12 November 2007

Blogger's Block.

I hate times like these; I don't know what to blog about.

Yes, me. At a loss for an opinion.

The local elections are (mostly) over, and those that remain are pretty uninteresting. New Orleans, and her recovery, are the same - a joke - but how many times can you point out the obvious? I am sick of blogging about The Episcopal Church (tm), as the politically-correct tailspin seems to be getting more extreme (and the crash everyone wanted to avoid more inevitable). Besides, that is a niche market covered by far better bloggers than me. We seem to be winning the GWOT (aka The War), and the evidence is obvious even for anti-American pessimists and the Press, (Sorry, I repeat myself.) Hurricane season is over, as is baseball season, and both had positive results from this vantage. Yes, the Presidential race is heating up. But do you really need ANOTHER blogger's opinion on that? (My $.02: - If Hillary couldn't keep track of simple personnel files during her last stay at the White House, why should we trust her with the GO codes now?) Plus, we are busy as hell right now, work-wise, and I don't have time to scour the 'Net looking for interesting stuff.

What's a blogger to do?

More later.

UPDATE: Hello to the person/persons from The Episcopal Church's (tm) Domestic Foreign Missionary Society who found this site and this post by doing a blogsearch for "episcopal church" or anglican. Nice to see you. Poke around a bit - we have much more on the fastest shrinking denomination in America.

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