31 January 2009

And You Were Expecting Anything Else?

In the middle this article about the nasty ice storm that battered Kentucky:
In Kentucky's Grayson County, about 80 miles southwest of Louisville, Emergency Management Director Randell Smith said the 25 National Guardsmen who have responded have no chain saws to clear fallen trees. He said roads are littered with fallen trees and people shivering in bone-chilling cold are in need.

"We've got people out in some areas we haven't even visited yet," Smith said. "We don't even know that they're alive."

Smith said FEMA was still a no-show days after the storm.
It seems FEMA is acting true to form once again. To paraphrase an English king... won't someone rid us of this meddlesome organization?

29 January 2009

Wishful Thinking.

I hope this works, but I ain't a'holdin my breath:
In her second week on the job, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano has ordered a comprehensive review of Hurricane Katrina recovery progress, drawing praise from state and local officials who hope the move will increase the flow of federal money for public projects stymied by disputes over damage assessments and mitigation efforts.

"This sends a strong message that she wants to do something different," said Paul Rainwater, executive director of the Louisiana Recovery Authority.

Included in the examination ordered Wednesday are about 1,200 public structures and other projects that state officials describe as "large scale" because the respective applicants are seeking at least $500,000, with a total cost exceeding $3.2 billion.

The projects fall under the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Public Assistance Program, the primary federal disaster relief option for government and nonprofit entities. And many also involve applications under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program intended to help prevent damage in future storms.
Reforms may come, and reforms may go; but the bureaucratic mentality endures.

28 January 2009

And On Tonight's Pogrom...

...Turning back the clock to 1938. Or 638. Sit down, put your hand on your chest to catch you jaw, and watch it all:

This is what passes as "interfaith understanding" in the modern world of Radical Islam. We're not in a war stop terrorism, people; were in a war to save our very civilization. And we're loosing it.

Hattip: LGF.

Are The Dikes About To Fail?

The beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning? Watch it all:

Yes, I know - the guy is an athiest. But the truth is the truth, and in this matter he speaks it.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

27 January 2009

How Not To Do A Memorial. (UPDATED, With Images And Things)

WARNING: Uber-rant about Katrina, with bad words, follows. So plan accordingly.)

This is for my New Orleans readers, and especially my Lakeview neighborhood readers, or any readers who have ever lived in Lakeview, New Orleans, or understand the pain of Katrina.

It seems someone, I don't know who exactly, wants to put up a Katrina memorial on top of, and in front of, and in the old bomb shelter in the neutral ground on West End Boulevard:

image by Mathes-Brierre Architects

Lets just say I have a few issues with it.

Let's just say.

For starters, the design is beautiful. And were it being proposed to celebrate a great person, or some noble achievement, I'd say fine. But we're talking about a fucking disaster here!! Do we really need something "influenced by the Lincoln Memorial"?? Was Lincoln a disaster?

Actually, the main building looks nothing like the Lincoln Memorial. A gigantic three-story carousel was my first reaction. I half expected to see 20 foot high painted horses going round and round. (We already have a carousel in City Park, thank you very much. It's very nice.) (UPDATE: Come to think of it, after dealing with FEMA the merry-go-round imagery is rather apropos. You go round and round in circles, you get dizzy, and you want to throw up. Sounds about right.)

The water features are totally inappropriate. Water was the vehicle of the Katrina disaster. It is iconic of the pain, destruction and death, not the most appropriate medium to commemorate what happened. Would one suggest a memorial at Auschwitz made of ovens? Didn't think so.

And what's up with the broken wall and the water. That's fucking a sensitive "reflection". Why not toss in 1,100 plastic mannequins floating face down? That'll drive the point home. Pump some raw sewerage into it for an added sense of reality.

But the best in a long list of kicks in the balls is this: if you look through the plans, on page 13/25 it shows that the museum has a "gift shop".

Yes, that's what I said. A. Gift. Shop.

I don't know what the FEMA you would sell in a Katrina "Gift Shop," but here are some suggestions:

Ponchos made of 'Blue Tarp' material, with the museum logo on it. Include kids sizes.
Little bottles of 'Purell'.
Snack-sized portions of blue cheese. Or Limburger.
Sandbags. And sand.
Copies of "Oops. A History of the Corps of Engineers in New Orleans".
N-90 face masks.
Kathleen Blanco indecision ball (antithesis of the magic 8-ball).
Miniature zen garbage pile. Complete with little rake, shovel, and wheelbarrow.
Duct Tape.
Some scale models of Cadillac Esclades (in blue and white) and Army CH-47s.
Tetanus shots.
New 'Axe in the Attic' game. Patterned on Jenga and Lincoln Logs, you have to cut your way out of simulated roof decking with a toy axe without the roof collapsing and the killing the little plastic family figurines below. DS and X-Box 360 versions available, too.
Barbie's FEMA Trailer Dollhouse. (Formaldehyde test kit included. FEMA-Trailer Barbie and NOPD Ken sold separately.)
'Looting for Dummies'.
MREs and canned water.
Little statues of Sean Penn in his sinking flatboat.
Ray Nagin NSFW excuse generator software.

I don't care how nice the flavor sketches and renderings are, this whole thing just screams inappropriate. It has all the sensitivity and reverence of a fart in church.

So much for the aesthetic sensitivities, now let's look at some practical issues:

Who is going to pay to build this thing? The City's broke; so is the State. The feds call a stainless steel railing (good choice in a salt-water coastal environment) an extravagance - Lord knows what they'd say about this. This is not a three or four million dollar project. I'd say, with all of the site work and all of the work they will have to do to the old bomb shelter, $15 - 20 million plus. That's just a guess, because I have no idea about the finishes. And that spiraling ramp ain't gonna be cheap, either.

So it gets built. OK, now who's gonna pay to maintain it? As before, the governments are broke. Hell, the City can't even keep the current neutral ground maintained, and it's just grass and a few trees. When the water systems for the fountains break, will it be repaired, or will this end up just like the water feature at Bayou St. John and Robert E. Lee, or the Mardi Gras fountain at the lakefront?

And when this does become a stagnant eyesore, will it have to be fenced in and abandoned? Yet another memorial to New Orleans' bad planning and wasting money?

This is a sore point with me because I grew up not 100 feet from where this monster is being proposed. My parents lived there until the flooding, and are coming back. This is my neighborhood. The people there are my friends. Do we need a memorial to this disaster? Damn right, we do. But, this ain't it. We do not need another tourist trap, a disaster disneyland destination for the Gray Line buses - especially plopped smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood.

Try again, folks.

Here endeth the rant.

26 January 2009

Monday Evening (Oh, My!) Distraction.

Via Theo, a great car commercial:

My daughter, Living Room Floor, liked it as well.

24 January 2009

Cult Of Personality.

A group of Hollywood types got together recently and did an updated cover of Living Color's 'Cult of Personality'. Really:

And yes, at 3:45 they actually say, “I pledge to be a servant to our President…” Orwell was right.

UPDATE: Via Rachel Lucas, Iowahawk has an "unofficial" transcript that's a must read.

With Friends Like These...

The Saudis are telling The Messiah that he better change America's ways in the Middle East or we'll loose our 'special relationship' with them:
Former Saudi intelligence chief and ambassador to the United States, warning Obama the United States was putting Saudi ties at risk with its stance on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

In an article on the Financial Times website, Turki said former President George W. Bush had left a "sickening legacy" in the Middle East.

"If the U.S. wants to continue playing a leadership role in the Middle East and keep its strategic alliances intact -- especially its 'special relationship' with Saudi Arabia -- it will have to drastically revise its policies vis-a-vis Israel and Palestine," Turki said
And what has that 'special relationship' given us recently? Anyone?

Well, this Saudi Arabian for starters. And his 19 friends who did this:

15 of whom were Saudi Arabian.

The Saudis are not our friends. They never have been; we are infidels. While the House of Saud may not be pulling the trigger and tossing the bombs, they are using our oil money to help fund those who do, and to promote the spread of their malignant, anti-Western Islamist worldview that so many of our enemies cling to. The Saudis need us far more than we need them. Americans can walk, or bike or carpool to work if we have to. But you can't eat oil. (Yet another reason to drill here, drill now.)

Hattip: LGF

23 January 2009

Stimulate Me!

In the same article linked to in the last post was this tidbit:
...whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.
A TRILLION DOLLARS?????? We still have that kind of jack laying round the Treasury after Pelosi, Dodd, Reid, and Frank raided it (with George W's help, I might add) to cover their butts after f***ing up the US financial industry in order to buy off Democrat voting blocks? I'd bet no.

Do you realize how big a trillion is?

That's $1,000,000,000.000.00.
That's a thousand billion dollars.
That's about enough for 500 B-2 Bombers.
That's a number most calculators can't display.
That's about, in miles, 270 times greater than the distance to Pluto.
That's about 7% of the entire 2008 US Gross Domestic Product (on top of the earlier, $750 billion "bailout".
That's about $3,300.00 for every American. Legal and illegal.
That's... a lot of IOUs to Chinese Communists, fundamentalist Saudis, and fair-weather European "allies". Which our children and grandchildren will be saddled with paying back.

Ponder that for a bit. Is this really the change we were looking for?

Making Waves.

The Messiah takes a shot at Talent On Loan From God:
President Obama warned Republicans on Capitol Hill today that they need to quit listening to radio king Rush Limbaugh if they want to get along with Democrats and the new administration.

"You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," he told top GOP leaders, whom he had invited to the White House to discuss his nearly $1 trillion stimulus package.
And Democrats should remember you can't just listen to NPR and get a successful foreign policy. Who really cares what the French think, anyway?

Friday Evening Distraction.

I'm sorry, but this is just wrong. Wrong.

So is this.

Ruining the Internet is particularly good today. Head on over for more bloggy goodness.

Best Katrina Bumper Sticker. Ever.

Context: Lakeview is the New Orleans neighborhood where the famous break in the 17th street Canal occurred, allowing Lake Pontchartrain into the city. It is also the neighborhood where my wife and I grew up, and where our parents were living when the levee broke. (That's why all that FEMA crap gets me so angey.)

Hattip: Tailgate of Connie's pickup.

It's September 10th Again!

Why? Because President Messiah has declared it so.

At the core of His plan for everlasting peace is to set free those who want to make it September 11th again. (OK, not directly; but you know once these folks hit the US court system most all will go free on a technicality.)

Gosh, I feel more secure already.

UPDATE: Via Theo Spark:

Sherriff Bart, he ain't.

22 January 2009

Somehow, This Isn't Surprising.

A former French leader is mauled by his... poodle. Really.

21 January 2009

Endlessly Stuck On Stupid.

(Big FEMA rant follows. You have been warned.)

My regular readers will recall my being in an utter funk the other day due to yet another FEMA eruption over a project we are designing. And any FEMA eruption in my business means that we must endure yet another FEMA meeting, to "resolve" the issues in question. Well, today we had the requisite meeting with yet another bunch of FEMA folks (they change frequently), and it ended as every other FEMA meeting I've been in has ever ended - with nothing finally resolved.

Nothing can ever be resolved at a FEMA meeting because no FEMA person present seems able to make a decision. All they ever say is they will "look at it," "pass it up the chain," etc.

The new FEMA people at the meeting today said that the understandings our client has obtained from the old FEMA people over the past two years (verbally, of course, as FEMA will never put anything in writing) are now out the window. Their earlier assurances that we would be approved are now "premature" (we were informed the FEMA person who told us we would be approved has been disciplined for it), and what we all understood is allowed - and what is not allowed - by FEMA regulations is "not correct." Why? Because the new FEMA people said there are some "clarifications" to the FEMA regulations no one bothered to let us, or our clients, in on. (They didn't apparently let the old FEMA folks - who were recommending our project - in on them, either.)

And the issues they are spending of tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars and years of time to grouse about, are piddling. A few inches here, a few dozen square feet there. What they want us to do will indeed make the project physically smaller, but will likely, in the end, make it more expensive overall. It will definitely reduce the function and capacity that existed before the levees broke. Though, FEMA doesn't appear to care about cost, or effectiveness, or good design practice, so long as it complies with this week's interpretation of their beloved regulations. (They said as much again today.) Effective use of taxpayer dollars doesn't seem real high on the FEMA to-do list.

So once again, more than three years since the flooding following Katrina, more than two years since we were awarded the project, and two months after the project was originally scheduled to be finished and open to the public, we seem to be back to square one,. My client now has to decide if they want to re-design a less effective project (for the third time, and hope that this FEMA interpretation of FEMA regulations will be there when we finish), or fight for this scheme (with yet another "justification" and 18 months or so delay for appeals). Either way, it will be years before New Orleans sees this project built. And that delay is solely because of FEMA, who appears more interested in our compliance with the minutiae of their ever-changing regulations than in helping us recover.

I Do Embrace What Is Right - And You're Wrong.

"a land where men will not argue that the color of a man's skin determines the content of his character"... Yeah, whatever:

Lord, in the memory of all the saints who from their labors rest, and in the joy of a new beginning, we ask you to help us work for that day when black will not be asked to get in back, when brown can stick around ... when yellow will be mellow ... when the red man can get ahead, man; and when white will embrace what is right. That all those who do justice and love mercy say Amen.
From the 2009 Inaugural benediction, not the one in 1960. This type of shallow racial stereotyping is beyond insulting.

Talk Is Expensive.

I read President Obama’s Inaugural speech yesterday, and I must say it sounded… OK. It struck all the chords you pretty much come to expect in speeches like that – unity, hope, future, yadda, yadda.

But what does it mean, really? My first thought was of the 1976 election. I missed voting in that election by two months, but I remember well the media’s open bias for Carter, and their near orgasmic jubilation at his victory (sound familiar?). I also remember listening to his Inaugural speech in 1977, thinking, “Wow, that sounds fine; I think we’ll be OK,” and wondering why my parents put so little faith in it.

In 1977 I had the audacity to hope what I heard was what would really happen. I was wrong. After four years of inflation, recession, malaise, hostages, and getting our ass kicked by the Soviets, the Iranians, and anybody else bigger than Lichtenstein, I understood my parent’s outlook. And in 1980 I was campaigning for Ronald Reagan.

Words, mean things. But if the speaker doesn’t really believe in them, or doesn’t have a clear, realistic (as opposed to idealistic) vision of how to make them come true, they mean absolutely nothing. Putting faith in them is foolish. That is what I did in 1977, and fear millions today are doing the same. We shall see.

20 January 2009

Tactical Apple.

Let's see your Blackberry do this.

Actually, He Did Accomplish His Mission.

Seeing the evil in our midst; standing up to it when most others wanted to back away; and fighting for freedom, progress and aid for millions who lived under the yoke of oppression, starvation and enforced ignorance.

Sounds like leadership to me. You should thank him for it.

(Caveat: I am sorry he didn't take the same approach in dealing with FEMA...)

The Curve, Keeping You Ahead Of.

Those who read Stand Firm and Chris Johnson's Midwest Conservative Journal no doubt noticed this video by Greg Griffith is getting a bit of attention this week.

If you read this humble blog, then you already saw it here last week.

Well There's Your Problem.

According to this report, America has more people working in government than in manufacturing.

And after today I predict that disparity will grow. Rapidly.

Hattip: Instapundit.

Tuesday Morning Distraction. (For Jack)

I'm not a big football fan (baseball, yes...), but this fantasy football video is pretty impressive:

And one of 'em is from the Saints, too.

19 January 2009

Cluster F*** II.

FEMA underestimates a disaster and works a blame-the-victim excuse.

Look, when you give a case of MRE's, a case of water, a bag of ice, and a tarp to each car passing through a POD (point of delivery), what did you expect?? During Katrina, my brother lost power and therefore his water well. He had food, but needed ice and water. Each time he went to get water and ice they would always throw in MREs and anything else they were issuing out. If you got in line, what they had was loaded in your trunk. You had no choice.

FEMA used the same mentality after Gustav. A friend needed tarps, but each time they went to their local POD in search of a tarp they got water, ice and MREs, whether they needed it or not. It took them several trips over several days to finally get a tarp.

As far as I am concerned, one Bobby Jindal is worth more in a disaster situation than an army of FEMA "experts." We would be better off it they would pack their carpetbags and go home.

Cluster F***.

Sorry for the spare posting, dear readers, but I have been in a right foul mood all weekend. Even putting some rounds downrange Friday night, and going to Cabela's on Saturday, only brought a temporary respite. Mass on Sunday helped to put things in some perspective, but I was back to supreme foulness this morning once I fired up the office computer. And the reason can be summed up in a single, four letter F-word:


Proving again an earlier post. And why I need blood-pressure medication.

Monday Afternoon Distraction.

Ruining the Internet finds some cool push-pin pointillism over at WebUrbanist, a interesting design site. I should post more about architecture and design, so it is today's Blog de Jour.

16 January 2009


The New Orleans Saints will win the Super Bowl next year. Proof:

From here.

15 January 2009

The Audacity Of Satire (Mitre Version).

A church poster in keeping with the new era:

Make you own here.

Original inspiration is here.

For Anne.

Hattip: Theo.

Like This Is News?

An Episcopal bishop is "horrified" at Christian prayer. These days, Episcopal bishops are horrified at most things Christian.

14 January 2009

Digging Soviet Mathematics.

"A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic."
- Joseph Stalin

Some Soviet statistics from WWII were unearthed in Poland the other day. Images here.

I expect Presiding Bishop Schori and her fellow travellers will be calling for the Russian government and religious leaders to issue an apology for...

Oh. Wait.

The people doing the killing weren't Americans, Brits, or Jews. And the victims weren't gay or Muslim.


Lost In Translation. (Or, Greg Griffith Asks A Simple Question.)

Stand Firm's Greg Griffith asks the Presiding Bishop about, um, something:

I presume this is from her visit to Jackson, Mississippi, the other week. I hope Greg uploads the rest of her answer (we were just getting to the words-mean-whatever-we-want-them-to-mean-that's-why bit), and any others from that talk.

13 January 2009

The Messiah Support Test.

Me, I didn't do so well:

I'm an embarrassment to Barack!

I only scored 16 on the Obama Test

Like that's a surprise. (Actually, I'm surprised I did that well.)

Via: Tamara at View from the Porch.

Wednesday Required Reading.

Relativism: paving the road to radicalism. It's long, but read it all.

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

Oh, and read this excellent Theodore Dalrymple essay on art and Western culture (or the lack of either anymore). Again, it's long; but worth it.

After your reading assignments are complete, take a look at this:

Hattip: Jason at Countercolum.

The Curious Case of Adolph Grimes.

This stinks to high heaven:

Facts to consider: The victim had never been in trouble with the law. The victim had a concealed carry permit for his weapon. The victim was shot 14 times, 12 in the back. The officers fired 48 times (meaning only 29% of their rounds hit their intended target). The NOPD isn't talking.

According to this, the officers were allegedly in plain clothes, looking for a suspect and approached the victim with weapons drawn.

According to this (see the 7 January post), the initial police report did not mention the victim (Grimes) discharging his weapon, but it was revised later to say that he fired first.

Firearms owners, CCW permit holders, the NRA, the GOA and other pro-2nd Amendment groups should be raising the roof over this.

Brownie Time.

In his final news conference yesterday, George Bush passionately defended Federal reaction right after Katrina. In the immediate sense, he was right. Federal first responders - Coast Guard, Navy, Army personnel and aircraft - were here and working quickly. But in the greater sense, he is wrong. What failed at the Federal level was one the one thing that was supposed to work in this case - FEMA. The Agency that exists to deal with helping people in emergencies, but instead puts it's never ending focus on "compliance", "events", "vectors" and "deltas", and keeping their high-paying contractor jobs as long as possible. Some help. For inflicting FEMA on our fair state, Mr. President, you are indeed responsible.

Read the whole thing. Note also the idiot-calling-the-moron-dumb moments where Kathleen "Indecision" Blanco and Ray "What Evacuation Plan" Nagin pass the buck faster than a Countrywide executive at a Chris Dodd fundraiser.

12 January 2009


Yep. But instead of beer, I prefer a pitcher of gin & tonics.

If You Tought Waterboarding Was Bad...

According to this report, one of the first things Obama plans to do as President is order the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay closed. He will likely cite this recent shocking UN report as evidence:

(Warning - GRAPHIC!)

Hattip: Theo Spark.

Proof That Darwin Was Right.

Protein Wisdom finds that radical feminism has reached it's logical conclusion. If reproduction is oppression and should be eliminated, then the folks who advocate this kind of thing should lead by example.

Please. My great-grandchildren will thank you.

UPDATE 13JAN09: Someone emailed to remind me that this isn't exactly new, and there have been groups in the past advocating similar outcomes. Yes, but at least the Shakers made nice chairs.

The Episcopal Church Stereotypes You. (UPDATED)

Katherine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church (tm), went down to Mississippi last week and dropped this little "let-me-prove-I'm-an-out-of-touch-liberal-elitist" comment:
Schori asked if it were true that St. Andrew's Episcopal School services primarily white children without an effort to integrate.
"Without an effort to integrate?" Excuse me??

If my calender is correct it's 2009 - not 1959 - so no, it is not true. The fact that she would even ask that question in this day an age shows how little she seems to know about the South, and what she does know appears to be based on stereotype.

For your information, dear readers, here is the St. Andrew's Episcopal School website. Note that there are more than a few non-white faces in the images. (Here is the school's non-discrimination policy.) If one merely reads the school's history (didn't Schori do any advance work...?), one notes that the school prides itself on the fact it was founded prior to the "white-flight" after 1954:
Unlike the majority of independent schools and private academies in Mississippi, St. Andrew’s Episcopal School was founded prior to 1954, the year of the United States Supreme Court decision in Brown v. Board of Education. St. Andrew’s did not originate as a “white flight” school but as the brainchild of Sherwood Wise and Reynolds Cheney, two visionary former Naval officers who wanted to establish a small, independent school where students could receive individual attention and the benefits of a Christian atmosphere.
Later in the page is this:
In September of 1966, a new St. Andrew’s campus, described as an “architectural and educational wonderland,” opened on Old Canton Road. The new facility opened amidst the turmoil of the Civil Rights Movement. As private academies sprang up across the state and public schools fought integration, St. Andrew’s earned a reputation as a champion of equality. It was an unpopular stance for the times; St. Andrew’s took dramatic risks in admitting pupils of color during this racially charged, often violent era in Mississippi history.

During this period St. Andrew’s further cemented its commitment to diversity. While most private academies joined the Mississippi Private Schools Association, St. Andrew’s chose membership in the Mississippi High School Activities Association (MHSAA), which is composed largely of public schools. Membership in the MHSAA allows St. Andrew’s students to participate in academic and athletic competitions with students from public schools.
Bishop Schori - for your information, this is not the South today. What? Were you expecting a bronze statue of George Wallace, ax handle in hand, standing astride the front door? Ma'am, you owe Saint Andrews, and all of us in down here, an apology.

UPDATE 13JAN09: Greg Griffith from Stand Firm, whose children actually attend St. Andrew's, weighs in on the Presiding Bishop's ignorant interesting comment. He isn't pleased, either.

10 January 2009

So, Is Peace When All Of The Other Side Is Dead?

Yesterday, Baton Rouge had it's obligatory "peace" rally in support of that beacon of tolerance, inclusion, liberty, understanding, and religious freedom, known as HAMAS. My favorite line:
She said she does not believe Israeli soldiers are targeting only Hamas fighters.
M'Kay... And does this protester believe that the 3,000 or so rockets and mortar bombs Hamas fighters have fired indiscriminately into Israel in the last year are targeting only Israeli soldiers? Where was her outrage then?

Oh, that's right - it's OK to kill Jews.

Rick Warren, Anglican Ally.

If you think Lefty Episcopalians had a hard time before "living in tension" with Pastor Rick Warren, wait till they read this:
... [The Episcopal Church has] already considered me an adversary after partnering on projects with Kolini, Orumbi, and Nzimbi, and writing the TIME bio on Akinola.

But since last summer... I’ve been on Gene Robinson and other’s attack list for my position on gay marriage. ....[Our] brothers and sisters here at St. James in Newport Beach lost their California State Supreme Court case to keep their property.

We stand in solidarity with them, and with all orthodox, evangelical Anglicans. I offer the campus of Saddleback Church to any Anglican congregation who need a place to meet, or if you want to plant a new congregation in south Orange County.
He also says orthodox Anglicans are leading a 'new reformation.' In other words, a 'purpose'-driven life beats an 'invitation into a deeper conversation'-driven life. Duh.

08 January 2009

A Disproportionate Truth. (UPDATED)

Chris Johnson at The MCJ asks a very, very awkward question about the recent Gaza crisis. I'm beginning to conclude the answer is "yes" - at least with respect to the leadership. It says a lot that they only seem get upset when one side is dying, and not the other. How they can see these folks as the good guys in this fight is beyond me.

UPDATE 10JAN08: Imagine the indignant statements and condemnations from Kate Schori, et. al., if Israel - or the US - did this with our children:

Hattip: Theo Spark.

Not That I Have Anything Against Old Guys, But...

Tamra at View from the Porch ain't happy about John Smoltz going to the Red Sox. As a loyal member of Red Sox Nation, I quite agree. He's 42 and has an injured shoulder - how much longer will he be effective? And I agree with Tamra, too, about the loyalty issue. I know what it's like to be betrayed by a money-loving pitcher.

Well, All Isn't Well. Here's An Example.

From the latest Episcopal Diocese of Louisiana E-News comes word that Christ Church, Gonzales, has closed it's doors. I am very saddened by this news, as I know Christ Church was one of Bishop Jenkins' great hopes to grow our Diocese. He put much into it to make it a success. (Gonzales is one of the fastest growing areas of our state.) I do not know what killed it exactly, but I thought one line from the Bishop's article was very telling (highlighted):
Surely, mistakes were made. I am ultimately responsible for all of those errors. A great deal of effort and resources were poured into Christ Church and I should have done better to see that these were used in a way that would have built a sustainable, growing, and faithful congregation. The situation in the Episcopal Church seems to have greatly impacted Christ Church. Again, I should have been more attentive in this matter.
Despite their denials, the direction Gene Robinson, Katherine Schori, and their fellow travellers are taking The Episcopal Church IS driving people away.

Blog De Jour.

Via Ardvarks and Asshats II, I'd like to introduce...

Ruining the Internet.

Stop by for a visit, you won't be sorry. I also liked this one.

Our Very Own Chavez?

Now that we have elected The Messiah, some people (a Congressman from New York, in this case) think the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution isn't needed anymore. Really.

Do we really want an American version of this guy?

Hattip: Liberty Girl.

I May Be 50, But That Doesn't Mean I Now Like Grey Ladies.

Is The New York Times a biased left-wing mouthpiece in financial trouble? I think so. In my daily pile of office mail this morning - first time ever - was a letter from the Times addressed to your humble blogger. And inside were two things: First, a flier with The Messiah's image on it, hand raised as if giving me a blessing, and the words "Don't Miss History In The Making. November 4 was just the beginning." (Funny, the Times didn't have the same reaction when Reagan was elected...) And second, a subscription form enticing me with "50% off when I order!"

To whoever at the Times may read this: Not just No, but Hell No!

Slaving To Not Offend.

The Episcopal Church (tm) wants it's members to focus on 'human trafficking' this week, which they define as "people who are trapped or tricked into involuntary servitude." It's what you and I used to call slavery, but I guess 'human trafficking' sounds so much less judgemental. Wouldn't want to piss off folks who still practice it, now would we?

07 January 2009


The Former Bishop of Nevada put on her foreign-policy oven-mitt the other day and deemed Israel's response in Gaza "disproportionate" to this - the number of rockets fired into Israel from Gaza since early 2002. (Note how the number didn't fall to zero during the recent 6-month "ceasefire.")

What exactly, Bishop, would be a "proportionate" response?

Minnesota's New Senator.

Really. Al Franken's one redeeming quality - he makes Harry Reid look good.

UPDATE: OK, another quality - I'd rather see him spread-legged in diaper than Nancy Pelosi.

"It's A Scary Depiction Of Suffering."

Are there any plesant ones? An English church removes it's cross, using the standard-issue rationale:
We're all about hope, encouragement and the joy of the Christian faith. We want to communicate good news, not bad news, so we need a more uplifting and inspiring symbol than execution on a cross.
Isn't that execution on a cross, and the willingness of the executed to suffer for all of us, at the very core of Christian Faith? You know, this stuff:
Philippians 2:8: And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death — even death on a cross!

1 Peter 2:21 To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps.
Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

The 12 Days Of Al Gore.

A bit late, but still funny:

Hattip: Moonbattery via Maggie's Farm.

Yes, It's True - I'm 50.

No use avoiding it. Today I enter the world of AARP, Depends, Viagra and Fixodent.

Just yesterday I was sitting in studio at LSU with my girlfriend (now wife), a Rapidograph pen in one hand and a cigarette in the other, hoping to finish a rendering in time to watch Hill Street Blues.

What the hell happened??

So It's Not Just Me Saying It.

I didn't vote for Mary Landrieu, but on this issue I'm with her 100 percent:
“The GAO report reiterates what has long been clear: FEMA’s Public Assistance program has been riddled with red tape, slowing down recovery along the Gulf Coast,” Landrieu said.

“The GAO outlined the program’s numerous deficiencies, including reversing approval decisions after our communities had already begun the construction process. FEMA has also relied on temporary staff lacking necessary expertise to be a steppingstone, rather than a roadblock, to recovery.”
From first-hand experience, that is a pretty accurate description of how FEMA has operated post-Katrina.

The full GAO report she alluded to is here.

An Obama January Surprise For Gun Owners?

Via View From The Porch, Michael Bane is saying that, despite protestations to the contrary, Barack Obama will go after law-abiding gun owners very quickly after he is inaugurated in order shore up his Lefty base after all the Clintonista appointees. From Obama's political perspective it does make a modicum of sense. Will it happen? Dunno. Right now, it's only so much speculation. But if I were still thinking about buying, I'd do it ASAP. Just to be safe.

Whether right away or some time in the future, I do believe the Obama Administration will attempt to reimpose "Assault Weapons" / Hi-Cap Magazine Bans, seek outright bans of certain firearms in in urban areas (i.e., reverse Heller), allow for tobacco-like litigation against firearms manufacturers, and seek some way to force states to rescind "shall issue" CCW.

It's not going to be a pleasant four years for gun owners.

06 January 2009

Duty. Honor. Country. In a Movie.

Really. Taking Chance, on HBO (premiers on 21 February). It is based on a true story originally posted by a blogger.

Hattip: Charlie Foxtrot.

Making Lemonade Out Of Some Really Rotten Lemons.

If anybody can do it it's Governor Bobby Jindal, but Sam Hanna, Jr. says he will have to piss off a lot of folks in 2009 to make it happen. I agree. And who he pisses off could well determine if he is on the GOP ticket in 2012, or just another governor who "faced reality" when it came to fiscal responsibility.

Hattip: Dead Pelican.

Get A Jobs!

Macworld's keynote: not much there, or the end of an era?
Here's the full address if you must.

"Just Another Moment Of Faith."

The New Orleans Times-Picayune profiles The Free Church of the Annunciation and Father Jerry Kramer. They succeed "one small miracle at a time." So be one. Give.

Is It 2012 Yet?

You just knew somebody would make one:
The Obama Coutdown Clock.

Go Easy On The New Guy.

OK, he's been doing this longer than I have, but I only found out about his blog yesterday. Allan Bourdius, who I've met over at StandFirm a few times, blogs over at Their Finest Hour. Pretty good stuff - so he's our Blog De Jour. Head on over for a visit.

05 January 2009

Anne Coulter Needs To Explain Herself.

I admit it - Republican that I am, I've never been a big Ann Coulter fan. First, I don't fancy blonds (OK, once. Hi, Lisa), and second, Ann is a bit too social conservative for my libertarian tastes. I do admire her unapologetic chutzpah and her ability to drive the Left nuts. And those eyes. But this picture over at Aardvarks and Asshats II brings a couple of questions to mind:

Where's your eye protection, Ann?

How much finger should be on that trigger? You're not picking your nose, y'know.

A 9mm Beretta 92? What?? What about a real GOP handgun in a real GOP calibre?

UPDATE 06JAN09: From the comments: Warren noticed her poor grip which, I agree, ia not exactly Jeff Cooper. And LibertyGirl noted the cartridges neatly lined up on the deck - and likely to roll off - not a box and some spare mags off to the side like the rest of us. And what's with the 1,000-yard stare? You're shooting at something, I don't know, 50 feet away. Add in the tight jeans and purposeful flash of firm tummy, and me'thinks this be a posed publicity photo.

Don't We Have Enough Problems With Our Energy Policy? (UPDATED)

Carol Browner, another Clinton-era bureaucrat The Messiah has recycled to be his energy/climate "czar", is a socialist who doesn't want a record of what she does while in government employ.

Oh, yeah. That's the change we were looking for. What's next? Bill Ayers for Secretary of Defense?

Hattip: Maggie's Farm.

UPDATE 12JAN09: Even in The Meissiah's New America, being a socialist doesn't play all that well - all references to Ms. Browner have vanished from the first website link above. Not to worry; Gateway Pundit found a copy. (Bets on how long that ones remains...?) He also says Browner has been scrubbed from at least one other Lefty website.

Go Rent A Movie At Blockbuster. (UPDATED)

In fact, rent 5 or 6, or...10! I intend to go there tonight, and here's why.

Despite any boilerplate fig-leaves to the contrary, The Episcopal Church (tm) is taking sides in the Israel/Palestine dispute, throwing in with with a bunch of rocket-firing, mob-rule, Islamofascists.

Think I'm wrong? Can you find any 'EMERGENCY ACTION - STOP THE ATTACKS FROM GAZA ON ISRAEL' declarations on the above Episcopal "Peace" Fellowship Israel/Palestine Action Group website? Me, either. Or, how about the Presiding Bishop issuing a similar statement in response to Hamas' rocket attacks prior to Israel's recent action? Nope.

UPDATE: The Episcopal Church (tm) taking sides in this conflict isn't new. When the Presiding Bishop visited the Holy Land last spring she, "by chance," met the parents of this pro-Palestinian American woman - but somehow she never visited any Israeli parents, spouses, or children of those maimed and killed by Hamas rockets, bombs and mortars. Scheduling conflict, I'b bet.

UPDATE: Dusted off my Blockbuster card and got 4 movies.

Hattip: Chris at The MCJ.

UPDATE 06JAN08: Chris at The MCJ finds more evidence of The Episcopal Church (tm) taking sides (not that it's hard to find...), and gives it a right good fisking.

Today's Required Reading.

Michael Yon, the best damn war correspondent out there, reports on a loosing battle - dealing with the Department on Homeland Security:
I had intended to show Aew a bit of my country. But it's taking a little while for her to get over her discomfort at being in America. She was treated better in China. So was I.
Read it all.

02 January 2009

And Another Blog De Jour.

Also from Theo's list is this gem, Aardvarks & Asshats II (We hesitate to ask what happened to Aardvarks & Asshats I...) I particularly liked this:

You Like Me; You REALLY Like Me...

My channeling Sally Field this morning comes from this post over at Theo Spark, where he picks his favourite blogs of December. Somehow, an opinionated, (about to be) middle-aged coonass made the list. I guess Theo didn't check that list twice like the song says.

There are indeed some great blogs listed, so check 'em out. Mggie's Farm, is written by a bunch of "inquiring, skeptical, politically centrist, capitalist, anglophile, traditionalist New England Yankee humans". So it must be this year's first RSR "Blog De Jour."