31 October 2008

Heaven's Streets Have Another Guard.

I was saddened to learn that General Robert Barrow died today. A native of Louisiana, he was a decorated Marine officer in WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and was later Commandant of the Marine Corps. General Barrow was a cousin on my father's side; I remember him well from my childhood, and later when we attended Grace Church, Saint Francisville, for a while in the mid-90's.

At 86, he lived a full life and served his country well. Semper Fi, sir.

That's Because FEMA Has No Imagination.

Via Dead Pelican, this interesting article: Artists create what FEMA can't even imagine.

It seems FEMA is at it again, proving once more than there is no amount of common sense they can't tie up in regulations and red tape:
“We have made a series of urgent requests to FEMA, but they simply are not moving quickly enough to help our people. In south Louisiana, families must live in coastal parishes because of their important jobs with the oil and gas and seafood industries, which are critical to both our state and national economies. FEMA will not offer them temporary housing to do so because of its obstinate adherence to guidelines it could waive,” Rainwater says. “When people are living in tents to be close to their jobs, does it really matter if they live in an ‘A’ flood zone or a ‘V’ flood zone? What matters is that they need housing. FEMA is clinging to a rule that doesn’t make sense in a critical disaster situation. The policy written in Washington D.C. doesn’t match the need on the ground,” Rainwater says. (Emphasis mine)
FEMA could waive these rules and - oh, I don't know - help people, but no. Sadly, it doesn't surprise me. Trust me, dear readers (I have painful first-hand experience dealing with FEMA), you will not find a more unimaginative, rigid, bureaucratic, illogical, inflexible, unresponsive and unrealistic bunch. If you have a choice to rely on FEMA for help, or a warm bucket of spit - go with the latter. It has much greater utility a disaster situation.

UPDATE 01NOV08: Someone today reminded me that all we have to do is look at FEMA if we want to see what government-run health care will look like. Good point.

Citizen, or Subject?

Which one are you?

Read. It. All. In fact, read it twice.

What, Me Worry?

Via Instapundit, this gem shows Obama has the Alfred E. Newman vote sewn up:

So after 20 January gas and housing will be, what? Free? The Messiah be praised! Sing along, everyone:

30 October 2008

A Campaign Really, Really Unclear On The Concept.

Seen today in Baton Rouge. Yes, in 2008:

No comment - I think this speaks for itself.

Is Ray Nagin Warning Of Voter Fraud In Louisiana?

Why else would he think this is a possibility:

The Mayor of New Orleans says Louisiana has the potential to become a "blue" state next Tuesday.

"I know people are not looking at those polls and recognizing that, but I think it could be a surprising result on Tuesday," Ray Nagin said Thursday in a regularly scheduled appearance on Fox 8 television.
Hattip: Dead Pelican.

Fun With Opensecrets.org

Some of my Episcopal/Anglican readers might find this interesting:

Bishop V. Gene Robinson has given $1,500 to Barack Obama.

Yes, it's legal. He has every right to make such a donation. But is it moral and proper for a bishop, even a simple country one, to get involved in politics like that? (I think he crossed the line when he publicly endorsed Obama earlier this year - ed.) You know if Bishop Duncan or Bishop Iker had done the same for McCain, or the Prop 8 campaign, I bet there'd be lots of "separation of church and state" panic posts over at the HOB/D Listserv. And they would be right. So, what's the difference?

UPDATE: Thanks for stopping by this afternoon, Bishop.

Nothing To See Here. Running Background Checks On Citizens Who Question THE ONE Is Just Doing Our Job. Move Along. (UPDATED)

Making Barack Obama look bad is reasonable grounds for a search these days. Really:

A state agency has revealed that its checks of computer systems for potential information on "Joe the Plumber" were more extensive than it first acknowledged.

Helen Jones-Kelley, director of the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services,
(and just coincidentally, a big Obama supporter -.ed), disclosed today that computer inquiries on Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher were not restricted to a child-support system.

The agency also checked Wurzelbacher in its computer systems to determine whether he was receiving welfare assistance or owed unemployment compensation taxes, she wrote.

UPDATE 01NOV08: And now, it appears, there may well be a cover-up about who ordered the inquiries, and why. This reeks. I mean, Watergate reeks. But, no one is going to get a Pulitzer for going after The Messiah.

Best Political Video. (UPDATED)

The BBC (yes, that BBC - ed.) says the YouTube video below is the most watched political video of the season. I've posted it before, but I think it needs to be seen again:

So watch it all, again. What this veteran says is the main reason I can not vote for Barack Obama. And note, too, at the end of the video, that this young man knows something about the sacrifice of which he speaks.

UPDATE: Glenn Reynolds says McCain should have bought air time last night after Obama's infomercial and run this video. A neat idea in the abstract, as it's a pretty accurate description of Obama and his followers. But in reality I'm not sure if the group would have allowed it.

29 October 2008

A Redistributive Halloween.

This Halloween, try dressing up as "Obamanomics" - a.k.a., socialism the exciting new Obama economic policy. When kids come to the door don't give them them candy. Instead, look into their bags, smile, and take candy from those who have more and spread it around to those who have less.

For bonus points, register the little pikers to vote while you're at it.

Justice Bill Ayers?

It could happen:
Speaking in July 2007 at a conference of Planned Parenthood, he (Obama) said: "[W]e need somebody who's got the heart, the empathy, to recognize what it's like to be a young teenage mom. The empathy to understand what it's like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that's the criteria by which I'm going to be selecting my judges."
Since I am none of the above, I guess I don't count. So much for "justice for all."

28 October 2008

A Song About Change.

If the polls are right about next Tuesday, we'd better start learning this little ditty by heart:

Nothing To See Here. Just Some Art Showing A Noose Around Sarah Palin's Neck. Move Along...

Hang a noose in Jena, Louisiana, and Jesse Jackson, Al Shaprton and the Mainstream Media show up and declare it bigotry and hate. Put a noose around an effigy of Sarah Palin and actually hang it up, and it's..... seasonal art. First Amendment and all that.

Bias? What Bias?

UPDATE: This guy shoudda put a picture of Palin or McCain in his noose. Then it wouldn't be a felony; it'd be art.

27 October 2008

Man Sues God.

Nebraska Democratic State Senator Ernie Chambers has decided to go straight to the top in an effort to stop natural disasters from befalling the world.

Chambers filed a lawsuit against God in Douglas County Court Friday afternoon, KPTM Fox 42 reported.

I bet our Presiding Bishop is kicking herself (and her legal staff) for not thinking of that one first. And Chambers' suit must have merit - in the photo he's wearing a purple shirt...

UPDATE: D'OH!! I should have checked the date on the story - it's from last year. Maybe Kate and the boys are already looking at this angle. Makes about as much legal sense as some other things they've done recently.

Saint Crispin's Day.

Saturday was the 593rd anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. Why is that important? Well this, for one:

And from the same film, one of my favorite pieces of music:

Monday Noonday Distraction.

If you're a U2 fan, here's a cool video I hadn't seen before - 'Vertigo' on banjo:

Hattip: Baby Blue.

26 October 2008

Not Whether, But How.

To best forcibly redistribute wealth in America. An interview Barack Obama gave in 2001:

Watch it all. Is this the kind of thinking you want in the White House for the next four years?

22 October 2008

Sacrifice We Can Believe In.

Newly released video of John McCain as a POW:

Watch it all. And remember, John McCain spent more time being tortured at the hands of Bill Ayers' heroes the North Vietnamese than Barack Obama has spent in the US Senate.

If You Think Sarah Palin Is Just A Beauty Queen Idiot....

...maybe you should meet her in person. Lorne Michaels did:
I think Palin will continue to be underestimated for a while. I watched the way she connected with people, and she's powerful. Her politics aren't my politics. But you can see that she's a very powerful, very disciplined, incredibly gracious woman. This was her first time out and she's had a huge impact. People connect to her.

Is she our new Reagan?

21 October 2008

Karl Marx Was A Racist.

At least, according to three or four people who think they know everything some newspaper editors in Kansas City.

Shocka, Or, Todays Required Viewing.

Not all African-Americans believe in the change we can believe in.

It's long, but watch it all.

Hattip: Theo Spark.

UPDATE 22OCT08: And another:

A trend, perhaps?

Nothing To See Here. Just Some City Employees Being "Asked" To Take Part In A Democrat Rally. Move Along.

You can bet this will be ignored:

Anticipating a high voter turnout, state Democratic Party leaders are holding a statewide bus tour trying to rally support for Democratic presidential nominee Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill.

"Sen. Obama will bring the change we need to Louisiana," an e-mail sent out by the party said.

Mayor Ray Nagin's director of public avocacy, Clarice Kirkland, sent an e-mail on Monday morning, using a taxpayer-funded e-mail account, asking for City Hall workers to volunteer for the rally.

20 October 2008

Nothing To See Here. Just Some Community Organizers. Move Along.

The Obama campaign and their cheerleaders in the Mainstream Media have insisted that his association with domestic-terrorist-turned-educator Bill Ayers was accidental at best, or occasional at worst. And that McCain and Palin are wrong about his political career geing launched by Ayers at his home.

Well, Patterico's Pontifications found some pretty damning evidence that the story is not only true (and from a liberal blogger who was there), but that someone has tried to "disappear" the evidence once it was pointed out.

Is this really the crowd we want running our nation for the next four years? Is it?

Monday Morning Distraction.

Here's a bit of photoblogging to brighten up your Monday morning. While up in Massachusetts last week we stopped by Walden Pond in Concord to look at the fall colors. It isn't quite the season there yet, but things were starting to turn. Enjoy:

all photos by Red Stick Rant

19 October 2008

C'mon, Boys.

It's Sunday night. Maybe this will help:

UPDATE 20OCT08: OK, it didn't. But it was a grerat run while it lasted.

A Real Hero Speaks.

I heard about the death of Specialist Stephen Fortunato while up in Massachusetts (he was from Beverly, MA), but what I didn't know was that he was also a milblogger. Milblogger.com notes that his mother gave part of his last post to the Boston Globe, which they published.

Please read it all. If only our "experienced" leaders had the same clarity and resolve - that would be a change we can believe in.

Rest in Peace, Stephen.

Don't dare question The Messiah.

"Joe the Plumber" asks Barack Obama a troubling question, to which Obama gives a very troubling answer. So who's questionable past does the Mainstream Media focus on? If you said the guy who is not running for President, you'd be right.

Watch the video where Joe and Obama talk. Notice also that Joe never says he currently makes $250,000 (he wants to buy a company that makes that), and also note that Obama says he wants to eliminate the capital gains tax.

An Army Of Luthers.

Columnist George Will notices what is happening in The Episcopal Church (tm) and hits the nail on the head:

The Episcopal Church once was America's upper crust at prayer. Today it is "progressive" politics cloaked -- very thinly -- in piety. Episcopalians' discontents tell a cautionary tale for political as well as religious associations. As the church's doctrines have become more elastic, the church has contracted. It celebrates an "inclusiveness" that includes fewer and fewer members.

Those responsible for our denomination's "elasticity" excuse our falling numbers by pointing out that all mainline protestant denominations are shrinking these days. True enough, but what they don't point out this interesting tidbit: all those shrinking mainline protestant denominations have, in one form or another, embraced the same Lefty theocratic correctness of The Episcopal Church (tm). Those which have not, like the Roman Catholics and the Evangelicals, are not shrinking as fast - or are growing. So those leaving The Episcopal Church are not necessarily leaving religious faith - but they are leaving the "faith" embraced by today's Episcopal Church (tm).


Airline tickets to Boston:
Some money.

Hotel room while there:
Some money.

Sitting in Fenway Park with my son for the Red Sox miracle comeback in Game 5 of the ALCS:

Yes, we were there Thursday night. We spent Friday visiting a few friends, going to Cabot's, and letting the daughter do some shopping in Back Bay. Came back yesterday. Now that I've had some time to rest and catch up, blogging will resume as normal.

Political note: Game 5 should be a lesson for all you who are calling an Obama win a sure thing. It ain't over yet, people.

15 October 2008

Huey II?

The Messiah says he wants to "spread the wealth around." M'kay. I'm from Louisiana. We've heard that song before:

(Here's a full rendition by Randy Newman.)

Carnival Of Election Fraud!

Via Instapundit, this state-by-state roundup of election/voter registration fraud stories. It's updated regularly, too, so keep checking back. Notice two things: how many of the stories are NOT from national news sources, and how many of them involve Obama's paid ally former client, ACORN.

Brotherly Fraud.

Obama's de-facto get out the vote drive ACORN is running into that pesky accuracy thing again (a concept clearly created by fearful, gun-toting, Christianist, right-wingers to oppress the oppressed), this time in Philadelphia. Listen to the ACORN spokesperson in the CNN clip saying that the fraudulent registration applications are not a problem, and others saying that pointing out fraudulent registrations is itself fraud and "voter suppression". I guess if you're indignant enough, and shout it loud enough, it must be true.

See No Evil. Hear No Evil. Speak No Evil. (UPDATED.)

Well, not about The Messiah, anyway. The Mainstream Media, a.k.a. The Obama Campaign Press Office, continually points out examples of "hate" at McCain/Palin rallies and events. (It appears even booing Obama is now questionable.)

But the Mainstream Media doesn't seem to get too upset about things like this at a Sarah Palin stop in Philadelphia (WARNING!! The last link has some VERY nasty language in the images! Very nasty.)

Bias? What bias?

Another thing - a woman is called a "C**T" in public, and not a peep from the uber-sensitive NOW crowd? I wonder why?...

UPDATE: Oops. Not all women are swooning over The Messiah. Some are former Hillary supporters. Who paid $1,000 each to meet Sarah Palin at a McCain/Palin fundraiser. In New York City.

13 October 2008

Today's Required Reading. (Lots Of It. And UPDATED.)

Stanly Kurtz has this devastating piece connecting the "community organizing" group ACORN, the Obama campaign, and the recent economic collapse; proving (like it needed to be) that greed and manipulating the system are not the preserve of the rich.

Read it all.

And when ACORN isn't trying to get the government to back billions for sub-prime loans in the name of "fairness," they are trying to purposely rig bring "fairness" to the democratic process:

Watch it all.

Other stories about ACORN and voter registration can be found here, here, and here; and especially this story: 1 Voter, 72 Registrations. It also shows that Obama's voter registration drive and ACORN's can be, well, the same:
ACORN's political wing has endorsed Barack Obama for president, but Ben LaBolt, a spokesman for the Obama campaign in Ohio, said ACORN has no role in its get-out-the-vote drive.

During the primary season, however, the Obama camp paid another group, Citizen Service Inc., $832,598 for various political services, according to Federal Elections Commission filings. That group and ACORN share the same board of directors.

Yes, read 'em all.

And according to this article, and this follow-up, Obama himself used to be pretty tight with ACORN.

And read all of that, too. Hey, nobody said being an informed voter was easy.

UPDATE: More on Obama and ACORN voter fraud in today's Wall Street Journal. And according to this report (via Drudge), ACORN tried to register Mickey Mouse to vote in Florida.

UPDATE: Even more ACORN shennagans noted here. ACORN claims that (big surprise!) they are the real victims here.

UPDATE: More happening, as a Federal court rules today that Ohio's voter safeguards in the wake of ACORN are "effectively useless":

Late in the day – in a victory for Republicans – the full Cincinnati-based 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals overturned a decision made last week by three of its members. The result: Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner must create computer programs to cross check all new voter registrations so that county boards of elections can doublecheck new registrants.

The Secretary of State will now have to verify new registrations by comparing information on them with data from the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles or the Social Security Administration.

“As far as we can tell, the problem with the current system (of cross-checking) is not that it is insufficiently user-friendly, but that it is effectively useless,” wrote Judge Jeffrey Sutton, writing for the majority.

Grinding The Palin Rumor Mill.

A good listing of Sarah Palin rumors, facts, factoids, and outright lies. I love No's 41-43:

No the list of books she wanted to ban that’s being passed around isn’t real; among other things, it includes a number of books published after her time in office there.

No, that hasn’t actually deterred people from claiming it really is true even if the list isn’t correct. For example:
“This list might not in fact reflect the books Sarah Palin wanted banned. As more than one person in Comments has pointed out, some of them were not published when Palin was in office. It is my hope that the mainstream media will not let this story drop and that at some point an actual list will surface. The very thought of having someone who once advocated book-banning possibly occupying one of the highest offices of our land fills me with profound dread. It should fill you with dread too.”

No, I don’t understand why a fake list is supposed to fill me with dread, either.

Happy Birthday, Bro!

Even Naked Emperors get older. So drop by and wish him a happy..... year older.

Here's something, more telling at our ages, from a guy we used to go see in our glory days:

08 October 2008

A Synopsys Of Last Night's Less Than Useless Presidential Debate:

"Oh, yeah?"


"You're a poopie-head."

"No, YOU'RE a poopie-head!"

"Nah-ha - I said it first!"

"No, I did!"

"Oh, yeah?"


[repeat until you gouge out our eyes with knitting needles to stop the pain]

The only good line last night is when McCain said that health care benefits shouldn't cover unnecessary things like.... hair transplants. Here's why that had me on the floor.

I'm Better Than You Because I'm Sorry, So Sorry.

Read this news story about a recent Episcopal Church (tm) event. And then, read this piece about such things.

I guess following a bit of first-century advice is just too limiting for a hip, with-it church like ours. So here's a suggestion for the next Hymnal revision:

Happy Birthday, Judge.

Something for your viewing enjoyment:

And this, too, via Theo Spark, that seemes rather timely:

Semper Fi!

07 October 2008

One Of Those "A-Ha!" Moments.

If you remember this iconic M-TV video from the early 80's, then watch this, um, updated version:

Hattip: Instapundit.

A Programming Note.

OK, enough. Enough with presidential politics. Enough with The Episcopal Church (tm) politics. Enough with politics politics. It's October, which means in a few weeks your humble blogger will step out of it all for a bit, cease posting for a few days, and get things back in perspective.

I do this by going annually to Manresa House. Along with my father, I go for a three-day silent men's retreat run by the Jesuits. It is one of the most intense and satisfying things I do in my spiritual life (being there with my dad makes it all the better, especially since he's celebrating his 75th birthday this year). For 72 hours there's no phone, no Internet, no worldly distractions to get between between you and the Lord. If you get a chance, I highly recommend it, or something like it, to re-focus on what is truly important in life and walk little closer with God.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled rants and shockers.

06 October 2008

John McCain Takes Off The Gloves.

About damn time:

And Sarah comes out swinging, too:

Watch 'em both. More than once. And tell your friends, because the Mainstream Media sure won't.

05 October 2008

Your Monday Morning Required Reading. (And Viewing.)

Bill Whittle recounts a meeting where he learns how difficult playing Cowboys and Germans can be nowadays. Especially for the German.

Oh, yes - Bill is also appearing on PJM Live now - see his piece from the other day where he puts the bailout bill on the table (literally!) for all to see. As only Bill can do it, of course.

Hattip: Rachel Lucas.

04 October 2008

Ein Fuhrer, Ein Volk, Ein Reich. 2008.

If you thought the kiddies singing praises to Barack Obama was creepy, just watch this:

The military uniforms, the black shirts, the nifty hand salute (stolen from Star Trek, again?) and the "Alpha-Omega" reference - I'm surprised this wasn't filmed in a Munich Beer Hall.

See it now. I don't think it'll stay up for long.

Hattip: Confederate Yankee.

UPDATE 06OCT08: According to this report, the video above was... sit down first... was made at a Kansas City public school. And the teacher has been suspended - not for using taxpayer dollars to indoctrinate middle school children, but for releasing the video online. If a video surfaced showing all-Anglo middle-school children from a public charter school, wearing camouflage and singing John McCain's praises in military cadence, the Mainstream Press would be all over it. Double standard? Bias? Duh.

An American Carol

The wife and I saw David Zucker's An American Carol today, and it was indeed pretty funny - especially if you're a political junkie and smart-ass (that would be, um, me.) OK, it's not quite Airplane! funny all the time (the subject matter is rather more serious), and some of the slapstick is more stick than slap, but it's still worth going out to the theatre for a few hours. Doubly so as it makes all kinds of fun of Michael Moore and the Left. Kelsey Grammer was great as George Patton, and I loved the ACLU "zombies."

For all my Anglican/Episcopalian readers - make sure to catch the "Episcopalian Suppository Bomb" reference. (It's supposed to be a joke. If they only knew...)

03 October 2008

They Can Dish It Out, But They Can't Take It.

The video showing a group of t-shirt uniformed children, singing a worshipful song about the charms and powers of Dear Leader Senator Barack Obama, has has been removed from public view on YouTube. (My post on it is here, and the video (with some editoralizing at the end) is up here.)

I guess the Kim Jong-Il / North Korea comparisons were too much for the sensitive set. But what did they expect when they make something that looks like it came out of a Pyongyang day school?? A great parody that proves the point.

02 October 2008

Post-Debate First Thoughts.

Well, THE debate is over, and I'm not exactly all smiles. Yes, Sarah Palin held her own against a consumate Washington pol, which is saying something, but she only really shined the few times she ditched her handler's script and answered for herself. While I think Biden won on points (and only just), Palin came across as most like "the rest of us." We will have to wait until tomorrow, when those more knowledgeable than me have a look, to see how many times Biden may have "gaffed."

Predictably, The Mainstream Media is already declaring Biden the hands down winner. No surprise there.

Gwen Ifill was well behaved, partisan-wise, but after her little conflict-of-interest kerfuffle she really had to be.

I came away with two main thoughts out of tonight:

The first was Biden's repeated harping that both he and Obama, in 2003 and 2004, had accurately predicted the future in Iraq with such stunning precision. Really? If these two are so bloody clairvoyant, how come they didn't see the Fannie Mae / Freddy Mac disaster coming?

And second, if McCain wants to get any long lasting traction out of the Palin pick, he needs to turn her loose from her handlers. He has already squandered the surge in Palin excitement by trying to keep too tight a leash on her. If McCain ever wants a chance to live at the White House, he needs to let Sarah be Sarah. Yes, the Mainstream Media loathes her and will come after her. But so what? They already do that, so McCain really has nothing to loose. Governor Palin can handle herself. Besides, I think Katie Couric is just intimidated by strong, powerful, successful women.

UPDATE 03OCT08: Some "Bidenisms" I noticed that others have as well:

He called Bosnians, "Bosniacks," though some are saying that that term is OK. But Cokie Roberts is right - if Palin had said it...

Biden said that the US and France kicked Hezbullah out of Lebanon (it's about 5:40 into t he vid). And that he and Obama advocated that NATO troops be moved in but Bush wouldn't go along. Two things - the US and France were in Lebanon in 1982. Obama was either in high school or college then, not in the Senate. And while NATO didn't send troops in, but the EU did - 7,000 of them to augment a UN peacekeeping force that has been there for 30 years - and it has made no difference. This guy is the Democrat's "Mr. Foreign Policy??"

Biden should brush up on the Constitution as well. Article I concerns the powers of the Legislative branch (Article II covers the powers of the Executive), and does grant the Vice-President certain powers (Article I, Section III). The Vice-President can only vote in one case (a tie), but the Article clearly says he is the President of the Senate.

Fred Thompson Speaks Truth To Media Power.

For some reason, my wife had CBS' The Early Show on while we were getting ready this morning (we don't have cable in our bedroom, alas), and of course they were all atwitter about tonight's vice-presidential debate and Sarah Palin's "qualifications." (As opposed to this puff piece they did on Joe Biden yesterday.) I already have high blood pressure, and the "conversation" among the talking heads did not make it any better.

Until one of the talking heads interviewed Fred Thompson about the debate tonight. It was not one of the talking head's better moments, but it was one of Thompson's. He took after the talking head in that soft-spoken, friendly, I-can-eat-your-lunch-anytime-I-want-and-you-know-it tone of voice, turning the conversation from questions on Palin's competence to questions about the media's impartiality and their blatent pro-Obama bias. (He even brought up Gwen Ifill.) It was classic Thompson, and the talking head couldn't end the piece fast enough. I wish Thompson had exhibited that kind of fight and fire six months ago. If he had, I think the GOP would be in a lot better place than it is now, which is basically supporting McCain so we don't get Obama (but wew do can get Palin). (Note: I looked on YouTube and The Early Show's website, and the video of the interview is not available yet. When (if) it is, I'll post it)

The Early Show also interviewed Newt Gingrich today as well, and the link is here. It's pretty much what you'd expect.

UPDATE: Well that didn't take long. Here's the interview:

01 October 2008

Be More.... Biased.

It used to be that the Mainstream Media tried to keep up the appearance of impartiality; well, at least enough to give them a fig leaf against charges of "media bias." But now, with "The Age of Obama" almost within reach, they have tossed the fig leaf to the winds and apparently couldn't give a rat's ass anymore about impartiality, fairness, or truth. They are on a mission to bring about "The Age," period.

What brought this all into in the open was the Mainstream media's reaction to the revelation that PBS correspondent Gwen Ifill, who is going to moderate the vice-presidential debate tomorrow night, is currently writing a book called, Breakthrough: Politics and Race in the Age of Obama. And she ain't exactly happy about Governor Palin criticizing her hero, either.

The Mainstream Media are stunned. Not at Ifill's glaring conflict of interest (she stands to make a pot more money with her pro-Obama book if Obama wins), but that anyone thinks this is a problem. Really.

This issue has roused The Blogfaddah, Glenn Reyonlds, who usually limits his comments to one or two lines, to write at some length (for him) about the current state of the Mainstream Media today, and what we can do about it. Read it all here. (More of Glenn's thoughts are here.)

And PBS? They, too, don't see a problem. So the next time PBS comes rattling their tin-cup-o-guilt your way, I recommend you put you money where your values are, and

Be More.... Stingy.

Louisiana can? Yes, Louisiana CAN.

Laurinda Calongne, who ran for the 6th District Congressional seat last spring, (and could have beaten the Democrat, too, had she not lost in the primary) is starting a non-partisan political education group called Louisiana CAN:

Louisiana CAN is a nonpartisan organization whose mission is to educate citizens in Louisiana with a premise that knowledge is power. Louisiana CAN believes that when people are informed and have an understanding of the facts they can make an informed decision about whom they vote for in an election. LCAN provides members with relevant and timely information, programs that engage citizens to become more involved in their community and training for our future leaders.

LCAN strives to be the leader in nonpartisan dialogue and information free of political bias.

Louisiana politics being what it is, it sounds like a (much needed) a breath of fresh air. So head on over and see for yourself. Tell her Clifford send you.