31 January 2011

Dear Ms. Pelosi: We've Seen What's In Your New Health Care Law Now That You've Passed It...

...And constitutionally, it ain't worth a shit.

The Volokh Conspiracy has much more.

Now is the time at RSR where we do the happy dance.

UPDATE 1FEB2011: Bias? What media bias? The RSR wife had on CBS while we got ready for work, and whatever it is that passes for a morning show never mentioned the ruling. We had it on for an hour and... Nada. Zip. But the hiker who fell 1,000 feet of a mountain in Scotland and lived, got five minutes.

The Left / Mainstream Media know a Constitutional fight over ObamaCare is one they are bound to lose - if not in the Courts, surely in the court of public opinion. It seems their strategy here is simply to ignore it, and hope you do, too.

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