04 October 2010


Oh. My. God. If you think the "green" movement is just a bunch of harmless, misguided do-gooders, think again. The video below is from a British environmentalist group called 10:10, who thought it was "extremely funny". You decide. (Warning: Very bloody and graphic)

Not too hard to see why the 10:10 group took down this video. The environmentalist movement has become little more than a new strain of fascism, and this unwittingly proves it beyond a doubt. Like the older forms in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, Mao's China, etc., they now view failure to conform to their vlaues and beliefs as worthy of death. In other words, you and me are the new Lebensunwertes Leben - "life unworthy of life".

UPDATE 04OCT2010: My brother, The Grey Man, responds:

UPDATE 05OCT2010: It seems that the 10:10 'No Pressure' web page has gone from calling the 'No Pressure' video "extremely funny" to apologizing profusely to 10:10's corporate sponsors, and many of it's members, who were also very offended by 'No Pressure'. (Even a bunch of busy-body socialists understands the basic economic fact that socialist money grows on capitalist trees. -ed.) Just like us ignorant, right-wing rubes, these corporate check writers and contributing members must not be smart and nuanced enough to understand rib-tickling sophisticated sarcasm when they see it.

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