03 May 2011

Best And Brightest.

Weep for America's future. Well, if these people have any say in it:

UPDATE: For those keeping track, this is the 3,000th post here on RSR.

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Anonymous said...

The video really doesn't give us any info on typical students' attitudes toward fiscal policy.

(1) The background shows that it was shot on the UC Berkeley campus, which is not typical of American college students in general. (Also, some of the areas of campus shown have high percentages of non-student youth, even less typical of any segment of the population.)

(2) If a stranger walks up to one, asking that person to "pledge" to pay a large amount of money, on whatever pretext, one is ill-advised to sign on. One has no idea what kind of legal consequences might be entailed, or whether the interviewer is a well-dressed front man actually seeking to entice people into some sort of scam.

It would be better to ask whether, if the interviewee doesn't favor cutting spending whether raising taxes is viewed as good solution.

(3) A quick answer doesn't catch a person's full response to a complex question, even apart from the atypical demographic and the possibility of later attempts to use the signature in odd ways.

When one is walking to class and drawn into momentary conversation by a stranger, the off-the-bat response to a complex matter tells us really very little about the interviewee's real thinking on the matter.

N. Emmoc