26 August 2012

An Update To That Oft-Repeated Mantra Of The Politically-Correct Eco-Tourist.

"Take nothing but pictures; leave nothing but... bear skat."

Offer Nature the chance to return you to the biomass, as this guy did, and Nature will take it. Duh.

All you trendy, thoughtful urbanites who want us to"live in harmony" with Nature, know this:  As beautiful and magnificent a creation as it is - and as much as I love to be out in it - Nature has zero interest in living in harmony with us.  Nature is a very, very dangerous place, and is constantly looking for any opportunity to do us in.  Without our unique ability as homo sapiens to change that equation, it would, too.

Our ancient ancestor's lives weren't a harmonious time of peace and plenty within Nature's balance.  They lived at the whim of Nature's forces, and their lives were nasty, brutish, and very, very short because of it.  That's the "natural" state of existence.  It only changed when we had enough of that, thank you very much, began to tell Nature to "piss off" - to defeat Nature's threats, to take dominion over our lives, and to change our environment to suit us.  

Nature is not some big, green, benign theme park.  If you are travelling in grizzly country, "Take nothing smaller than a .357; leave with nothing but your skin."

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