27 July 2012

Should we make them sew on little yellow crosses?

So if you're a christian, using your First Amendment right to express an opinion that President held until 3 months ago, you're not welcome.

But if you're another religion, and publicly advocate killing homosexuals, c'mon in!

Hey Boston taxpayers?  I smell a large discrimination lawsuit, caused by your Mayor's mouth, that YOU will be paying for.

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Tina said...

I pray you are wrong about the yellow crosses, but you are right that this is more than a free speech issue, it has become a Freedom of Religion issue - and what the mayor of Boston has done is persecution. Liberals like to pretend that freedom doesn't exist at all, so they can claim that supporting normative sexual morality is only a matter of "opinion", instead of a fundamental tenet of the Christian faith. I'm guessing they think people will eventually forget we once had the right to read the King James Bible on street-corners.