01 July 2011

Hey Libs, Lets Make a Deal!!

I've been hearing for ten years how the Evil Bush (TM) screwed up our economy, specifically with his super evil tax cuts for the rich. Here's a little something I stole from the American Thinker:

First, notice how Federal spending shot up after the Democrats took control of the Congress in Jan. of 2007. And how it went down under a Republican Congress in the '90s while Clinton was President.

Second, I know you would like to wipe out all the evil that Evil Bush (TM) did. And how you loved President Clinton.

OK, liberals, here's my proposal. I'll go along with wiping out any and all of Bush's tax policy. We'll erase Bush's chapter in our nation's economic history. All tax rates will go to whatever they were on Jan. 19, 2001 and keep them there.

All you have to do in return is to wipe out all of the spending hikes since Evil Bush (TM) took office, and keep spending at the level it was (as a % of GDP) on Jan. 19, 2001.

You say you hate Evil Bush (TM), and everything he did. You say he was the worst president. EVER. Are you all mouth? Here's your chance to do something about it.

Or are you a bunch cheese eating spending monkeys?

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