spun to you). Getting alternative news and information into the mass media without their approval was nigh impossible.

But their monopoly on information ended in 1998, when they sat on the Monica Lewinsky story and a blogger - Matt Drudge - let it out. Not only did it become news, it became news without the approval of those toady editors and reporters. The Age of Internet Information arrived, and those editors and reporters lost not only control over the content of the news, they lost credibility ([cough]Dan Rather[cough] -ed.) and - most importantly for this discussion - readers and revenue.

As you and me voted with our remotes and laptops as to where we got our information, the dead tree and legacy media are have been dying - unable to adapt to the digitized information market (that is, the Internet) and it's highly open and democratic nature (that is, folks like me).

But instead of embracing the change and encouraging trade, it appears Obama's Federal Trade Commission wants to fight change and restrict trade, by using government power and your tax dollars to keep the dead tree and legacy media - who slavishly supported Obama - alive. In other words, since you and I are not buying what the dead tree and legacy media are selling anymore, the government will take your money - what they think you should be spending on the dead tree and legacy media - and give it to such non-partisan sources folks like The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS News, etc., etc., to keep them afloat. How many Obama scandals will The Los Angeles Times or the San Francisco Chronicle investigate once their funding source is, well, the Obama administration? Not many.

Here are some things actually under discussion by Obama's Federal Trade Commission. Yes, here in the USA:
Limit news facts, as opposed to an author's articulation of them, to government-approved "stakeholders" via a "hot news doctrine".

Modify the Copyright Laws to restrict or eliminate "fair use", and adopt a licensing of news, with "government’s help and support".

Allow government anti-trust exemptions for dead tree and legacy media outlets.

Create a government-funded journalistic branch of AmeriCorps (We can call it 'PravdaCorps'. - ed.)

Substantially increase funding for Public Broadcasting. (What with the proven success of cable TV, talk radio, and XM/Sirrus, shouldn't we be eliminating Public Broadcasting?? We got a deficit here, people. -ed.)

Create a whole series of taxes and fees for local news, employing journalists, and 'Citizenship News Vouchers' to non-profits, via broadcast taxes, consumer electronics taxes, spectrum taxes, advertising taxes, and (another!) cell-phone tax.

Encourage news organizations to reorganize as non-profits, who will pay no tax.
As a quick history lesson to my Team Hopenchange Reader(s), let me present something us limited-government types call the First Amendment to the Constitution:
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Making the press a government-funded - and therefore, government-controlled - entity pretty much abridges that Right right out of existence.

And remember, dear readers, on this Memorial Day the price paid for that Right.

29 May 2010

Ride Easy, Dennis.

Dennis Hopper, ever the rebel, has died. Roger L. Simon has more.

No Plug.

Damn. Just, damn.


David Frum looks at Rand Paul, and along the way makes a great argument as to why both Paul's (Rand and his father, Ron) obsession with the "gold standard" and ending the Fed will have exactly the opposite effect they want:
Ron Paul’s big idea is to end the Federal Reserve’s discretionary authority over the U.S. money supply, just as Greece, by joining the European Union, ended the discretionary authority of the central bank of Greece. Paul calls his idea a gold standard, but its economic effect would be exactly the same as that of the euro upon Greece: The local central bank would lose the power to create money, which would be created elsewhere—by the European Central Bank in the case of Greece, by the gold miners of Russia, South Africa, Australia, and Canada in the case of Ron Paul’s United States.

The benefit of such a system is that it prevents the local monetary authorities from deliberately fomenting inflation. The detriment is that it prevents the local monetary authorities from mitigating recessions and depressions. That’s why the U.S. abandoned gold in 1933–34, and why Greece is desperately looking for aid from its European partners today. Most people in most places have decided that the detriments of externally fixed currencies exceed the benefits.
Do we really want the value of the dollar set by the whims of a market (precious metals) that we have no control over and is rife with speculation (see Hunt brothers...), especially when so much of that commodity rests in the hands those hostile to us (Russia, South Africa), and unreliable allies (Canada) - who can control the value of that commodity.

28 May 2010

Cry Me An Oil Slick.

The man who wants to be Obama's new lapdog the next US Senator from Louisiana can't keep control. What is it with Louisiana Democrat leaders breaking down when the going gets tough??

New Blog de Jour.

My friends at Pelican Institute run a great Louisiana/politics blog, The Pelican Post, which I haven't linked to in quite a while.
(Bad blogger! SMACK! -ed.)
It is now RSR's 'Blog de Jour' so check it out!

'Readin, 'Ritin, Really Bad 'Rithmatic.

A New Jersey teacher gets caught using the Left's 'New Math': 'Union Math'. Its all the rage with Washington elites, you know.

27 May 2010

Here's Mud In Your Well.

Via The Hayride, it looks like 'top kill' worked, - and the flow of oil into the Gulf from BP's well has stopped. It's all mud now. Here is a link to the live feed from the wellhead.

A Grim Milestone.

Holy Sheep Dip! I've been rather busy with work, and I forgot that this here blog thingy celebrated it's third blog anniversary on 23 May. They tell me the third anniversary is the 'readers donate wads of cash' anniversary. But, I think that is also true for the second anniversary, and the fourth, and the fifth, and the sixth...

I hope y'all enjoy what I put up here, and will keep coming back.

Your ObamaCare Furture.

I've said it before - if you want to see what your health care will look like when politicians control it, and not you, then look no further than Massachusetts. And remember, this was supported and enacted by Republican Mitt Romney. Keep that in mind on the road to 2012.

The New Kathy Lee Gifford.

Steve Jobs? Say it ain't so. Will all those labor-sensitive Lefties be dumping their iPods, iPhones and iPads, and boycotting Apple? iDon't think so.

26 May 2010

A Presidential Happy Meal.

The transformative man of the people says let 'em eat braised Kobe beef short ribs with potato puree and a salsa verde-topped spring vegetable ragout. That is, of course, after a quail egg with caviar and salmon ceviche with jicama and avocado on a tortilla chip appetizer.

It's good to be the king.

Hattip: Jackie.

Today's Required Reading.

What? Walter Russell Mead, of course: The Top Ten Lessons of the Global Economic Meltdown.

Tipping Point?

If you're a Democrat and you've lost Jimmy Carville...

Sitting here in Baton Rouge I understand Jimmy's frustration, though I don't agree with his solution - more Federal regulation.

25 May 2010

Yes, It Is.

To quote a prayer from the Book of Common Prayer:
"Defend our liberties, and fashion into one united people the multitudes brought hither out of many kindreds and tongues".
Amen to that.

Hattip: Theo Spark.

UPDATE: On a related note, this op-ed from Sunday hits the nail on the head:
America faces a new culture war.

This is not the culture war of the 1990s. It is not a fight over guns, gays or abortion. Those old battles have been eclipsed by a new struggle between two competing visions of the country's future. In one, America will continue to be an exceptional nation organized around the principles of free enterprise -- limited government, a reliance on entrepreneurship and rewards determined by market forces. In the other, America will move toward European-style statism grounded in expanding bureaucracies, a managed economy and large-scale income redistribution. These visions are not reconcilable. We must choose.
Indeed. We must choose what kind of united people we will be - a nation of free citizens, or managed consumers.

Your Judicial Review Question Of The Week.

You mean, they weren't asking this before?? When looking at constitutionality, who is it that violates the Constitution?

Click on "One-Click Download" when you get there and, as they say, read it all.

Hattip: Volokh Conspiracy.

Looks Like Obama's Stimulus Has Finally Kicked In.

Now we know what Team Hopenchange meant by "transformative" change:
Paychecks from private business shrank to their smallest share of personal income in U.S. history during the first quarter of this year, a USA TODAY analysis of government data finds.

At the same time, government-provided benefits — from Social Security, unemployment insurance, food stamps and other programs — rose to a record high during the first three months of 2010.
(emphasis mine)
Well, it does fit with their playbook.

No Sense Of Decency, Classic Definition Of.

Every time you think The Left/Mainstream Media can't go any lower, they go and prove you wrong. Years ago, this kind of thing would have been an unethical invasion of privacy - the realm of obsessive stalkers and slimy paparazzi. But Palin's a Republican; so anything goes in order to prove the The Left/Mainstream Media narrative.

It's going to be a tough for 'ol Joe, though, moving from Massachusetts to Wasilla - there's only one Starbucks in town. Oh, the horror!

24 May 2010

21 May 2010

Hey, Mexico - Have We Got A Deal For You!

Chris Johnson at Midwest Conservative Journal has a great idea that would soothe Mexico's ruffled feathers over the Arizona immigration law, make all of the Lefty 'Reconquista' folks happy, and save us from a bailout bigger than Greece - give 'em California.

Let's see how long Nancy Pelosi would last in the Mexican Congress. Or how long it would take for Pemex to start drilling off Santa Barbara.

Elitism In The City.

An interesting article about urbanism, Greenwich Village, and the dangers of romanticizing what was and what will be.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

Lefty Irony Alert Of The Day.

Cuba, The Left/Mainstream Media's idea of paradise-on-Earth, criticizes the Arizona immigration law as a “brutal violation of human rights”.

If one considers being limited to a government-controlled press a human right, or being restricted from communicating and speaking freely a human right, or being jailed for criticizing the government a human right, or a lack of choice to determine your life a human right, or requiring government papers and government permission to travel freely a human right, or government-enforced equality of poverty a human right, then yes; one must concede the point.

UPDATE: For those who want to remember Cuba when it wasn't a despotic socialist prison, Glenn Reynolds notes the Cuba Nostalgia Festival is currently underway in Miami.

Friday Required Reading.

Charles Krauthammer takes a look at Team Hopenchange foreign policy:
This is not just an America in decline. This is an America in retreat -- accepting, ratifying and declaring its decline, and inviting rising powers to fill the vacuum.

Nor is this retreat by inadvertence. This is retreat by design and, indeed, on principle. It's the perfect fulfillment of Obama's adopted Third World narrative of American misdeeds, disrespect and domination from which he has come to redeem us and the world.
As they say, read it all.

20 May 2010

And Now, The Rest Of The Story.

Proof, as if more were needed, that the UN is a useless, anti-Christian and Anti-American organization.

We should dump the UN and form an organization of free nations that will not only sign onto a Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but be required to, y'know, practice it. Yes, membership would be quite small.

Drawing For Fun And Prophet.

Get your pencils out, dear readers - today is Everybody Draw Mohammed Day! , which came about in response to this. When any group can stymie speech through threats of violence and intimidation, we all lose. So here is my contribution to upholding the First Amendment:

Call it, 'Curly, Larry, and Mohammed'.
(Sharpie, correction tape on laser print)

This isn't about blaspheming a religion. This is about making a point fundamental (!) to freedom: That you and I have the right to speak - without fear of violence or threats of violence - what others may find objectionable, even blasphemous. Look, many, many people have blasphemed my religion in the past, but you don't see me or my fellow Christians threatening to lop off heads, or actually doing so, in the name of God. We do what should be done in a free society - more speech.

UPDATE: Welcome Hayride readers!

19 May 2010

Oh. My. God. (UPDATED)

Nothing says "Olympic games" like gigantic kung-fu sperm.

UPDATE: Or Tinky-Winkie's parents. Or rejected Dr. Who villans. Toss you own ideas in the comments.

Seeing Green.

For my Anglican / Episcopal readers: When you hear Katherine Schori prattle on about suing fellow Christians because of her "fiduciary and moral duty to preserve property for current and future ministries", was this the kind of "future ministries" you had in mind? Me, either. Remember this the next time your diocese or a national church organization sticks out it's hand.

18 May 2010

An Election Ride On The Hayride.

I know it's a bit late, but my buddy John is live-blogging tonight's elections and fallout over at The Hayride. Hard to find better election coverage - and no Anderson Cooper, annoying talking heads, and cheesy graphics.

An Open Letter To Jefferson Parish President Steve Thereot. (UPDATED) (BUMPED)


You are a pompous, thin-skinned cry-baby who is proving that the Peter Principle can, in fact, be exceeded.

My contact info is on the right.



UPDATE 18MAY10: Hey, Steve - PFFFFFFT!!

Community Organizing.

Urban planning perfection, using SimCity 3000. If you want to know what Team Hopenchange's wet dream for the future is, this pretty much sums it up. Perfect planning. Perfect order. Perfect distribution. Perfect control. Even the music fits.

Hattip: Vodkapundit.

Our ObamaCare Future. (UPDATED)

Is happening right now in Massachusetts:
When MassCare passed, it was supposed to lower the average cost of health care by getting relatively cheap young people into the system, and ending the inefficiencies of caring for the uninsured. Unfortunately, it hasn't quite worked out that way. The bill for the uninsured only dropped by about 40%; the young, cheap people turned out to almost all need subsidies, and worse, some of them figured out how to game the system by buying insurance, getting a bunch of expensive procedures, and then dropping the insurance again.
To err is human; to really f*ck things up requires government.

UPDATE: And remember, dear readers - MassCare was birthed by none other than (then governor) Mitt Romney. Remember that come 2012 election time.

17 May 2010

The Beheader's Veto Again. (UPDATED)

Swedish cartoonist stands up for free speech. Attacked at a lecture last week, house firebombed this week. You would think the Lefties who defended Andres Serrano with such vigor (as I did, on free speech grounds - ed.) would at least say something supportive. But no...

We at RSR believe in free speech, and your right to know. We post; you decide. So here is the cartoon that some believe deserves such violence:

Is it stupid, childish, and provocative? Yep. Do we at RSR believe Mohammad is a dog? No. But the right of all to speak freely is fundamental.

UPDATE 18MAY10: Its not just Islamofascists who hate free speech. The Left ain't too fond of it anymore, either.

Your Week's Reading.

Newt Gingrich - to my mind the best GOP thinker of our generation - has a new book out today: 'To Save America'. Pick up a copy.

And submitted for your consideration, we understand Barack Obama has penned a response book, called, 'To Serve America'. For some reason its first being published in Farsi and Chinese.

16 May 2010


Rev. Mary Glasspool was consecrated yesterday as
the second openly gay bishop in The Episcopal
Church (tm). Outside of the ceremony, Episcopal
Church (tm) security "invites into deeper
conversation" an opponent of the consecration.

Image from here.

UPDATE: Caption edited because what sounded reasonable late last night sounded syntactically awful today.

Who's On First?

Maggie's Farm posted a comedy classic to illustrate the current Team Hopenchange approach to Islamic Fundamentalism. Watch it for that and, well, because its the greatest American comedy sketch, ever.

The Greater West Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Imperialism, 12th Century style. Now where have we heard something like this before? Oh, yeah.

We're reliving the 1930's folks. Let's hope my kids realize they will have to be the next 'Greatest Generation' if they want freedom and liberty to survive.

15 May 2010

Managed Free Speech.

A psychologist from San Francisco (figures! -ed.) really, really, hates you, the First Amendment, and free thought. Over at Huffington Post he is proposing a government-run Department of Information. Really:
Anytime there is a factual dispute, the Department of Information would render a decision on what the facts are. Those parties who come out on the short end of those decisions would not be allowed to use their "facts" any longer (just like having potentially dangerous drugs or products taken off the shelf). If they do, there would be fines levied to punish the transgressors. This system would not only make clear what the facts are and empower those who want the facts to be known, but it would also discredit the lunatic fringe and reduce the influence of their views on the majority of people.
And we all know how fair, impartial, unbiased and politically unmotivated government "facts" can be...

Just like socialists (national and scientific) and elitists throughout history, the author sees the free flow of information as dangerous. We are just too stupid to decide for ourselves - especially when we don't decide the way the author and his elitist friends want. For our own good, information must controlled by government, and distribution limited to a single set of "facts". Just like in those other freedom loving places - North Korea, Iran, Cuba, the old Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia, Fascist Italy, and sometimes Canada.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

14 May 2010

2 + 2 = 4. Still.

In March, Team Hopechange said passing ObamaCare would reduce the Federal deficit $138 Billion in ten years. Now we find out that - Oops! - the CBO projections were off by $115 billion. When you subtract that from the later revised CBO estimate of $143 billion, it appears to make the overall deficit reduction (writer whips out iPhone...) now $28 billion over ten years.

But wait, there's more! In April, Obama ran up the highest April monthly deficit in US history - $82 billion. Yes, in one month alone. And remember, April is when tax money flows into the Treasury - a fat deficit in April is not what one would expect.

The lesson here is this: In less than two months, all of the promised deficit reductions from enacting ObamaCare have been wiped out.


Yes, Mr President, we will take the keys back. First from Nancy and Harry in November, and then from you in 2012. They're not your keys, Mr. President; it's not your car.

Yes, the Republicans lost their way, and helped drive the car into the ditch. No argument there. But we've regained our senses now. We had a refreshing spot of Tea, found our roadmap again, and we'll be hiring a lot of new drivers drivers come November. The GOP may have helped put the car into that ditch, but Mr. President - y'all are trying to run it off a bloody cliff! (And you bummed the gas money to do it from the Chinese.) We - the citizens of this nation - own the car, Mr. President. And we won't let you do that.

"Honest and Refreshing".

Indeed. New Jersey's Chris Christie takes the media to school. This is what we need in 2012.

13 May 2010

Thursday Evening Wicked Cool.

Geek heaven: All satellites in orbit around the Earth. In 3D. With a searchable database.

Hattip: My buddy Rich, from his Facebook page.

Thursday Evening Oh My God.

The 19 Most Hilariously Failed Attempts at Sexy Album Covers.

Thursday Morning Wicked Cool.

Fun with buildings and geometry.

Thursday Morning Oh No, They Didn't.

They did: Someone combined the Muppets pirate movie with the Sex Pistols infamous Friggin in the Riggin. Really. (Warning: Very NSFW!)

Hattip: Theo Spark.

Like, Who Cares.

An irrelevant entity issues some one-sided indictments against Israel: 'Peace fellowship supports economic sanctions for Middle East peace.' Hey, Israel - no Indaba for you!

UPDATE: In other words, by supporting one side over another, some loonies at the The Episcopal Church (tm) are also arguing, "For it". (Edited for clarity - see below. -ed.)

UPDATE: Someone pointed out that this is not the official position of The Episcopal Church (tm) as a whole. That's correct - this is the conclusions of an even more loony Left subset of the loony Left crowd that's currently running things in my church.

"For It."

Killing Jews, that is. Watch the whole thing, but put something soft under your jaw when the head-wrapped lady answers Horowitz's question toward the end - you'll need it.

"Religion of peace", indeed. The West is running headlong back to the brown-shirt 1930's. We will pay for it. And soon.


A 'Money for Nothing' remake. Sort of.

12 May 2010

A New Link!

Via Maggie's Farm we found this great self-help blog, written by a psychiatrist who understands the real world: F*ck Feelings.

In essence - Life is a struggle. Its supposed be a struggle, and it isn't fair. Getting all wrapped in your feelings about it won't help you a damn in the reality of your struggle. Sound advice, which is why it is now our Blog de Jour!

Designing The New World Order!

All my C4L/911 Truther/Birther readers, take note: A suspiciously named site - The Contemporist - is reporting that over 40,000 people will attend a NEOCON convention in Chicago in June. They are claiming its for "furniture designers", but all you free-thinkers out there know there aren't 40,000 "furniture designers" in America. Only a "sheeple" would buy that line, and ignore what kind of people go to a NEOCON gathering.

Don't be fooled! Better get this up on Infowars.com and The Daily Paul, ASAP! They may even have a straw poll.

A Penny Saved...

...Is something Team Hopenchange wants to get their hands on. I thought I was saving for my retirement, not to cover Federal budget deficits. Silly me.

EDIT: Remember a few years ago the Democrats were screaming that it would be "too risky" to let people invest some of their Social Security retirement in the private market. Given the financial health of the US Government in the last two years, isn't it "too risky" to invest all of my private retirement on a promise from Biden and friends that I will get my money back, much less with interest?? "Investments" are supposed to provide a return, y'know.

Your Lunchtime Distraction.

For my Anglican/Episcopalian friends: The ubiquitous Christopher Johnson is holding a worst bad vestment contest over at Bad Vestments. Because the Lefty Episcopal Church (tm) has turned bad vestments into a trademark of their 'doing a new thing' thing, you have many from which to select. Head on over and have fun!

Was This Warranted?

A very disturbing video of a recent police SWAT raid. (Warning: Strong language and violence.)

It isn't the first time a cop has gone trigger happy on a dog, but note that in this incident they discharged weapons in close confines with women and children present. Shoot-first-and-ask-questions-later cops are as dangerous to the public as pistol-packing drug dealers, and can destroy the public's trust in their law enforcement forces. If I were the Colombia, Missouri, Police Chief, a few folks would be looking for a job right about now.

I understand we need to get violent criminals off the streets. I want them off. And if some punk wants to resist with force, the police should have overwhelming force at their disposal to deal with him (or her). But that overwhelming force should be used only when absolutely necessary. Not every initiated contact with the public should be presumed a potential CQB firefight, and where a violent response is not likely this type of 'commando' raid is unnecessary. It is - no pun intended - overkill. I have been uneasy with for some time with the ongoing militarization of our civilian police forces, and the default use of military tactics in dealing with crime. (Does SWAT really need ot be decked out in military camouflage? I mean, really??) This kind of thing proves my worries are justified.

Hattip: Reason Magazine via Instapundit.

11 May 2010

Is It Real, Or Is It Agit-Prop?

Using Photoshop to illustrate some "basic scientific facts" about global warming.

“There is always some uncertainty associated with scientific conclusions.” No... Really?

10 May 2010

Yes, I Want One.

Mini firing cannon. I mean, why not?

Office For iPad?

I have avoided the iPad seduction so far (and oh yes... it is seductive!) by saying it didn't have Office and AutoCAD. Seems I have one less reason to resist.

When I say "no", I mean "not yet".

Time For School.

Mark Steyn on 'the end of the world as we know it'.
Watch it all. There will be a test - it's called the future.

We Got One!! Maybe. (UPDATED: Maybe, Indeed.)

If its true - and so many of these kinds of announcements have not been - but IF... this is big: Mullah Omar captured.

UPDATE: 11MAY10: Haven't seen this anywhere else, or read that it was confirmed by another source so far (media or government). So I'm putting it down to yet another wild rumor from an area known for wild rumors.

09 May 2010

If Someone On Wall Street Had Done This, There Would Be Charges.

But if you're employed by the State of Louisiana, work once; pay twice is OK.

Suicide Is Painless.

Religious and cultural suicide, that is, if you're a Lefty Anglican. Alas, this isn't the first time such elitist, smug notions have been uttered by Lefty "leaders" in the Anglican Communion.

Mark Steyn has the money quote:
"The bone-crushingly stupid leadership of the Anglican Church says go forth but don't multiply. The future belongs to those who do, and the future is already here."

08 May 2010

Compare and Contrast.

The Immigration Debate, clearly illustrated.

Corny Geek Humor.

Is there any other kind?

Hey Man, Nice Shot. Again.

Really, really, don't piss off a British sniper. One whacked 5 baddies a mile away in 28 seconds. Which is on top of another one who set the world record for a sniper kill the other day at 1.54 miles (using the same type of rifle and ammunition).

Can You Say "Sedition"?

I knew you could. And "racism", and "advocating violence", and...

Wait a minute. I thought it was us Tea Partiers that were the seditious racists advocating anti-government violence, not Obama's allies. And ironies of ironies - the anti-capitalist professor's salary is paid from taxes generated by... the success capitalism.

07 May 2010

Now That's A Pair.

If you put President Barak Obama and Arizona Governor Jan Brewer in a room, there would be only one set of balls. You have one guess which one has them.

06 May 2010

Cao Ain't No Ho.

I withdraw my former criticisms of Louisiana Congressman Anh "Joseph" Cao (R-New Orleans). It seems the communist government in Vietnam wanted the only Vietnamese-American in Congress to help them dispel "misinformation" in the Vietnamese-American community about the Hanoi regime . Congressman Cao gave them a wonderfully honest response.

Alas, Cao will not be reelected in 2010, so I hope the GOP finds something for him to do after November. He is a principled man. We need those right now.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

A Personal Note.

It's been a miserable day. Miserable. One of those I-wish-I-hadn't-got-out-of-bed days. I need some cheering up, and you know what that means - it's time for the the greatest video ever made by man.
There. I feel much better.
(Warning: If you don't like boobies and kittens, don't click on the link. -ed.)

Public Education: Party Like It's 1984.

Discrimination is Equality. Separate but equal? Sort of.
Love is Hate. Well, love of America, that is.
(UPDATE: Hmmm. Lower link isn't working - perhaps this post from Glenn Reynolds has clogged up the the town newspaper's server...)

05 May 2010


This is cool - Bilbo Baggins' home, in miniature. I'd live in it. Full size, that is.

The "Brave Sir Robin!" Award.

We're doomed:
NATO Commanders are pushing for a new “courageous restraint” award to recognize and celebrate the troops who exhibit extraordinary courage and self-control by not using their weapons even when their lives are at risk.
I suggest a brown ribbon with a big yelllow stripe running down the middle.

UPDATE: In the comments at Gateway Pundit: "Finally a medal that John Kerry wouldn’t throw away". Indeed.

"Catnip For Crazies".

Frank J. pens today's required reading. It's about Ron Paul and the Paulapaloosers, so you know it'll be entertaining.
And these were the thickest people you’ve ever encountered; it was just impossible to make them understand how off-putting their over-the-top love for an odd little man from Texas was. They’d just come at you with the supposed Gandhi quote: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” Which is a stupid quote; I make fun of chimpanzees at the zoo, but that doesn’t mean that next I’ll be fighting them, and then Planet of the Apes will happen for real. Still, there was no reason to get too angry at dense, silly people, but then I started to realize how many of them are white supremacists, anti-Semites, and truthers — basically everyone the MSM likes to pretend the tea partiers are — and my patience started to run very thin.
My sentiments exactly.