17 August 2013

It's Not The Lie; It's The Cover-Up.

Remember, Dear Readers, when Obama went on national television the other day to assure us proles that "there is no spying on Americans" by his NSA?

Well fast forward to Thursday and we find out - Oops! - they have been snooping on Americans. For years. "Accidentally" or something.

And now we find out Team Hopenchange tried to interfere with negative press about the NSA being published.

This is the kind of thing that got Nixon pitched out. But since the 'Fast and Furious' Cover-up, the Benghazi Cover-up,  and the AP / Rosen Targeting Cover-up, or the IRS Cover-up haven't done it, I don't think this one will. Those who think themselves above the Law have no shame, much less honor.

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