04 May 2011

Um, How About 'Sauron'?

I have to agree with this - using "Geronimo" as Bin Laden's code-name was not cool. Not at all. Geronimo was an American. Geronimo was one of us, and he fought for something uniquely American - the right to be left the hell alone and not have others trying to run your life. Bin Laden stood for none of these things. Bin Laden wanted to destroy us, not leave us alone, and force us to live out lives (those that his ilk would let live, anyway) according to their dictates, their mores, and their god.


Unknown said...

Got to disagree. Geronimo pretty much kicked A whenever he went out. Furthermore, it's just a code name for an op and they usually mean nothing, except maybe in this case: see above.

Unknown said...

Oops, sorry. That's what I heard on O'Reilly. Shoulda read the story linked.