25 September 2007

Don't Ask, Don't Tell? Go Away. Execute and Exterminate? We'll Listen.

The Naked Emperor brings up two excellent points in this post about the Iranian President speaking at Columbia University. First point, concerning Iran's support of terrorism and getting a nuke:

'Did [Columbia President] Bollinger think all that would change just because of a couple of questions from some sophomores?"

Indeed. Are these elite schools that arrogant, or that naive? Or, that stupid?? Second point, he sees a bit of hypocrisy:

"One stated reason was for "free speech". So you let a tyrant prattle on, who slaughters homosexuals, but won't let ROTC speak on campus because they follow the federally mandated "Don't ask, don't tell" policy?"

Let me get this straight (no pun intended...): If you are the leader of a government that executes homosexuals and calls them a "problem", you might be able to speak at Columbia. Even if your regime rounded up homosexuals and made them wear pink triangles before gassing them, you might be able to speak at Columbia. But, put your very life on the line to defend the US Constitution, and carry out the policies put in place by the President, Columbia doesn't want to hear from you. At all.

NOTE: If you want to accuse me hypocrisy for defending homosexuals here but opposing non-celibate homosexuals in positions of power in The Episcopal Church (tm), don't. My issue with the latter is not homosexuality; it is the issue of celibacy (or, lack thereof). As leaders, our priests, bishops and others are to be examples of a Godly life to their congregations. We demand a higher standard for them, that we look up to for guidance. It is the accepted teaching of the Anglican Communion that sexual expression outside of wedlock is adultery. A sin. So if you are called to be a priest or bishop, set an example. If not, what you do is between you and God, and is not a matter for the State. END OF NOTE

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