06 August 2013

(BUMPED) The Government-Subsidized Obama Edsel Continues To Sell Like...

...An Edsel. A whopping 1,788 Chevy Volt's were sold in July. By comparison, full-size pick-ups - which our Gaia-loving betters back in 2009 declared no one wanted anymore - had 162,177 sales in July. That means Americans were 90 times more likely to buy that uniquely American ride, the pickup, than the Euro-wussy wet dream being pushed on us by the central planners at Team Hopenchange.

UPDATE: Remember, back in 2007-08: "GM expects to sell at least 100,000 Volts a year from day one."

UPDATE 06AUG13: Hey, everybody, it's a Chevy Volt Fire Sale! (pun intended) Seems Government Motors will be selling these things at even more of a loss.

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