31 January 2011

Shhhh. Don't Tell Katherine Schori.

Some of the folks involved in this new reality show about firearms on Discovery Channel... go to my church. An Episcopal (tm) church. They even serve at Sunday Mass.

Contrary to what Bonnie Anderson would have you believe, not all us 'Piskies are whiny urban wall-flowers.

Watch Sons of Guns on Discovery Channel, Wednesdays 9-10 ET/PT, 8-9 CT.


Now, am I Calvin, or Hobbes? Depends on the day, actually.

Hattip: Visual Consumer and Anne.

Dear Ms. Pelosi: We've Seen What's In Your New Health Care Law Now That You've Passed It...

...And constitutionally, it ain't worth a shit.

The Volokh Conspiracy has much more.

Now is the time at RSR where we do the happy dance.

UPDATE 1FEB2011: Bias? What media bias? The RSR wife had on CBS while we got ready for work, and whatever it is that passes for a morning show never mentioned the ruling. We had it on for an hour and... Nada. Zip. But the hiker who fell 1,000 feet of a mountain in Scotland and lived, got five minutes.

The Left / Mainstream Media know a Constitutional fight over ObamaCare is one they are bound to lose - if not in the Courts, surely in the court of public opinion. It seems their strategy here is simply to ignore it, and hope you do, too.

One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other.

Time magazine this week attempts to equate Barack Obama with... Ronald Reagan.

I don't think so.

Sean Linnane has more. Read it all.

Finally! Using 'Clean Energy' In A Way I Can Support.

Burning up stuff for fun:

From here.

Republicans Believe Every Representative and Senator Should Read The Constitution.

Democrat Chuck Schumer proves why:

The three branches of government are the House, the Senate, and the President?? Geez. Don't they show Schoolhouse Rock in New York?

Why I Can Never Set Foot In Malawi.

I can't help breaking, um, the law.

28 January 2011

An Honorable Man.

It is physically impossible for Cajun native and former Kansas City Royals pitcher Gil Meche to ever become a politician. Here's why.

Back when America considered itself an exceptional nation, such a decision would have been expected. Nowadays, not so much.

23 January 2011

Why, Here I Am.

And here's what I was doing in Vegas. I do have other interests besides pissing and moaning about politics and culture, despairing my profession, and highlighting the comic relief that is The Episcopal Church (tm).

18 January 2011

Where's Clifford?

Magically Curious Reader: Why, there haven't been too many poster on RSR lately. I wonder why?

Your Humble Blogger: Why, that's a good question, Magically Curious Reader. I'm in Las Vegas, covering the SHOT Show for a friend's website. More later when I get to a real Internet connection.

15 January 2011

What Does Public Education Need To Survive These Days?

According to the New York Schools Chancellor, it's eugenics.

Want To Know Why Oil Is $100 A Barrel?

Here's the answer. And a solution: Turn that red to green. Now.

Somebody's Not Getting It.

Like, the President. From this CBS News poll: 77% want spending cut to reduce the deficit, while only 9% want taxes raised.

The American people get it, while Obama and The Left / Mainstream Media (that 9%, I guess -ed.) still think the solution to any crisis is to throw more government money at it. Money the government doesn't have, and we don't, either.

How disastrous have Obama's 'academics not experience' economic policies been to our nation's future? In 2008, when Obama was elected, the Federal debt limit was $11.3 trillion. In a few days, it will exceed $14.2 trillion - a 25% increase in two years. Somebody's got pay that back, and you can be sure it won't be the people who ran up that debt.

CNN Confirms Bush Vindicated: Iraq Had Weapons Of Mass Destruction!

Well, the AK-47 takes a "high-capacity" magazine, and Iraq had lots of AK-47s... From this CNN screed on firearms:
"A high-capacity magazine in effect turns a semiautomatic firearm into a weapon of mass destruction."
The CNN piece doesn't make the case for more gun control. It only proves the two things common to most anti-gun articles: First, that The Left / Mainstream Media have few facts to back up their arguments for taking guns out of the hands of this country's rulers ('We The People' still rule this country, right?), only well-publicized - but isolated - incidents, anecdotal conclusions, and shrill appeals to emotion.

Second, it shows how actually ignorant The Left / Mainstream Media are when it comes to firearms, and it assumes (hopes, actually...) that the rest of of us are as bereft of firearms experience and knowledge as they are. While firms do make a 30-round capacity magazine extension for the Glock, the writers conveniently forget to note that "a high-capacity magazine that held 31 bullets" is non-standard for a Glock. Implication: The Glocks hold "31 bullets". Eeeeevil! The "small sampling" of the "notorious cases" they cite are pretty much all of the notorious psychotic attacks in the US in the last two decades. They note only 11 in near 20 years, in a country the anti-gunners claim are awash in guns. Either the economists who authored this article knew all this and are trying to pump up the emotional punch of their argument, or they don't know what they are talking about. It's an either/or.

But the biggest indication that The Left / Mainstream Media don't know jack about firearms comes from the graphic CNN used to illustrate the evil of high-capacity magazines. What looks to the untrained eye as a pile of spent pistol cartridge cases (implication: high-capacity) is, in fact, a pile of spent cases from a 105mm howitzer. Remember, CNN is supposed to be a "professional" journalistic organization (as opposed to us "amateurs" out here in blogosphere-land). I can understand mistaking a .45 case for a 9mm case, but really. As far as I know (and I was in the artillery for a while), carrying a 105mm howitzer concealed is a bit of a trick. At the very least, you need an oversized coat. You can't pick up 105mm howitzer ammunition at Cabela's or Wal-Mart, and besides, they are single-shot weapons - they don't use "a high-capacity magazine". The last "notorious cases" of mass shootings with artillery in the US were, what?... The Civil War?

If they don't want to look as silly as this article makes them, the gun-scare faction would do well to actually know something about what they fear, and have some solid facts to back up their emotional arguments. They don't, so expect more of the same as The Left / Mainstream Media attempt to leech some kind of political advantage out of the tragic event in Tucson.


(Image authorship unknown)

UPDATE: Cross-posted over at The Hayride.

14 January 2011

Yes, The End Of The World As We Know It Is Upon Us.

And it's called the 'Forever Lazy':

Hattip: Instapundit, who declares this, "the Mao Suit of the hope-n-change era!"

Have You Now, Or Have You Ever Been, Critical Of A Government Official?

Because, in today's America it could get you a visit from your local sheriff and the FBI.

The Left / Mainstream Media like to remind us, back when they were fighting "The Establishment" in the 1960's, that the actions of the government toward them - police raids, FBI wiretapping, etc. - were tyrannical, antithetical to freedom and liberty, and jack-booted stomping all over the Constitution. But now that they are The Establishment, they've gone all Nixonian, drawn up enemies lists, and justified harassing the opposition on national security grounds. (I wonder, is the case of Mr. Bowler of Greene County, Missouri, an isolated incident? Hmmm... -ed.)

I agree that public officials - indeed, all Citizens - need protection from those who want to do them physical harm. And if someone is a credible threat under The Law, then yes, they should get a visit. But calling your elected representatives to account for their actions (or, inactions) and harming their chances at the polls by dissent, does not rise to that level. Instead, it is the Right of every Citizen (See Amendment, First) in a free society.

If dissent was patriotic in 1971 (Vietnam, Nixon), 1981 (Reagan, Cruise Missiles), 1991 (Gulf War), and 2001 (9/11, Afghanistan), it is still patriotic in 2011.

UPDATE: Related.

A Well Worn Tactic.

Like a jerking knee, Democrats have been trying to delegitimize Republican values by attempting to link the GOP to violent nut-jobs for, oh... at least 151 years. Powerline notes that none other than Abraham Lincoln answered the charge definitively. Someone should put the same to the likes of Paul Krugman and Sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

See No Evil, Eh; Hear No Evil, Eh; Speak No Evil, Eh.

Canadians ban Dire Straits 'Money for Nothing'.

Here is the original MTV classic video of the song that has our neighbors to the with their tuques all in a knot.

But don't be to smug, my fellow Americans - according to The Left / Mainstream Media, nowadays playing something like this Eric Clapton favorite should gain you a visit from the sheriff. Or the FBI.

Abraham Lincoln: Selfish Racist Tea-Bagger.

“I believe that every individual is naturally entitled to do as he pleases with himself and the fruits of his labor, so far as it in no way interferes with any other men's rights”
Hattip: Instapundt.

12 January 2011

Do As They Say...

...Not as they do. When The Left/Mainstream Media lectures the little people - that would be you and me - about "toning down" the political rhetoric and how dangerous "violent speech" is in political discourse, they don't, of course, mean themselves:

Palin Death Wish Tweets Re Tucson Shooting from Legal Insurrection on Vimeo.

Wanting Sarah Palin dead? Well, duh?!? What self-respecting faculty member, journolist, or NGO executive doesn't?

In case all those Lefty defenders of free speech and a free press get the video censored again, here it is as a series of images. There are quite a lot.

UPDATE: But Wait! There's More!

11 January 2011

Journalism 101.

Well, it beats having to find those icky facts.

There Are Many Reasons I am Embarrassed To Be An Episcopalian...

...And here is the latest: A Bishop's fear-mongering exercise in demeaning stereotypes about law-abiding firearms owners. I suppose the Rt. Rev. John was talking about himself when he said a while back:
"And so we create a God in our minds and hearts who vindicates our own hateful, demeaning stereotypes of others and the world around us."
UPDATE 12JAN2011: Hey John, how's that making-The-Episcopal-Church-(tm)-relevant-by-blaming-'Sara Palin/conservatives/gun owners' thing going for 'ya? Oh.

Surprise! Democrat ObamaCare Backed Up By....

...A Democrat poll. ObamaCare has already jumped our premiums more than they would have otherwise, as our small-group carrier tries to anticipate the unknown costs of ObamaCare's greater regulation. As small business owner, Obama's "reform" is worse than the problem. If Obama really wanted to help small business (something with which he has no experience), he would scrap this experiment in soft socialism and start over.

Today, This Would Be Blamed On Sarah Palin and Talk Radio.

But back in the day, it was still OK for boys to unabashedly be boys.

When I was a kid (about 11, IIRC), my friend Jackson and I built a mortar using old CO2 cartridges (no less), some black powder we made using a chemistry set he got for Christmas (they even provided us with the recipe in a 'Fun Experiments' booklet), some Black Cat firecrackers, and a copper pipe and pipe cap we found under my parent's house. We fired it several times in the alley behind our houses and, besides some scratches on Mrs. Orr's garage from the impact, no harm came to anyone.

Please note that I still have all my fingers and both eyes, and I have not injured - or threatened - anyone because of their political beliefs or because someone on talk radio ordered me to do so. Further, I gained first-hand practical experience in the disciplines of mechanical engineering, ballistics, chemistry, soldering, and master planning. (The latter refers to us pre-selecting a quickly accessible hiding place when Mrs. Munch came out to see what the hell was going on.)

09 January 2011

A Company Of Heroes Is One Less.

Major Dick Winters, Easy Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, passed away earlier today.

UPDATE 10JAN2011: From the Grey Man:

"A man who stood up and hooked up when it counted. May his final jump lead to all he richly deserves."


08 January 2011

07 January 2011

Profiles In Discouragement.

(Note: This is a personal rant because it's my birthday and this is my site. It involves computers and evil. Skip if you want. -ed.)

Today is my birthday and I had something profound to post, but I forgot what is was. The reason? Windows.

Well, more specifically, Microsoft Windows. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, HATE Microsoft Windows.

No matter how hard the Windows/PC crowd tries, no matter how hard they infuse their products with Mac-like user-friendliness, they will never be Apple and Macs. Never, ever, ever. Microsoft should change their name to 'Sirius Cybernetics Corporation'. Yes, I'm reigniting a worn, useless-but-to-nerds fight, but I have good reason: I had to get a new computer.

Well I didn't have to. I just wanted my iTunes back and working

About a month ago we had someone hack our network at work. Nothing disastrous, but it messed with the servers and caused a couple of our computers to crash - including mine, which was in the middle of an iTunes update. When I restarted, my iTunes library - music, videos, images, etc., was gone. I needed it back. Bad.

For those who do not know, I live by my iPhone. I keep my memos on my iPhone. I use it to take jobsite photos and videos, and I keep many on there for future reference. I keep all my business contacts in my iPhone. No iTunes, no syncing the iPhone; and yours truly is not a happy camper.

Things then went from bad to Microsoft. First, the office "expert" tried to help - something about "changing my profile to administrator", whatever the hell that is. I created a new "profile" so I could fix the first per his advice, but now everything on my machine was "owned" by the new "administrator profile" - including, apparently, my iTunes data (it still existed, but iTunes couldn't see it). The expert's conclusion: "That's weird..." Our local geek (a friend of my partner) who was over fixing the server, also took a look (for a few more hours) and diagnosed a puny and badly defragmented hard drive. Nothing to be done about it. He prescribed "getting another laptop", and told me to call him when it came in.

Remember, all I wanted was my iTunes back and working.

So I went to the Apple store just before Christmas and priced a MacBook Pro, but my partner was not keen on the idea (too expensive, too much incompatibility...). I ended up with a small, Windows-based HP. It arrived last Wednesday. I called our geek and... nothing. No email, no phone call, zip. Swell. So I set about getting the new HP set up myself (hopefully getting my iTunes back). I've set up all my home computers (including the odd PC), so this shouldn't be rocket science. Worked on it Wednesday night until the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

I was wrong.

My partner finally got hold of his friend the geek, and he agreed to remotely set up my computer with me on the phone. It did not go well. First thing geek says over the phone is I need a "network profile", not a "local profile", and most all of the data - including all of my iTunes data I spent hours getting off backups - would not be recognized by the "network profile" as that profile did not "own" it. "That's not the way Windows wants you to work", I was told. Swell. So I had to - again - dump my iTunes data and reinstall it (and other programs, too), this time logged in under the "network profile".

It has been more than three weeks since my old laptop had its hiccup; more than three days since my new computer showed up, and more than 20 hours of my time wasted on setting up again and again. (Several hours of that time was trying to figure out what button, buried on what setting window, stopped the icons on the screen from enlarging if your fingers hit the trackpad in the wrong way.) Remember, all I wanted was my iTunes back and working.

My wife and I have owned five Macs at home in the last 23 years. The last time we bought a new Mac was last year when our old one crapped out unexpectedly. After the geeks at the Apple Store determined our old one was toast (but the hard drive was intact), they plugged a cable between our old one and the new one we bought, and "migrated" one to the other. When we got the new one home it was just like the one that died - including our home iTunes data. We were sans computer at home for maybe two days.

The major reason my partner was against me getting a Mac laptop for the office is how "expensive" Macs are. (I also suspect his geek buddy doesn't like to fool with them.) If you count up my lost work hours, and what we will pay his geek buddy in all of this, that MacBook Pro is looking pretty damn cost effective.

Remember, all I wanted was my iTunes back and working - and I'm just getting to that point. So, Steve Jobs, I am sorry. I will not make this mistake again.

01 January 2011

A Winning Game Plan.

Red State points out our best chance to take back this nation from The Left/Mainstream Media: It is time for Social Conservatives and Fiscal Conservatives to come together. I agree. Read it all.

Classical Values has more.

The Left/Mainstream Media, a consistent numerical minority in this nation, has defined us and divided us for far too long for their political advantage. And, we have let them. They have played our fears of each other against us, and turned that into a winning strategy to acquire power. Since they have no new ideas to offer (their true goal of 19th century European bureaucratic collectivism has been repeatedly rejected by most Americans), divide and conquer is the only strategy The Left/Mainstream Media have anymore. It is up to us to ally and take that away. Too much is at stake, since a bankrupt state will soon lose it's morals (see Wiemar, 1932...) and a state without morals will soon bankrupt itself (see California, 2010). Our uniting is their nightmare scenario, which is why they have gone after the Tea Party Movement so hard. They know if we FiCons and we SoCons do come together for more than a photo-op, their secular religion of socialism, progressivism, liberalism, "transformational change" is toast.


Sledding is an art form, not a sport. Even after being back in Louisiana 17 years, I still miss four seasons.

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Let's hope it's better than 2010. Though, if the predictions of Frank J. are in any way accurate, 2011 will be, um... "interesting".

UPDATE: Interesting, indeed. When the ACLU, Fire Dog Lake and me all agree on an issue...