02 October 2008

Fred Thompson Speaks Truth To Media Power.

For some reason, my wife had CBS' The Early Show on while we were getting ready this morning (we don't have cable in our bedroom, alas), and of course they were all atwitter about tonight's vice-presidential debate and Sarah Palin's "qualifications." (As opposed to this puff piece they did on Joe Biden yesterday.) I already have high blood pressure, and the "conversation" among the talking heads did not make it any better.

Until one of the talking heads interviewed Fred Thompson about the debate tonight. It was not one of the talking head's better moments, but it was one of Thompson's. He took after the talking head in that soft-spoken, friendly, I-can-eat-your-lunch-anytime-I-want-and-you-know-it tone of voice, turning the conversation from questions on Palin's competence to questions about the media's impartiality and their blatent pro-Obama bias. (He even brought up Gwen Ifill.) It was classic Thompson, and the talking head couldn't end the piece fast enough. I wish Thompson had exhibited that kind of fight and fire six months ago. If he had, I think the GOP would be in a lot better place than it is now, which is basically supporting McCain so we don't get Obama (but wew do can get Palin). (Note: I looked on YouTube and The Early Show's website, and the video of the interview is not available yet. When (if) it is, I'll post it)

The Early Show also interviewed Newt Gingrich today as well, and the link is here. It's pretty much what you'd expect.

UPDATE: Well that didn't take long. Here's the interview:


Anonymous said...

Wow...just ran across your blog. You might want to consider therapy.

.....CLIFFORD said...

I did consider it. Too busy.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Come to think of it, Brent, this IS my therapy.

Zana said...

Just gotta say, "Go Fred!" I almost can't watch MSM any more because I don't feel like I'm getting fair reporting on anything (not just the presidential issues). So thank for sharing!