31 May 2009

Our New Foreign Policy.

'Speak Softly and Carry a Big Teleprompter'. Sounds about right. Sadly, I think it could be subtitled "How To Get Into Yet Another Land War In Asia Without Really Trying."

45 Million Uninsured?

Not exactly:

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

30 May 2009

A Literal Eclipse Of The Heart.

A rather creative remix of the Bonnie Tyler 80's video.

(Warning: If you eat or drink anything while watching the above, it will end up on your screen. It's that good.)

Hattip: Hot Air.

Who Says We Have No Rhythm?

Powerline introduces the Young Cons. Turn it up.

29 May 2009

You Know Things Are Bad...

...When even the Russians are calling the US a failed Marxist State. Um, they should know.

Friday Morning Pop Quiz.

A person makes a solemn vow. Before God and all. That person then breaks his vow by having an affair - which he keeps up for several years - and only comes clean after he has been caught. What would you call that person?

If you said "qualified to be an Episcopal priest", you'd be right!

UPDATE: Not everyone is all swoons and praises over this new show of Episcopal inclusion:
At a press conference late Thursday afternoon, Archdiocese of Miami officials expressed disappointment in Cutié and had strong words for the Episcopal Church, especially Bishop Frade.

''This is truly a setback for ecunemical relations and cooperation between us. The Archdiocese have never made a public display when for doctrinal reasons Episcopal priests have joined the Catholic Church and sought ordination,'' said Archbishop John Favalora. He said he had not heard from Frade about the transition and had not spoken to Cutié since May 5, adding that Cutié never told the archbishop he wanted to get married.

''Father Cutié is removing himself from full communion with the Catholic Church and thereby forfeiting his rights as a cleric,'' Favalora said, later adding that Cutié is still ``bound by the promise to live the celibate life which he freely embraced at ordination. Only the Holy Father can release him from the obligation''

Not so, Bishop Frade said Thursday afternoon. ''That promise is not recognized by our church. If you can find it in the Bible that priests should be celibate, that will be corrected,'' Frade said.
What? You expect today's caring, inclusive, intellectual, open-minded, non-judgemental Episcopalian to really give a damn what a bunch of misogynistic, homophobic, mackerel-snapping breeders say? Please. My Roman brothers and sisters should keep in mind a couple of things: First, like recognizing the Resurrection, recognizing promises is not something The Episcopal Church (tm) is too keen on - even promises they themselves make; and second, to your "modern" Episcopalian 'integrity' is an advocacy group - not a noble value.

28 May 2009

The First Amendment Does Not Exist If You Want To Discuss The Second Amendment.

At least, that appears to be the policy at the Community College of Allegheny County in Pennsylvania.

Once again, it seems the Left is trying to punish those who dare challenge their values - values they can only defend, apparently, by resorting to repression and persecution. It is doubly damning, because in doing so they are showing how little they really respect the concepts of tolerance and diversity they constantly wrap around themselves like a blanket of moral and intellectual superiority.

With the ascendancy of Obama, and the American Left feeling like happily-ever-after time has arrived, look for challenges to their values to be met with ever more hostility, vitriol and disdain, and ever more attempts to criminalize behaviors and ideas which they do not approve.

Own A Gun? (UPDATED)

The Messiah said you had nothing to fear from his administration.


If a bill now in Congress passes, the government will take away Second Amendment rights from suspected "terrorists." Sounds reasonable until you note that the government gets to define who those "terrorists" are. No charge, no trial, nothing but the government's opinion that you are one. And we already know who Team Hopenchange thinks the "terrorists" are these days.

UPDATE 29MAY09: The bill in question is H.R. 2159.

Honduras Earthquake.

A 7.1 magnitude quake hit the northern coast early this morning. At least two dead so far.

Please pray for those affected.

Blood Is Thicker Than Reunions.

After Katrina, I just couldn't go. I will always have my memories, and Tanny's bloodline, to pass on. That's enough for me.

27 May 2009

Well, There's Your Problem.

Take a look at the picture that accompanies this article about a protest rally at a State Capitol today in Baton Rouge, demanding that Governor Jindal accept $98 million in Obama's stimulus money he has so far refused.

Look at the sign held up by the person in the back. It says:
"98 mill. I want my cut."
Yes, it said, "MY cut."

Sir or ma'am, listen very, very closely:

It. Ain't. Your. Damn. Money.

You didn't work for it; someone else did. Like, me. And my wife. And my friends. And the people I employ. How DARE you think you have any claim to what our efforts have produced. How DARE you think we work for you. How DARE you think you have a right to take from others. I would appeal to your sense of honor, but holding up a sign like that proves you have exactly none.

If you want a "cut," go earn one.

P.S. "About 300 people??" Please.

UPDATE 28MAY09: Channel 2 / The Advocate's report on the protest. Two things jumped out - first was this:
The Concerned Citizens Coalition organized the march at the State Capitol on Wednesday. The organization describes itself as a group of statewide nonprofits and community leaders “who want to give a voice to Louisiana’s hardworking families.”
The voice of the hardworking folks in Louisiana has already spoken. And spreading even more of their hard-earned wealth around is not what they want.

And second:
Anderson said she juggles two jobs to pay the bills and to support her recently laid-off sons.
This money is for extended unemployment benefits, so Ms. Anderson's recently idled prodgeny are already covered; this doesn't affect them. And why is Ms. Anderson working two jobs to support them? Couldn't one of her boys - who seems to have some time on his hands right about now - help out with one of those jobs? Cry me a river.

A Wonder-ful Suggestion.

If things get too hot for Judge Sotomayor and this Supreme Court thing, Tamara over at View From The Porch has an excellent suggestion for another Latina. I'd go for it. I mean, being Latina so she's superior to white males like me; and she's got a golden lasso.

Putting the 'D' In Dealership. (UPDATED)

Was the decision - aparrently pushed by Team Hopenchange - about which Chrysler dealerships to close politically motivated? Comparing the closing list with the political affiliations and givings of the owners suggests a rather large connection. A particularly interesting case-in-point is the RLJ-McCarty-Landers series of dealerships, detailed at the site above.

Gateway Pundit is all over this.

But an equally large question looms here: Where is the vaunted Fourth Estate on this? Where are our self-appointed guardians of the public's right to know, who get positively rabid at the merest hint of Republican impropriety? As of now they're not interested.

UPDATE 28MAY09: According to Glenn Reynolds, people are starting to notice that this thing smells. And Gateway Pundit has much, much more this morning (head on over and scroll down), including this interesting correlation starting to take shape between dealership closings and congressional districts The Messiah didn't win in 2008.

George M. Cohan Must Be Turning Over In His Grave. George Washington, Too.

Old Glory. The Star-Spangled Banner. Once upon a time this is how we saw our national symbol. Not anymore:
Debbie McLucas is one of four hospital supervisors at Kindred Hospital in Mansfield. Last week, she hung a three-by-five foot American flag in the office she shares with the other supervisors.

When McLucas came to work Friday, her boss told her another supervisor had found her flag offensive. "I was just totally speechless. I was like, 'You're kidding me,'" McLucas said.

McLucas' husband and sons are former military men. Her daughter is currently serving in Iraq as a combat medic.
I'd bet if it was a Mexican flag that was taken down, or a Saudi Arabian flag, or even a UN flag, the supervisor would be the one in trouble - particularly after reading this later in the article:
"The flag and the pole had been placed on the floor," McLucas said.

In The Belly Of The Poodle.

Four failed jihadis recount their experiences with the 12th Century Boys.

'Smug' Goes Mainstream. (UPDATED)

I may willingly watch ABC tonight. Here's why.

Though, South Park did it first. (warning: language)

UPDATE 28MAY09: First episode was a pretty good send-up. I hit the floor at "What Would Al Gore Do?" A side note for my Anglican/Episcopal readers - the tubby, slacker teenage son in the show is named... "Ubuntu." And just in time for General Convention.

26 May 2009

Wednesday Morning Distraction.

This is utterly addictive. Just click on some squares; you'll figure out the rest.

Hattip: Theo Spark.

Team Romanoff?

Though he is sworn to uphold the Constitution, when it comes to governing The Messiah seems to be enamored with the old Russian monarchy. Already we have a Global Warming Czar, a Car Czar - who is ruining running GM and Chrysler - a Health Care Czar, plus a whole slew of other "czars" named and proposed. And now, it seems, we're going to have a Cybersecurity Czar to watch over the Internet. For your protection, of course.


Memorial Day, In 1,000 Words.

Because he likely knows first-hand the pain and sacrifice of standing for freedom.

From here.

I Have One, Occasionally.

A life, that is. Which is the reason blogging was spare this weekend. Friday evening was spent here, getting in a few relaxing hours of "high-speed golf".

Saturday was Frank's for breakfast and working to get the boy ready for summer camp, while the daughter went off with friends to go waterboarding. (No, no - the tow-behind-the-boat kind. -ed.)

On Sunday, Bishop Charles Jenkins confirmed my daughter in The Episcopal Church (tm), with, of course, the requisite parish feast afterward (all-you-can-eat steak - we're still a traditional Episcopal parish...). Stuffed from that we did mostly nothing the rest of Sunday, though some aerobic puttering was done by yours truly and the wife in the evening.

Yesterday we woke late, got breakfast in bed courtesy of the daughter and son (a wonderful way to wake up!), and did some more puttering while the son went off with a friend. We grilled steaks in the evening (Yes, again. I told you we're traditionalist Episcopalians), raised our glasses to those who have fallen, and watched Hallowed Grounds on PBS last night courtesy of a heads-up from Greta Perry.

When USAA speaks...

...Your humble blogger, a USAA member, listens. And USAA thinks Team Hopenchange is going to kick your assets: "inflation that we have not experienced since the 1970s."

We're in for a retro-Carter in more ways than one. Swell. Can a disco revival be far behind?

Hattip: Instapundit.

23 May 2009

A Bloggy-versary.

Today, dear readers, marks the end of the second year of my scribblings online. That's right, Red Stick Rant turns two years old today. From this first post, Mr. Sitemeter says I've had 42,258 visits and 64,948 page views. Wow.

A most hearty and humble "Thank you!" to all of you who stop by - and continue to do so - because it is you who make this so enjoyable. Without you, what's the point?

Now, let's see what year three holds...

22 May 2009


More and more like Venezuela every day.

Don't Ask, Don't Tell, Episcopal-style.

You will often hear Episcopalians, especially Lefty Episcopalians, smugly conclude that our church is waaay better than some of those those breeder denominations. And one of the reasons offered is that Episcopalians allow our clerics to marry; we would never have all those pedophilia scandals like some other churches do.

Oh, really?

Hattip: Chris Johnson.

20 May 2009

An ACORN Can Grow Some Pretty Interesting Roots.

I usually don't listen to Bill O'Riley, but I caught a bit of his show tonight via XM on the way home. He had a segment about ACORN, lots of money, and it's' New Orleans connections with hundreds (his claim) of other Left wing front groups run out of the same offices. (click on the 'The Factor investigates ACORN' video - 5/20 - under 'Talking Points'.) O'Riley says they will be digging deeper into it all, and as someone who grew up in the the Crescent City, I hope he does. I won't be a bit surprised by what they find.

More Good News For The Second Amendment.

The House of Representatives voted - by large margins - to restore the rule allowing persons with concealed carry permits to carry in National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges in states where their permits are valid. The Senate voted 67-29 in support last week. Obama is expected sigh the bill which includes the language.

Life, The Universe, And Everything. Times 1,000.

Well, well. At 3:26pm (Central Time) today, Mr. Sitemeter said RSR had it's 42,000th visit. The lucky visitor came from East Clarindon, Ohio, and visited via the site StandFirm. Number 42,000 seemed to really enjoy the post about Engineers and Cat Yodeling.

In a couple of days this site will be two years old. Believe you me, I never expected to get 42 people to ever visit here, much less 42,000 and counting. I am most humbled, and I most sincerely thank all of you for stopping by. (Yes, you too, Bishop Schori. -ed.)

As long as y'all keep visiting, dear readers, I'll keep serving it up!

We're Right. We're Free. We'll Fight. You'll See.

An anthem for those who oppose the recent rise of the American nanny-state. Take it away, Dee.


Oh We're Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
oh We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

we've Got The Right To Choose And
there Ain't No Way We'll Lose It
this Is Our Life, This Is Our Song
we'll Fight The Powers That Be Just
don't Pick Our Destiny 'cause
you Don't Know Us, You Don't Belong

oh We're Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
oh We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

oh You're So Condescending
your Gall Is Never Ending
we Don't Want Nothin', Not A Thing From You
your Life Is Trite And Jaded
boring And Confiscated
if That's Your Best, Your Best Won't Do

we're Right/yeah
we're Free/yeah
we'll Fight/yeah
you'll See/yeah

oh We're Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
oh We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

oh We're Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
oh We're Not Gonna Take It Anymore
no Way!

we're Right/yeah
we're Free/yeah
we'll Fight/yeah
you'll See/yeah

we're Not Gonna Take It
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
we're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

we're Not Gonna Take It, No!
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
we're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

just You Try And Make Us
we're Not Gonna Take It
come On
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
you're All Worthless And Weak
we're Not Gonna Take It Anymore
now Drop And Give Me Twenty
we're Not Gonna Take It
oh Crinch Pin
no, We Ain't Gonna Take It
oh You And Your Uniform
we're Not Gonna Take It Anymore

Wednesday Morning Distraction.

A rather honest deisgn solution to a nagging domestic problem:

From here, where you'll find lots more images of "creative" construction and design.

A Sign Of The Times.

I have an awful feeling that this sign combination must be somewhere in Louisiana.

Defend The Faith? What Faith?

A retired Scottish bishop proclaims he doesn't beleive in God, but he is still a good Christian. Really:
Richard Holloway says the worldwide Anglican Church has made room for "happy clapping" evangelicals, bells-and-smells Catholics, women priests and, in the United States, openly gay clergy and even practitioners of other faiths. So surely, he argues, it can find room for people like him - Christians who don't believe in God.

Holloway, contrary to popular belief, has not left the Episcopal Church, as Scottish Anglicanism is known. He may have taken early retirement as Bishop of Edinburgh but the writer remains an ordained priest and consecrated bishop, who still preaches from the pulpit, performs baptisms and weddings and even presides at communion.
He says it's all OK though, because he still beleives in the "community of the church".

Words fail me.

All You Need Is Hate.

Via Vodkapundit, Dr. Melissa Clouthier takes a look at modern feminism's hatred of beauty, and comes away with this conclusion:
Beauty can provoke love which can provoke noble action. I would submit that it is impossible to be otherwise. A beautiful person is not necessarily more loving, but a loving person is always more beautiful. Always. And a lifetime of hate and loathing makes one anything but beautiful. It shrivels the soul…and often, the face. Noble action is never sparked by hate. Noble action is ignited by love.
I couldn't agree more.

19 May 2009


...and Cat Yodeling. Watch it all. You won't be sorry.

Your Data Just Ran Over My Dogma!

"It may be that we are in a period of less rapid warming." Indeed.

The Green Economy Meets Reality.

And reality gets the upper hand:
It was supposed to be a shining example of the green movement -- a completely independent solar-powered house with no gas or electrical hookups.

Seven months ago, officials gathered for a ribbon-cutting ceremony to celebrate the $900,000 house owned by the city of Troy that was to be used as an educational tool and meeting spot.

But it never opened to the public. And it remains closed.

Frozen pipes during the winter caused $16,000 in damage to floors, and city officials aren't sure when the house at the Troy Community Center will open.
If this is an example of The Messiah's "green economy", it's looking like a pretty cold and dark place. And bloody expensive, too - $900,000.00 for an 800 square foot house!

Magpul Math.

This toddler should be able to count to 30 pretty quick.

Hattip: View from the Porch .

Born To Be Mild.

You know those pictures you see from time to time of Cubans in Havana driving round in 50-year-old American cars rather than the crappy cars their government allows them? Well, dear readers, take good care of that muscle car, pickup, SUV or van you have today because, vehicle-wise, Cuba is the future Team Hopenchange has in mind for us.

I'm sorry, but I will fight for the right to put the top down, wind up several hundred horsepower, and blaze down the open road with this cranked up as loud as I can. "Heavy metal thunder" is American. "Lightweight plastic putter" is for effete pussies.

UPDATE: Jeremy Clarkson on the Honda Insight:
It’s terrible. Biblically terrible. Possibly the worst new car money can buy. It’s the first car I’ve ever considered crashing into a tree, on purpose, so I didn’t have to drive it any more.
We're doomed. If Honda can't make a successful "green" car, nobody can.

UPDATE: Clarkypoos isn't alone - another panning of the Insight.

Feel-Good Gun Legislation Dead. For Now.

An update to the post below:

The attempted "assault weapons" ban by Louisiana Rep. Cedric Richmond (D-New Orleans) was deferred in Committee today by a vote of 10-2, effectively killing it for this legislative session.

But this bill can, zombie-like, reappear later in the session if Rep. Richmond can get it onto the floor of the full house, or he can attach it as an amendment to another piece of legislation (The latter seems to be a pretty good way nowadays to get something noxious past our leggies.)

So breathe a small sigh, dear readers. The Second Amendment is safe in Louisiana for now, but we must not let our guard down until the leggies pack it in and go home.

A parting question for Rep Richmond, Mayor Nagin, and NOPD Deputy Superintendent Bruce Adams about "assault weapons": If they are only "tools of mayhem" and "killing machines", why do the police have them?

Feel-Good Gun Legislation In Louisiana. Again.

Rep Cedric Richmond's (D-New Orleans) silly "assault weapons" bill is currently being debated in the House Committee on Administration of Justice in Baton Rouge. If my Louisiana readers want to weigh in on this issue (and I hope you do), below are committee member contacts. Remember to be polite, factual, and brief.

Chairman Ernest D. Wooton (R-105)
Vice Chair Damon J. Baldone (D-53)
State Representative Roy Burrell (D-2)
State Representative Gregory Ernst (R-94)
State Representative Elbert L. Guillory (D-40)
State Representative Mickey J. Guillory (D-41)
State Representative Lowell C. Hazel (R-27)
State Representative Frank A. Howard (R-24)
State Representative Joseph P. Lopinto (R-80)
State Representative Barbara M. Norton (D-3)
State Representative Jonathan W. Perry (R-47)
State Representative John M. Schroder, Sr. (R-77)
State Representative Gary L. Smith, Jr. (D-56)
State Representative Ricky J. Templet (R-85)
State Representative Mack "Bodi" White, Jr. (R-64)

If passed, this bill would make it easier to own a real, fully-automatic weapon in Louisiana than a semi-auto look-alike. That's smart.

Tuesday Morning Distraction.

A Bell P-39 Aircobra fighter - built in the US during WWII, given to the Soviets, and shot down by the Germans - is pulled from a lake some 60 years later:

The image source and more images of the recovered aircraft can be found here.

Happiness is...

...Being Old, Male, and Republican.

Works for me.

Promises, Promises.

GayPatriot notices a broken campaign promise by The Messiah:
"Now, what I’ve done throughout this campaign is to propose a net spending cut."
Broken? I'd say that one's been smashed to bloody smithereens.

But hey, it ain't his money (it's actually Chinese, Russian, and Saudi Arabian money), and it's not like he's the one who will have to pay them back.

18 May 2009

Monday Evening Distraction.

Via Theo Spark: Karaoke for the deaf.

I don't care who you are, that's funny.

A Budding Buckeye Political Dynasty.

Hey, Girls! Here's a real catch:
It's odd enough that a Bedford (Ohio) father would actually call police after arguing with his son about cleaning his room.

Stranger still, the sloppy son is 28 years old and serves on the Bedford school board.

"I know this looks bad," said school board member Andrew Mizsak, who lives with his parents and works as a political consultant. His mother, Paula, is a Bedford councilwoman.
Looks bad? I'll say, and on more than one level. The conclusion:
According to the report, "Andrew was sent to his room to clean it. He was crying uncontrollably and stated he would comply."
For those who are interested, here is Master Mizsak's school board bio. Very impressive resume. Maybe he was too busy to clean his room.

UPDATE: Master Mizsak's political affiliation is conspicuously absent from the article. But since we're talking about grown man who appears to have no problem with someone else providing his room and board, you're allowed one guess. (Hint: see his bio.)

Hattip: Hot Air.

Geaux Health Care Costs!

The Messiah and the Pelosi/Reed crowd say government must be in charge of your health care in order to "control costs." Gee, if they can't control costs today, what makes you think they will do a better job of it tomorrow?

Hattip: Charlie Buras at The Old River Road.

The Biden Principle.

Back in the 60's when Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull crafted their famous 'Peter Principle' ("In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence."), it is clear they had never heard of Joe Biden. If they had, they would have realized that people could not only exceed their level of incompetence, they could exceeded it by wildly huge margins.

This is the change we were looking for??

16 May 2009

Naked Pictures Of Miss California, Carrie Prejean...

...Is NOT what this post is about. My stats are down this week. I need some traffic.

15 May 2009

Better To Keep Your Mouth Closed And Be Thought A Fool, Than To Open It And Remove All Doubt.

Tomorrow morning, dear readers, your humble blogger will be proving the the wisdom of Mr. Twain's maxim as a guest on Greta Perry's radio show in New Orleans, 9-10am, on WIST radio (AM 690). We will be talking about Second Amendment issues - including the "campus carry" bill currently making it's way through the legislature in Baton Rouge.

You can listen online here.

"Most Cruises Offer A Mini-Bar; We Offer A Mounted Mini-Gun."

Here's a creative, free market response to that pesky piracy problem off East Africa: Somali Cruises.

Were it real, I think we 'd take the whole family.

Hattip: Billy Ockham.

13 May 2009

Hope-n-Care Is On The Way!

I told you, dear readers, this was coming. On Wednesday, The Messiah fired the opening salvo for Hope-n-Care - the government takeover of the health care industry and your health:
"In the coming weeks and months, I believe that the House and Senate will be engaged in a difficult issue, and I'm committed to building a transparent process to get this moving. But whatever plans emerge, both from the House and the Senate, I do believe that they've got to uphold three basic principles: first, that the rising cost of health care has to be brought down; second, that Americans have to be able to choose their own doctor and their own plan; and third, all Americans have to have quality, affordable health care."
Several things jump out from his speech:

First, what the hell is a "transparent process?" Does he mean we won't be able to see the process? Considering how Pelosi and Reed operate, that I can believe.

Notice he isn't too specific on how he is going to accomplish his "three basic principles", and the mainstream media - the Hopenchange Cheerleading Department - isn't going to to be pressing too hard for that information, either.

Finally, can someone please, oh please, name me one thing that the Federal government provides that is both quality and affordable. Just one. Does this man think we're that stupid? The Federal government has a hard enough time just getting a half-ounce letter across town; what evidence is there that they will do any better managing your health-care decisions?

If you truly believe Obama's government-run health care is going to be quality and affordable, I have a few bridges that might interest you. They're high-quality and affordable. Really.

When Chili Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will Have Chili.

A woman defends her home:

When two men broke into her home to rob her, she fought back.

"The woman fought them off," said Capt. David Honeycutt of the Claiborne County Sheriff's Department, of the 58-year-old Bray. "She threw a bowl of homemade chili and got after them with a broom."
Look at the pictures of the morons who tried to pull this off, and you realize she could have beat them with a lot less - some Ben-Gay and a tea cozy would have worked.

I presume Sen. Charles Schumer likely will be on TV tonight calling for an 'assault chili' ban and other "common-sense" chili control. You can hear him now: "Chili like that serves no useful purpose in our society. People don't need it. Only the army and the police should have chili like that."

Best take on the situation:
"Just think what she could have done with duct tape."

It's A Good Day For The Second Amendment.

United States Senate votes (67-29!) to allow local laws on firearms carry to apply in National Parks and Wildlife Refuges.

Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal backs the CCW campus-carry bill currently in the Legislature.

The "assault weapons" ban bill is still pending in Baton Rouge. Hopefully, there will be some postivie news on that today as well.

12 May 2009

Hope-n-Care, Eh.

Pretty soon we will be hearing a lot from Team Hopenchange about health care "reform", and they will be throwing up the single-payer, government-run health care program in Canada as a positive comparison to our current system. So that you have some perspective, dear readers, here is what some Canadians are saying:
In the case of health care, Canadians are paying for a world-class health-care system but are not receiving one in return.
I can't wait.

Our Hopenchange Future.

Via Glenn Reynolds comes this Washington Examiner editorial on our economic future. The conclusion:

...prosperity will be a distant memory for generations to come.
See - Obama really is trying to bring us more in line with our European "allies" and the rest of the world.

11 May 2009

Natural Irony.

Two earthy-crunchy, save-the-planet activists attempt a "carbon-neutral" expedition to Greenland. But something went a bit wrong:
Raoul Surcouf, 40, a landscape gardener from Jersey, and Richard Spink, 32, a physiotherapist from Bristol, shunned the polluting aircraft normally used to reach Greenland's polar ice cap and set sail in Fleur, a 40ft yacht fitted with solar panels and a wind turbine. Schools were poised to follow their green expedition online; once the duo had skied across the Arctic wastes they had hoped to boast of the first carbon-neutral crossing of Greenland.

On Friday, nature, displaying a heavy irony, intervened. After a battering by hurricane force winds, the crew of the Carbon Neutral Expeditions craft had to be rescued 400 miles off Ireland.
They were rescued by a passing ship, the Overseas Yellowstone. And here's the real irony part: the Overseas Yellowstone is a 133,000-tonne supertanker, carrying 680,000 barrels of crude oil.

I don't care who you are, that's funny.

Hattip: Gateway Pundit.

Team Hopenchange Gets One Right!

No, really. They predicted unemployment would climb past 8 percent this spring if we didn't pass the Hopenchange Recovery Plan. Well wadda 'ya know, dear readers, they got it better than right - we had 8.9% unemployment in April!

But they passed the recovery plan, I hear you say. Why yes, that they did.


Since the country is in the very best of hands, I'm sure the disparity is because Rush Limbaugh's kidneys haven't failed yet.

Hattip: Instapundit.

The "Chicago Tickler."

A whole new stimulus package: The Barack Obama sex toy.

Where do you put the teleprompter??

A Sure Sign Of The Apocolypse.

An Eddie Money musical is in the works.

Oh, the humanity!

Graduation Wisdom.

Being it's that time of year, dear readers, here is the greatest commencement speech ever given, by (who else) P. J. O'Rourke. Very sound wisdom, so read it all.

Hattip for the reminder: Maggie's Farm.

FOLLOWUP II: Why the Second Amendment (Still) Matters.

For my Louisiana readers: If you are not too busy tomorrow and value your Second Amendment rights, head on over to the State Capitol in Baton Rouge. Two bills will be heard by the House Committee on Administration of Criminal Justice (Tuesday, 12 May, 9:00am, Room HCR-6) which are of interest.

HB-387 is yet another attempt by New Orleans to ban 'assault weapons' state-wide (like that's going to stop folks in the Crescent City from killing each other...), and the other is HB-27, which would allow folks with Concealed Carry Permits to carry on college campuses.

One bill says the State doesn't trust you as a free citizen. One does. Go support the latter.

FOLLOWUP: Why The Second Amendment (Still) Matters.

More on the Second Amendment: Glenn Reynolds notes this book by Robert H. Churchill, which looks militias from a libertarian point of view and asks how today's militia movement got labeled "extremest" considering the origins of our own revolution.

I think the "extremest" label with respect to the 90's militia movement is more accurate, as they were often barely organized cover for wanna-bes, racists, Nazis, and conspiracy groupies - not proper militias nor groups who were very interested in protecting a free State.

Prior to the creation of the National Guard, private militias were common in the US. One of my old National Guard units, the 1/141 FA - the Washington Artillery - started out as a private militia in New Orleans before the Civil War. (With privately owned cannons, no less!) Membership was by invite only then, and to be in the Washington Artillery was considered a plum in New Orleans high society.

To me, this is where the first clause of the Second Amendment - "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State..." comes into play. Let private militias exist, and regulate them with respect to the security of a free State - not the security of The State.

Typical Monday Morning.

Not the pot-o-gold you were expecting.

(Image source: unkown.)

Hattip: Jessie.

10 May 2009

Kiss And Ordain.

A popular Roman Catholic Priest in Miami gets caught in a bit of a cuddle last week. Since sex was involved, you just knew The Episcopal Church (tm) would get into the fray, and they have:
Meanwhile, the spiritual leader and head of the Episcopal church in South Florida tells CBS4 he believes that popular Catholic priest Alberto Cutié will make a decision soon to become an Episcopal priest.

The Rt. Rev. Leo Frade, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Southeast Florida, told CBS4's Peter D'Oench he's spoken twice with Father Cutié at length since the provocative photos surfaced in TV NOTAS Magazine, showing Cutié kissing and caressing 35-year-old Ruhama Canellis on the beach.

"I think the issue for Father Cutié is one of celibacy," said Bishop Frade. Celibacy is required of Catholic priests. It is not required of Episcopal priests.
In essence, Bishop Frade's position on Father Cutié is, "vows, shmows - we'll take him!"

My dear bishop, the issue here isn't one of celibacy. It is one of character. A vow is a vow, especially if you are a priest and you made that vow to God and the Church. If you don't agree with that vow, don't make it. If you do break that vow, ask for forgiveness and don't do it again. If you find you can't keep that vow anymore, leave.

Note that this is not the first time The Episcopal Church (tm) has seen breaking vows of celibacy or fidelity as irrelevant to the character of a priest. Or a bishop.

UPDATE: Welcome CNN readers! Glad you stopped by, so please Have a look round. You may find something you agree with; you may find something that insults you. Or hopefully, both.

What's That?

Why that's (some of) the cash that you - your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren - would be saving if you had switched your vote to Republican last November.

(A Red Stick Rant original)

40 Reasons...

...For Gun Control. My favorite:

37. "Assault weapons" have no purpose other than to kill large numbers of people. The police need assault weapons. You do not.
Makes you wonder - what large numbers of people do the police need to kill? And why? Read it all.

UPDATE: D'OH!! Link added.

08 May 2009

Don't Tread On Ball, Louisiana?

A friend recently gave me a Gadsden Flag sticker for my car, but I try to limit stickers on the back to a discreet few. But if this story is accurate - and considering the source I'm not completely sold that it is - the sticker is going on:
A Louisiana driver was stopped and detained for having a "Don't Tread on Me" bumper sticker on his vehicle and warned by a police officer about the "subversive" message it sent, according to the driver's relative.

Thought-Essay: 'Why The Second Amendment (Still) Matters'

My first "thought-essay" for Baton Rouge Tea Party is up at their website. These are put up periodically to look at issues of freedom confronting us today, and compare that to what the Founders - the original Tea Party crowd - had to say about them. So head on over, give BRTP some traffic, and give me some comments. Or, read it here first:


During the recent campaign, President Obama had this to say about the Second Amendment:
“I believe in the Second Amendment, and if you are a law-abiding gun owner you have nothing to fear from an Obama administration."
On the surface that sounds pretty clear, and it convinced more than a few gun owners back in November to vote for Obama. It captures nicely the position the current Administration and their ideological followers have about the Second Amendment - if it must exist, it only protects non-threatening, "law-abiding" uses, such as hunting, target shooting, and collecting. Nothing more.

An individual having the power to protect their life, liberty, and property is anathema to our friends on the Left, because it calls into question the very thing in which they have complete and unquestioning faith - the benevolent power of government. If you own a gun, especially a nasty, evil-looking gun, it must mean you don't trust the government.

Which is exactly the point.

The Second Amendment doesn’t exist merely to protect week-end sports shooters; those pursuits were of a secondary nature (though still important) when the Founders drafted the Bill of Rights. The Second Amendment exists to do one thing - to make sure that you, a free citizen, has the power to protect your foundational rights; be they threatened by a mugger or rapist, a foreign power, or a tyrannical and totalitarian domestic government.

In other words, the Second Amendment insures that you are always the last line of defense for your life and liberty. And that is how the Founders - who had just secured their independence because they possessed arms - saw it as well. Here's what Thomas Jefferson said:
"No free man shall ever be debarred the use of arms. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

"What country can preserve its liberties, if its rulers are not warned from time to time that his people preserve the spirit of resistance? Let them take arms."
George Washington thought similarly:
"The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference - they deserve a place of honor with all that's good."
Here's George Mason, one of the drafters of the Constitution:
"To disarm the people... was the best and most effectual way to enslave them."
Patrick Henry, never one to mince words, had this to say:
"The great object is, that every man be armed. [...] Every one who is able may have a gun.."
Alexander Hamilton, writing in The Federalist Papers:
"The best we can hope for concerning the people at large is that they be properly armed."
And finally, the words of James Madison, the man who proposed the Second Amendment, also writing in The Federalist Papers (No. 46):
"[The Constitution preserves] the advantage of being armed which Americans possess over the people of almost every other nation (where) the governments are afraid to trust the people with arms."
Indeed, the Second Amendment is unique to our country. But is it still relevant? Many, particularly those on the Left, see the Second Amendment as an anachronism, and not necessary in a modern, post-industrial, urban America. They don’t think you need a gun anymore. The police protect you from crime, and the idea of a foreign invader, or tyrannical government, threatening our liberties anymore is laughable.

But is it? Isoroku Yamamoto, the Japanese Admiral who devised Pearl Harbor and lived in the United States before World War II, said this about the futility of a potential invasion of the US mainland:
"You cannot invade the mainland United States. There would be a rifle behind each blade of grass."
Maybe such a foreign threat doesn’t exist today. Maybe today the police can keep you safe. And maybe today the government respects your rights. But our Founders understood all too well that tomorrow is always another matter. That is why they made sure to leave the final means of protecting ourselves and our liberties in our hands. And to truly be a free people, that is where it must always reside.

07 May 2009

Yet Another Reason We Don't Live In Massachusetts Anymore.

The Commonwealth wants to give away free cars to the poor, with taxpayer dollars picking up the tab for the upkeep. Really:
Gov. Deval Patrick’s free wheels for welfare recipients program is revving up despite the stalled economy, as the keys to donated cars loaded with state-funded insurance, repairs and even AAA membership are handed out to get them to work.
Look on the bright side - this could be a ready destination for all those crappy European "green" econo-boxes Team Hopenchange is forcing Chrysler to make that nobody's gonna want.

Hasn't Got A Clue. Or A Prayer.

Today is the the National Day of Prayer, which The Messiah is recognizing by... sending in a proclamation. Considering our current state, some kind words to the Divine sure couldn't hurt; so for those who don't know what to say I highly recommend the Episcopal 'Prayer for Our Country':
Almighty God, who hast given us this good land for our heritage: We humbly beseech thee that we may always prove ourselves a people mindful of thy favor and glad to do thy will. Bless our land with honorable industry, sound learning, and pure manners. Save us from violence, discord, and confusion; from pride and arrogance, and from every evil way. Defend our liberties, and fashion into one united people the multitudes brought hither out of many kindreds and tongues. Endue with the spirit of wisdom those to whom in thy Name we entrust the authority of government, that there may be justice and peace at home, and that, through obedience to thy law, we may show forth thy praise among the nations of the earth. In the time of prosperity, fill our hearts with thankfulness, and in the day of trouble, suffer not our trust in thee to fail; all which we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Hattip: Stand Firm.

UPDATE 08MAY09: And what did The Episcopal Church (tm) do for the National Day of Prayer? Aparrently, not much. No surprise there; it might offend someone.

Where Is Faye Wray When You Need Her?

The Grey Man says what we need is The Monkey Recovery. I agree. We just have to find a way to get the Federal government - that 3.2 trillion-pound (and growing) gorilla who wants into everything - out of the way.

Guns Are Disgusting! Therefore...

This exercise in illogic, erroneous data, and emotional argument is a parody. Doubly so, since it uses many of the talking points and data pushed by the anti-Second Amendment crowd and the media, pretty much as they do.

Hattip: Tamara at View From The Porch.

Remember When We Were Proud Of Our Faith?

Interesting to note that when hymns like this were purged from mainstream Christian churches in the US, those churches declined. I used to love singing that as a boy. Thanks to Theo for reminding me about it.


Calling Marshal Petain: Some French get in touch with their Vichy past. And just like 1942, the other French do nothing.

In Europe, "Never Again!" is looking more like "Never Mind..."

Ronald Reagan Was... A Punk Rocker? Yep.

We conservatives need to remember:
Conservatism is all about freedom. That’s the sales pitch. Conservatives endorse freedom. We are the modern day rebels. We are the punk rockers of politics. We like to work hard and party harder. The government is “The Man.” “The Man” tries to hold you down. Anybody who wants the “safety net” of cradle to the grave government support should be ridiculed. And rightfully so.
That is our path to victory. It always has been. Why do we keep forgetting it??

Hattip: Instapundit.

UPDATE: Further thought - what with all of the mythic hero-worship of one man in government, "The Man" now has a name. Which will make it rather easy to distill all of the upcoming failures and political chaos into something frustrated voters can digest.

Futility, Exercise In.

You humble blogger spent yesterday in down in New Orleans, dealing with that City's Department of Safety and Permits for a client. I'll reserve comment on this experience until after we get approval.

Personal note: Thanks, Jackie, for a great lunch!

05 May 2009

Know-It-All Student Meets An Adult.

Here's a life lesson: never try to argue with someone who speaks more languages than you know exist. Via Pat at And So It Goes In Shreveport, watch this stunning video of Condi Rice as she takes a smug Lefty to school. No press flacks, no teleprompters, no script. Notice, too, how the room quiets down as she talks. Impressive.

You have to wonder why McCain didn't pick this lady instead of Palin? Hells bells, why didn't the GOP pick her over McCain??

Oh Reagan, Where Art Thou?

We're not heading for Socialism, dear readers; we're going to... Big Rock Candy Mountain!

Some people believe it really exists.

Happy Fifth Of Fourth!

Proof, as if it were needed anymore, that the media/entertainment industry is in the tank for Team Hopenchange. This flub, which would have been endless fodder for sneering pundits and late-night comics if uttered by George W. Bush, gets a matter-of-fact pass:

On the eve of the Mexican holiday, Obama on Monday had an event in the East Room of the White House with Mexico's Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan (sahr-oo-KHAN').

Obama joked that it was "Cinco de Cuatro," botching a play on the Spanish word for "four" when he meant to say "Cuatro de Mayo," or the Fourth of May. He tried again, but he still did not get it right.
Where's the Saturday Night Live sketch? Where are the CNN reporters interviewing farm workers for their reaction? Where's Katie Couric rolling her eyes? And where's a 'Great-Moments-In Presidential-Speeches' bit on Letterman?

I guess the rules are different if you're The Messiah.

04 May 2009

A Little Glimmer, Church-wise.

As many of my Episcopal and Anglican readers may recall, the current Bishop of the Diocese of Louisiana, +Charles Jenkins, is set to retire at the end of this year. As a part of the search for a new Bishop the Diocese is holding four "Community Forums," and the one for Baton Rouge was held tonight. Your humble blogger was one of about 50 who attended, and was pleasantly surprised by the results.

While most of the diocese "challenges" the participants said the new bishop will face are what you'd expect - money issues, a declining and aging membership - the problems besetting the national church since 2003 also figured in, either directly or in the undertone of some of the comments. And most folks there did not seem to see the current leftward tilt positively. In fact, the words "inclusion" and "diversity" only came up once in the discussion summation.

The bother over the leftward tilt got more direct when the responses to the "qualities for a new bishop" were aired. Qualities like "theologically conservative", "dynamically orthodox", "meeting the challenge of '03" and "traditional understanding of Scripture" seemed to be the consensus concerning the theological temperament of our next bishop.

A clear victory? Not really. But in this sense it is heartening: people out there in the pews are beginning to pay attention, and at least in Baton Rouge they do not appear to like what they see from our national church leadership.

To be fair, the opinion (at our table, at least) was that any new bishop not take our Diocese along the same road as Fort Worth or Pittsburgh. But at the same time they do not want to elect a "nut" (actual quote) like John Spong.

Go Green; Drown In Red?

Um, didn't Team Hopenchange say that GM and Chrysler were in the crapper because they hadn't gone "green?" I guess consumers out there didn't get the talking points.

You unpatriotic louts! You should listen to your betters.

Hattip: Instapundit.

A Touch Of Grey? As You Wish.

The Grey Man comments on the "New" Chrysler.

And in the essay he comes up with a great new blog name: "The Dread Blogger Roberts." (See The Princess Bride"; you'll understand.) I may have to steal that.

Fighting To Win.

Via Maggie's Farm, more from PajamasMedia: John Hawkins says it's time for Republicans to take the gloves off:
He said that when you’re being attacked, the aggressor sets the rules and if you want to survive, you have to play by those rules. In other words, if your opponent is trying to cut your head off with a sword while you’re trying not to hurt him, chances are that you’re going to end up dead. This is a lesson that conservatives can and should apply to politics.
I agree. The Left needs to pay a price for their tactics.

UPDATE: This is the kind of thing we need to be doing: Bill Whittle of PajamasMedia takes on Jon Stewart's recent Harry-Truman-Is-A-War-Criminal-For-Dropping-Atomic Bombs-In-WWII comment, and kicks Stewart's arse. Because Whittle, unlike Stewart, relies on actual facts and history to make his point.

Monday Morning Required Video.

Something to start off the week: Andrew Klavan finds the perfect Hollywood metaphor for our current situation.

It would explain Nancy Pelosi.

01 May 2009

Yeah, It's Not A Hemi...

Remember when a MoPar product meant something like this? Not a chance after yesterday.

Isn't it ironic that the savior brought into the Chrysler mess, Fiat - a.k.a. "Fix It Again, Tony" - has a rather long history of getting involved with failed socialist experiments. So... is this kind of smokin' ride America's future muscle car? Team Hopenchange thinks so, and thinks you will, too.

In a sense this is deja vu, all over again.