22 May 2011

The Washington Syndrome.

This kind of meltdown doesn't worry me in the least. Why? Because I've never expected either Social Security or Medicare to exist when I retire. Both are legal Ponzi schemes on the Madoff level, run by dolts who would be in jail if it wasn't legal. All the money I've paid into the system (and will pay into the system) has already been spent. The only way I will get a check is to heavily shackle the earnings of tomorrow's workers, or borrow it from Obama's buddies - Islamist Arabs and the Commie Chinese.

Since I entered the working world in the mid-80's, "fixing" Social Security and Medicare has been a "top priority", but something our ball-deprived politicians always duct-taped over with magical predictions in the "out years". Well, those "out years" are here and their their predictions are not. Like our government, I've seen this train wreck coming for years. Unlike them, I've made plans to do something about it.


Tina said...

If I'm not mistaken (and unless it has changed in recent years) I believe Jehovah's Witnesses do not accept Social Security payments. They pay into the system because the law requires it, but do not sign up for benefits. We will all need to emulate them, and care for ourselves and our families - as people did before Social Security, and as people do now who have only small benefits.

I will not be eligible for my full SS payment unless I wait until age 72 to begin collecting. That's one of the earlier tricks - to keep moving the "maximum monthly payment" age out.

.....CLIFFORD said...

Tina: I intend to keep working. I have no interest in retiring. I didn't get into this profession with that as the goal.