12 July 2012

Yep. I'm Back.

So, dear readers, let's get this show (back) on the road:

What do Swamp People eat?  Well, if you send them to Congress, bureaucrats.

The Concept, people uterly unclear on, example of.

Next time you hear some member of The Left / Mainstream Media prattle on about Ronmey's outsourcing, just remember that, under Obama, we now have to bum rides from the Russians to get into space.


When talking firearms, two words that should never, ever be used together:  "tactical rimfire".  Unless you want serious gun owners to, y'know, snicker at you behind your back... 

Submarine design:  Ur doin it wrong.

Our ObamaCare future.

Follow the little blue line...

The 12th-Century Boys combine Sharia and a Kalashnikov and show how they respect, um, the dignity of every human being.  Not exactly "Go, and sin no more".

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