14 June 2011

Barry Does Some Stand Up.

Wasting a couple trillion of our money - and our kids money, and our grand kids money, and our great-grand kids money - for "shovel ready" projects, auto company bailouts, housing market bailouts, and "green" jobs, is now a Hopenchange laugh line.

For Barry and friends, well insulated as they are in Washington DC, in academia, in the unions and in the media, it's easy to say, "Oops, sorry. Hahaha", because this doesn't effect them. For them, it isn't real. It's just numbers on a page; an exercise in spreadsheets, ledgers and talking points. It doesn't even interrupt their golf game.

For those of us who it does effect, who are those numbers and who are worried about a far bigger game - our children, our freedom and our future - it is very, very real indeed.

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