06 October 2010

The Hunt Is Over, But...

I just received a "thank you" email from Hunt Downer, who lost the LA-3 Republican congressional primary to Jeff Landry in a nasty, nasty campaign (on all sides). Such post-election thank-you's are pretty SOP these days (though I only participated in the campaign at the send-in-a-few-$$ level). But what was not in the email was, to me, the most important message. See if you can catch it:
For now, the "hunt" may be over, but our fight still continues. I challenge you to listen to the candidates, get to know them, and then to make a well-informed decision before casting your vote.
Did you see it , too? That's right, there is no endorsement of Landry.

No matter what Downer (or I) may have thought of Landry before 2 October, that was then; this is now. Today we have a maybe yes/maybe no Democrat and (much like Downer) a fiscally conservative / small government Republican. There is only one "well-informed" choice now. I hope Downer, and Kristian Magar, can get past the past and get behind that choice. Republicans are nototrious for cutting off our nose to spite our faces, and I pray that doesn't happen here. The stakes on 2 November are just too high.

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