05 May 2011

Another Participant, Another Opinion

Yesterday, Clifford commented on this article. In it, the doctor in question says, "So yes, to ask if a device that is associated with over 30,000 deaths a year and over 50% of suicides is unloaded, locked up, and kept out of reach of children is also well within my scope of practice."

I feel I must question the doctor's intellectual honesty.

Since automobile crashes caused 30,797 deaths in 2009, does he also ask about their driving habits? Does he inquire whether they drive a light, fuel efficient, green vehicle that would prove fatal in a collision with a Dodge Ram? If not, why not? Could there be any animus toward those dangerous icky gun thingies?

And if he's truly interested in saving lives, perhaps he should look in the mirror. According to Medical News Today, medical mistakes caused 6.5 times the number of deaths. That's right, 195,000 people per year die from medical errors.

Doc, if you're serious about helping your patients, you should heed the old advice.

Physician, heal thyself.

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