13 September 2013

"He Fights."

The post title was Abraham Lincoln's famous response to reporters who wanted to know why he stuck with U.S. Grant even after blistering attacks by the press and members of his own party. I think the same response sums up the GOP rank-and-file response to Rand Paul. He fights.

And, he wins. Yes, so does Chris Christie, but he is the darling of the GOP establishment.

Me? As a pro-defense, pro-American exceptionalism, small-l libertarian Republican, I'm on the fence. Both Paul and Christie have a lot to offer the GOP, and I like - and get frustrated - with both. Both are playing very long games - something that the post-Reagan/W. crowd did not. Paul and Christie are the de facto leaders of the two main camps in the GOP now, and them finding unity is the only the GOP is going to win in 2016.

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