01 January 2011

A Winning Game Plan.

Red State points out our best chance to take back this nation from The Left/Mainstream Media: It is time for Social Conservatives and Fiscal Conservatives to come together. I agree. Read it all.

Classical Values has more.

The Left/Mainstream Media, a consistent numerical minority in this nation, has defined us and divided us for far too long for their political advantage. And, we have let them. They have played our fears of each other against us, and turned that into a winning strategy to acquire power. Since they have no new ideas to offer (their true goal of 19th century European bureaucratic collectivism has been repeatedly rejected by most Americans), divide and conquer is the only strategy The Left/Mainstream Media have anymore. It is up to us to ally and take that away. Too much is at stake, since a bankrupt state will soon lose it's morals (see Wiemar, 1932...) and a state without morals will soon bankrupt itself (see California, 2010). Our uniting is their nightmare scenario, which is why they have gone after the Tea Party Movement so hard. They know if we FiCons and we SoCons do come together for more than a photo-op, their secular religion of socialism, progressivism, liberalism, "transformational change" is toast.

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