17 March 2008

So, ++Rowan, Is This Our "Unavoidable" Future?

A priest is is attacked in London. And his church vandalized at Easter. By...... "Asians."

Haven't heard about it? Not surprising. Had he been an imam, and his mosque vandalized at Ramadan, you can bet you would have heard about it by now. Repeatedly.

A Telegraph correspondent gets it:

"No respectable Muslim encourages youths to punch 57-year-old vicars. On the other hand, I suspect that many radical Muslims believe that St George’s should be a mosque, and will be one day. (God knows there are plenty of precedents.) Violence is not necessary: the wimpishness of C of E leaders such as the Bishop of Oxford, who actually wants the muezzin to sound through the city streets, will do the job instead.

That and cash from the Gulf. For many years, Saudi Arabia has been tipping money into Muslim community projects in Tower Hamlets, with the aim of winning over young people to the pure Wahhabi Islam that holds sway in the kingdom. And how many churches are there in Saudi Arabia?"

Read it all. It's fair question - just don't expect an answer.

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