11 April 2018


I think this is a silly idea.  But, then again, so was the idea of Individual Rights in 1776. so what do I know?

But the subjects is maps, so I'll play.  I love maps.  If I had to carve up the United States, here's how I would do it: 

The blue would remain the United States of America (USA), capitol Memphis.  I mean, its the home of Elvis.  How much more 'American' can you get?.  Keep the flag, too, since we seem to be the only ones who love it.
The red would become the Democratic People's Republic of Oceania (DPRO), capitol Sacramento (renamed Caesar Chavez City).  Would pattern their government after North Korea, and every President would be a descendent of Jerry Brown,  Along with Mexico, would become a vassal state of China.
The yellow would become the Republic of New Sweden (RNS) or the South Canada Cooperative (SCC), with twin capitols in New York and Chicago.  They would join the EU to show how inclusive and unexceptional they are.

Russia and China become the twin world powers of the 21st century, to the acclaim of the red and yellow parts of the US.


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