21 November 2007

Swimming The Tiber? Stand In Line.

Another Episcopal Bishop is calling it quits and heading to Rome. Bishop John Lipscomb joins Retired Bishop Daniel Herzog, Bishop Jeffery Steenson, and Retired Bishop Clarence Pope, all who have left in 2007.

When Bishops - "defenders of the Faith" - can no longer defend your faith, you have a problem as a church. A big problem. Not that those who caused the tear in the very fabric of the Anglican Communion see it that way (they see it is a "prophetic gift", not a problem). Nor is The Episcopal Church (tm) putting much effort into "dialogue" with those that disagree with them, or trying to keep them "at the table". (Do you think +Katherine would ever respond with a "please don't leave, we need you; pleeeeeese" letter? Me, either.)

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