26 November 2007

What? Me Vote?

Top Ten New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Excuses for not voting in the October 20th election:

10. “Robert Cerasoli borrowed my car to fight corruption.”

9. “My ‘Dancing With The Stars’ tryout ran long.”

8. “I was in Pensacola giving civic leaders pointers on improving their city.”

7. “Without Oliver Thomas in city government, what’s the point?”

6. “I said I’d support John Georges, not vote for him.”

5. “Pointing out that America has not done right by us is very hard work. I was tired.”

4. “Did you see MY name on the ballot? Me either.”

3. “Eddie Jordan was camped in my front yard begging for money. I couldn’t leave the house.”

2. “I was promoting the New Orleans ‘brand’ in a new ‘K-Ville’ episode.”

And the Number One New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin Excuse for not voting in the October 20th election:

“It’s a long drive from Dallas.”

UPDATE: They say imitation is the sincereist form of flattery. Therefore, I consider myself flattered. UPDATE update: But they also say great minds do think alike, and that seems to be the case here. My thanks, David.

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