19 November 2007

heresy is orthodoxy.

File this in the "D'oh! Now why didn't I think of that" department.

Take one of my favorite books, George Orwell's 1984, and combine it with one of my worst vices, opposing The Episcopal Church's (tm) march over the cliff of irrelevance, and you get..... this. It is even written in 'Newspeak'.

Kudos for creativity and a wonderful metaphor for what is happening in The Episcopal Church (tm) today. Give it a look.

Hattip: This guy, who has a blog thingy. And give him a look, too. Some pretty good stuff.


Matthew said...

Nice blog! I enjoyed looking around. Even if you are a bit of a copy cat with that blog thingy thing ;)

.....CLIFFORD said...

You know what they say Matthew - imitation is the sincereist form of imitation. Or something like that.

Hope you come back again.