06 June 2011

Inflating The Future!

Yet another glass manufacturer is jumping prices (another here):
Vitro America has announced a price increase for its Architectural Products segment, effective June 27, 2011. In a letter to customers dated today, Charles Witherington, vice president and general manager, Vitro Architectural Products, wrote “Our float glass suppliers have informed us of price increases effective during the latter part of June. The manufacturers state this increase is due to their higher costs of raw materials and energy.”

The Vitro Architectural Products price increase will affect the following:

All clear float products, including pattern glass: 10 percent;
All tinted float products: 8 percent;
All coated products: 8 percent;
Low-iron, acid-etched and all other specialty glass, excluding FireLite®: 8 percent; and
All glass fabrication charges: 10 percent.
The letter adds that energy surcharge costs will continue to be addressed separately.
Glass can be a large part of the price of a building envelope, especially with commercial buildings. This kind of thing will cause the cost of construction to rise, which will cause less building activity, which will cause... STIMULUS!

Thanks Timmy! Thanks Ben! Thanks Barry!

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