10 May 2011

The Invisible South

Today, the President flew to Texas. Was he there for the wildfires ravaging the state? Maybe to declare a disaster area? Um...No. He went in support of illegal immigration in El Paso, and to two, count 'em, two fundraisers in Austin.

En route, he flew over the Mississippi River. You know, that tiny body of water that is threatening flooding greater than 1927? He didn't even friggin look.

OK, he was slow after the oil spill. Since then, he has instituted an illegal de facto ban on offshore drilling. He didn't even mention the tornadoes in the Carolinas a few days before the Alabama ones. You've gutted NASA and Houston.

Mr. President, I can only come to the conclusion that either you are prejudiced against the South, or we're just invisible. Either way, we are Americans. American citizens, who you are supposed to represent. We're worth a look.

I guarantee we won't be invisible next year.

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Tina said...

There is an interesting tactic I've noticed progressive marketing types use for anything or anyone who doesn't agree with them: they pretend it does not exist, and mow on as though there were no objection. They will never say they disagree, they simply proceed to repeat their talking point. This goes for everything from what to order for lunch to who to promote to VP. Certain objections or types are simply deemed irrelevant and never acknowledged again.

I think we are now seeing this same thing on the national stage.

Like everything else about the emperor's new clothes, this too needs to be handled by moving forward with the truth and refusing to allow the manipulative the upper hand.