26 June 2013

Even More Adventures From The Bureaucrat Chronicles. (UPDATED AND BUMPED)

You can't game the system if you don't get out there and play:

They found that just before opening Strong Castle, Castillo filed for a "disability rating" with the Veterans Administration, citing a "foot injury he suffered in 1984" -- 27 years ago -- while playing sports at a military prep school.

That rating enabled Castillo to register Strong Castle as a "service-disabled, veteran-owned small business," eligible for preferential treatment in bidding competitions.

"Understand -- never served a day on active duty, went to a school at taxpayers' expense and had a minor injury that didn't keep him from going on to play college ball," Issa said.

(UPDATE) Let's hear the guy at the IRS explain to his employers - that would be you and me - why the IRS doled out questionable bids worth up to $500 million:

This is revolting. The IRS doesn't need reform, it needs complete replacement. I am starting to like the Fair Tax more and more. Let arrogant, career bureaucrats like Roseman go pound sand, and thank their lucky stars they aren't all tossed in jail. They have forgotten who they work for.  I'd rather have a petty dealer of loose joints out free in society than the likes of Lois Lehrner or this Roseman fellow - at least the former provides something people want.  Unlike the latter.

(UPDATE)  What a shameless douchebag.  Note that the woman who dressed down Castillo is a real veteran, with a real service-related injury, received in real combat.

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