24 November 2007

The Man On The Grassy Knoll Leaves A Comment.

Uh'boy. One of the hazards of blogging - weird comments. Very weird comments.

A few months ago, the Ontario Emperor had one of the most bizarre comments I have ever seen posted to a blog. And I do mean bizarre: rambling allegations of mind-control, body-snatching, conspiring Clintons, energy weapon attacks, genital torture, Presidential cross-dressing fantasies, Satanism, and worshiping George Bush, Sr., as a god.

Well, being a fairly new blogger, and looking for a link and some traffic, I put up this post about it. But other interests came to the fore, blog-wise, and this soon faded into the post plankton. I forgot about the whole thing.

Until today. Someone, using the stunningly creative name "Anonymous" (I suppose to throw off the Department of Mind Control and Mattress Tag Enforcement) left the following comment in my two month old post, defending the "commenter" at Ontario Emperor:

"Actually there are many victims of organized electronic harassment and stalking all over the nation who are intelligent and sane, but victims of psychological abuse and torture. The "dirty tricks" and tactics perpetrated on these victims are meant to discredit them and distract them from seeking support or having their voice heard. Because these patterns of abuse span years (some decades) and is so foreign -- burning sensations on their bodies; intimidation and anxiety through surveillance; thefts; vandalism; and sometimes physical harm -- that the victims often are swayed to blaming incorrect sources. This is naturally done by the perpetrators to conceal their nature, and most often suggested to the victims sub-aurally, so their thoughts are distorted without them realizing it. They are not to blame, what is happening to them is real. For these accounts one must dig deeper than their theories of what or whom is causing this programmed harassment, but to documented evidence of crimes and their testimony as to actual occurrences of targeted harassment and stalking. We as intelligent beings need to go beyond the "UFO" and find out exactly what _is_ happening (spy planes). Don't get caught up in the hype, read true victims accounts and then do a little digging, as Ms. Braziel has."

M'kay...... So, if you think Vladimir Putin and Rosie O'Donnell are sending you orders through nano-transmitters embedded in your brain after you ate a Snickers Bar, you are NOT a nut-job. You are "intelligent and sane"; just the victim of "psychological abuse and torture". Oh, and "dirty tricks". (It wouldn't be a world-wide conspiracy without "dirty tricks", now would it?). This is "naturally done" by some unnamed "perpetrators". Naturally. (I am glad to see that the "perpetrators" are going with natural methods these days and dumping the artificial ones. Much more eco-friendly.) Our anonymous commenter says that all of this is real, but gives no proof other than some oblique reference to "spy planes". (It's always the "spy planes"...)

"Anonymous" should know that the "perpetrators" are watching his every move. Here's proof:

Some stats on "Anonymous".
Location: Winona, Minnesota.
IP Address: 205.243.118.# (HIAWATHA BROADBAND COMM).
ISP: Sprint.
Computer: Macintosh.
Operating System: OSX.
Monitor: 1024x768, 32-bit color.
Visit Time: 2:16:45 pm, 9 minutes 18 seconds.
He arrived at Red Stick Rant from: http://mrontemp.blogspot.com/2007/08/reggae-reggie-whatever-you-call-it.html

"Anonymous", I have a special thank you gift for all first-time commenters here at Red Stick Rant. If you just give me your street address, we'll send you a free Snickers Bar....

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