03 June 2011

Today's Required Reading.

Walter Russell Mead's Death of the American Dream, Part I. Read it all.

All of us - Left, Right, In-the-Middle - have built, and lived in, this economic house of government-regulated cards. Now that is has collapsed, we have to come up with a plan to get the hell out. That is why the debates in the next few months and years are not only foundational to any future American prosperity, but also to who we are as Americans. On that score Mead reminds us of our unique strength:
I will have more to say about the ever-changing American Dream in posts to come; while painful, change is not only unavoidable. It can lead us to better, richer, more truly human lives. It is a new century, and America, the land of the future, must once again find the frontier.
The future is where we need to be looking. For the GOP, we need someone who can lead us there. And so far, we ain't got it.

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