25 June 2013

In The Name Of Love.

Bono says George W. Bush and Christian Evangelicals saved 9 million from AIDS in Africa:

U2 frontman Bono, who moonlights as an activist for the poor and sick in Africa, is crediting evangelical Christians and former President George W. Bush for saving 9 million from the ravages of AIDS, a campaign the musician said is blessed by God.

"This should be shouted from the rooftops. This is a heroic American story," Bono said in a remarkable radio interview with Jim Daly, the president of Focus on the Family, to be broadcast by the group Tuesday.

If actions mean anything, W is looking more and more like our first African-American president.

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Tina said...

Many, many leaders of many, many countries held emotional farewell ceremonies and even erected monuments to President George W Bush as he left office, in simple gratitude. He is a man (as I have posted about before) who never performs for the cameras, who always tries to do what is best for others, and if anything is better when no one is looking.