16 December 2010

Enough! Enough! Enough!

Another example of "interfaith dialogue", as practiced by the Religion of Peace (tm):
Now, at the end of last month, on the vigil of the feast of All Saints, in the Syriac Catholic Cathedral of our Lady of Deliverance in the city of Baghdad, many dozens of Catholics were killed as they gathered for Mass. Two were priests: one was killed at the altar and the other as he left the confessional. They are joined in death with hundreds of others who have died for their faith in Christ since the current conflict began. An American Dominican Sister, a friend of a friend, has written from that country: “Waves of grief have enveloped their world, surging along the fault lines created in Iraqi society by the displacement of thousands of Iraq’s Christian minority who have fled what is clearly a growing genocidal threat…One survivor was asked by a reporter, what do you say to the terrorists? Through his tears he said, ‘We forgive you.’…Among the victims of this senseless tragedy was a little boy named Adam. Three-year-old Adam witnessed the horror of dozens of deaths, including that of his own parents. He wandered among the corpses and the blood, following the terrorists around and admonishing them, ‘enough, enough, enough.’ According to witnesses, this continued for two hours until Adam was himself murdered.” As bishops, as Americans, we cannot turn from this scene or allow the world to overlook it.
This happened a month ago, yet you've likely never heard about it. The Left / Mainstream Media wasn't too interested. Not surprising, since the victims were Christian. Had the tables been turned - the gunman been Christian and the victims Muslim - it would have been major news; complete with violent protests, UN investigations, and likely some statement from The Episcopal Church (tm) calling of 'understanding' and blaming the Bush Administration.

We in the West may not be at war with a religion, but that religion is at war with us. It is at war with our values, our mores, our ethics - our very understanding of our relationship with the world. It doesn't seek "dialogue", or "diversity", or pluralism. It seeks our subjugation or, failing that, our destruction. I think it's time to recognize that fact. What is being practiced in Baghdad, in Egypt, in Lebanon, in Pakistan, in India, in the Sudan - in large swaths of the UK, for that matter - is a systematic and violent religious and ethnic cleansing in the name of Islam.

Christian values say to wage peace, but they do not require us to commit suicide in order to do it - nor do the values of Western secularism. When are we, the free people of the West, going to stand up for our values? What will it take? When are we going to say, "Enough!"?...

UPDATE: Scratch "seeking mutual-respect" off the list as well.: "In the world, people having different beliefs are separated with walls or wires, even though they are in the same cemetery". Uh, yeah. Thanks for clearing that up.

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