20 July 2011

Change and Hope

Dear Readers, I trust you have read the post immediately below.

It is true that both Clifford and I have been dealing with some rather sudden changes. Some could call them devastating. I, for one am not downhearted. Nor will I allow Clifford to be so. I keep coming back to one saying:

"Before you self diagnose depression or despair, have you considered the possibility that you may just be surrounded by assholes?"

I do believe that to be the case.

The Chinese character for "change" is a combination of the symbols for "danger" and "opportunity".

Yes, there is some risk in these changes. There is also great opportunity. Unfortunately navigating the dangers and chasing the opportunities will take some time.

I will do my best to fill in the gaps when Clifford can not attend this blog as much as he likes. And I'll encourage him, with all I can muster, to keep up the snark.

He will be back. To paraphrase Heinlein "You can cure someone of blogging. But you can't cure them of the need to blog". Clifford loves this blog, it's been his baby for years now. He is, justifiably, proud of his efforts.

Above all, he enjoys entertaining and educating his readers.

So have hope for his swift return. Even with these unplanned changes, I am hopeful. We've seen a moderate Republican elected in liberal Massachusetts. We've seen a sweep of fiscal conservatives into the US House, Senate, Governorships, State Legislatures, and lesser offices. We are seeing fiscal conservatives doing their best to hold the line on spending in DC. We have reasonable prospects for fiscal conservatism making gains in 2012, maybe even the White House. So there is good reason to be hopeful about our economy, if we can just hold on for 18 months.

Keep checking back, we'll be doing the same as you, the best we can.


Just Me said...

18 months? You are way more optimistic than I.

I admit that I do not have much hope left for this world. I suspect the faithful and righteous will only experience more pressing from all sides.

That being said, my hope is set on Christ and know that regardless of what this life throws my way, there will come a day...

Tina said...

As I posted below, due to Jubilee at our church, I am just now reading this news. You are both in my prayers. Perhaps this will offer a little encouragement: I heard the most marvelous sermon this past week. There were a bunch of great ones, but
this one from "The" Jack Taylor
may have something cheerful to offer you guys. I've linked to the Audio - if you want to see the video go here and select 07/27/2011 Jack Taylor Jubilee Wednesday Night.

I will look forward to your posts, GM, as always. Thanks so much for keeping up this wonderful blog!