08 November 2009

The Rep. Joseph Cao Theme Song.

One Vote, One Term.


Dr. Dave said...

Mash this bastard into the ground (figuratively, of course). Of course, I really wouldn't mind if he turned up in one of your other Rep's freezer.

Miss Sippi said...

My Democratic congressman goes against his party to truly represent the wishes of the people in his district. Maybe that's what Cao felt he had to do.

James H said...

What CAO did was no shocker. I disagree with his vote but I understand it and I know we have a man of principle down there. So much better than what we had.

Hopefully Republicans screaming 'PURITY" will not go on a rampage on him and then we just have another version of dollar bill among us

.....CLIFFORD said...

James, et. al.: Cao had a choice - demogrphically, he was a one-termer no matter what, and the Democrats already have a candidate up against him. So voting 'party' was the only option for Cao if he wanted a future in politics - abeit not as rep for the 2nd diatrict of Louisiana. If he thought Obama was going to somehow repay a supporting vote with support in 2010, Cao is kidding himself. Yes, he did what the majority in his district wanted. And if Democrat representatives had done the same with respect to the majorities in their districts, Pelosi wouldn't even have got close to 200 votes!

Cao, in his naivete, got had. By voting with them, the Democrats cut Cao off from his party's support and coffers, and thereby made sure he will not be able to seriiously contest the distict. Cao's vote was a win-win for Democrats.