19 November 2009

We've Established What You Are; Now We're Just Haggling Over Price. (UPDATED)

And it ain't much, as it appears Mary Landrieu is selling out for a lousy $100 million. In Medicaid benefits. Like that'll help us working stiffs...

UPDATE 20NOV09: Drudge is calling it the 'Louisiana Purchase'.

UPDATE 20NOV09: Is this a pointer toward Mary's true allegiance: She will be hosting a fund-raiser for Harry Reid in New Orleans next month. I'm beginning to think all that fence-sitting talk was just that - talk - and she was just holding out for a better deal. M'thinks we been had, folks.

The vote hasn't happened yet - there is still a chance to get Mary to change her stance from representing Harry Reid back to representing the people of Louisiana. So, dear readers, get on the phone - or fax, or e-mail - and let Mary know what you think about all this. Especially you Louisiana readers.

UPDATE 20NOV09: Here's the YouTube of BRTP President Jennifer Madsen on Fox, responding to Mary's apparent sale:

1 comment:

James H said...

I supsected Mary would do this. Lets face it she is not up for relection for 5 years and and so what does she have to fear.

I think if was she and not Vitter up she would be singing a different tune

I have to admit she is a cheap date. I think would have held out for a billion dollars of Coastal Erosion funds myself