11 December 2010

Voter's Remorse?

After November, we thought things had changed. The GOP supposedly stood their ground on extending the Bush tax rates - the rates are only "cuts" in terms of the Clinton-era tax increases - and Obama blinked. We thought the era of limited government and fiscal sanity had begun.

Now, I'm not so sure. It seems the "deal" with Obama and Congressional Democrats - and old-school RINOS - to continue the rates is becoming just another cash-for-votes bill. I agree with Professor Jacobson:
If there aren't enough Democratic votes to pass the tax deal without payoffs, then let it fail. Elections matter, and the nation is sick and tired of passing unpopular bills by paying off Senators.

If the original tax deal was good enough, then there will be plenty of opportunity in January to pass a bill without these payoffs. Or perhaps an even better bill.
Let the Democrats explain to the American Public - the half that pay the taxes, anyway - why their taxes increased on 2 January. Let Obama find an excuse as to why his "not one dime" increase for those under $250,000 was utter bullshit.

Remember, you people on the government payroll, what 2 November was all about: It's. Not. Your. Money.

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