03 April 2018


Compare and contrast:

2017:  Kids willingly eat Tide Pods.

2018:  Kids are the moral leaders of our nation.

All this proves is kids do stupid things. And adults are more than willing to exploit that stupidity for their own purposes when they can. That is, after all, the driving formula for Madison Avenue.

These students bullied a loner until he snapped. The authorities knew he was going to snap, did nothing, and waited around outside the building while he snapped.

And the authorities response?  “Hey kids!  It wasnt you!  It wasn’t us!  It was a gun! Blame the NRA!  We’ll help you!  Get a day off!  It’ll be cool!  You’ll be cool!  You’ll be a celebrity!”

Has anyone read Lord of the Flies lately?  We know how his turns out.

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